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1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread


Crimson Dragon
slow progress here. started digital crystal copy on 3ds. beat elite 4 long ago and tried red on mt silver. lost a few times due to underleveled but i was expecting that. managed to squeeze out a win but snorlax is a beast when my team is 10lvl under his team and only 1 stronger one on my team suicune 5 levels under his lowest. got donphan to deal with pikachu. recently came across misdreavus, first ghost i decided to catch and it learns mean look, perish song and is immune to all of snorlax moves. got the team to 65 and 1 level 70 suicune but donphan 62 and misdreavus to 46. snorlax looks much easier to beat until RNG swaps him out