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2 out of 3


<- look no hands
I guess animal crossing is in as it sounds great and it seems to me last a long time which is what i like considering that new things happen everyday it might not get boring and theres wifi

tetris is out as it don't sound appeling and i already have a tetris game on one of those old game consoles that only play tetris.

still undicided about mkds and mph

which one mkds or mph is more value for money as they both cost around £24.99 here in england (about $46.651332 dollers (google))

also list the good and bad points about both as it'll make it easier for me to decided.

I really appriciate this
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Get MKDS it is one of the best racing games out there, and it has wonderful WI'Fi. You should just check out the reviews on gamespot or something
Yes I agree, Mario Kart is really fun and has many new features that no other Mario Kart had like Missions and Painting so get Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.


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Did I also mention there's a good number of people cheating online on MPH?
Unfortunately, it's the same for MK:DS, but there are some hackers that hacked
some stages into wifi that usually aren't there. Then you have people who disconnect which makes Wifi boring and that the server is none too great. What gets me is why Nintendo didn't get all the stages in wifi for MK:DS yet, hackers were able too?


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Go for MPH. The majority of cheaters are people that use glitches online. Once you learn how to counter them you'll have no problem.

The thing that made me quit MKDS was the fact that you had to play four races in a row. That takes about twelve minutes. What usually happens is everyone disconnects just before you win meaning you just wasted all that time for nothing.

In MPH the random matches have a time limit of seven minutes. Plus, even if everyone disconnects you still get any kills you made on your hunters license.


MPH single player isn't too good, but from what I've heard, WiFi is pretty good (haven't tried it yet). Mario Kart DS WiFi isn't too great, but I liked the single player for a while. Animal Crossing Wild World is fun no matter what.

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Get Animal Crossing for something a little bit more different for your DS.

As for Kart or Hunters... it's a tricky one and depends on taste. But I'd got for Mario Kart.