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1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread


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I looked around Goldenrod this afternoon and got the bike. Then, I got some training done on the routes north & south of the city in preparation for the next Gym battle. I also participated in the Bug Catching Contest, where I caught a Weedle (only won the consolation prize, though).

Next, I took on the Goldenrod Gym. My Poliwag went up against Whitney's Clefairy and defeated it with Water Gun after putting it to sleep with Hypnosis. For Miltank, I had my Quilava lower its stats with Smokescreen and Leer, then brought in Flaaffy to Thunder Wave it. After that, I went over to Sandshrew, and eventually took down Miltank with Scratch (fortunately, Sandshrew didn't lose too many turns due to Attract).

After receiving my third badge, I picked up the SquirtBottle and headed to the Sudowoodo on Route 36. I battled it with Flaaffy and caught it. Soon after that, I made it to Ecruteak City, where I met Bill in the Pokemon Center.

I then spent some time earning money for Game Corner coins. I rematched a few trainers who called me and sold some things. Once I nearly had enough money, I returned to the Game Corner and won some more coins from the card flip game to make up the difference. Then, I bought the remaining coins I needed and purchased a Dratini for my team! I was totally broke afterwards, but I really want a Dragonite on my team. ^_^

With that done, I returned to Ecruteak and then went out to Route 38. In the grass, I quickly found my final team member: Miltank. I weakened it down and caught it on the first Poke Ball.

Finally, I went into the Burned Tower. I defeated my rival and evolved Sandshrew into Sandslash before saving.

;156; ;180; ;060; ;028; ;147; ;241;


I downloaded the Virtual Console version of Gold a day ago and began my quest in Wakaba Town. I had my mother explain some Pokegear functions, then I left the house, saw Silver lurking near Utsugi-hakase's laboratory, and went inside. Utsugi-hakase let me choose Waninoko as my Starter Pokemon, and I then set off to my next destination: Yoshino City. I crossed Route 1, although it took me almost ten minutes because I was busy training Waninoko. Once in Yoshino City I was given the grand tour by a local, and rested inside the Pokemon Center.


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Began with both Gold and Silver (have two consoles since my brother no longer wants his console). Started out on Gold with a normal journey starting with Cyndaquil (my favorite of the starter Pokemon).
On Silver decided to see how long it would take me to get a Shiny Chikorita. At 50 resets right now.

In Gold currently travelling from New Bark Town to Violet City, caught a Geodude, Pidgey, Zubat and Spinarak and currently all training them to lvl 10. Currrent team looks like this:
- Cyndaquil Lvl 11
- Pidgey Lvl 10
- Zubat Lvl 3
- Geodude Lvl 10
- Spinarak Lvl 4


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Bought Silver the other day seeing as that was my main Gen 2 game and I prefer the sprites in Silver anyways. Honestly the only time the nostalgia kicks in is when I see the sprites since Crystal mostly used the Gold sprites. Anyways...

I picked Cyndaquil as my starter seeing as there aren't any decent Fire types in the main game. I caught a Ledyba to help out and prevent Cyndaquil from becoming over leveled. Sprout Tower and Falkner's gym were both a breeze and Cyndaquil evolved just before the battle with the gym leader. I headed south and captured a Mareep as my second team member and headed through the Union Cave to Azalea City. Before thwarting Team Rocket I caught a Slowpoke as my third team member and my goodness has this thing been a pain to train. I actually lost to Bugsy the first time because I stupidly let Scyther build up Fury Cutter. The second time I played it smarter with Quilava and Flaaffy and won. After beating my rival I made it through the Ilex Forest into Goldenrod City and I am convinced this is where my game decided to mess with me.

The first thing I did was head north and take part in the Bug Catching Contest with Flaaffy. My first encounter was a Lv14 Pinsir. I threw a Park Ball immediately and caught it first try. I skipped the rest of the contest and went straight to the judging where I am came in 2nd place........to a freaking Pinsir. Reset. After a few more failures I ended up winning with a paralyzed Scyther and won a Sun Stone. I returned to the National Park and captured a Sunkern which I evolved into Sunflora right away. After fighting some trainers I headed to the Goldenrod gym and battled Whitney. Sunflora took out Clefairy in 2 turns after Clefairy had used a single Metronome. Miltank comes out so I swap to Flaaffy to paralyze it....only to realize that freaking Clefairy's single use of Metronome caused it to use Safeguard so I couldn't inflict a status condition. Miltank spammed Rollout and won. Reset.

