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1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread


Back in MY day...
Was browsing thru youtube videos the other day and discovered something called Professor Oak's challenge, which is basically completing as much of the dex as possible before each gym on one version. The youtuber was focusing on 2nd gen (apparently one of the most difficult games for this challenge) so I decided to get VC Gold and start. Gen 2 were my first video games, so I wanted to see what level of challenge this would bring.

I chose Chikorita in order to breed/trade to the other VC versions because I'd like a complete dex once this challenge is done, although the recommended starter is Totodile.

I named my character Oak, and set off from New Bark. Went to Mr. Pokemon's, battled my rival, and then received my first 5 pokeballs. I went to the mart and purchased as many more as I could, and began catching all pokemon available before taking on Falkner. After about an hour and a half and resetting the clock for time exclusives, I was able to catch Sentret, Pidgey, Spearow, Geodude, Jigglypuff, Caterpie, 2 Bellsprout (1 traded for Onix), Rattata, Spinarak, Hoothoot, Dunsparce, Zubat, Gastly, and Unown.

I've been toggling between fighting Gastly and Unown wheras they're the best and most consistent sources of experience, and have been able to fully evolve Caterpie, Sentret, and Spearow. Hoothoot is 4 levels away from evolving as well.

This challenge is EXTREMELY grind heavy, but paid off when I found a shiny Gastly.

Hoping to have all of my pokemon evolved and move onto the next round of captures by the end of this week, but we'll see what happens.

Total Seen: 22
Total Caught: 20
In-game time: 7h55m
Badges: 0

Current Team:

Hoothoot Lv. 16
Bellsprout Lv. 8
Spinarak Lv. 5
Rattata Lv. 4
Zubat Lv. 6
Chikorita Lv. 11


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Currently grinding for VC Crystal's Elite 4. Afterwards, I can finally shiny hunt for Celebi. My team consists of Typhlosion, Quagsire, Espeon, Odd Egg Shiny Hitmonchan, Magneton, Skarmory


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Been a while since I had played the original RBY, so the last week or so have been playing through Blue using Pokes I don't usually use. I'd like to say it was more challenging, but it was rather easy beating the Elite 4 even though my Pokes were ~10 levels below everyone else.

Electabuzz (Level 46) - Thunderbolt, Psychic, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack
Kangaskhan (Level 44) - Body Slam, Comet Punch, Earthquake, Bite
Mr. Mime (Level 46) - Psychic, Barrier, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt
Ninetails (Level 44) - Flamethrower, Body Slam, Confuse Ray, Fire Spin
Cloyster (Level 45) - Ice Beam, Surf, Clamp, Supersonic

Took on the E4 the first time and made it all the way to my Rival when he haxxed his way to victory by getting his Blizzard to freeze my Electabuzz. I grabbed a few items, and retook on the E4 and was victorious the second time.


Lillie best girl
Just beat Blue in Pokemon Red again. I am going through all the games again, having different Pokemon in my teams in each playthrough and if possible, Pokemon that are not as popular or I haven't used before and really like. Loved doing Red this way as it really made me appreciate some of these team members way more!

When starting the E4, they were all level 45, and no revives, to keep it challenging. In order of capture:

- Raichu (Thunderbolt, Seismic Toss, Submission, Swift)
- Clefable (Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Bubblebeam, Psychic)
- Arbok (Wrap, Dig, Bite, Mega Drain)
- Flareon (Body Slam, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Quick Attack)
- Rhydon (Earthquake, Rock Slide, Strength, Submission)
- Dewgong (Surf, Aurora Beam, Blizzard, Headbutt)

Arbok seems like a terrible Pokemon, but was often the Pokemon I could fall back on when others were having trouble. Flareon is often seen as the worst Eeveelution, but in Gen I those stats are crazy and he could take so many things down with ease with Body Slam. Dewgong is also amazing. <3

Really ended up loving this team! Next is Gold!


Back in MY day...
It's literally been a month and a half since I last posted regarding my Professor Oak Challenge, mostly due to life and a relentless work schedule, but I wanted to wait until I made enough progress before checking back in.

