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1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread


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I continued along Route 9 and battled the remaining trainers on that route. Once I was done with that, I used one of my Moon Stones on Clefairy to evolve it into Clefable since I didn't really need any of Clefairy's remaining level up moves. Also, I backtracked to Vermilion for a moment in order to stock up on some items that I forgot to buy earlier.

Back on Route 9, I made my way to Route 10 and used the Pokemon Center there. Then, I went inside the Rock Tunnel and started going through it. I used Flash to light it up and took the time to fight every single trainer I saw. Eventually, I reached the end of the tunnel and exited to the other half of Route 10.

After defeating a few more trainers, I entered Lavender Town. I went to the Pokemon Center right away and healed.

;008; ;025; ;036; ;051;
Lv. 28-29


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Just beaten Misty, and taken cared off Gary. Going to take a break before taking on the Nugget Bridge Trainers.
Level grind done a lot inside Mt. Moon whilst trying to find Clefairy, then again at Route 4.

Team :

Charmeleon Lv22
Pidgeotto Lv19
Pikachu Lv19
Nidorino Lv18
Magikarp Lv16
Butterfree Lv14

Butterfree will be replaced, not sure yet with what.


1 more day ^^
I got through the rock tunnel. While in there I beat all of the trainers and pikachu got burned by a trainers charmander DX I also caught a machop and an onix. Not only was it hard to find but it was also hard to catch. I managed though. Now i'm on my way to celadon city and catching my final team members =)
Current team
Wartortle lv 28
Nidoking lv 28
Pikachu lv 28
Clefable lv 28
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I just recently started my adventure on Pokemon yellow. I obtained pikachu from the professor and I had decided not to name him. Along my new jeourny I found myself a Mankey, I captured him and he joined my team known as One Punch. As I farthered my travels into the forest I befriended several Pokemon.

Mankey-One Punch
Caterpie-No Butter

I made my way out of the forests and over to the next town, I did a bit of level grinding outside of the gates.
My Pokemon at lvl 10, No butter had evolved into Butterfree and One Punch learned low kick.
I made my way to the gym where I faced Brock the gym leader. With One Punch at the head of the team, Brock was no match.
After defeating Brock I made my way to the Pokemon center and to the next rout, I saved my progress and will continue my jeourny.


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Continuing my theme of being a glutton for punishment, I found and caught an Abra. Once that happened, I decided that I just had to use it on my team. So that left me training both Abra and Magikarp. Luckily Abra didn't take that long to Evolve, and I got Magikarp to learn Tackle, so it's not entirely defenseless anymore.

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Crashed my game encountering Yellow MissingNo. via extended Mew glitch (I used the Gentleman on the ship with Voltorb and Magnemite). Oh, well.

I did get a Dugtrio out of Diglett's Cave, at least.


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I must've played through RBY around 20 or so times since it was initially released, but I figured I'd give it another go to mark the 20th anniversary. Definitely seems like a much smoother experience on the 3DS. I'm currently in Rock Tunnel, fumbling around in the dark since I stupidly neglected to pick up the Flash HM, but it's at least given me the opportunity to train up my newest addition to the team - an Onix. He's actually a lot more viable than I imagined, with his awesome Normal-type resistance and Bind spam. I reckon I'll try and reach Lavender tonight and then ponder what Pokemon to add to my roster.

[30] - Water Gun, Mega Punch, Bite, Bubble
[30] - Bite, Screech, Thunderbolt, Bubblebeam
[29] - Dig, Screech, Bind, Rock Throw
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1 more day ^^
I finally caught a growlith. It took longer to find than onix DX and trained it against the trainers on route 8. I also taught it dig which was great because when I first caught it it didn't know ember. After that I made it to celadon and bought a couple of stones to evolve my growlith and eevee. I also bought a leaf stone to evolve my gloom when I evolve my oddish later, I also bought a mega kick tm to teach to raichu and a submission tm ro teach to nidoking. After that I beat all of the grunts and Giovanni in the game corner. I also taught the double edge tm to arcanine and the tri attack tm to clefable because eventually doduo which I also caught will learn it. Now i'm battling the trainers in the gym and next I will get my team to lv 30.
Current team
Wartortle lv 28
Nidoking lv 28
Raichu lv 30
Clefable lv 28
Arcanine lv 26
Doduo lv 23
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Mrs. Oreo

- I went back to Cerulean city and exchanged pokemon in the pokemon center, then I went to that one home that had been robbed and I defeated a Team Rocket member out back.
- Once I had gotten the Dig Tm, I went to Route 5's day care building and left Pikachu there to level up and I couldn't pass through Saffron, so I went to the underground path. ^^
- I emerged at Route 6 just south of Saffron city and I went to Vermilion city. Upon arriving I got the Bike Voucher inside of the fan club building and I did some shopping next too.