2nd try same strategy. This time went much smoother after Flaaffy was able to get off a Thunder Wave. Got my badge and headed north past the shaking tree into Ecruteak City. I headed west to capture my fifth team member, a Miltank. After close to a hour of searching (I found 3 Snubbull.....3 FREAKING 1% ENCOUNTER RATE SNUBBULL) I finally found and captured a Miltank. I returned to Ecruteak City where I beat the Kimono Girls in battle.


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A little after midnight, I checked the upstairs of the Ecruteak Pokemon Center and discovered that the Time Capsule was available! That was a nice surprise, since based on what I read around the web, I thought I'd have to wait a full 24 hours after meeting Bill to use it.

Anyway, I used the Time Capsule to trade with my Red on my other 3DS. I have lots of TMs on that game stocked up from MissingNo. and wanted to use some of them on my Dratini, Poliwag, and Sandslash, to save TMs on Gold for other Pokemon and because they needed better movesets. I ended up teaching them these moves:
Dratini - Ice Beam & Thunderbolt
Poliwag - Ice Beam & Psychic
Sandslash - Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide, & Body Slam

Once I was done teaching moves, I traded those three back to Gold.

Continuing on Gold, I explored more of the Burned Tower. I defeated the two Firebreather trainers and got the legendary dogs to start roaming. Then, I fought some wild Pokemon to level my Dratini and Miltank up a bit. I also caught a Magmar after wasting nearly all of my Poke Balls on it.

After buying some more Poke Balls at the Ecruteak mart, I went back to Route 38 for more training. I found and caught a Snubbull, too.


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After getting the ability to Surf, I did a lot of backtracking to find surfing places. After all that I went to Olivine City and Cianwood City, going back and forth between the 2 cuz I forgot the correct order of doing things. Got thier badges, at least.

I wanted to catch a Whirlpool slave, but after a wild Tentacruel ate up all my balls, i later got a Tentacool instead. I was in a very good position to get that Tentacruel, too, had like 2 HP or something and was asleep, and still nothing. Can't win them all.

I also got the gift Shuckle, and she's... in the box. Just chiling.

I went to Route 42, Mahogany Town and Lake of Rage, caught the shiny Gyarados, and went to the Mahogany Rocket Base. Everything went as normal until the final Electrode to knock out, which came out shiny... And it went boom.

I knew that things would be awkward upon encountering it, since the other 2 also went boom, and the 3rd was sadly no different. Admittedly, a shiny was the last thing I wanted to see, cuz since I decided to give half my money to my mom, I'm strapped for cash usually, and I can't just buy things willy-nilly. I don't want to find a shiny and not have the balls to catch it.

Well, the Pokeballs, i mean. Constantly low on stock.

Also, I decided that I wanted an Umbreon instead of an Espeon and make Jynx the final member of the team, so I stil have my Psychic-type and a little Ice for Lance. Really trying to evolve that Eevee, good god.


A lot has happened since my last update. Arrived in Eckruteak City and Bill unlocked the Time Capsule for me. Decided to go after my final party member. It was going to be either Miltank or Tauros depending on which one I encountered first. It turned out to be Miltank and I promptly nicknamed it Whitney. After some grinding and beating my rival inside of Burnt Tower, I went and beat Morty. I duped Shadow Ball and taught it to Whitney for coverage. From there I made my way to the lighthouse and, after talking to Jasmine, went to Cianwood and got the SecretPotion. Went ahead and beat Chuck and got the Fly HM to teach to Pex, which evolved into Fearow at some point.

I then flew back to Olivine and gave the SecretPotion to Jasmine who healed Amphy. Went to the gym and took her out with little to no problems and proceeded to Mahogany Town and the Lake of Rage. I caught the Red Gyarados and talked to Lance and would take out Team Rocket once again. Took on Pryce and destroyed him. Team Rocket took over the Goldenrod Radio Tower and I would make short work of them, evolving Baba in Ampharos and Silverdile into Feraligatr. Got through the Ice Path and flew back to Goldenrod to get the Return TM to teach to Silverdile. I am in the final stretch of my Johto journey with only Claire to defeat before the Pokemon League.


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Back in Ecruteak, I went to the Dance Theater to fight the Kimono Girls. They were easy for the most part, though the one with the Espeon was the hardest since its Confusion is strong. Once I defeated all of them, I received the Surf TM, which I taught to Poliwag.

Next, I went to the Ecruteak Gym. I sent out my Dratini & Miltank against the regular trainers and then switched them out to get experience, which helped the two of them reach level 20. Against Morty, though, I only used Poliwag and Sandslash. The RBY TMs I taught them earlier really made things easy - Poliwag's Psychic KOed Gastly and one of Morty's Haunter, while Sandslash's Earthquake took care of Gengar and the other Haunter.

