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1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread


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Went through the Team Rocket HQ tonight. I messed up at first...I ended up turning off the Persian statute cameras while exploring (forgot there even was a switch), before I finished fighting all the guards. I really needed the experience and money from those fights, and I couldn't find a way to turn the security back on, so...reset! Fortunately, I didn't have too many battles to re-do.

My Dratini evolved into Dragonair while fighting the trainers on the first floor! I also fought all of the wild Pokemon in the trap door section, and managed to catch one of the Voltorb and Koffing.

Heading downstairs, I met up with Lance again and he healed my team. I then continued on, fighting all the Rockets on the second and third floors. Once I defeated everyone and opened the doors to the transmitter room, I had three Electrode left to defeat. One decided to blow up on me, while the other two went down to my Sandslash pretty easily.

With everything in the hideout done, I received the Whirlpool HM from Lance. I left the building after that and went to sell some things since my bag was full.
Next time, I guess I'll go to the Mahogany Gym.


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There was a slight change of plans. Decided to forego the level grinding and just bloody go full yolo. 4 Max Revives and a Steelix that can wall a Snorlax 23 levels higher than itself later, I defeated Red... somehow. I still don't know how I managed to do it.

Steelix Lv52 w/Soft Sand
Nidoking Lv50 w/Pink Bow
Noctowl Lv50 w/Leftovers
Feraligatr Lv51 w/Mystic Water
Ampharos Lv52 w/Leftovers
Gyarados Lv50 w/Amulet Coin

Lead with Steelix obviously, and 1-shot Pikachu with a crit Earthquake. After that is when it went downhill. Ampharos couldn't stand up to Blastoise, and had to be assisted by Feraligatr after it went down. Nidoking did pretty much nothing, and lost it's perfect winning streak against Psychic types. Steelix also didn't last long against Espeon. Gyarados also fell to Espeon, but not before getting a Hyper Beam off. That's where the miracle comeback began, though. After finally taking down Espeon, next was Venusaur. I naturally sent Noctowl in to fight it. I healed the fallen members thanks to Noctowl's ability to tank Solar Beam, and also chipped in some damage itself with Fly, with Leftovers helping it last a little longer. It too fell, but Ampharos finished Venusaur off with a couple of Fire Punches, with it's own Protect+Leftovers combo helping it.

Next came Snorlax, and the point in the battle where I truly turned the fight around in my favour. Sending in Steelix, I walled everything it threw at me whilst doing a second round of team healing. A few lucky defense drops from Iron Tail and occasionally healing Steelix was enough to allow Earthquake to eventually bring it down. Red only had 1 Pokemon remaining, Charizard. Ampharos led the charge, getting a Thunder Punch off before falling. I then sent in Feraligatr, and this would prove to be the final stand. Charizard used, of all moves, Fire Spin. This allowed for an easy Surf, with Charizard just barely surviving. As a result of not doing much damage with Fire Spin, Feraligatr then survived a Flamethrower, and a second Surf was all that was needed to take Charizard down and earn my victory.

This just goes to show that the underdog can easily make a comeback.


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I made a BEELINE for Route 25 to reach Bill's Grandfather, as in the guy who will give me a Leaf Stone upon showing him an Oddish. I caught myself an Oddish, and went to the guy and asked for a Lickitung instead. Fine, whatever. I assuming the order of pokemon asked is in a certain order as listed by Bulbapedia, so that meant Lickitung, then Growlithe, then Oddish.

Found them, done. Bill's grandfather asked for an Oddish next, skipping Growlithe in the order i assumed. Got my Leaf Stone, and finally... FINALLY... Fortitudo the Weepinbell can evolve! It took 30-something hours, but he is now a Victreebel, the form he was meant to be!

Now i can start my adventure through Kanto for real, and i have, starting off with that Power Plant. I know I have to encounter that Team Rocket guy, but I don't remember where he can be found initially. I remember the final confrontation was on Route 24 on the bridge, but where I first find him... no idea.

I guess I'll just battle more trainers then. I'm on Route 15, and I am going to hate this marathon run of trainers for 4 routes. At least I can fly to the other end, unlike what i did in SoulSilver or Blue where I just fought on and on until i needed healing and bike ALL the way back.


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The rocket guy is found in Cerulean gym first


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It's really fun to read about your adventure guys! :D

I are in Kanto and have defeated Brock and Misty. My team is:

Jolteon Lv. 32
Flareon Lv. 36
Vaporeon Lv. 36
Piloswine Lv. 38
Beedrill Lv. 35
Noctowl (Shiny!) Lv. 35

Btw, Piloswine and Flareon are the parents of Jolteon and Vaporeon! :)

I'm also training Meganium, Ampharos, Heracross, Gyarados (Shiny), Golem, Slowking, Miltank, Mr. Mime and Ho-Oh.
Yes, I training more than 6 Pokémon. Perhaps a little more grind is needed, but otherwise really fun and challenging.


