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1st/2nd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon



    -I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane.
    -Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey. (Daycare Center)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce
    -Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete (Daycare Center)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha (boxed
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Geodude in Union Cave. Male, named Dwayne (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Spearow on Route 33. Male, named Leonidas (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. Female, named Kim
    -Encountered and caught a LV5 Caterpie in Ilex Forest. Female, named Bree
    -Hatched an Odd Egg from the Daycare Couple on Route 34: Shiny Igglybuff, female, named Shiny
    -Encountered and caught a LV12 Drowzee on Route 35. Female, named Jean. (boxed)




    Time: ~5:00
    Location: Goldenrod City
    Team: LV25 Quilava; LV21 Zubat; LV6 Slowpoke; LV5 Caterpie; LV5 Igglybuff
    Badges: 2

    I'm *STILL* still worried about Whitney, but Bruce is only 1 level away from evolving (perhaps doublevolving into Crobat if he likes me enough), and Zane is a sturdy level 25. I skipped right through Goldenrod (without acquiring anything in town from the GameCorner or through a trade or from the guy who wants to give me a Spearow so I can come back and get Eevee later) so that I could hit route 34 and fight all the trainers to get Bruce and Zane physically ready. I'm going to grind until Bruce evolves, and then I'll take it to Whitney. Still...my idea of going in, Confuse Ray, switch to Zane, Mudslap Miltank's accuracy down might not be ideal if I am not healing in battle; Miltank might do too much damage by the time it's properly set-up (especially if Confuse Ray doesn't make it hurt itself a few times). Maybe I'll just go in and try to outmuscle her and see how that goes.

    After that...today is Wednesday, so I'll head into the National Park tomorrow and shoot for a Scyther or Pinsir or something else hopefully good. As worried as I am about Whitney, I feel like I should destroy Morty, so I have no concern there. As long as Bruce is Crobat by then, I should have that locked.

    Also, I'm happy to have caught a Caterpie since I love Butterfree, but I forget there is no CompoundEyes in Gen 2, so I probably won't use it. Poor Bree.

    Oh! Can't believe I forgot this: My Odd Egg from the Day Care couple was a shiny (yay!) Igglybuff (boo!). Half good, half bad. I'll take it.
    Last edited: May 24, 2012
  2. ShinyMisty

    ShinyMisty This person is dead.

    With my very first Nuzlocke (LeafGreen) finished, I jump into Crystal.
    My rules are the same:
    1) Can only catch the first Pokemon on each route, town, bla bla bla
    2) If any of my Pokemon faint, they are considered died, and need to be boxed forever
    3) NickName everyone! =D Not so hard, considering I always nickname my pokemon anyways
    4[SUP]+[/SUP]) No rare candies
    5[SUP]+[/SUP]) Have to kill leagendaries...this also counts with Suicune, even though it's a first incounter.
    (And, a side note, I am considering the Game Corner and Bill's Eevee the same place. Just saying.
    Also, the egg you get at the daycare, will be a Pokemon from the daycare itself, and not Route 34.)

    So, I start my journey with Uono the Chikorita. Uono means Ember in Italian. I chose this name, because I always call my Chikorita somthing that has to do with fire. Ya, it's weird, I know.
    So I do all my stuff, and after getting my Pokeballs, the rules start.
    -Route 29: I catch Hedwig the female Hoothoot, level 2. Hedwig is the owl from Harry Potter. I start to level her up.
    -Route 46: I kill the Rattata...opps.
    -Route 30: and I catch Langston the male Poliwag, level 4. Langston is the Lickatoad in Viva Pinata. I will start to level him up, too, tomarrow.
    With a good start, I go to sleep.

    ;152; Uomo lv9 Male
    ;163; Hedwig lv6 Female
    ;060; Langston lv4 Male
    Last edited: May 27, 2012
  3. ShinyMisty

    ShinyMisty This person is dead.

    Congrats on the shiny! =D
    I am really hoping for the Shiny as well, I don't care of what.