Since my last post, I evolved Hoothoot, Bellsprout (not fully because there's no leaf stone at this point), Spinarak, Zubat (fully into Crobat, took maybe 20 minutes after evolving into Golbat), Rattata, Geodude and Gastly (no trade evolutions allowed for the challenge but I'm debating breaking that rule eventually because Gen 2 were my first video games and 20 years later I've never had a complete Johto dex), Chikorita, and Pidgey. Pidgey was positively dreadful, but I know there's a more ridiculous pokemon to evolve before battling Whitney, but I'll save that for that update.

The only way to obtain a moon stone at this point is by having my mother save money, so Wigglytuff is going to have to wait a bit, but considering the increase in trainer battles compared to part 1, I should have Wigglytuff by the time I complete this section...if I'm lucky.

At 51:18, I was FINALLY able to take on the Violet City gym with a dex total of 32 caught. Pidgeot swept the gym, and with that I'm able to move onto the next section. Upon leaving the gym, I was able to get the Togepi egg and move down to Route 32. I'm avoiding as many trainers as possible until I've completed my catches for this section because I want to make sure I can allocate experience to the few that are going to be tough to level up on their own.

I started by catching Wooper, Mareep, and Hoppip, and then battling Ralph and getting his number to inevitably try to find a Qwilfish swarm. I made my way towards Union Cave, collecting the Old Rod along the way, and captured Sandshrew, and then headed off to Kurt's to open up the Slowpoke Well. Before visiting the well, however, I decided to head to Ilex Forest to catch Oddish and Paras. Considering I'd be backtracking soon to fish, I figured it best to catch pokemon that would benefit from those battles.

I was able catch Slowpoke at the well and then began my first bout of fishing for this playthrough. At the well, I managed to capture Goldeen and Magikarp. Heading back through Union Cave, I was able to snag Tentacool at Rt32, Poliwag in Violet City, and Krabby in Cherrygrove City. On the way back to Azalea, Togepi hatched and Ralph called about a Qwilfish swarm, so I headed off to RT32 to catch my final pokemon for this section...for now. Remembering a certain pokemon's moveset, I think I'll have to catch a few more pokemon before Bugsy, but I'll elaborate on that more in my next update.

Oh, and one last thing. I'm holding onto Haunter because I know I'll inevitably need to rely on it's speed and hypnosis and need to gain a few more levels, but that section is a looooooong way off.

Shoutout to Johnstone who uploaded his attempt at this challenge to YouTube. He definitely inspired me to look at my favorite generation in a new light. As slow as I'm progressing, I'm enjoying having caught pokemon that I would never given a second thought in a normal Gen 2 playthrough, and I may have to diversify my team a bit more on future runs.

Total Seen: 51
Total Caught: 46
In-Game Time: 53h42m
Badges: 1

Current Team:

Oddish Lv. 8
Wooper Lv. 9
Mareep Lv. 9
Hoppip Lv. 10
Togepi Lv. 5
Haunter Lv. 25


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Got my 4th badge today, this one from Erika, also defeated my rival and took down Lavender Tower. Got the Pokeflute, caught both Snorlax and am now working on some training. (Red version)

Sorry for the shortness of this post, as I'm working via mobile and it's not possible for me to make long posts on it.


Lillie best girl
And I finally beat Lance in Pokemon Silver now. I'm not going all the way to red, I'll do that in HGSS, since the levels in GSC are so wacky. And actually, that showed in my Elite 4 challenge as well. I had only had 3 of my Pokemon KO'ed in my whole playthrough. But because of the awkward levels of the trainers and wild Pokemon, my team was all level 34 at the start of the League. So I got beaten, bad. First by Will's Slowbro, then by Lance's first Dragonite. So I had to train and tried again when my team was level 37, and then I managed to beat him!

In order of capture:

- Crobat (Fly, Bite, Confuse Ray, Attract)
- Seaking (Horn Attack, Surf, Waterfall, Icy Wind)
- Heracross (Fury Cutter, Rock Smash, Strength, Earthquake)
- Sudowoodo (Rock Slide, Dig, Low Kick, Mud-Slap)
- Magmar (Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Thief, DynamicPunch)
- Girafarig (Confusion, Stomp, Shadow Ball, Growl)

I love using Pokemon that aren't seen as generally powerful, but are interesting Pokemon nonetheless. Weirdly, Heracross was the least effective member on my team, mostly because of the lack of great STAB moves. Seaking was amazing early game as a Goldeen (caught in Union Cave), but then became terrible as it evolved only at Lv 33. It was essential in beating Lance, so all was good. Crobat was my big back-up Pokemon, using both Confuse Ray and Attract when I found myself in a pickle.