After that, I made my way over to Olivine City. I talked to the NPCs around town and obtained the Strength HM, but I didn't want to advance with the story yet. Instead, I decided to go back and explore with Surf. So, I returned to several areas around Johto and Surfed on all the ponds to find some items. I also went back to places like the Slowpoke Well and Union Cave, where I found some more trainers to fight (some of them were quite tough for my team at this point due to their higher levels).

While exploring the lower parts of Union Cave, I got Poliwag to evolve into Poliwhirl. I was also able to reach the other Ruins of Alph puzzles now and spent some time solving them.
Finally, I headed back to Olivine.

;156; ;180; ;061; ;028; ;147; ;241;
Lv. 24-25
I started with Gold - I had originally played Silver, so decided to pick the other version this time. Have really taken my time with the game.

I picked Totodile as my starter, it's the one I have the least experience with so decided to try it out. Once all the beginning shenanigans were over, I traveled across the first routes up to Violet City, challenging all trainers and trying to capture as many Pokémon as possible.
I ended up having a team of Totodile, Geodude, Jigglypuff, Zubat, Onix (Rocky) and Dunsparce when I arrived in Violet City, with Totodile being essentially the only one I planned of having in my main team. Once I learned about being able to get Jigglypuff and Dunsparce in Route 46 and Dark Cave respectively, I was determined to find them even with their 5% and 1% encounter rates. I trained this team in Sprout Tower and challenged Falkner, and won.

I headed south towards Azalea Town, having a quick detour in the Ruins of Alph to capture myself a couple of Unown. I had switched Zubat out in order to get the Egg in my team, but other wise no team changes here, just training the team. Of course tried to capture as many Pokémon I could from Route 32, Union Cave, Route 33 and Slowpoke Well. Once in Azalea Town, after getting rid of Team Rocket, I decided to challenge my rival and have a quick visit in Ilex Forest before the gym battle. I caught an Oddish in the forest, the second of my "main team". Placed Onix in the PC and then challenged the gym to get Oddish some experience. Team here: Totodile, Oddish, Dunsparce, Geodude, Jigglypuff and the Egg.

Once I beat Bugsy, I went through Ilex Forest to get Headbutt, and used it on a tree back in Azalea Town to get my third main team member: a Pineco. After that I headed towards Goldenrod City, battling trainers and catching Pokémon. At the day care, I decided to leave Jigglypuff in with a freshly caught Ditto in order to get myself an Igglybuff at some point. The Egg hatched into Togepi during this time. I explored Goldenrod with a Bicycle I obtained and then went all the way north up until Sudowoodo, to get some experience for my team for battling Whitney. Finally got my Totodile to evolve into Croconaw during all this. I caught Pokémon on the way and also encountered a Stantler in Route 36 - decided to make it my fourth main team member.

Back in Goldenrod City, I challenged Whitney and her Miltank with her Rollout took care of my team single-handedly. On my second try, with a different strategy, I won and got the Plain Badge. I just received the Squirtbottle and saved there. The next objective is to continue to Ecruteak and continue on from there.

Current team (main members) levels 16-18:
- Croconaw
- Oddish
- Pineco
- Stantler

Tag-alongs (will be replaced later) levels 10-15:
- Togepi
- Geodude


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This Walktrough, started some months ago, I downloaded a Gold rom, so I could practice the cloning glitch, I didn't new of it when I was a kid, FAILED in trying to do it correctly on the emulator so I quit, I was practicing this to make it on my VC version.

Got my Gold version, this time I tried again the cloning glitch, and for my surprise, it worked at my first try so, I got a Cyndaquil and Totodile via the glitch, and my official starter was a Chikorita.
Managed to train the terrific trio, and beat the Violet City gym, so the next step was to go to Sprout Tower, defeat the Elder and catch a a Gastly, now I have my Fab Four, which help me in defeating Bugsy, Team Rocket, Silver "The Wimp" and destroyed that annoying Whitney's Miltank (lucky to see her fail two turns while trying to attract me) thanks to my Croconaw and flinching bites.

The final part of this walktrough was at Ecruteak City, where I defeat the Kimono Girls, and all my Pokémon are at level 27.
The next steps will be destroying Morty, level up my Pokémon and test some Time Capsule features (Haunter will be the chosen one) and thanks to the eggs, I will be getting a Dratini and maybe an electric Pokémon or a Sandshrew.


