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2012 Summer Grand Tournament

Discussion in 'Completed Tournaments' started by Usurping Bark, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Usurping Bark

    Usurping Bark Active Member


    Image created by blazegryph on Deviant Art.

    2012 Summer Grand Tournament -
    Star Tournament


    Hello everyone! I am Usurping Bark, and I have participated and hosted a number of tournaments in the past. Most of my tournaments, including this one, are based on the same format as soccer World Cups (if any of you watch FIFA). I am looking for active participants to battle in this Summer Tournament, which is bound to be really fun.

    Rules for Battles

    - Standard 6v6 BW OU Singles
    - All battles must take place over Pokemon Online
    - No Uber Pokemon
    - All Standard Rules apply to this tournament

    Tournament Structure

    The Tournament will comprise of 32 participants, all of who will be broken up into Groups. They will all work their way up and attempt to reach the Round of 16, which is the Elimination Round. From there it's set up like a normal single-elimination tournament until the Finals. Before the Final Match to decide who is Champion, there will be a match to decide Third Place.

    To begin with, every player will be divided into eight groups of four. The Qualifying Round (Round of 32) guarantees each participant a minimum of THREE MATCHES. During this Round, every combatant will be duking it out to reach the top two slots in their Group. During the qualifying round, participants will receive points for their matches. A win will grant the player 2 points, a tie will provide each player 1 point, and losing a match rewards 0 points. Now, it should be noted that ties work different in this Tournament. If the score at the end of the battle is either 1-0 (meaning the winner only has a single pokemon left) or 0-0, the match ends in a tie. Now you may ask: why am I doing it this way? Well first of all, 0-0 is an extremely rare way for battle to end. Also, if a player loses in a tight and heated battle and the winner's last pokemon has nearly fainted, the loser shouldn't be penalized entirely, in fact they deserve to split the battle. It's to make the Qualifying Round more intense, perse.

    The Round of 16 begins the Elimination Round of the Tournament. There are no ties, a win is a win, and once a player loses they are out of the Tournament. In the case of a 0-0 tie, the two players will play eachother again. In the case of another 0-0 tie, the decision will be dealt with by a random number generator in which one player will represent a certain range of numbers and the other represents the other half of numbers.

    The Quarter-Finals (Elite 8) are done with Best Out of 3 Matches. Ties are dealt with in the same fashion the Round of 16 were. The Semi-Finals (Final 4) are also done with the best out of three matches.

    The Finals and the match to decide Third Place is decided with the person who wins the best out of seven matches. There will be no ties, no exceptions. In case of a 0-0 tie in the seventh match, the results will be decided in a manner which is to be decided if the ocassion arises.

    The results of all battles should only be reported by the WINNER in this thread. In the Quarter Finals and on, every individual battle should be reported by the winner, not just the winner of the series. This is so that I can easily document everything. Thank you.


    [b]Serebii Username:[/b] Your username used in this forum.
    [b]PO Username:[/b] Your Pokemon Online username.
    [b]Time Zone:[/b] Your time zone.
    The last day of sign-ups is Friday the 25th of May at 12 midnight GMT-5 (EST time).

    Username - PO Usernames - Time Zone

    01. Usurping Bark - [SdC]Usurping Bark - GMT-5 (EST)
    02. geomese - [SdC]Shane K - GMT-5 (EST)
    03. ShowMeTheMankey - [PR]ShowMeTheMankey - GMT+1
    04. Rairyan - Rairyan - GMT
    05. dragonuser - dragonuser - GMT-5 (EST)
    06. John Wallrein - J dubz - GMT-5 (EST)
    07. Eranu™ - Eranu - GMT+2
    08. Aenea - Aenea - GMT+1
    09. Rockstar - [MR] Rockstar - GMT-4
    10. BL44ZT3HPR0 - [drac]blaaz - GMT-5
    11. illogical Enigma - illogical Enigma - GMT-4
    12. Extroph - [MisteR]E-X - GMT-4
    13. Scubasteve23 - Scubasteve23 - GMT-6 (CST)
    14. Pokemazter3001 - Pokemazter - GMT-6 (CST)
    15. TheMaster - The[M]exican/The[M]aster - GMT-6 (CST)
    16. Trollmonchan - trollmonchan - GMT
    17. D. Gray Man - D. Gray Man - GMT
    18. TerraWolf - Gary ____ Oak - GMT-4
    19. TrollFreak - TrollFreak - GMT-5
    20. SoMaPoKiTo - [TPL]Zombie Sunkern - GMT-6
    21. metroid78 - metroid1 - GMT-4
    22. woebegonenick - TL Nick - GMT-5 (EST)
    23. Trickster44 - [MR]Trickster44 - GMT-5
    24. jirachiuser1 - Clueless - GMT-6
    25. Phoopes - Phoopes - GMT-4
    26. Barbeller - Barbeller - GMT
    27. Sietse23 - Epicnameisepic (or something with S23) - GMT+1
    28. Albyness - [MR]alby - GMT+1
    29. Bobjoe5000 - [TEG]Bobyjoe, [Drac]Bobyjoe or [PPP]Bobyjoe - GMT-6
    30. Dark Knight lolz - rollDK[lol] - GMT-5
    31. entrawarrior - Zeni - GMT-3
    32. kuja20 - Akai - GMT

    Commonly Asked Question

    Common Questions

    Q: My opponent is inactive? What do I do to avoid disqualification?