Somehow, and I really didn't expect this, Sudowoodo was the big star in the League, taking down the most Pokemon and eating hits for days. I'm really happy with this team, in the end!


Seeing as I have to wait until at least late next week for my copies of Sword and Shield, I figured I'd pick up where I left off in my VC Red (Japanese). I'm running a standard Nuzlocke: y'know, the whole "KO'd-boxed/first-encounter-of-a-route-catch" thing.

Charmeleon Level 21
Butterfree Level 21
Pikachu Level 18
Kadabra Level 16
Jigglypuff Level 13
Mankey Level 12
Badge Count: 1

Due to an unfortunate critical hit, I lost an Oddish to the trainer right before Misty, which... really sucks. Yeah, I have Pikachu, but that doesn't change the fact that Misty's Starmie is a beast and then some. I suppose I could do some battling on the S.S.Anne or catch myself a Magikarp with my new Old Rod and train that. I'm a bit loath to pursue the latter option as I'd like to avoid using a Gyarados. Furthermore, I'm hoping to hang on to Jigglypuff and Mankey because I can't recall ever having used Wigglytuff or Primeape in any RGBY playthrough. I would've prioritized the Clefairy I caught at Mt. Moon (yes, I was super lucky) were it not for the fact that I'm using a Clefable in my Green team. I can see myself using Vaporeon if all goes well, anyway.

And by the way, I'm not at all worried about Surge. I picked up a Diglett by Diglett Tunnel. Guess I'll stick to grinding right now... (boy, am I ever grateful for Kadabra's Teleport.)

So I beat Misty... at the cost of Butterfree. It's tragic, but I'll make due. I did a ton of grinding to get the team in fighting shape. I replaced Butterfree with the Diglett I caught earlier and took on the S.S.Anne. Next, I'll challenge Surge for my third badge.

I decided to carry on with my Triple-Starter playthrough of VC Gold that I barely made progress in. I had forgotten that my Totodile was female. I felled Falkner, beat Bugsy, and whipped Whitney. Notable things that happened during my play session include:

- Evolving my starters
- Winning my first Bug-Catching Contest by a single point with a Level 14 Pinsir
- Having the foresight to trade for a Machop before I faced Whitney

I'm presently attempting to evolve my Togepi... a task that's starting to try my patience. The last thing I did was catch that pesky Sudowoodo.
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Sorry in advance for the double-post...

Since my last update I'm pleased to report that I wiped the floor with Surge with my Diglett-turned-Dugtrio. Dig is a great move to have at this stage of the game! Unfortunately, I learned the hard way about the dangers of Self-destruct in a Nuzlocke: that was all it took to rid me of my Kadabra. As a precaution, I back-tracked and evolved my Jigglypuff to give my team some bulk. To add insult to injury, I lost my Mankey a short time later, leaving me with a team of four (five if you include the traded Farfetch'd I'm using as a HM slave) and starving for replacements. I made a pit-stop in Lavender before blazing a path to Celadon, catching a Growlithe along the way.

With the Department Store and high-rise buildings in my sights, I set my plan into action. I made haste to pick up the free Eevee from one of the rooftop penthouses and went on a bonafide shopping spree, purchasing all sorts of goodies. I procured some awesome technical machines from a little girl on roof floor of the store in exchange for some beverages. I evolved Eevee into Vaporeon and taught it Ice Beam, then evolved Pikachu and taught it Thunderbolt and Mega Kick. Wigglytuff gained access to Counter, Tri Attack, and Mega Punch, Charmeleon Submission, and Dugtrio Rock Slide. Now I'm off to train more before I challenge Erika for my fourth badge. I pray things pan out with this lineup!