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Aaaaaaaaagh ... 345 resets and still no shiny Chikorita on Silver.

Making some progress on Gold. Defeated the Sprout Tower and evolved Cyndaquil into Quilava. Picked up the Togepi egg, put it in box and made my way to the cave, but decided after that to stop playing for the moment.

Current Gold team:
- Quilava Lvl 15
- Butterfree Lvl 14
- Pidgey Lvl 14
- Zubat Lvl 12
- Geodude Lvl 14
- Gastly Lvl 12


Made quite a bit of progress since my last update. I'm on five badges now, but I've neglected to do a bunch of things like the Bug-Catching Contest and almost missed the Eevee from Bill (got a female one on my second try to boot). I've been doing things out-of-order in general: why, I almost tried to take on Mahogany Gym before visiting Olivine or Cianwood! One of my biggest accomplishments was catching Lake of Rage's shiny Gyarados with Level 20-23 Pokemon. It helped tremendously in the Rocket Hideout and in my battle against Chuck. I'm definitely making it a team staple.

My current team in Gin is as follows:

> Quilava
> Flaaffy
> Eevee
> Gyarados
> Quagsire
> Noctowl/Sudowoodo

I really need to go back and finish Pikachu and Midori so I can exploit utilize the MissingoNo. glitch and the Time Capsule mechanic. (Heck, I might as well start a new game in Pikachu so I can get Mew while I'm at it... well, not before transferring some Pokemon to my Gen VII games of course, but that goes without saying.)


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Currently level grinding here's what my 3DS Silver version team looks like so far:

1. Quilava

2. Hoothoot

3. Wooper

4. Ekans

and NO. 5 Mareep

and yes, I am insane enough to use Ekans, why? because I wanted to challenge myself by training a Pokemon that is difficult at first to train, I know there's Magikarp but I am planning on adding the Red Gyarados later on, so it can exact its bloody vengeance on Team Rocket!!!!

Other than that I pummeled Falkner into the ground, and am currently partying it up in Union Cave

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Got both games, playing Gold right now. Just won the Plain Badge in what was perhaps the easiest time I ever had against Whitney. Only needed to use two Pokémon against her, one of which was an Unown. And I had some awesome luck, too- Clefairy's Metronome didn't do crap, Miltank missed with Rollout, and Razor Leaf got a crit at just the right moment. Anyway, here's the team;

Qwilfish, female, lv. 19
~Poison Sting
~Water Gun

Stantler, male, lv. 19

Togepi@Charcoal, male, lv. 19
~Fire Blast
~Rock Smash
~Sweet Kiss

Unown (G), genderless, lv. 20
~Hidden Power (Psychic)

Sudowoodo, male, lv. 20
~Rock Throw
~Low Kick

Bayleef@Miracle Seed, female, lv. 20
~Razor Leaf
~Poison Powder
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I finished resting in Yoshino City and set off along the northern path out of the city. As I worked my way to Old Man Pokemon's house, I defeated Pokemon as extra training for Waninoko, then I passed the section of Route 30 that was blocked by trainers who were battling. I met Old Man Pokemon soon after, got the Mystery Egg from him, and met Okido-hakase. I was given the Pokemon Zukan device too, then Utsugi-hakase called me urgently. I made my way to Wakaba Town and faced Silver and his Chikoriita along the way.


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Made a little progress today. I left Olivine and started Surfing on Route 40. I fought several Swimmers there before heading down to Route 41. On that route, I had some more trainer battles and passed by the Whirl Islands.

While on Route 41, I also looked for a Mantine for my Pokedex. I found one on my first encounter, but had some bad luck trying to capture it as it broke out of every ball I had (besides the one Lure Ball I'm saving). After buying some more Great Balls back in Olivine, I returned to R. 41 and found another Mantine right away again. Fortunately, I managed to catch that one before running out of balls, but I only have a few left now. That catch rate is annoying. >_>

Once I was done with everything on the sea routes, I continued Surfing until I landed in Cianwood City. I talked to everyone on the island, except for the Gym trainers, but didn't have any time to do anything else.
Next time, I'll either do the Cianwood Gym, or go back to the lighthouse in Olivine.


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Fought a few more gyms since the last update. I was underleveled when I got to Cianwood though, so I did some training there. I think I did too much grinding though, because both Chuck and Jasmine went down quite easily. After obtaining Fly I went around picking up items in earlier locations I couldn't get until I had Surf. I also bought an Ice Punch TM for my now fully evolved Feraligatr. I also now have an Ampharos. Am now preparing to take on the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany.