    And good luck with Whitney (If you haven't battled her yet, that it). I am very worried about her myself. Ah well, I just started, so I have nothing to worry about yet.
  4. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    Thanks, ShinyMisty, but I have a terribly unpleasant update here:


    -I decided to start with Cyndaquil, a male named Zane. (deceased)
    -Encountered and caught a LV2 Rattata on route 46. Male, named Joey. (Daycare Center)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Zubat on route 31. Male, named Bruce (deceased)
    -Encountered and caught a LV3 Gastly in Sprout Tower. Female, named Mary (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV4 Pidgey on route 36. Male, named Pete (deceased)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Bellsprout on route 32. Female, named Martha (deceased)
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Geodude in Union Cave. Male, named Dwayne (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV7 Spearow on Route 33. Male, named Leonidas (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV6 Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. Female, named Kim (Daycare Center)
    -Encountered and caught a LV5 Caterpie in Ilex Forest. Female, named Bree (boxed)
    -Hatched an Odd Egg from the Daycare Couple on Route 34: Shiny Igglybuff, female, named Shinyuff
    -Encountered and caught a LV12 Drowzee on Route 35. Female, named Jean. (boxed)
    -Encountered and caught a LV14 Koffing in the Burnt Tower. Female, named Wendy (deceased)
    -Given a LV20 Eevee by Bill in Goldenrod City. Male, named Omnimon.


    -Zane, the Cynaquil (lvs 5-26; killed by Whitney)
    -Pete the Pidgeotto (lvs 4-22; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)
    -Bruce the Golbat (lvs 4-24; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)
    -Martha the Bellsprout (lvs 7-8; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)
    -Wendy the Koffing (lv14; killed by Silver in Burnt Tower)


    Time: ~5:30
    Location: Burned Tower
    Team: Omnimon (Eevee, level 21); Shinyuff (Igglybuff, level 5)
    Badges: 3

    That's a HUGE update to my deceased list, right? Well I ended up grinding Bruce and Zane enough for Whitney (I got Bruce up to level 23, and he, SOMEHOW, was not happy enough to become a Crobat. I don't understand how he wasn't, but que sera sera). Zane made absolute short work of Clefairy, but I call B.S. shenanigans on the battle with Miltank. I started with Bruce and used Confuse Ray to open the fight. Miltank's first turn was confused, but hit a Roll-out anyway. I immediately switched out to Zane to start using Mud-Slap, but on the "free turn" Miltank got during the switch, it got ride of confusion. That's right, it got rid of confusion the very next turn after I confused it, and it didn't even hurt itself once. It roll'ed out again on the free turn, taking Zane down to just over half-health. I had time to get in one Mud-Slap before its next Rollout shuffled off Zane's mortal coil.

    Somehow, Bruce was able to re-enter the fray and win the battle. Confuse Ray was more effective the second time around, and we won our third badge. After burying Zane, we headed to the Daycare Center and withdrew Pidgey, who'd made it to level 21, so I thought it would be fine to take Zane's spot. Some brief grinding got it to evolve to Pidgeotta, and we headed to Ecruteak City.

    At Ecruteak, we met Bill who would subsequently give us Omnimon! Thanks, Bill. Glad I didn't encounter anything else in Goldenrod City.

    The Burnt Tower....sigh. Despite losing Zane, I still felt all right. Until the Burnt Tower. We had another rival battle, and Pete annihilated his opening Haunter. But then came the Magnemite Of Doom. I sent out Bruce to work the Confuse Ray, since trickery was my only chance against such a dire type disadvantage. Confuse Ray had the exact same results against Magnemite as they had initially against Miltank. After 2 or 3 Thundershocks, Bruce was down for good. Somehow, though, Pete entered the fray and was able to subdue Magnemite after a hard fought battle. By the time Magnemite was down, Pete had 10 hit points and was paralyzed. Miraculously, Pete then made incredibly short work out of Silver's Zubat, however, taking only one Bite attack sandwiched by two Pete Quick Attacks.