Update: Farfetch'd has been swapped out for a Dratini which I traded for 2800 coins at the Rocket Game Corner. I've never bothered playing the slots so much... I cannot imagine how people save up for Porygon (legitimately; not by using the Missingo.No glitch to give themselves unlimited nuggets and therefore infinite funds). I had to teach my Charmeleon Cut and will likely teach it Fly when it evolves, but I'll deal.

Charmeleon Level 29 (Cut, Submission, Ember, Leer)
Raichu Level 27 (Thunderbolt, Swift, Thunder Wave, Mega Kick)
Wigglytuff Level 25 (Sing, Mega Punch, Tri Attack, Counter)
Dugtrio Level 30 (Scratch, Rock Slide, Dig, Sand-Attack)
Vaporeon Level 28 (Tackle, Sand-Attack, Ice Beam, Quick Attack)
Dratini Level 19 (Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Body Slam)

I showed Morty my moxie, and that wayward Sudowoodo earned its spot on my team. My Togepi finally evolved, too. After plenty of back-tracking and tying up loose ends (and catching my fair share of rare Pokemon like Ditto, Shuckle, and Miltank along the way), it occurred to me that I was still undecided on what Pokemon would round out my team. After much deliberation, I ultimately decided on Pineco--or rather, Forretress--as I had never used one. It took ages to find one (that didn't Self-destruct turn one), but I managed... somehow. Next I need to procure medicine for the lighthouse's resident Ampharos.

Bayleef M Level 24, Miracle Seed (Cut, Synthesis, Razor Leaf, Reflect)
Quilava M Level 21, Charcoal (Quick Attack, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember)
Croconaw F Level 23, Mystic Water (Scratch, Leer, Bite, Surf)
Togetic M Level 29 (Shadow Ball, Return, Metronome, Sweet Kiss)
Sudowoodo F Level 25, Quick Claw (Rock Throw, Mimic, Flail, Low Kick)
Pineco F Level 18 (Tackle, Protect, Take Down, Rock Smash)
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Tunne susi rakasta
recently got my all-15 DV Hypnosis Ninetales to 100, finished R1 of Stadium 2 for the first time, and got the bedroom N64 through Mystery Gift

found a shiny Rattata while raising a Blissey - not the most exciting shiny, but still fun
(better than the last two being Unowns I and V)

haven't been playing much lately, i gotta get back into the swing of GSC timesink


I recently got into the GLORY that is the gen 2 games, and let me just say they're so cool! I got me a Silver...it was GREAT. I recommend Totodile as a starter for the newbies of gen 2 and I back it up 100% cause when it evolves into it's final form (can't spell final form name sorry), it can learn SLASH! I had my HM slaves but Feragiltr (I think that's how you spell it though i'm 100% wrong I know it) was the true star. 12 hours of play time I love it.

Also, that twist with the radio tower after the 7th badge, I love they added that in there just saying.


Cerulean Blues
1. Got back into playing Gold this morning because it was Saturday and that means that the Bug Catching Contest was on. I caught Beedrill but even with that I only got third place.
2. I left National Park and did some breeding at the day care south of Goldenrod and I went on an egg hatching spree that took me a long time even with the Bike. I hate hatching eggs.
3. I beat the E4 again because I needed the money then I climbed Mt Silver because I knew that Red would respawn up there and I beat him too but with a lot of difficulty this time.


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I've been playing through pokemon yellow with greek god/goddess names for my pokemon. Just slaughtered lt. Surge.
The team (so far): Zeus (Nidoking) lv27, Poseidon (Gyarados) lv26, Hypnos*(Hypno) lv26.
*Hypnos is the greek god of sleep.


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I've been playing through pokemon yellow with greek god/goddess names for my pokemon. Just slaughtered lt. Surge.
The team (so far): Zeus (Nidoking) lv27, Poseidon (Gyarados) lv26, Hypnos*(Hypno) lv26.
*Hypnos is the greek god of sleep.

make sure to add an Athena to your team!


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I played Crystal again after abandoning it for a few months and worked on attaining the last couple of Pokemon that I needed to fill up the Dex. I bred Meganium, Feraligatr and Charizard to get their base stages registered in the Dex then I went to Mt. Silver's inner cave and caught some Pokemon that I was missing. The hardest part was finding a Larvitar and training it until it evolved to Tyranitar. I now have 246 Pokemon out of 251.


