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1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
So I've bought the 2DS Blue version, that arrived on Wednesday, I haven't been rushing through it though, I've just got the Poke Flute from the Tower.

My team for Blue:
Bulbasaur - lvl 30
Rattata - lvl 28
Sandshrew - lvl 22
Alakazam - lvl 32
Dux the Farfetch'd - lvl 32
Psyduck - lvl 15 (only just caught from fishing)

Yesterday I also bought Yellow, I've decided to go through yellow with Ash's team from the anime, I've just beaten Misty and on my way to Vermillion City.
The team consists of:
Pikachu - lvl 20
Butterfree - lvl 20
Pidgeotto - lvl 18
Bulbasaur - lvl 12
Charmander - lvl 10

And I've spent the morning trying to glitch the game to get Mew, thinking it wouldn't be possible but it was worth a shot, and it did work, so I've traded that over to Blue to help complete the Pokedex.


A Greater Evil
Have gotten all 3 versions but have started Red only.
Currently at Viridian Forest, searching for a Caterpie. It's ridiculous considering Pikachu and Caterpie are both 5% encounter rate, and I've seen 7 Pikachu's till now.
Trying to catch every Pokemon available in each route as I go on with the game.

Team so far :

Charmander Lv13
Pidgey Lv11
Rattata Lv8
Pikachu Lv8
Kakuna Lv7
NidoranM Lv5


Well-Known Member
Staff member
With the SS Anne and Diglett's Cave done, I headed to the Vermilion City Gym next. First, I took care of all the trainers inside. My Diglett swept through all of them with its Dig attack, allowing it to grow a couple more levels and evolve into Dugtrio. I then went back to the Pokemon Center to heal and replenish my PP.

Back at the Gym, I had to do the trash can puzzle. Fortunately, I managed to find both switches in the trash cans and unlock the door to Lt. Surge pretty quickly. I then talked to Surge and battled him. This battle was very simple for me as Dugtrio was able to win by using Dig over and over.

Once Lt. Surge was defeated, I rode my bike back to Cerulean City. From there, I headed to Route 9. I fought one trainer there and then saved for the moment.

;008; ;025; ;035; ;051;
lv. 24-26


Well-Known Member
I headed east of Pewter City where Charmander evolved into Charmeleon! I skipped a few trainers along the way because when I got to Mt. Moon I caught my second team member, a Geodude! I beat the few trainers and then entered Mt. Moon. One thing I have noticed is the encounter rate seems to be much lower in this game. I caught a Zubat and Clefairy for Pokedex purposes and also picked up the Helix Fossil. It wasn't too arduous a journey and before I knew it I was in Cerulean City. I headed north almost immediately and made quick work of Gary before beating the trainers on the Nugget Bridge. I headed into the grass and managed to catch an Abra by just tossing a Poke Ball. More importantly however I caught my third team member, a Bellsprout! I healed at the Cerulean Pokemon Center and took a break.

;005; Lv21
;074; Lv20
;069; Lv13
;012; Lv12


Forever now
"Yo man long time no see!" I shouted to Bill as I entered his Sea Cottage xD It's been like 5 generations lol.
I wish I could let him trapped in Pokemon body forever but I needed his S.S Anne ticket so I helped him reluctantly. That face though when Pikachu saw him back to normal O_O

I went back to the robbed house to check what's going on inside. What a ruckus. And it's all for TM Dig.
I fought the Rocket grunt who stole it & stole it again for myself.
Then I took a detour to route 5 to catch Abra, and after a few tries by resetting & just throwing pokeballs, I managed to catch one for its Teleport ability.

I haven't battled Misty so I went back to Cerulean City but before I entered the Water gym I had to catch my other team member first.
I still remember it vividly, so after only one attempt I finally caught:


Mwahaha yep, it's the Mew from Mew Glitch. Can't help it. I missed to try it.^^
I nicknamed it Mewie xD

I battled Misty and her mistresses and received the Cascade badge.
Now I can continue my journey and probably do some grinding for my team.

