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1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Gamzee Makara

Let people enjoy things...
Spaceworld and similar leaks confirmed fake by confession...

From Flibble42 on Frozen Fennec's talk page on Bulbapedia

"i faked it. i reverse engineered the gold, silver, and crystal source code and intentionally made the programming super incompotent as a joke. i did it in assembly, my favorite programming language, as a gag. i then proceed to do that 600 more times with very minor tweaks to the translation also as a joke. i then wrote code by iwata that wasn't incompotent as a joke. i also made a new bad gameboy emulator as a joke. i then drew hundreds of sprites ranging from barely started to completely finalized and wrote dex entries and fake moves for everything as a joke. i also wrote hundreds of fake emails, you guessed it, as a joke. i also intentionally programmed in bugs, made fake bug reports, and refused to address the bugs all for a laugh. and i did this in six languages as a joke. you all fell for it."

Madison M

Just found this thread, and I thought I'd just talk about Crystal. This is all from memory, so it might not be entirely accurate.

I recently beat Morty. My team right now is Quilava, Machop, Shiny Smoochum, Natu, Eevee, and I can't even remember the last member so I guess it's not a permanent member.

My dream team is Typhlosion, Shiny Jynx, Xatu, Umbreon, Forretress, and Shiny Gyarados. I am using two psychic types, but whatever. It's my second-favorite type, plus I already wanted Xatu, and eventually got a shiny Smoochum from the Odd Egg and I can't not use a shiny. I really wished I could use Steelix instead of Forretress, but it's way too hard to get and I really wanted to use a steel type because it's my favorite. I think this seems like a good team for all the major battles. And if it isn't, I'll just have to try hard.


Active Member
I'm replaying Yellow via emulator, and I'm not sure if it's an emulator thing or something else, but I've just battled the rival at Silph Co. I lost our first battle and won the second, and I definitely remember him using a Shellder at Pokemon Tower, but when I battled him at Silph Co, he had Ninetales and Vaporeon instead of Cloyster and Flareon. I'm not sure what to think.