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1st Annual: Serebii's The Guardian Cup

Discussion in 'Official Tournaments' started by Hauntershadow92, Jul 1, 2008.


Should Wobbofet and Deoxys-S be allwoed?

Poll closed Jul 16, 2008.
  1. Yes, both of them

    32 vote(s)
  2. No, neither of them

    58 vote(s)
  3. Only Wobbofet

    17 vote(s)
  4. Only Deoxys-S

    50 vote(s)
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  1. snake 101

    snake 101 Well-Known Member

    Pm me next time or leave me a visitor message, but i'll give you a roulette or ubers battle i'm bored of standard.
  2. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    o_O i'm back.. and so happy!
    I was at my grandma's house, not even a block away from my house, because she had power, and I, out of bordom, called my house. And guese what I heard..

    My Answering Machine, of which works on our electricity!

    i'm back, and sorry hauntershadow92, but none of this absence was my fault.. All my family's food is in friend's freezers, I've been at friends houses for air conditioning / power to charge my ipod, ds, ect.

    Thank you all for giving me another chance to battle snake101, I am so grateful.
    snake101, I will be online for the rest of the night, and on wifi. And thinking it over, Iaccept your 4 vs. 4 challenge, the 4 pokes that we had left, and yes I know mine, as long as youknow urs, I will do that, as long as we start with max hp.

    Yet you accepted my "full rematch", of which I regret making you do now, sorry. it's your choice.
    4 vs. 4
    or diffrent teams with a 6 vs. 6

    Thank you all and good luck snake101 :D

    Edot: ehh, you never came on, I'll see you tomaro after my orientation, it ends at 3, so I'll be on then.
    g'night guys
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
  3. snake 101

    snake 101 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't on because it was 2 am for me when you posted that message. But the good thing is your back and lets just do 6vs6 different teams since last time I managed to life orb kill your e-vire this time i'd lose, so let's start from scratch.
  4. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    auctaully, I was going to accept your 4 vs. 4, and I am in no hurry to battle you later, because I have orientation today from 9 to 4, so I won't be on for quite a while..
    Well, fine, I'll do a 6 vs. 6, yet, for me to get another team would take some time, because this is my only currently good team, so my only options are 4 vs. 4 same pokes, or rematch :/ , with the same team.

    No, I do not have 1 team, I said "1 good team", all my other, hmm, 30 pokes or so arn't part of a team, yet at any time I can take 6 of them and use them for a roulette.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
  5. snake 101

    snake 101 Well-Known Member

    I don't have a second team i'm just chucking one together either way you could just use the same team.
  6. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    fine, but I still can't battle now, I'm leaving soon.
    We will battle tonight.
    Serebii time: 10 pm

    Good luck
  7. snake 101

    snake 101 Well-Known Member

    Should be fine and by serebii time you mean gm+1 yes?
  8. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    Hey, I'm back on and ready to battle.
    It's early, but your on.

    good luck
    remember, you use a diff team. ;)
  9. snake 101

    snake 101 Well-Known Member

    Sorry just finishing up a battle elsewhere be on in a few minutes.
  10. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    heh, gg.
    why'd you run? I was gonna switch :/
    well good game anyway, remember, never let a gyradose set up that much, you can lose to eisily after it.

    ps. I beat him, just to add that, in case anyone didn't know.
  11. snake 101

    snake 101 Well-Known Member

    This tournament really pisses me off, I had a guaranteed victory against this guy (oh sorry not guaranteed calculate the odds of four crits and flinchs happening consesectutivly and you have his odds) then i'm forced to rematch for no apparent reason and this guy gets a lucky break in my team. As kevin garret said this tournament needs some serious remodelling and maybe not a load of people who just sit there and think if it's not finished it doesn't count as a win. Why didn't I just d/c there where I had the lead change my team and come back, seriously we need someone to run this who has more experience at running a decent tournament, and gets involved more with the battles.
  12. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    :/ you let me get 2 dragon dances dude, I think that your just a sore loser..
    i'm sorry, but It's probbably true.

    gg though, and please don't start a fight, i'm not in the mood..
    I'm gonna go play some brawl, bye guys.
  13. Graceful Shinigami

    Graceful Shinigami Lemonade+Ramen

    So...which one of you won again? lol

    Good luck to whoever and Dr. Luigi in the finals.

    Haunter, question: Will I have to battle someone to determine who's in 3rd place?
  14. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    I won, you face snake101 for 3rd place..
    good luck

    okay dr.luigi, I will see you on our tream site, and we'll find a time that we can battle ( I will record it, you should too )
  15. Stryke

    Stryke Well-Known Member

    I actually agree with everything you just said. A tournament with 64 people is fun but it need way more rules and maybe another helper or two. I have run 5 or 6 successful tournaments but either ways if I come in time, I'll give it another shot next year.

    Although that line is really true

    That is even more true than the last sentence.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
  16. Dr.Luigi

    Dr.Luigi Active Member

    yoshi i cant record lolz but yeah gl in finals
  17. Dr.Luigi

    Dr.Luigi Active Member

    i beat yoshi in finals who gives me my prize ? and gg yoshi
  18. Yoshifan22

    Yoshifan22 not a fan?

    lol, what a post :/
    ehh, gg Doc, I didn't play my hardest..
    Well, at least I got 2nd, thats way higher then I expected that I'd get.

    And, doc, you can have my prize, I have no need for it. so you win 1st and 2nd prizes, idc.

    gg man, and good luck in the world cup
  19. thebattler1

    thebattler1 Active Member

    good job guys and finally we can move on, snake vs luigi world cup.
  20. Dr.Luigi

    Dr.Luigi Active Member

    wow thanks yoshi i get his prize since he dosent want it and yeah battler im not sure when thats going to happen =/
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