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2 Ideas that may be likely.

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Pokemon Trainer SonicLife, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Pokemon Trainer SonicLife

    Pokemon Trainer SonicLife Pokemon Trainer

    IDEA1: Do you guys think there will be more Pokemon fusions in the future? We have White/Black Kyurem. Syleveon May be fused with Victini.

    IDEA2: Do you guys think All Models in Pokedex 3D Pro will be Reused in Pokemon X & Y? It's likely since They would want to make it as great as BW2.

    Wow I talk too much..
  2. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    1 - No. Kyurem was a special, unique case, because it was originally one single entity with Reshiram and Zekrom.

    2 - It's possible.
  3. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    It could be possible.

    Pokémon fusion existed long before White/Black Kyurem.

    No it isn't, since that would make Sylveon very difficult to obtain and that isn't the whole point of the eeveelutions.

    It's clear that they aren't reusing the model from Pokédex 3D Pro, so you are wrong in that area.
  4. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    1. The slyveon theory sounds stupid.

    2. If I've ever learned anything about pokemon is that they rarely keep anything inbetween gens, very rarely, it might be possible, but they could also be working on a way better 3D pokedex.
  5. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    Shutting - This should be in the XY forums. The Graphics and Dex threads would fit each of the ideas.

    1. With the Exception of Spiky Ear Pichu, Game Freak has kept the ability to change forms in games that followed their initial appearance. Given that Spiky ear Pichu was a "Movie Tie in" event Pokémon, I'm going to say it's not coming back. Who know about any new Pokémon.

    2. They're using a new set of models, or at least a modified set to work with the Cell shading that is being used.
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