;025; Pikaz lv. 21
;030; Nindi lv. 22
;041; Batzeba lv. 16
;046; Pi lv. 15
;151; Mewie lv. 7
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The Exceptional Everyman.
Have recently concluded the events in Pokémon Tower at Lavender Town. Obtained the Poké Flute, now going down from Fisher Pier in order to awaken Snorlax. All the way towards Fuschia City for the fifth badge.

The Team members are as follows;

;006; - Lv 40.
;034; - Lv 34.
;026; - Lv 34.
;134; - Lv 31.
;056; - Lv 20.


Color Ball Collector
Playing Yellow. Caught everybody available up until Viridian forest which was where I saved. Did some grinding to ensure the 2nd rival battle was easy with Mankey's low kick which destroyed his Eevee.

;056; lv 9
;025; lv 8
;016; lv 8
;019; lv 4
;029; lv 4
;032; lv 4
;021; lv2


1 more day ^^
I beat Max pretty easily in Cerulean, after that I beat all of the trainers on nugget bridge. It was annoying having to go back and heal several times. After doing that I caught an oddish and luckily an abra =). Next I beat the rest of the trainers on route 4 and helped out Bill. I also saw his eevees. Finally I started training for the second gym.
Current team
Wartortle lv 20
Pikachu lv 20
Nidorino lv 20
Clefable lv 18


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
I've had a busy day today, after getting Mew on Yellow this morning, I decided to stop playing Blue until I had my final member of my team, a Growlithe, and so it was up to my yellow version to complete the task. Ash set out from Cerulean City this morning, and it was one long adventure. After Ash and Pikachu left Cerulean with their team of Butterfree, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur and Charmander they made their way to Vermillion City, this Bulbasaur had already learnt Cut (traded it to Blue to teach it) and so it meant that Ash didn't need to board the SS. Anne (don't want it sinking with him on it now do we). However, he used this time to train his team. Once strong enough they took on Lt. Surge together, Bulbasaur proved useful against Surge. Having beaten Surge, it was time to move out, although before leaving Vermillion City, he noticed Officer Jenny with a mischievous Squirtle, so Squirtle then joined the ranks. Setting off on their adventure with their new friend, their journey continued.

After several hours of playing, Erika and Team Rocket proved no match for the gang. And Charmander evolved into Charmeleon and then soon after Charizard. During this time, Butterfree bid farewell to the gang (as it went to the PC), Ash, Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, Charizard and Squirtle encountered a sleeping Snorlax, once it awoke, it soon found itself joining the gang on their journey. Koga was next on the list of gym leaders, his team proved too powerful for the gang and it was time to train some more. long after, it was time to take on the gym once more, Charizard and Snorlax ended up beating Venomoth and the 3 Venonat's together and thus obtaining the badge. With the badge, Squirtle was able to surf the waters, so it was time to head back to Pallet town by heading through Digglet cave and through Viridian City, after arriving back in Pallet, Ash and Pikachu took a swim on Squirtle and shortly arrived on Cinnabar Island. They headed off to the Mansion and after many hours of searching, a Growlithe appeared, GOTCHA! Growlithe was caught and with that done, Ash and Dan made a trade. After a busy day, Ash is taking a break for a little while, and now its up to Dan and his pokemon to take on Team Rocket in Saffron City with his new Growlithe by his side.

Dan's also been busy today training up his pokemon, especially his Psyduck. But now he's ready for the challenge, Team Rocket, prepare!

Yellow Team:
Pikachu - lvl 28
Pidgeotto - lvl 28
Bulbasaur - lvl 30
Charizard - lvl 40
Squirtle - lvl 24
Snorlax - lvl 34

Blue team
Bulbasaur - lvl 34
Alakazam - lvl 34
Dux the Farfetched - lvl 34
Sandshrew - lvl 32
Psyduck - lvl 33
Growlithe - lvl 34

PC'd: Rattata - lvl 30


The Dragon Lord
I decided that I wanted to train a Gyarados for the first time, so I bought the Magikarp from the salesman. I've brought it up from level 5 to 13 so far, and it has been torturous every step of the way. Not to mention it causing my other Pokemon to fall behind the level curve. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Running Pikachu/Ivysaur/Nidorina/Pidgeotto/Dugtrio on Yellow atm. Got myself two Mews, one of which is in Day Care.