    Level 22 Croconaw, though. One Water Gun ended Pete's run (Pete did get in a Quick Attack first). After that, I foolishly sent out the Koffing I had just caught, but never healed after weakening (I didn't think I'd need to). Croconaw finished it with no effort. Next came Martha the Bellsprout, and she went down equally fast. All I had left with me with Shinyuff and Onmimon. I decided to go with Omnimon. I thought I was just slowly marching my pokemon one-by-one to their deaths, but Omhimon started the fight with the best Sand-Attack effort (seriously...after one Sand-Attack, Croconaw missed more than half the moves it tried the rest of the battle) and then just chipped away on Croconaw with Tackles. That victory was where I last saved the game.
  5. ShinyMisty

    ShinyMisty This person is dead.

    Oh my, I am so sorry Sid87! I know how you feel, though. Lost my Charazard in my LeafGreen Nuzlocke. *hugs* It's a good thin Omnimon had that Sand Attack. May they all rest in peace.
    I would recrement Shinyuff, because Wigglytuff can learn 35 of the 50 TMs, like elemental punches (Like Furret, my favorite pokemon that is not Eevee), Psychic, and even and even rollout. However, I would understand why you wouldn't want to, considering she's shiny.
    Also, Mary would be VERY good to use, even if you can't trade her, and Kim would be good, too, considering she'll be both Water and Psychic (and be very bulky). And Omnimon has 5 types to chose from. Electric, Fire, Water, Psychic, and Dark. Each are good (Though I would be effy with Flareon, though I love that Pokemon so much! <3)
    I hope I helped. *hugs again*

    Now, onto my Journey.
    .:~Day 2~:.
    Much has happened in one day! =D
    -Route 31: I catch Nyckelpiga (Nyckel for short) the female Ledyba, Level 4. Nyckelpiga means Ladybug in Swedish. I put her in my team for the time being.
    -Dark Cave: I catch Z the male Zubat, Level 4. I box him.
    -Route 36: I am hoping for a Growlithe, but I get a Pidgey. I'm like, meh, then I saw her level. 6. =D I catch Tiny the female Pidgey. I box Hedwig.
    -Sprout Tower: I catch Wormtail the male Ratatta, Level 5. Wormtail is a character in Harry Potter. Boxed
    -I crush the hacked Pidgeotto with an over level Tiny...15...highest level in my game so far. xD
    -I hatch Tiopo the male Todepi in Violet City. I boxed him.
    -Route 32: Ekens, I want an...Bellsprout...Oi! I catch him. Benbaro the male Bellsprout, Level 7. Boxed. (guess what! Next pokemon...Ekens!)
    -I go into Union Cave, wanting anything but a Zubat...ONIX! I was very happy...and I lost all but 4 of my Poke balls (I had 14 or 16, and a great ball). xD But I caght her. Nemma the female Onix, Level 6.
    Now I will train! =3

    ;152; Uomo ♂ Lv12
    ;060; Langston ♂ Lv12
    ;165; Nyckelpiga ♀ Lv10
    ;016; Tiny ♀ Lv15
    ;095; Nemma ♀ Lv6 (Leveling up)

    ;163; Hedwig ♀ Lv2-7
    ;041; Z ♂ Lv4
    ;019; Wormtail ♂ Lv5
    ;175; Tiopo ♂ Lv5
    ;069; Benbaro ♂ Lv7

    .:~Day 3~:.
    Though my day is not over, I will update.
    Ok, so I am leveling up Nemma, my Onix. And I am fighting a trainer. I am using Nyckelpiga, and I fall asleep, taping the a button (runs in the family, my mother does this, too). I wake up, and Nyckel is one hp short of death! I almost had a heart attack! I do not remembe what trainer this was, hoever.
    -I get out of the Unio cave, and catch Wishotton the female Hoppip (level 6) on route 33. Boxed
    -I save the slowpoke...and...I am hoping for my own little slowpoke when...Zubat. KILL! You not Slowpoke, darnnit!
    -I blow away Bugsy, and Tiny evolves!
    -Crush Silver for the second time.
    -Ilex Forest: GASP! Psyduck! I catch him, and name him Zutzu...however, some time later, I box him due to him being so underleveled and not learning any good water moves...Sorry Zutzu. Langston is boxed. He's happy. Langston was not much of a fighter.
    -Route 34: Rattata. KILLED!
    -I get the Odd egg. WHEN HATCHED! It'll count with the Day care, not where it hatches! I a REALLY hoping for a Smoochum, Elekid, or Magby. I will be ok with Igglypuff, Tyroge, or Cleffa...not so much Pichu...
    -Route 35: I run into a Growlethe, which I didn't even know was ON this route. I'm getting down to yellow...to red...[​IMG] ROAR!...Really! No pokemon for route 35. And what's worse! 4 Growlethes and an Abra after that! GAAAH!
    -somewhere, Uomo evolves! xD
    -I am holding off the bug contest till tomarrow. Hoping for something good. =3
    And that's it for now.
    ;153;Uomo ♂ Lv17
    ;165;Nuckelpiga ♀ Lv15
    ;017;Tiny ♂ Lv20 (still highest level xD)
    ;095;Nemma ♀ Lv19