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Headed over to the Mahogany Gym. I defeated the regular trainers and finally got my Quilava to learn Flame Wheel. For the fight against Pryce, I ended up just using my Ampharos. ThunderPunch dealt with the Seel & Dewgong just fine. I wasn't planning on keeping Ampharos in against Piloswine, but I accidentally said no to switching. Fortunately, my Fire Punch took care of it.

After that, I decided to go out to Route 44 since the way out of town wasn't blocked any more. I fought all the trainers there to get them out of the way, and caught a Lickitung in the grass.

Next, I rematched a couple of trainers and trained a bit against wild Pokemon. Once that was done, I returned to Goldenrod City, where I'll start the Team Rocket/Radio Tower stuff next time.

;156; ;181; ;186; ;028; ;148; ;241;
Lv. 31-32


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Started my adventure on VC Silver over the weekend. So much nostalgia.

Picked Cyndaquil as my starter. My original Cyndaquil had been nicknamed Champion, but only after she'd defeated the Elite 4. In SoulSilver I named my starter Champion straight off the bat in her honour, but this Cyndaquil is going to have to earn the nickname.

Set the battle style to set, something I often forget to do when starting a new game.

I set off to retrieve a package from Mr. Pokemon for Professor Elm. When I got to Mr.Pokemon's house, Professor Oak was there. He gave me a Pokedex. On the way back to Elm's lab, I ran into and battled the rival character for the first time. Cyndaquil had taken a few hits on the way back, so wasn't at full health but was two levels higher, so won through in the end. Decided to name my rival Bill, just like in the original. This caused me a lot of confusion as a kid. I'd never played RBY, so took me a while to figure out the Bill who made the PC system was a completely separate 'Bill' from my rival.

As a result of Oak giving me the Pokedex, Professor Elm suggested I start earning gym badges and challenging the Pokemon League. His assistant gave me a few Pokeballs, and off I went, heading for Violet City and Faulkner.

Caught a Sentret on the way, but otherwise it was a fairly uneventful journey. Just the standard early game bug catchers, and of course youngster Joey. When I arrived at Violet City, I headed to the Bellsprout Tower, mainly to train ahead of my match with Faulkner. Made my way up the tower, battling the trainers as I went. After the final battle, I was given a Flash HM as a reward. Had intended to catch a Bellsprout to trade for an Onix with the girl in the Pokemon Centre, but by then Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava, and Sentret grew to lv11, so was feeling pretty confident about my chances against Faulkner.

That confidence was justify, as a I swept through the gym to earn my first badge. Led with Sentret, who took down Faulkner's Pidgey, before switching to Quilava, who dispatched his Pigeotto with ease.

After my victory, I got a call from Elm informing me that the package from Mr. Pokemon was intact an egg, and that he'd like me to hatch it. Met his assistant at the Pokemon centre to get the egg.


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Did all those things I mentioned last page. I'm now heading across the sea to go to Cianwood City to face the gym leader Chuck. And get medicine for that poor Ampharos. Then facing off Jasmine for the badge in Olivine City.

Kadabra lvl 27

Nidorino lvl 24

Quilava lvl 26

Geodude lvl 24

Flaaffy lvl 26


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After finally getting my shiny Chikorita on Silver (456 resets!), I decided to start my journey there too. Cloned Chikorita to send a copy over to Gold, caught myself a Sentret and a Hoothoot. Just before logging off for the night, had this team:

- Chikorita Lvl 10
- Sentret Lvl 8
- Hoothoot Lvl 8

Haven't continued on on Gold yet.
My events of yesterday started with me going through Sprout Tower. After I cleared that location and got the Flash HM, it was time for my Violet City gym battle. After beating Falkner, I then headed to the Pokemon Center to get the Pokemon egg. I then headed to Route 32, where I caught the third member of my team. After going through Union Cave, I encountered Anthony and registered him after beating him. I then headed to Azalea Town, where I met Kurt.

After meeting Kurt, he and I headed to Slowpoke Well to deal with Team Rocket. After dealing with Team Rocket, Kurt agreed to make Apricorn Pokeballs for me. I then went to the gym for my next gym battle. That gym battle against Bugsy was easy by using Hircine. I then had a battle with my rival, Revan before going to Ilix Forest. After making my way through there and Route 34, I made it to Goldenrod City. One highlight there was getting the bicycle. I then headed to Route 35 to get to the National Park. While I was in the National Park, I participated in the Bug Catching Contest. Even though I caught a Scyther, I ended up coming in third. My next objective is to do my Gym Battle at the Goldenrod City Gym. I have seen 59 Pokemon and own 20.

Team Daedric Princes
Sheogorath (Totodile -> Croconaw)
Lv: 24
Moves: Scratch, Ice Punch, Bite, Water Gun

Hircine (Hoothoot)
Lv: 17
Moves: Hypnosis, Peck, Mud-slap, Flash

Boethiah (Mareep -> Flaaffy)
Lv: 15
Moves: Thunderpunch, Headbutt, Thundershock, Swift

Azura (to be caught)
Malacath (to be caught)
Peryite (to be caught)


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Huh, going through routes 12-15 weren't as bad as i thought. I guess HGSS added more trainers, then. Speaking of routes, I didn't know Route 19 wasn't closed off, again, like HGSS.