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No hope.....
got cut off the SS anne, curbstomped lt surge with a diglett and am now on my way to rock tunnel.

charmeleon lv 26
diglett lv 25
gloom lv 23
pidgeotto lv 19
pikachu lv 23
butterfree lv 20


Now on vinyl
-Just started my adventure in Pokemon Yellow, the second game I owned after Pokemon Silver back in 2000. Playing this with a wide, nostalgic smile as I name my character after my sister, since she was the one who got me into Pokemon in the first place (albeit as the male variant, Paul).
-As soon as the rival character appeared, I wanted to name him Fartknocker so badly. Alas, it's too long a name, so I decided to keep it friendly by naming him what I normally call my Gen 1/Gen 2 rival, Jace.
-Went out to the tall grass to have Prof. Oak stop me in my tracks, just like he did to me 15-16 years ago. Of course, my iconic old pal, Pikachu, stopped us as we tried to make our way out.
-Jace, being the fartknocker that he is, pushed me towards the wall and took the Eevee that was meant to be mine. Prof. Oak had to go along with his snobby request to avoid any conflicts, but luckily had that extra Pikachu to let me take on my journey. I named him Jupiter, Roman equivalent of Zeus.
-Since he was still on a snobby high, Jace decides to battle me the moment we got our Pokemon. It was no problem beating him. Crit + Paralysis and parahax on the first turn, parahax on the 3rd turn, and won on the 4th turn.

;025; - Jupiter lvl 5

TIP: For those playing Yellow, here's a little glitch to help max out Pikachu's Happiness level in order to gain that pesky Bulbasaur easily. Try giving Pikachu a Potion at full health. While it says it won't have any effect, it still affects your Pikachu's feelings towards you. Give it several tries, and he'll be comfortable around you in no time :)
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So I opted to play on and head through route 3 into the opening of MT Moon . After a while traveling the coridoors and
Turns in MT moon I came across a guy stood guarding 2 fossils , after a little battle he gave me the option to choose one .
I went with the Helix Fossil and proceeded to defeat Jessie and James from Team Rocket . I then carried on and left MT Moon .

Next was a short walk along route 4 towards Cerulean City , I headed straight for Nugget Bridge and was challenged by Gary .
After healing up I headed back to Nugget Bridge and defeated the trainers awaiting for me, I refused to join team rocket and pressed
On towards Bills house missing out the youngsters with his Slowpoke ;) . Saved Bill from his experiment and collected the eevelution
Data for my Dex . Headed back to Ceruleans PokeCentre healed up and then headed straight to Cerulean City's Gym to face Misty .
Defeated Misty collected the Gym badge and the TM then headed to the house that had been robbed, took on a Team Rocket member
who gave me a TM for Dig , I then headed off down towards the Day Care house. After awhile searching in the grass I caught an Abra
and then proceeded to do the Mew Glitch .

Currently training up on route 6 after coming down the Underground Path from route 5 .

Team is - Pikachu - Pigeotto - Nidoran M - Mew - Charmander - Bulbasaur


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Lots of progress

-Delivered the Parcel to Oak and got my Dex.
-Caught all the Mons around Viridian, which include Mankey, the two Nidorans, Spearow, Pidgey, and Rattata, but kept only Mankey and Spearow.
-I trained up Mankey (Antari) and Spearow (Ruffles) for a while for the optional battle. It wasn't too hard when I did beat him, so now he'll have a Jolteon when the time comes.
-Caught a lvl 6 Caterpie in Viridian Forest and named it Libra. Decided to train it in case I needed backup for Brock's gym, since they don't seem to know any rock moves. Evolution all the way up to Butterfree before leaving the Forest.
-Brock was a cinch, even with a lvl 9 Mankey at that point, although Onix's Bind was slightly annoying, since I went in without any Potions ^^; I was saving money to stock up on several Poke balls for a certain event later :)
-I decided to take up the Magikarp challenge and bought one from the man in the PC in Mt Moon. Lemme just say that this isn't for the faint of heart, and it really makes you appreciate Gyarados for what it's worth, since Karp is powerless to defend itself until lvl 15, and even then it takes time to level him up with each level that it gains after that. It evolved in a battle against the Fossil Nerd. Went Team Anar-I mean Dome :p
-Met the TR trio for the first time, but it was easy with Gyarados, Mankey, and Spearow.
-Found Mega Punch and taught it to Pikachu, to uphold my usual custom of teaching it to Chu in FRLG.
-Fought all the trainers up to before the Slowpoke Youngster. He'll be for later ;)
-Got both Bulbasaur and Charmander. Named them Lisianthus and Brutus respectively, so now they're playing catch up.

On hand:
;012; Libra - 19
;130; Lagiacrus - 20
;025; Jupiter - 16
;021; Ruffles - 17
;001; Lisianthus - 11
;004; Brutus - 11

In storage:
;043; Rafaella - 14
;029; Anna - 2
;032; Duke - 4
;016; Horus - 2
;019; Mikey - 2
;027; Pango - 10
;046; Bugsy - 13
;035; Stella - 11
;056; Antari - 16 (will bring back later)

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Cleared out the Anne and gave Cut to my Dugtrio, beat the Trainers in Vermillion Gym, then one-shotted Surge with Dugtrio's Dig. Got a Squirtle (which I gave a nickname I can't post), and took my Mew out of Day Care, who is now Lv. 20 and therefore capable of Mega Punching.

Feels good, man.