    ;163; Hdewig ♀ lv2-7
    ;060; Langston ♂ lv4-12
    ;041; Z ♂ Lv4
    ;019; WormTail ♂ lv5
    ;175; Tiopo ♂ lv5
    ;069; Berbaro ♂ lv7
    ;187; Wishotton ♀ lv6
    ;054; Zutsu ♂ lv7-11
    [Later that day]
    With Namme up to 20, I timidly head up to the gym. Fight everyone, with Nyckel geting some exp so she can evolve. And there she was...Whitney. I crush her Clafary...and then...Miltank...
    I'm scared. I send Uomo to poison her, but Miltank uses Atractand he misses. I didn't want to keep Uomo out, so O brought Nemma right out to take the first Roll like a boss.
    And, Nemma with very low hp remaining...Miltank goes down. Not claming a life
    I avenge Sid87's Zane, and many other beloved friends tainers before me lost to that d*mn(parden my language) Miltank, both Gold, Silver, and Crystal AND HeartGold/SoulSilver! May they all Rest easy now.
    -After crushing that stupid cow, I feel my Odd egg moving, (and I head to the day care xD) and Zacht the Tyrogue hatches...not a shiny. I'm ok with this. I didn't want the pokemon to be shiny.
    But, here's the weird thing. When I was playing Crystal a few years ago, it hatched to be a Tyrogue...oh well. I wonder what he'll evolve into. =3 Hitmonchan is my lest wanted, due to me using one in my Leaf Green (Kanja), then Hitmontop...I remember Hitmontop being hard to train. Hitmonlee would be cool. But I'll take any. =3
    Team now:
    ;153; Uomo ♂lv18
    ;165; Nyckelpiga ♀lv17 (540 exp till evolving =D)
    ;017; Tiny ♀lv20
    ;095; Nemma ♀lv21
    ;236; Zacht ♂5 (in training)
    boxed: same
    [​IMG] R.I.P. Zane Lv5-26. (Or was he a Quilava)

    .:~Day 4~:.
    I will up date this fully tomarrow, do to me playing at night tonight.
    I will not be able to say much because of this, but ha.
    -I got Nova the male Eevee. Hoping to evolve him into an Espeon!
    -I catch Doku the female Koffing in Burn Tower(Level 14)
    -Happily *and frustratingly* catches Bambi the female Stantler (I know, bambi is a guy) on route...under the town with the komono girls. (Level 14)
    -Catch Penny the female Meoth (Level 16) on the OTHER side of that town...
    ya. Will update tomarrow!
    Last edited: May 31, 2012
  6. axmanamv

    axmanamv Member

    Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal Nuzlocke Run

    Well hey there guys, I totally just spent my first post on this forum advertising my Pokemon Engrish Emerald Nuzlocke run in the 3rd Gen Nuzlocke thread...so I figured I'll spend my second post advertising a completely different Nuzlocke run with a completely different guy playing it with me! I'm sure most if not all of you guys have already heard and tired of Vietnamese Crystal, but we figured "hey, we like doing terribly translated games, and it's a Nuzlocke run, so maybe it'll be interesting!". I'm sure all of you guys think the contrary, but hey, maybe you guys will enjoy it! This thread looks like it can particularly use some love as well, so hey!

