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1st Annual: Serebii's The Guardian Cup

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by Hauntershadow92, Jul 1, 2008.


Should Wobbofet and Deoxys-S be allwoed?

Poll closed Jul 16, 2008.
  1. Yes, both of them

    32 vote(s)
  2. No, neither of them

    58 vote(s)
  3. Only Wobbofet

    17 vote(s)
  4. Only Deoxys-S

    50 vote(s)
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  1. Hauntershadow92

    Hauntershadow92 The Mono-type Man

    *Credits to me*

    Kevin Garrett brought up a few good points. First, he poll above is getting more votes then people in the tourny. This is not good. Second, he brought up Garchomp. So, Im am going to do something. I want you guys to edit your sign in post with a BOLDED voteon the following question:

    Would you guys want: Wobboeffet, Deoxys - S, and Garchomp in this tournemnt?
    Answers should be based around a mix of them, none at all or all of them. Answers will NOT be accepted if there is not at least THREE sentances to back up your reasoning. Thank you kindly. Here is an example, which is my vote:

    NOTICE: If you start getting into conversations about Brokeness, or anything NOt related to the tourny, not the tourny's contents, then I will mark it as spam and report it.

    Garchomp, Wobbofett AND Deoxys-S have been banned!

    Hey guys. This is long overdue. I have been reading a lot about an Official Serebii Tourny to rival those of other sites. So I took it upon myself to PM a mod and ask if I could make it. They said go ahead. Thanks Volteon!
    So, I'm going to try and make this the largest tournement Serebii has and to make it end. ​


    • 6 vs. 6
    • Single Battles
    • Lv. 100 All​
    • WIFI​
    • Elimination Style​
    • You MUST be active. If you are not active you will be D/Qed​
    • Sleep Clause​
    • Species Clause​
    • Evasion Clause​
    • OHKO Clause​
    • Uber Clause​
    • Hax Item Clause​
    • D/Cing, unless you can prove it is the router, results ion D/Q​
    • Wobbofet and Deoxys - S will be considered Uber in this tourny unless the poll results in more in favor by the sign-up date.​
    Singing Up:

    You will be allowed to switch teams between rounds. I don't want people looking at RMTs, discussing other people's teams though! Auto-DQ if I find out!

    Fill out this form:​

    Serebii Username:

    Ingame name:​

    FC: ​

    Can Hauntershadow92 Participate? (Look at my sig to find out why I ask):
    Read the ANNOUNCEMENT and post your vote:​



    10th Anniversary
    OT: 10 ANIV
    ID: 00010
    Nautre: Bold
    (Ancient Power/Future Sight/Baton Pass/Perish Song)
    HP (Water) 50
    *This is PhoenixClaw's of Smogon*


    252 Hp | 150 Def | 88SpDef | 20 Speed
    Nature: Bold
    (Dragon Pulse/Double Team/Protect/Will-O-Wisp)
    HP (Ghost) 70
    *This is Overwhelming Latios' of Serebii*


    Nature: Hasty
    HP (Flying) 69

    Round 1: *Ends on Monday the 14th*
    Yoshifan22 VS Xyden
    Pokecrossbow VS Dr. Luigi
    RayquazaX VS Eldin
    Zapdragon VS Graceful Shinigami
    Mareepman VS Graymonkey0
    BlisseyMaster VS Luneth
    ToushiroH95 VS Pimplup784
    RayRay443 VS Darkhunter
    JmH Reborn VS Davethefishguy
    Baldwombat VS Cwidderb
    Volteon VS Omegapit
    Kevin Garret VS Phantom1113
    King of Darkrai VS Goldfan
    Zondrina VS FemmeFatale
    mclovin VS Shard 567
    SilverSeraph VS Greek Pokemaster
    Poketamer VS Mr. Ralts
    42 VS Bestgamepearl
    Dbix VS SlySheen
    randomspot555 VS Legend6491
    Bookist VS TNS
    Hauntershadow92 VS Mastadi
    Snake 101 VS Alcehmeng
    Shikamarufan VS Dr.agon
    CRAZIE GUY VS thebattler1
    Negativenut VS Pikawho?
    Zogu VS Anyone can Learn
    Sumoboi VS Iggly
    Stryke VS Roc
    Superflanker VS Cisco1990
    Sakurai VS Artica
    Sheikthegeek VS Mrbadguy096

    Round 2 This round ends Tuesday the 22nd
    Rayray443 VS Shikamarufan
    SheiktheGeek VS Cwidderb
    Stryke VS Sumoboi
    Negativenut VS Mareepman
    RayquazaX VS Artica
    Yoshifan22 VS 42
    Kevin Garret VS Mastadi
    Dr. Luigi VS SuperFlanker
    Snake 101 VS SilverSeraph
    BlisseyMaster VS Graceful Shinigami
    Slysheen VS TNS
    Anyone can learn VS Davethefishguy
    Pimplup784 VS randomspot555
    Mr. Ralts VS Volteon
    thebattler1 VS Goldfan
    mclovin VS FemmeFatale