Active Member
A trainer's journal (Pokemon Red, Virtual Console). February 28

  • I started my journey in Pallet town and received my first Pokemon. I made the same choice that I made almost twenty years ago when the choice was offered to me for the first time: I picked charmander as my starter Pokemon and gave it the nickname "Carmine", named of the the colour of its skin, which, sadly, since this version of the game is in black & white, appears only in shades of gray to me. I think we're going to be great friends. I trained him to level 7, fighting Pidgeys and Ratata's on Route 1.
  • After receiving the Pokedex and some Pokeballs my adventure finally really began and I already knew what two Pokemon I wanted to catch first: a Spearow and a Nidoran. I always prefered Spearow over Pidgey and Nidoking is one of my favorite pokemon. I already plan on using it later with attacks such as Earthquacke and Surf. It didn't take long to catch both Ponemon. I named the Spearow "Mahagony" and Nidoran "Lavender". I guess all the Pokemon in my main team will receive a colour-themed nickname.
  • On my way to Viridian forest I encountered a Pidgey, level 5. This one was a fighter and took me by surprise. With sand-attacks and gusts with a few critical hits it was able to defeat my charmander, which by that point was already level 8. My other pokemon were also no match for it. I blacked out for the first time.
  • In viridian forest, the battles with the trainers went a lot easier than the fight with the Pidgey. I wanted to catch a caterpie and wasn't going to leave the forest begore I had done so. All I seemed to encounter though were Weedles. I was able to use this opportunity to train my spearow to level 10, just as my charmander. After maybe 10-15 minutes, I finally encountered a caterpie. I managed to catch it and named it "Emerald". My main objective now is to train Emerald and once it evolves into a butterfree, I'll use it to take on Pewter City's Gym Leader!


;004; Charmander, "Carmine", level 10
;021; Spearow, "Mahagony", level 10
;032; Nidoran, "Lavender", level 3
;010; Caterpie, "Emerald", level 4


1 more day ^^
Surprisingly Misty wasn't that tough with just pikachu and clefable. I forgot she uses an x defend on her staryu. After I beat her I got the dig tm, caught a mankey, beat the trainers on route 6, got the old rod in vermillion, caught a magikarp, traded to get farfetch'd, got the bike ticket, and battled some trainers on route 7, also caught a drowsee. Next I will be going on the S.S. anne.
Current team
Wartortle lv 22
Nidorino lv 22
Pikachu lv 22
Clefable lv 20

Mrs. Oreo

- I left the Cerulean gym after gym leader Misty had given me the Cascade badge and a Tm, then I healed my team and set off north and encountered my rival, whom I now defeated.
- I went to Route 24's golden bridge path while defeating trainers and I fought a disguised Team Rocket member as well before setting off to Route 25. I then made it to the coast.
- I visited Bill's home and after speaking with him he graciously gave me an SS Ticket which I could use to board the SS Anne cruise ship in Vermilion city. I went back to Cerulean next.

Chaos Emperor

No hope.....
currently working my way to bill while leveling up oddish who along with charmander is one of "the chosen six" who will lead me to victory.

current team:
oddish l16
charmeleon l18
butterfree l17
pidgey l16
pikachu l16


A Greater Evil
I've beaten Brock and now currently at Route 3. Working away with the horde of Trainers there. Will pick up a Jigglypuff on the way.

Charmander Lv15
Pidgey Lv13
Pikachu Lv 13
Butterfree Lv12
NidoranM Lv9
Beedrill Lv10


1 more day ^^
I beat all of the trainers on route 11, not 7 like I said before XD and then beat everyone on the S.S. Anne. After that I beat my rival easily enough and then got cut. I had to trash an item first so I had to talk to the captain again DX stupid tiny inventory. Then I caught a diglett and discovered it can't learn cut. I know it has no hands but I thought it could so I taught it to paras instead and then beat the trainers in the gym. After that I beat Surge after solving the dumbest gym puzzle ever. He was so easy with just nidorino and clefable. Then I went through digletts cave and got mr. Mime for my abra and got flash. Finally I made my way to rock tunnel after getting my bike.
Current team
Wartortle lv 26
Nidoking lv 26
Pikachu lv 26
Clefable lv 26
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Blazing Charmander

Well-Known Member
I purchased Yellow version for my 3DS on Saturday morning and have since progressed as far as the Pokemon Center on Route 3 - at the foot of Mt Moon. My in-depth log of events is over on Bulbagarden so I will summarise with the key happenings here.