    Here are my partner's (doubletroubeify, teh other guy) thoughts on the run:

    Everyone needs MORE Axman amirite or amirite!?
    So long story short for anyone who knows any of us, everyone including us thought Zyrtec was donesville, so Axman and I were gonna do a Nuzlocke of Emerald, but then Zyrtec came back in a steam of fire-y glory and I was like hey das cool you guys got that!
    But now we're showing you Crystal in a way you've ALREADY SEEN BEFORE! With ENGRISH.
    But we're showing you Vietname Crystal in a way you NEVER WANTED TO SEE BEFORE!

    So come hang out with us during this obscenely unnecessary and ridiculous Nuzlocke run, where we try to follow all the rules but then the game breaks and we're confused! Let us know what you think and be sure to include the fact that you'd rather see Zyrtec than Axman! Ho ho ho!

    Check out episode one right here:
    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

    Episode 9

    Episode 10

    Episode 11

    Episode 12

    Episode 13

    Episode 14

    Episode 15

    Episode 16

    Episode 17

    Episode 18

    Episode 19

    Episode 20

    Episode 21

    Episode 22

    Episode 23

    Episode 24

    Episode 25

    Episode 26

    Episode 27

    And just in case you like me at all here's a link to my channel. I don't do nuzlockes and I suck at pokemon but whatever I'm cool!"

    Hope you guys enjoy! Let us know what you guys think!
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
  7. Tumnus

    Tumnus Well-Known Member

    I started a Blue version nuzlocke.

    Can only catch 1st (2nd if 1st is dupe) pokemon I see on route
    If a pokemon faints it is dead
    must name every pokemon
    After I beat the elite 4 my pokemon are no longer dead

    Named myself tumnus and my rival vacuum.
    I chose an easy run.

    ;001; Violet LV5

    Encountered a pidgey on route 1 before I got pokeballs.
    I hate the Oak's Parcel quest.
    On my way back up (from delivering oak's parcel) Violet reached LV 7
    Time to get some new team mates.

    ;019; Vinnie LV 2

    I am doing 1 retry. That means if I encounter a dupe I have 1 chance to find a non dupe

    Killed 1st (dupe) encounter rattata on route 2, encountered.

    ;019; Uncle LV 5 (yes I did catch him)

    Despite lv disadvantage I'm deciding to use Vinnie because I use that name for every rattata I use.
    Very dissipointed in my next catch.
    Other than it elvolving to butterfree.

    ;011; Ben LV 5

    I hate training cacoons.
    I love wild cacoons that I dont have to catch. Easy XP
    Training time!
    Gasp, :eek: ,Ben is Evolving, Ben learned confusion.

    ;001; Violet LV 13
    ;019; Vinnie LV 12
    ;012; Ben LV 12

    ;019; Uncle LV 5


    I made it through Viridian forest but there is 1 more thing to do before battling Brock.
    Rival battle!
    Vacuum sucked.
    Vinnie didn't even lose 1 HP.
    And Vinnie didn't even LV up.
    P.S. I only used Vinnie
    Time to battle brock

    Time for route 3

    Violet evolved!
    Vinnie learned Hyper fang!
    And Ben... Is still a butterfree!
    All joy.

    Caught and Bought and caught

    ;016; Aero LV 6

    ;129; Fish LV 5

    ;041; Vlad LV 11

    I'm going to train everyone to LV 16

    And of course

    ;002; Violet LV 17
    ;019; Vinnie LV 16
    ;012; Ben LV 16
    ;016; Aero LV 16
    ;129; Fish LV 16
    ;041; Vlad LV 16
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2012
  8. Ryker

    Ryker Im back :D

    Wow this really isnt active.
    Well if anyone actually looks at this forum.....

    I am starying a Crystal nuzlocke sooooo ive started with..............