    Round 3 This round ends Saturday the 27th
    Graceful Shinigami VS Femme Fatale
    Randomspot555 VS Dr. Luigi
    SheiktheGeek VS thebattelr1
    Artica VS Anyone Can Learn
    TNS VS Yoshifan22
    Shikamarufan VS Volteon
    Kevin Garret VS snake 101
    Stryke VS Negativenut

    Round 4: Ends THIS Saturday!!!!!!!
    Stryke VS. snake101
    Graceeeful Shinigami VS Volteon
    thebattler1 Vs Dr. Luigi
    Yoshifan22 VS Artica

    Semi-Finals: ENDS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!
    Graceful Shinigami VS Dr. Luigi
    Yoshifan22 VS Snake101

    Participants: NOTE: Registration is CLOSED​

    1. Yoshifan22 (2406-1602-1466: Yoshi) *​

    2.Goldfan (0860 0889 9070: Imran)*​

    3.King of Darkrai (3995 7927 0375: Jo)*​

    4.Dr. Luigi (2492 2374 3776: Angel)*​

    5.Omegapit (3522-9742-2796: Joe)*​

    6.Volteon (0430 9106 5366)*​

    7.JmH Reborn (2707 1680 7839)*​

    8.Phantom1113 (3351-4779-0274) *He Was Banned, but he is eas to find. If you have him, PM me if he is still banned*​