Anyway, did some more trainer battles, then finally took on the Kanto gyms. I went in an order so that Gomorrah the Heracross can dominate first, cuz I really want him to learn Megahorn before Red. Course, Gomorrah couldn't handle every gym, so my other team members put in thier work.

8 Kanto Leaders done, now I can take on Red... but not before I take a detour to pick up a gift Tyrogue, and explore the Johto caves I haven't seen. I should pick up a Lugia at some point, as well as the Beasts. I've only seen Suicune at this point.


I finished climbing the Tower of Madatsubomi, spoke to the head elder, and was given the Flash HM. I left after I had defeated him, and set my sights on the Kikyou Gym. I began the rigorous task of defeating the Gym's small fry trainers before I challenged Gym Leader Hayato himself. After making quick work of Hayato's Poppo and Pigeon, I won the Wing Badge and received a quick call from Utsugi-hakase. I was told to visit the Mart, which was where I got an Egg from his assistant. I decided to visit the Ruins of Alph now, and I completed a puzzle inside and discovered the Unknown. I went straight to Route 32 and did some training, which took an additional twenty minutes.


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Ahhh man the nostalgia!!! But playing through gold at 24 compared to an 8 year old is crazy. Was playing through soul silver and had just Beat the elite 4 multiple times training for the kanto gyms when these VC gems released. Have been playing through the original Johto ever since. Started off using the duplication glitch to start with all 3 starters. Wish I'd know this glitch as a kid!!! No need to go into super detail, everyone knows the story and all the tasks you've got to do. But I am a notorious for over leveling my pokemon in everyone game. Currently in route to olivine city
Quilava lv 33
Feralgatr lv 31
Graveler lv 31
Gloom lv 30
Magneton lv 31
Eevee egg (taking forever to hatch!!!!)

But I do request some help trading, if anyone could be so kind FC: 5257 9967 8858


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Defeated the remaining Gym Leaders (Chuck to Clair), destroyed Team Rocket and my Rival.
I'm going to take the Pokémon League Challenge, but at this point, I'm training my team, I may consider training them to level 55 because at that level, Dragonair evolves.
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Well, I was slowly grinding my team up from level 38/39 to hit the Elite Four. I got everybody up to level 41, when I said "Screw This!" and transferred over my level 73 Mewtwo from Yellow and blasted past them. So now I'm wandering around Kanto, causing trouble.


Hopeful for Gen 8
Grinding to take on my second half of my badge quest. My pokemon are between levels 20 to 30
My events of yesterday started with me doing the Bug Catching Contest again. This time I ended up winning with a Pinsir. I then went to have my battle at the Goldenrod City gym. After winning there, I went to battle the weird tree, which ended up becoming the fourth member of my party. I then made it to Ecruteak City.

While I was in Ecruteak, my first stop after the Pokemon Center was the Ecruteak Dance Theater. After defeating the Kimoto Girls, I got the Surf HM. I then went to the Ecruteak Gym for my fourth gym battle. I then went to the Burned Tower where I fought Reven again. Course I also caught the fifth member of my team there. After finishing my business in Ecruteak, I headed west to reach Olivine City. After reaching Olivine, that was where I stopped for the day. My next objective is to explore the Olivine Lighthouse. I have seen 84 Pokemon and own 35.

Team Daedric Princes
Sheogorath (Croconaw -> Feraligatr)
Lv: 31
Moves: Scratch, Ice Punch, Bite, Surf

Malacath (Sudowoodo)
Lv: 22
Moves: Rock Throw, Mimic, Strength, Low Kick

Hircine (Hoothoot -> Noctowl)
Lv: 21
Moves: Hypnosis, Peck, Mud-slap, Flash

Boethiah (Flaaffy)
Lv: 21
Moves: Thunderpunch, Headbutt, Thundershock, Rock Smash

Peryite (Koffing)
Lv: 16
Moves: Poison Gas, Tackle, Smog

Azura (to be caught)
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My events of yesterday started with me doing the Bug Catching Contest again. This time I ended up winning with a Pinsir.

Tuesday, I won it with a lvl 14 male Scyther. Which is surprising, since normally Cooltrainer Jerkface wins it with a lvl 18 Caterpie or something stupid.
Yesterday, I was holding a lvl 14 Pinsir, and crushing everything with my lvl 32 Scyther, when I ran across a lvl 13 female Scyther. After a bit of agonizing, I dumped the Pinsir and came in second. Another Everstone, just what I needed.
Anyway, now I can start making little baby Scythettes.


It's Friday, so that means, it's LAPRAS day!!!

I haven't played for two days just so that I won't progress any further and Lapras would fall too far behind. Order of business is to catch Lapras, train up my team to around 32 or so, and then take on Jazmine and then go do Team Rocket stuff in Mahogany.

Current Team (Before Lapras)
Quilava Lv 29
Kadabra Lv 30
Sudowoodo Lv 26
Miltank Lv 25
Pidgeotto Lv 24