    A: If you have PM'd your opponent and they do not respond, mark your activity by PMing/VMing me and/or posting on this thread so we can see you are the more active of the two.

    Q: I'm going to be away for the first few days of Round One. What can I do to avoid being subbed out?

    A: Not sign up.

    Q: Why must all the battles be done on Pokemon Online?

    A: It keeps all battles consistent, and all PO battles are logged, which will settle any disputes.

    The Most Important Thing


    I want this to be an active tournament, and do not want anyone quitting. This tournament will probably last until the end of July. I want all participants to be able to participate in at least two battles weekly max, as PO battles are really not that time consuming. I really want this tournament to move along at a good and high-beat pace, so please don't mind me if I am a little pushy.

    Thank you.


    Round of 32
    Bold Blue = qualified for Sweet 16, clinched Top Seed in Group
    Blue = qualified for Sweet 16
    Red = disqualified
    Yellow = lost claim to Sweet 16 (battle record calculation)

    Group A

    1. Usurping Bark (2-0-1) - 4 pts
    2. Trollmonchan (3-0-0) - 6 pts
    3. TerraWolf (0-0-3) - 0 pts
    4. Dark Knight lolz (1-0-2) - 2 pts

    Match 1:
    Usurping Bark v Trollmonchan - Results: Trollmonchan, 0-4
    TerraWolf v Dark Knight lolz - Results: DK, tentative activity win - liable to change
    Match 2:
    Usurping Bark v Dark Knight lolz - Results: Usurping Bark, 5-0
    TerraWolf v Trollmonchan - Results: Trollmonchan
    Match 3:
    TerraWolf v Usurping Bark - Results: Usurping Bark, 4-6
    Trollmonchan v Dark Knight lolz - Results: Trollmonchan

    Group B

    1. SoMaPoKiTo (1-0-2) - 2 pts
    2. TheMaster (3-0-0) - 6 pts
    3. geomese (0-0-3) - 0 pts
    4. woebegonenick (2-0-1) - 4 pts

    Match 1:
    geomese v TheMaster - Results: Master
    SoMaPoKiTo v woebegonenick - Results: woebegonenick 0-2
    Match 2:
    geomese v SoMaPoKiTo - Results: SoMaPoKiTo 0-3
    TheMaster v woebegonenick - Results: TheMaster 2-0
    Match 3:
    geomese v woebegonenick - Results: woebegonenick, 2-0
    TheMaster v SoMaPoKiTo - Results: TheMaster 4-0

    Group C

    1. ShowMeTheMankey (3-0-0) - 6 pts
    2. Pokemazter3001 (2-0-1) - 4 pts
    3. metroid78 (0-0-3) - 0 pts
    4. Trickster44 (1-0-2) - 2 pts

    Match 1:
    ShowMeTheMankey v Pokemazter3001 - Results: Mankey, 2-0
    metroid78 v Trickster44 - Results: Trickster44 0-3
    Match 2:
    ShowMeTheMankey v Trickster44 - Results: Mankey, 4-0
    metroid78 v Pokemazter3001 - Results: Pokemaz, 6-1
    Match 3:
    ShowMeTheMankey v metroid78 - Results: Mankey, 4-0
    Pokemazter3001 v Trickster44 - Results: Pokemazter, 2-0

    Group D

    1. Rairyan (2-1-0) - 5 pts
    2. Scubasteve23 (0-0-1) - 0 pts
    3. D. Gray Man (1-1-0) - 3 pts
    4. Barbeller (0-0-2) - 0 pts

    Match 1:
    Rairyan v Scubasteve23 - Results: Rairyan, 4-0
    D. Gray Man v Barbeller- Results: D. Gray, 3-0
    Match 2:
    Rairyan v D. Gray Man - Results: Tied, 1-0
    Scubasteve23 v Barbeller - Results: -
    Match 3:
    Rairyan v Barbeller - Results: Rairyan, 5-0
    Scubasteve23 v D. Gray Man - Results: -

    Group E

    1. Phoopes (2-0-1) - 4 pts
    2. Extroph (2-0-1) - 4 pts (Gave spot in Sweet 16 up)
    3. Bobjoe5000 (0-0-3) - 0 pts
    4. dragonuser (2-0-1) - 4 pts

    Match 1:
    dragonuser v Extroph - Results: dragonuser, 4-0
    Phoopes v Bobjoe5000 - Results: Phoops, default
    Match 2:
    dragonuser v Phoopes - Results: Phoopes, 0-2
    Extroph v Bobjoe5000 - Results: Extroph, default
    Match 3:
    dragonuser v Bobjoe5000 - Results: dragonuser 6-0
    Extroph v Phoopes - Results: Extroph, 2-0