    9.DavetheFishGuy (1719-3240-2594: Dave)*​

    10.Pokecrossbow (1203 6268 0844: Nasser)*​

    11.Xyden (1933-9652-1858)*​

    12.Cwidderb (0731 5259 1755: Finbar)*​

    13.graymonkey0 (3952 4567 9371: Brian)*​

    14.DarkHunter (5198 1008 4316: Ale)*​

    15.Eldin (5456-0375-3533: Stu)*​

    16.RayquazaX (2277 3185 9685: Skyler)*​

    17.Luneth (0215 8269 0038: Andre)*​

    18.Baldwombat (2620-9088-1544: Jason)*​

    19.Mr. Ralts (1332 7431 3008: Adan)*​

    20.Shard 567 (5370-0511-4790: Shard)*​

    21.42 (4854 6719 4605)*​

    22.Femme Fatale (3694 8742 1840: Kary)*​

    23.Kevin Garrett (3093 3605 9838: Kevin)*​

    24.Bestgamepearl (0130 0749 6504: JAMES)*​

    25.BlisseyMaster (0044-2530-0324: Alex)*​

    26.Graceful Shinigami (4554 0392 8574: Edwin)*​

    27.ToushiroH95 (2363 4786 0113: DANI)*​

    28.Zondrina (1032 1408 4994)*​

    29. Alchemeng (4725 6961 1802)*​

    30.RayRay443 (4640 0399 3274)*​

    31.thebattelr1 (Needed: thebattler1)*​

    32.Legend6491 (Needed: Legend)*​

    33.mclovin (2878-8945-1570: Hobbzee)*​

    34.rangersgreg (3147 6143 6947: Greg)*​

    35.CRAZIE GUY (0817 0404 8978: CRAZIE)*​

    36.randomspot555 (1418 4659 4203: STONE)*​

    37.Mareepman (0860 1991 2206: David)*​

    38.Silver Seraph (2062 5637 7198: Tigro)*​

    39.Stryke (4210 3629 0078: Chaud)*​

    40.mrbadguy096 (4124 2244 0300: Mason)*​

    41.Dr. agon (5112-4882-9050: brandon)*​

    42.Pimplup784 (2664 1697 8539: Tudor)*​

    43.Poketamer (4725 9606 2810: SETH)*​

    44.Iggly (2578-0917-0221: Iggly)*​

    45.Slysheen (5369 8037 0340: Luke)*​

    46.snake 101 (4253 1035 4739: snake 101)*​

    47.Mastadi (5197 9725 6134: Mastadi)*​

    48.Bookist (2664-3107-0591: Evan)*​

    49.Greek Pokemaster (1891-2476-2460: Dinos95)*​

    50.SheiktheGeek (0645 2238 5629: Sheik)*​

    51.Sumoboi (4811-8459-8946: sumo)*​

    52.Artica (2492-0764-7052: Artica)*​

    53.TNS (2664 3324 6202: Stratos)*​

    54. Zogu (3737 5983 1397: Kai)*​

    55.ShikamaruFan (5112 0229 6490: Zyzorex)*​

    56.Roc (3609-1554-6716)*​

    57.Negativenut (0903 1993 3435: SeXy)*​

    58.Dbix (0473 8092 8344: Derek)*​

    59.SuperFlanker (0302 0595 8987: GOLD)*​

    60.Anyone Can Learn (0774 5651 3735: RYUZAKI)*​

    61.Cisco1990 (1977 1695 0136: Joker)*​

    62.Pikawho? (0516 3747 2038: Pikawho)*​

    63.Sakurai (5112 4560 7849: Nick)*​

    64. Hauntershadow92 (5455 6423 8935: HUNTER)*​

    *Note: I put 32 as the number I would like to hit. If this becomes more populare, I will Continue to increase*​

    *Note2: I will not participate, unless you guys say it is ok. Remember who I am by looking at my sig. So please don't forget that part of registration*​

    Haunter's Poll Count:​


    Y: 21​

    N: 1​
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2008
  2. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    I will join! and w00t first post!
    Edit: You shall join, and you will. That's my vote xD
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
  3. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    Serebii Username: Goldfan
    Ingame name: Imran
    FC: 0860 0889 9070
    Can Hauntershadow92 Participate? Yes, I like you, and you are honest. If you're pokemon have 3 IVs better than mine then so be it! It wont make a difference
  4. serebii name King of Dakrai
    ingame Jo
    fc check sig cuz im lazy
    and yes
  5. Dr.Luigi

    Dr.Luigi Active Member

    im bored so im in
  6. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    Haunter Your in put yourself in, anyone who argues will have to deal with me! :)
  7. OmegaPit

    OmegaPit The Weather man

    Ahhh go on sign me up,I need,no WANT that Celebi.

    Forum name: OmegaPit
    IGN: Joe
    FC: 3522-9742-2796
  8. Hauntershadow92

    Hauntershadow92 The Mono-type Man

    Goldfan, the reservation in slot 32 is me just in case. I will let it go if =the votes are against me though. And everyone, welcome!
  9. OmegaPit

    OmegaPit The Weather man

    Oh I did'nt add whether or not you should be able to battle,tricky,I'm gonna say no because people work hard for there pokemon and breed many times to get them perfect IV's,sorry mate nothing personal.
  10. Dr.Luigi

    Dr.Luigi Active Member

    Thats what im talking about OmegaPit i breed my pokes as welland then hacks come in and ruin us i hate it
  11. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    alright this isnt a debate thread, just give your votes and get on with it!
  12. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    Count me in

    Serebii Username: Volteon
    FC: in sig X_X
    Can Hauntershadow92 Participate? (Look at my sig to find out why I ask): Why not ;D​


  13. goldfan

    goldfan playing an ish game

    ^^ Thanks Volt (though it's not my place to say it) , If you sticky a tournament, it makes the people in it feel like they have to get they're battles done cos they're being watched. Great to have a true battling mod!
  14. JmH Reborn

    JmH Reborn Project BWI???

    JmH will enter this tournament

    I battled someone 'like' you...and I guess he didn't have an advantage over mine...so yes come on in and enter...

    I can donate prizes as well...PM me and I'll send you a link of prizes that I think will be beneficial and make this pick up steam

    We can make Pokes for people enter too...as a prize for remaining active and stuff...
  15. Hauntershadow92

    Hauntershadow92 The Mono-type Man

    Yay! Thank you Volteon!
    EDIT: Ok, JmH. Your post somewhat confuses me...<_<
    Ah, wait I get it.
    Your Joining
    Your letting me join
    And you can give PRizes. Ok I got ya!
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
  16. phantom1113

    phantom1113 Not a random nub

    if it's official I have to join

    Username: Phantom1113/ikke
    FC: c/p from tl chat
    you made it so you participate =D
  17. DaveTheFishGuy

    DaveTheFishGuy Fish Trainer

    I'm in! This looks awesome!

    Serebii Username: DaveTheFishGuy
    Ingame name: Dave
    FC: 1719-3240-2594
    Can Hauntershadow92 Participate?: Yeah, you seem like a decent guy. Just don't do it again! :D
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
  18. RedPeppers

    RedPeppers Well-Known Member

    Laments that he probably won't have a team ready to sign up......
  19. Hauntershadow92

    Hauntershadow92 The Mono-type Man

    You about 3 Weeks. Idk if you can get a team by then.
  20. PokeCrossbow

    PokeCrossbow Pokemon Hunter

    I'm sooo in, I don't care if i lost on my first battle anyways ;p worth a shot~
    Forum ID: PokeCrossbow.
    IGN: Nasser.
    FC: ah on my signature o_o;

    And yes for Hauntershadow92 to join the tournament, surely we wanna see your powers ;o
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
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