- Named my character ASH, just like in the old days;
- I chose Eevee but GARY stole that from me so the kind Professor gifted me his recently caught, untamed Pikachu;
- I caught everything on the Routes ahead, adding Mankey, Caterpie and a Viridian Forest Pidgeotto to my team;
- Caterpie evolved after I caught Pidgeotto, as I trained for the Pewter Gym battle;
- Pidgeotto and Mankey worked together with a Sand-Attack/Low Kick combo to defeat Brock. Onix's Bind overwhelmed Mankey ultimately, thus leaving Pidgeotto to finish the job;
- Route 3 proved tough going for my team, but we persevered and reached the Pokemon Center. Metapod finally evolved into Butterfree.

Current Team:
Pikachu - Level 12
Mankey - Level 11
Butterfree - Level 11
Pidgeotto - Level 13
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Well-Known Member
I have got the final member of my Pokemon Yellow Team. Currently i am on Celedon Gym and i am preparing e Grass Gym as well as leveling up my last team member a bit. Here is my team for those who are wondering (I decided to use Pokemon that i would not normally use)

Current Team:

ElectStar (Pikachu) - Level 27
Rising (Mankey) - Level 27
Xenos (Graveler) - Level 27
ShadeMorgen (Charmeleon) - Level 26
Swedenberg (Venonat) - Level 27
Abrams (Vaporeon) - Level 25


Well-Known Member
Pokemon Yellow

Went through the start up process of meeting Prof. Oak and meeting my rival (Gary) obtaining my
first Pokemon in a very stubborn but determined Pikachu .

Collected the Town Map, Pokedex and did the back and forth beginning segments ,

Real Journeys begins ..... I decided to head west towards route 22 to the first patch of grass for some training
and to catch a Nidoran(m) . I left the area with both male and female Nidorans now on my team and went back to
Viridian City .
Route 2 going north was my next destination to explore and i snagged a Pigey to add to the roster .
Viridian Forest now stood before . I fought all the trainers within the forest and caught a Caterpie as well as
Doing some usual level grinding . I found the exit leading north and back onto the small patch of route 2 that leads upto my next
Destination - Pewter City .

I headed straight for the local PokeCentre to heal my team , afterwards I went to have a look around Pewter when a guy approaches
Me and takes me off to the Gym and explains Brock is waiting for my challenge . I then run away from this guy as my teams levels aren't
Quite matched up for Brock and his Rock Pokemon . So I scurry back off onto route 2 to grind......... Caterpie evolves into Metapod then
Into Butterfree .

Pewter City Gym ... Brock

My team is Pikachu (lvl9) Nidoran M (lvl11) Nidoran F (lvl9) Butterfree (lvl12) Pigey (lvl9)

I win using a combo of Butterfree/Pigey/Nidoran M , collect my badge and TM34 from Brock and head back
heal my Pokemon .

We then set off to find route 3 and tackle the many trainers and ledges heading off towards the mountains ,
After defeating several trainers with my Pikachu and Thundershock (who I'm going to need to face Misty ) he levels
upto level 11 and wants to learn the move Quick Attack.....without skipping a beat I press A button to many times to fast
and Pikachu learns Quick Attack .....replacing Thundershock!!!!

So now I'm currently still sat on route 3 . Deciding wether to carry on with a useless Pikachu trying to get him to level 26 with crap
moves and shift my team around so he's not my main focal point .....or starting the game again .

Note I hadn't saved the game up to this point so I haven't got a go back to file .

Do I press on with the hand dealt ? Or start the game again ?
I know Pikachu learns Thunderbolt at 25/26 and LT. Surge gives out a TM , and slam around 20ish so the game isn't
over for Pikachu But can I be bothered to suffer that far and against Misty with a Quick Attacking Pikachu :/