The team itself had a few changes aside from said evolutions. My team is as follows:

Ampharos Lv31
Onix Lv28
Feraligatr Lv32
Tentacruel Lv27 (might be replaced with Gyarados by next update)
Nidorino Lv28
Noctowl Lv28


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Today, I bought and downloaded Silver on my other 3DS for trading purposes. I started a save file on it and chose Chikorita. I played until I had access to Poke Balls and caught a Rattata to use as trade fodder.

Then, I traded between that Silver and Gold on my main 3DS. I sent Chikorita over to Gold in exchange for a Magikarp I quickly fished up with an Old Rod. I also traded my Poliwhirl with the King's Rock attached so that I could evolve it. So now, I have Politoed on my Gold team!

Once I finished trading, I continued on Gold and headed into the Cianwood Gym. I fought the Blackbelts and solved the little Strength puzzle easily. I considered going back to Olivine to train instead of fighting Chuck, since some of the Gym trainers did quite a lot of damage to me (the Hitmonlee trainer especially), but in the end I decided to get the fight over with. The battle ended up being pretty easy, fortunately. My new Politoed defeated Primeape in two turns. I switched to Flaaffy next and had it paralyze & chip down Poliwrath's HP. I did have to switch out when Flaaffy got hit by Hypnosis, but my Dratini finished the battle just fine.

Next time, I'll have to return to Olivine and visit the lighthouse, since I skipped it earlier.

;156; ;180; ;186; ;028; ;147; ;241;
Lv. 25-27


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Today, I bought and downloaded Silver on my other 3DS for trading purposes. I started a save file on it and chose Chikorita.

I chose Chikorita in the remake. If I decide to get Silver on the VC, my team would probably emulate my SoulSilver team, albeit in 8-bit and limited by Gen 2 standards. ;152;


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I took on the Goldenrod Radio Tower, and finished it without Temperance the Eevee evolving again. Ugh... why the 512-step gives 1 point of happiness? Later games, the requirement has been slashed to 128 steps, and that's a lot easier to manage. Anyway, I got my precious Amulet Coin and Exp. Share, which thank God I got them cuz I was running low on money. So of course I slapped the Amulet Coin on Temperance, who I don't want to switch into all the time cuz I want him to evolve at night.

Oh, yeah, Rainbow Wing, i should probably do that, but I need the balls, for which I need money.

After that, I beat Bryce fairly easily, and made my way to Blackthorn, but I took time in there to find a Jynx for my team, and I did! Welcome to the family, Iustitia! This makes my party complete with... Bayonetta bosses, and 1 enemy, which is Valor the Feraligatr. I was last grinding for Clair, but I'm thinking to grind in Tin Tower to get me a Ho-Oh. Iustitia needs the levels. She was caught at level 22, and I believe is now 27, and my party's in mid 30s.

Gurl gon catch up.

Did it really take me 1 Great Ball to catch Ho-Oh? Yellow health, asleep, so 1 Great Ball? That was easy. I'm hearing people take all thier balls or most of them to catch that thing, maybe taking multiple attempts, but not me, apparently.

I took on Tin Tower for some grinding for Iustitia, and it was good enough to help me take on Clair, and well, she MVP'd cuz she's an Ice-type. I got the Master Ball from Elm as my reward for getting every badge, then went straight to Route 29, but I forgot Waterfall was required to get past Tohjo Falls. Sadly no one in my team can learn it, so a random Goldeen will do!

Tried to get past Route 29 and Victory Road without getting into too many battles cuz I had to deposit Temperance to make room for the Goldeen. He was the highest level member of the party anyway, or 2nd highest, everyone else aside from Iustitia has 1 HM move. I think there were like 2 avoidable trainers in Route 29, and I thought there were a lot more. I think that's a HGSS thing.

Got through Victory Road, now I have a Fly point to the League. I leveled up Temperance, and OMG HE FINALLY EVOLVED IN UMBREON. Only took until the fricken League, but he's there. Oh, and Gomorrah the Heracross got the Black Belt from Wesley of the Week Siblings, and he knows Earthquake now. Now THIS is what he was meant for.

The plan is to make everyone level 40, maybe Fortitudo can be 42 for Razor Leaf, maybe I can ask someone to help me trade to help me get a Leaf Stone. Ugh... why do I have to wait for this?

The team:
Valor the Feraligatr- level 39
Fortitudo the Weepinbell- level 39
Jubileus the Pidgeot- level 37
Gomorrah the Heracross- level 39
Temperance the Umbreon- level 39
Iustitia the Jynx- level 37
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