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1st Annual March Madness

Discussion in 'Completed Tournaments' started by John Wallrein, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein


    With the NCAA college basketball tournament in full swing,
    what better a time for this tournament.
    It will be a standard BW OU, single elimination with
    a currently unknown amount of participants. All
    matches must be conducted over PO.

    Sign Up Form:

    Round 3 Deadline : Sunday April 29



    1. John Wallrein
    2. Chuck$$$
    3. abra14
    4. rairyan
    5. master2738
    6. blaaz
    7. pkmner
    8. dragonuser
    9. pika ruler
    10. scubasteve23
    11. Jets
    12. TheMaster
    13. Arab Money
    14. bobbyjoe5000
    15. jirachiuser1
    16. tavogus
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2012
  2. Chuck$$$

    Chuck$$$ Inactive

    Username: Chuck$$$
    Time Zone: GMT+8
    and first ftw!
  3. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Username: Abrar14

    Timezone: GMT
  4. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    Time Zone:GMT
  5. DeviantMaster

    DeviantMaster Deviant_Fallacy

    Username: master2738
    Time Zone: EST
  6. Blaaz

    Blaaz Banned

    Time Zone: GMT -5
  7. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned


    Lets. ****ing. go.
  8. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    Username: dragonuser
    Time Zone: EST
  9. Pika ruler

    Pika ruler Pikachu User

    Username: Pika ruler
    Time Zone: GMT -8
  10. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba

    Username: Scubasteve23
    Time Zone: Central
  11. Utopian

    Utopian faults & feats

    eastern time
  12. TheMaster
    This should be bestout of three c:
  13. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    thats 12, so far so good. Let's keep it up.
  14. Honus

    Honus Well-Known Member

    In but it'd be cooler if we posted our accomplishments and you seeded us :c

    Arab Money
    GMT -5
  15. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    sweet :D

    Username: Bobyjoe5000
    Time Zone: GMT -6
  16. jirachiuser1

    jirachiuser1 balance

    Username: jirachiuser1
    Time Zone: GMT-6
  17. Tavo_Zx

    Tavo_Zx The Iron Man

    Username: tavogus
    Time Zone: GMT-7
  18. RegiGuy

    RegiGuy Highly competitive

    Username: RegiGuy
    Time Zone: GMT -4
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2012
  19. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here

    Username: Darkfire98989
    Time Zone: GMT
  20. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    can we get 14 more? let's hope so
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