Current team:

Lv. 23;025;Porky
Lv. 23;031;Mika
Lv. 24;002;Gr*sshole
Lv. 29;051;Namco
Lv. 20;151;no u
Ive been Using a DV calculator off reddit while playing yellow. I have a great team right now! All my pokemon have 4/5 max DVs which includes pikachu, nidorino, charmeleon, and ivysaur. Im about to reset for a squirtle with good DVs after I get the thunder badge. Its nice playing these game on a platform that won't die on you haha. One reason I didn't like buying and playing 1st and 2nd gen files (even though they're my favorite to play) is because the internal battery dies on the cartridges and all your hard work is gone just like that. The installment of these games on 3DS is really just awesome.


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So I've progressed a little since my previous update, having now cleared the Rocket Hideout and the Pokemon Tower. I decided upon Exeggcute and Magmar for my Fire- and Grass- type, respectively, but since they aren't available till much later, I figured I'd give the Mew glitch a go (what is gen 1 without glitches? :p). Unfortunately their level-up movepools are ridiculously barren; Magmar's first non-Ember attacking move isn't until level 43! I've plied them full of TMs in the meantime, to make training slightly more bearable.

[34] - Ice Beam, Mega Punch, Bite, Water Gun
[34] - Bite, Screech, Thunderbolt, Bubblebeam
[34] - Dig, Screech, Bind, Rock Slide
[25] - Barrage, Reflect, Hypnosis, Egg Bomb
[25] - Ember, Double-Edge, Submission, Mega Kick


Porygon2 - DoomDuck!
Soo last time we left off I had just gotten outside Mt Moon and caught Scribbler the level 5 Jigglypuff.

So off we set into Mt Moon and defeated all the trainers and collected all the items I could, including a Moon Stone ready for Scribbler. After beating the scientist at the end I collect the helix fossil .. because.. well .. ALL HAIL LORD HELIX!!
Using Mt Moon to train up Scribbler I exited and made my way to Cerulean City. After healing up I made short work of my rival with Scribbler and Nugget bridge stood no chance. Feeling confident in my two comrades we went and challenged Misty.

Her Starmie gained the better of us and gave us a knock back. Gathering ourselves and our thoughts at the pokemon centre we came up with a plan and headed straight back to the Gym.
Using Zippo to scratch away the shine in Staryu's gem it only left the Starmie. Out came Scribbler and with a soothing lullaby in was snoozing away as Scribbler Double-Slapped it to victory.

Second Badge GET!! :D

So with a new found skip in our step we healed up and went to Vermillion City, getting the Bike Voucher for the chatter box in the Fan Club we then went to Digletts Cave. After a little searching we found a new comrade. Dugtrio!
Up popped a level 31 Dugtrio, with another soothing lullaby and hitting it to just before fainting. Thowing pokeball after pokeball it finally caught!!
Team member number 3 is Gnome the level 31 Dugtrio! ... He is named Gnome after the Spirit of Earth for Tales of Xillia (and other Tales games)

;005; - Zippo - Level 26
;039; - Scribbler- Level 26
;051; - Gnome - Level 31


1 more day ^^
I finished training my team. I only got arcanine and clefable to lv 29 because it was taking a long time. I beat Erika really easily with just arcanine. After that I took out some of my pokemon that evolve at below lv 20 and Jigglypuff which I evolved with a moon stone. I went through the pokemon tower and by beating the trainers and battling some wild pokemon I evolved caterpie, kakuna, and Nidoran female which unfortunately I can't evolve again until much later. I also caught a cubone and haunter. I didn't catch a gastly yet because I only had clefable with me and it was killing all of them with psychic. Finally I got the pokemon flute.
Current team
Wartortle lv 30
Nidoking lv 30
Raichu lv 30
Clefable lv 32
Arcanine lv 30
Doduo lv 30

Grey Wind

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I battled my way through Route 25 to Bill's house, with Pidgey evolving along the way. Once I... rescued him, I headed back to Cerulean and battled the Rocket Grunt. Didn't bother checking out the Day Care and went straight through the next to routes to Vermilion. My Pokemon were kinda under leveled so I went east to train for a bit. Once I finished up there I headed to the SS Anne and ended up spending a decent amount of time clearing out the cabins before battling my rival (who, as usual, was no trouble). After getting Cut I decided to evolve Nidorina before going to the gym.

Surge was the easiest so far. Nidoqueen was immune to Thunderbolt and all of Raichu's other attacks missed, and I knocked it out with a couple of Body Slams. Thunder badge get.

lv 25
lv 23
lv 23
lv 24
lv 12
lv 6
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1 more day ^^
I decided to try and catch the snorlax east of celadon which I killed >.> oh well st least there's another one. After that I went down cycling road and beat all of the trainers, along the way my pidgey and oddish evolved into pidgeoto and gloom. I used the leaf stone I bought on gloom so now it's vileplume. Doduo also evolved into dodrio so now my whole team is fully evolved =) finally I got to Fucshia city.
Current team
Wartortle lv 30
Raichu lv 32
Nidoking lv 30
Clefable lv 32
Arcanine lv 30
Dodrio lv 31
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