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20 Shinies,

Discussion in 'DP Battle & Trades' started by Metroid090, May 5, 2007.

  1. Metroid090

    Metroid090 Well-Known Member

    20 Shinies, Legit Jarachi and Normal pokemon for trade. Metroid090's Trading Thread!

    All shinies are from random trades from other sites or from GTS.

    Shiny Pokemon

    Mime Jr. (MIMEJR)
    Gastrodon West
    Munchlax (MunchyEats)
    Gastly (Vast)
    Chimchar (GOOD NATURE!!!!+NO EV's!!!)
    Skorupi (Snipe)

    Normal Pokemon
    All Starters

    Other Pokemon
    FRESH RIGHT OFF THE BONUS DISK Jarachi! Nautres will vary as well *** the berries they hold. They are not clones and 100% legit. They do take a bit of time to get though so expect a little wait.

    I Want These Pokemon
    Legit Celibi
    Toys R Us Mew
    Legit Deoxys
    Any Nintendo Event Pokemon
    EV Trained pokemon
    Some TM's I need(Dont expect a shiny for a TM -_-)

    If there is any pokemon u want that is not on the list PM me I probley have it. The reason that I didnt put ALL the pokemon up there is due to lag, lol. So I will be editing this alot.

    edited-there are some diffrent shinies now.
    Last edited: May 9, 2007
  2. shoyon

    shoyon Seer of Truth

    I am interested in shiny chimchar+shiny turtwig+shiny ghastly
    Can offer legit deoxys and legit, but cloned celebis (slightly used)
  3. shoyon

    shoyon Seer of Truth

    oh, also interested in shiny luxio XD
  4. Red

    Red PokémonGo & Chill

    I'll give you anything for shiny Shieldon

    Interested in any of my shinies - Blastoise, Venusaur, Latios, Seviper, Swampert, Treecko, or Blaziken?
  5. Metroid090

    Metroid090 Well-Known Member

    Latios, Treecko and Blastoise, are they legit or at least legit Looking? And Latios and Treecko are they used? And last are Latios and Blastiose EV trained?

    What nature is the Celibi? What makes it legit?
  6. DS_Blarg

    DS_Blarg Red Gyarados Lover

    Will trade a shiny Sandslash level 50 for the gyarados
  7. Red

    Red PokémonGo & Chill

    The Shiny starters and evo's are all restarted for, and the Shiny Latios was traded to me and looks legit. As for the rest - they're traded and Legit.
  8. RunnerBL95

    RunnerBL95 RunnerBL95

    i'll trade a lugia or ho-oh for shiny aipom
  9. Red

    Red PokémonGo & Chill

    So will you do it?
  10. Davy

    Davy **Moved to Smogon**

    I am offering English Manaphy and Zapdos and Moltres for Shiny Turtwig. What is the level of it though?
  11. DS_Blarg

    DS_Blarg Red Gyarados Lover

    Pls accept my trade for the gyarados!!! PLS

    my name Blarg

    FC: 0258 6766 1786
  12. Metroid090

    Metroid090 Well-Known Member

    Can you please PM me to continue the trade talk? Its easier to talk over that, keeping it under control and all.
  13. Metroid090

    Metroid090 Well-Known Member

    Level 1, never trained.
  14. DS_Blarg

    DS_Blarg Red Gyarados Lover

    k Pming u with the info u requested
  15. skinnywhitekid

    skinnywhitekid God of Shinies?

  16. Shuam

    Shuam righteous

    I will trade you a shiny carvahna and celebi for shiny chimchar or turtwig.

  17. Fox O' Donnel

    Fox O' Donnel <---He's my bad boy

    Will trade a shiny metagross for your shiny rampardos.
  18. Fish Sticks

    Fish Sticks Cascade Trainer

    I pm'd you a while ago Metroid90 =]
  19. BioTrainer

    BioTrainer Well-Known Member

    I still don't have the game, but i'm interested in your shiny Misdreavus, Shieldon, Snover and Chimchar. The shinies i have are: Regirock, Ratatta, Crobat, Spearow and Raticate. Let me know if any of those interest you.

    BT ;383;
  20. Davy

    Davy **Moved to Smogon**

    Level 1, never trained.

    Where is it from?

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