    Every pokemon also needs to be named after food I like
  9. BenjaminLDuco

    BenjaminLDuco Well-Known Member

  10. LydiaRyan

    LydiaRyan Active Member

    I'm doing a Crystal nuzlocke, it's been a while, so I'll update later.
  11. BenjaminLDuco

    BenjaminLDuco Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Jan 29, 2013
  12. weger13

    weger13 Member

    Blue nuzlocke (first attempt in gen 1)

    starting a nuzlocke in Blue version (ROM)
    -usual rules-
    -can only catch the first pokemon encountered per area-
    -any pokemon feint they are released-
    -different floors of caves are different areas-

    all my nicknames (except for those I don't intend to use) are soul eater characters.

    starting with charmander (soul) ran into pokemon on route 1 pre pokeball and thus didn't catch any. upon reaching route 2 I caught a lvl 3 rattata (blackstar) and went to route 22 and caught a nidoran female (maka) and then went to viridian forest to grind a few levels (also caught a metapod (dusty) lvl 5, I hate working up caccoons but will suffer through for the aid of confusion against Brock) got all up to lvl 8 (except metapod still at 5) and challenged rival. success with no resulting casualties, now off to lvl grind to defeat Brock.

    team remaining
    Soul (charmander) lvl 9
    Blackstar (ratatta) lvl 8
    Maka (nidoran female) lvl 8
    Dusty (metapod) lvl 6
  13. weger13

    weger13 Member

    Update on Blue nuzlocke.

    worked the team to level 10 and defeated Brock handily, raising Soul up to level 11. leaving Pewter City to route 3, defeated all trainers easily and captured a pidgey at lvl 6, named Liz and entered mt moon. within the the first floor I captured a zubat named Patty (Boxed) and lost Liz to the Lass and her Clefairy. :( on the exit floor I captured a Geodude named Sid, and lost my charmander (Soul) to the rocket with the raticate. upon exiting I managed to keep my poisoned Sid alive until reaching Cerulean, then went to capture a Spearow on route 4 named Liz (as it is filling the role the former Liz would have had)

    Active team
    Sid (geodude) lvl 12
    Blackstar (RAtatta) lvl 14
    Maka (nidoran female) lvl 14
    Dusty (butterfree) lvl 15
    Liz (spearow) lvl 10

    Patty (zubat) lvl 7

    deceased (released)

    Soul (charmander) lvls 5-14
    Liz (pidgey) lvls 6-9
  14. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Im An OxyMoron!

    Dude, that should be in gen 3,

    But anyhow ima start a crystal nuzlocke!
  15. GoshinX03

    GoshinX03 Pride & Power

    Wow, now don't I feel daft. Thanks, I'm going to move it over IMMEDIATELY! lol
  16. InVicta

    InVicta Kakuna Matata!!

    Well this is REAL ACTIVE.

    Anyway, im gonna be starting a nuzlocke on crystal. (Idont have access to HG/SS)

    My first pokemon will be decided on my last digit of my trainer card
    0= I pick
    123= Chikorita
    456= Cyndaquil
    789= Totodile
  17. Greekboy

    Greekboy Well-Known Member

    How come 1st/2nd generations are paired?
    Anyways, started my Nuzlocke in Gold version, so far no deaths.
  18. padilin

    padilin New Member

    I awake to my room. It's the big day. I saved up what little allowance I got the past month and bought a potion yesterday. Hopefully this will aid me in my journey.

    My name is Blue, and this is my Nuzlocke run through Pokemon Blue version as emulated on my phone.
    1. I must name each of my traveling companions. Even the ones in the box will be part of my group of friends. Arceus knows I'll need all the support from all the friends i can make for this challenge.
    2. I may only befriend the first pokemon in each route or city. The only exception is if I happen upon a duplicate. In which case I must faint this pokemon, sending my regrets for not choosing it for this challenge, and take the next pokemon to appear. The other exception, yes that last one wasn't the only, is that no pokemon count before I get my first pokeball. I cannot even train off of them. Also different floors of caves are the same area, unless it specifically has a different name.
    3. This is the hardest rule. If my pokemon, my friend, faints I must immediately put it in a box, separated from my other pokemon. I must pay it my last respects before I do this.
    4. I will not catch any legendary pokemon. I do however have to visit all 3 birds. Mewtwo also deserves a visit. I must defeat Mewtwo, to show it the bond between me and my pokemon.
    5. This is an odd rule. I may remove this in the future if it turns out to be too difficult. After the first gym I may not use the pokemon center. Potions and specific condition heals only. I'm going to train my first aid skill.