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Update I

I lost my 3DS a month back (probably somewhere in my messy room lol) so I was getting pretty bored with this quarantine until I found an emulator with no downloads required! I haven't done anything important yet besides get to Viridian City (does someone know where the catching tutorial is?) and deliver Oak's Parcel. Here's my team so far:
  • Gamma, the Bulbasaur, Lv8. Knows Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed
  • Tater, the Rattata, Lv6. Knows Tackle, Tail Whip
  • Tweety, the Pidgey, Lv6. Knows Gust, Sand Attack
  • Meringue, the Caterpie, Lv5. Knows Tackle, String Shot
  • Chunker, the Pikachu, Lv6. Knows Thundershock, Growl
Pokédex: 5

And props to anyone who can guess where each of the five names come from


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Update I

I lost my 3DS a month back (probably somewhere in my messy room lol) so I was getting pretty bored with this quarantine until I found an emulator with no downloads required! I haven't done anything important yet besides get to Viridian City (does someone know where the catching tutorial is?) and deliver Oak's Parcel. Here's my team so far:
  • Gamma, the Bulbasaur, Lv8. Knows Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed
  • Tater, the Rattata, Lv6. Knows Tackle, Tail Whip
  • Tweety, the Pidgey, Lv6. Knows Gust, Sand Attack
  • Meringue, the Caterpie, Lv5. Knows Tackle, String Shot
  • Chunker, the Pikachu, Lv6. Knows Thundershock, Growl
Pokédex: 5

And props to anyone who can guess where each of the five names come from
What do you think your final team will look like?


Johto Champion
Here's to hoping this thread is slightly exempt from the necro rules regarding 60 days, but there's really nowhere else to post about this.

So, I've been deep into a Crystal file that I started about a week ago, and wow - this game is so much more immersive to me than recent titles in the series (since, probably, Sun and Moon). Granted I've been playing for the huge majority of my life and Silver was my first ever video game as a five-year-old in 2001, so a bit of this is probably the nostalgia speaking.

Right now, I'm taking on Team Rocket in the Radio Tower. I was really fortunate that my boyfriend also had a Virtual Console copy of the game, so I was able to trade some stuff to him and back to get my Johto dream team put together. As of writing:

  • Togetic @ Pink Bow, Lv. 29, Sweet Kiss/Charm/Metronome/Swift (hoping to replace some of these with better special-type moves in the post-game, and I'm not interested in grinding the Game Corner for a Fire Blast)
  • Crobat, Lv. 29, Fly/Supersonic/Bite/Confuse Ray (about to teach this one Return; no need to keep Supersonic around)
  • Umbreon, Lv. 29, Headbutt/Shadow Ball/Sand-Attack/Tail Whip (going to make this guy into more of a Toxic staller)
  • Ariados @ Quick Claw, Lv. 31, Sludge Bomb/Night Shade/Thief/Dig (the unexpected powerhouse and utility 'mon of the team; I was going to replace this with a Sneasel and still might, but it's been such a help against TR and Jasmine)
  • Scizor, Lv. 29, Fury Cutter/Cut/False Swipe/Pursuit (pretty straightforward: hits hard and has an HM move that I need to remove)
  • Kingdra @ Mystic Water, Lv. 29, Surf/Smokescreen/Icy Wind/Twister (all-around powerful, will get Ice Beam and Dragonbreath eventually)
Overall, this is the happiest I've ever been with a team with regard to personal preference. I love the team, I love the region, and the throwback feel of the games has me feeling so nostalgic.

Total play time so far is... exactly 28 hours as of writing. Yeah, so, as you might be able to tell, I have three friendship evolutions up there. That took a lot of time pacing back and forth on the bike, a lot of battle items, and a few haircuts to accomplish meaningfully early, and I wanted to build up the dream team as soon as I could - so, of course, that means right after I finish the fifth Gym and get access to the Whirl Islands to go Seadra hunting (and steal a Dragonscale).

In order to accomplish that, I actually had to challenge Pryce as my fifth Gym Leader. It's a bit unconventional, I know, but I'm pretty convinced that the Gym Leader level curve means that you're supposed to challenge Jasmine seventh anyway, so deviating a bit from the norm wasn't uncomfortable. It actually felt pretty appropriate, as I dealt with the Team Rocket Hideout relatively early and I was at an appropriate level for it to be a bit of a challenge.

I'm actually a bit terrified of how I'm going to deal with Clair. At this rate I'm already under-leveled for the rival battle I'm starting just now - trying to spread experience among 6 team members in this older generation has been refreshingly arduous compared to what they force upon you in later generations - so I'm sure that the eighth Gym is going to be a struggle if I don't grind. That, or I'll end up with a Kingdra and Sneasel that are way too high level compared to the rest of my team. I'm missing some seriously-needed type coverage as well, so I may have to try to sort that out with TMs and such beforehand. Unfortunately, it's worked out that all my 'mons would have a pretty terrible Hidden Power type and power combination, so that's not really an option to solve things.

Honestly, I wonder how many hours I can sink into this thing. It'll probably be my longest Pokémon file in quite some time; I've managed to take down every mainline title in approximately 24 hours of play or less besides Moon at 27 hours, and I've passed that already (though, of course, I dumped hundreds of hours into some files with their much more interesting post-games back in the day). I've actually never fully replayed Gen 2 in the past decade or so, so this has been such a fun experience.

Now back to more Crystal!


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I found a new podcast through a friend called EXP Share that is basically two dudes playing through each of the Pokemon games. While I am still working through their backlog, their playthrough of Red and Blue inspired me to play through Blue again. I'm playing on VC and I have half an idea to transfer all my teams up to Home when i'm done. The podcast is playing through Gen III now but I figure I will catch up at some point. I'm in no rush lol. Anyway, for this playthrough I decided I wanted to use a mix of old favs and Pokemon I've never used before. Right now, I am on my way to Cinnabar Island. I have 6 badges; have caught 31 Pokemon, and just under 28 hours of play time.

Venusaur Lv.40: Bulbasaur is my favorite Kanto starter so it seemed natural to pick my fav.
Pidgeot Lv. 40: I wanted that feel of using the generic bird and Pidgey fit the bill perfectly. While not the best bird since Gust is Normal and it takes forever to get Wing Attack, I have enjoyed using it this go round.
Wigglytuff Lv. 40: I added Jigglypuff on a whim and while Clefairy is undeniably better, Wigglytuff has filled out my team nicely.
Dugtrio Lv. 40: Initially I was planning to use Rhyhorn for my Rock/Ground type but before Surge I found myself wanting a new team member. So I picked up a Diglett to make Surge easy mode. Honestly, Dugtrio is very good and was definitely part of the reason I found Koga and Team Rocket so easy.
Cloyster Lv. 40: So I decided pretty much from starting this playthrough I wanted to use Cloyster and kinda built the team knowing I would be picking up a Shellder. Idk if I have ever used in on an ingame team but I'm really enjoying it so far. I also had a really easy time grinding it up after catching it at lv. 15 thanks to Diglett's Cave.
Jolteon Lv. 40: So I wasn't 100% who I wanted for my last slot. After looking at a bunch of different options, I decided I really want an Electric type. After deciding not to use Magnemite ( I think I'll want to use it in a later gen) I decided to go with an old fav, Jolteon. There was a period of time that every time I played through gen 1 I used a Jolteon. It rounds out my team nicely.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this team came together. It's a nice mix of old favorites and Pokemon I haven't used before/in awhile. I will say though that I do not miss grinding lol. After Erika and before Koga, my Pokemon were at lv.30 because I skipped a fair number of trainers due to the monotony of battle the same lasses/bird trainers/beauties. So I then went back and battled all of them and it definitely felt like more of a grind than I remember. I'm hoping to get my mons to Lv. 50 for the E4 without too much of a grind.

Since I am close-ish to the end of this game, I'm looking forward to my next game, Crystal. Gen II is nostalgia favorite and Crystal is my favorite Gen II game. Trying to think of a good team to put together. I know I'll be picking Chikorita and using my fav, Arcanine. I'm also thinking of using Qwilfish.