    Pre-Gym: The start of something great

    So, I begin. I grab my potion and I walk downstairs. The TV is playing some old movie about 4 boys walking down a railroad. How ironic, a perfect image before I leave home to go out into the world. I say goodbye to my mom, give her a hug. She informs me that Prof. Oak is waiting on me to start my journey.
    I make my way to the lab. Odd, Red is there too. He is also waiting on his gramps, Prof. Oak. Perhaps he is out and I can catch him as he comes back into town. I make my way to the north exit of town, almost to the grass. Suddenly behind me I hear the Prof. call out my name. Odd, I wonder where he was hiding. Anyway, I follow him to his lab.

    Here at his lab, Oak tells us that the 3 pokeballs on his desk are his last 3. He plans on giving both me and Red one to start our journey. I didn't even know he wanted to go out, but I suppose I would too in his situation. I feel bad, he acts like a jerk but I can't help to think it might be partially because his grandpa can never remember his name. I had to even remind Oak what his own grandson's name was. Enough about that, I hope Red learns from this journey.

    This is the first decision in my journey, my first step. Which one do i choose? All 3 look friendly enough. I choose ;007;, who I have named Sheldon. As I try to leave, eager to get on my journey, Red stops me. He sounds eager too. It feels right to hold the pokeball, as I send Sheldon into battle. Of course Red would choose ;001;. Interesting.

    It was a close battle. Sheldon came out of it with only 2HP left. He did level up though to lvl 6. Thanks Red. During the battle it didn't appear that he was very fond of his pokemon... I can't let that get me down now. I rush off to my house to say goodbye, take a good nap, and head off.


    ;007; Sheldon Lvl 6

    Sorry for the long post. If anyone has suggestions on how to make this story more interesting, just tell me. I kind of wanna post every gym, but I'll see.
    Thanks for reading.
  19. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    So I've decided to do a Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke challenge because it's been on my mind for quite some time and also I had a sudden power-cut so I didn't have anything to do for a couple of hours. I have set up my own rules for this challenge.

    - No Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander or any Psychic-type pokemon.
    - Pokemon who can learn/use Psychic-type moves are allowed such as Butterfree.

    When I started the game, I named myself Tony (since it's my real name) and my rival as Scumbag (let's face it, he IS one). Once the introduction is out of the way, I proceeded to exit the house and enter the grass. Prof. Oak finally shows himself and catches a Pikachu. Oak returns to the lab and when I was about to get myself a Pokemon, Scumbag shoves me out of the way and snatches the pokemon (I told you he was a scumbag). So I ended up getting Pikachu and I nicknamed it Powercut (To commemorate the reason why I've started this challenge). As soon as I was about to leave, Scumbag battles me. The battle was quickly towards my favour as my first Thundershock was a critical hit and afterwards the battle ended swiftly. After that, I went towards Viridian City and went to collect Oak's parcel. He gave me the pokedex and once the deed was done, I headed to Viridian City and bought myself 5 Pokeballs and proceeded to capture pokemon. I went to the route towards the pokemon league and encountered a female Nidoran, I captured it in my first go and named it Feminist (since my best friend is a feminist and it was the only nickname that came to mind). Afterwards I went to the route below Viridian City and I got myself a Rattata and nicknamed it TopPercent (a reference about a certain trainer in HeartGold/SoulSilver talking about this Rattata). Happy with the pokemon I caught and nicknamed, I proceeded to train Feminist just a bit before saving.

    ;025; Powercut - Lvl 7

    ;019; TopPercent - Lvl 2

    ;029; Feminist - Lvl 3
  20. ToNeS

    ToNeS Well-Known Member

    I decided to train a bit more before entering Viridian Forest and bought myself Potions. When my pokemon were trained enough, I entered Viridian Forest. Unfortunately I encountered a Metapod but I failed catching it twice so I ran out of pokeballs. I fought against all of the trainers there and TopPercent almost died twice (luckily I got the Potions). I took priority of training Feminist first to learn Double Kick at Lvl 12 to defeat Brock and then the rest of my team. I healed up and saved at Pewter City then headed for the gym. I defeated the trainers and Brock so I got myself my first badge. I went outside, sold the TM and saved at the pokemon centre.

    ;025; Powercut - Lvl 12

    ;019; TopPercent - Lvl 11

    ;029; Feminist - Lvl 13

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