    Group F

    1. Sietse23 (2-0-1) - 4 pts
    2. illogical Enigma (0-0-3) - 0 pts
    3. John Wallrein (2-0-1) - 4 pts
    4. Albyness (2-0-1) - 4 pts

    Match 1:
    John Wallrein v illogical Enigma - Results: JW
    Sietse23 v Albyness- Results: Albyness, 0-5
    Match 2:
    John Wallrein v Sietse23 - Results: Sietse, 0-2
    Albyness v illogical Enigma - Results: Albyness, 6-0
    Match 3:
    John Wallrein v Albyness - Results: JW
    Sietse23 v illogical Enigma - Results: Sietse23, 6-0

    Group G

    1. jirachiuser1 (3-0-0) - 6 pts
    2. BL44ZT3HPR0 (0-0-3) - 0 pts
    3. Eranu™ (1-0-2) - 2 pts
    4. entrawarrior (2-0-1) - 4 pts

    Match 1:
    Eranu v BL44ZT3HPR0 - Results: Eranu 4-2
    jirachiuser1 v entrawarrior- Results: jirachiuser
    Match 2:
    BL44ZT3HPR0 v jirachiuser1 - Results: jirachiuser
    entrawarrior v Eranu - Results: entrawarrior 4-0
    Match 3:
    BL44ZT3HPR0 v entrawarrior1 - Results: entrawarrior, activity default
    Eranu v jirachiuser1 - Results: jirachiuser

    Group H

    1. kuja20 (2-0-1) - 4 pts
    2. Rockstar (1-0-2) - 2 pts
    3. Aenea (1-1-1) - 3 pts
    4. TrollFreak (1-1-1) - 3 pts

    Match 1:
    Aenea v Rockstar - Results: Aena, 2-0
    TrollFreak v kuja20- Results: kuja20, 0-4
    Match 2:
    Aenea v kuja20 - Results: kuja20, 0-2
    TrollFreak v Rockstar - Results: -
    Match 3:
    Aenea v TrollFreak - Results: Draw, 0-1 - TrollFreak moves to next round as a result of the advantage in this draw.
    Rockstar v kuja20 - Results: Rockstar 4-0

    MATCHES DEADLINE: June 1st, 2012 (12:00 EST)

    Round of 16


    Group A
    Usurping Bark

    Group B

    Group C

    Group D
    D. Gray Man

    Group E

    Group F

    Group G

    Group H


    Last edited: Jun 1, 2012
  2. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane The Detective Prince

    Serebii Username: Rairyan
    PO Username: Rairyan
    Time Zone:gmt
  3. dragonuser™

    dragonuser™ the greatest crisis

    Serebii Username: dragonuser
    PO Username: dragonuser
    Time Zone: est
  4. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    Serebii Username: John Wallrein
    PO Username: J dubz
    Time Zone: gmt - 5
  5. Eranu™

    Eranu™ Well-Known Member

    Serebii Username: Eranu™
    PO Username: Eranu
    Time Zone: GMT +2
  6. Aenea

    Aenea Creator Of Victory

    Serebii Username: Aenea
    PO Username: Aenea
    Time Zone: GMT+1
    Last edited by a moderator: May 20, 2012
  7. rckstr

    rckstr Well-Known Member

    Serebii Username: Rockstar
    PO Username: [MR]Rockstar-
    Time Zone: GMT -4
  8. Blaaz

    Blaaz Banned

    Serebii Username: BL44ZT3HPR0
    PO Username: [drac]blaaz
    Time Zone: GMT -5
  9. illogical Enigma

    illogical Enigma New Member

    Serebii username: illogical Enigma
    PO username: illogical Enigma
    Time Zone: -4
  10. Extroph

    Extroph Gaijin Shogun

    Serebii username: Extroph
    PO username: [MisteR]E-X
    Time Zone: -4
  11. Scubasteve23

    Scubasteve23 Dath Scuba

    Serebii Username: Scubasteve23
    PO Username: Scubasteve23
    Time Zone: Central
  12. M4zz

    M4zz Banned

    Serebii Username: Pokemazter3001
    PO Username: Pokemazter
    Time Zone: GMT -6
  13. Serebii Username: TheMaster
    PO Username: The[M]exican/The[M]aster
    Time Zone: -6
  14. Gray™

    Gray™ Well-Known Member

    Serebii Username: D.Gray Man
    PO Username:D.Gray Man
    Timezone: GMT
  15. Usurping Bark

    Usurping Bark Active Member

    Almost half way through filling up the participant list! Nice! Let's keep it up people, spread the word! :)
  16. geomese

    geomese Member

    Serebii Username: geomese
    PO Username: [SdC] Shane K
    Time Zone: GMT-5 (EST)
  17. TerraWolf

    TerraWolf Banned

    Gary ____ Oak
  18. Istvan

    Istvan New Member

    Serebii Username: Istvan
    PO Username: [SdC] Istvan
    Time Zone: GMT-5 (EST)
  19. TrollFreak

    TrollFreak Pit is Awesome :P

    Serebii Username: lol, really
    PO Username: TrollFreak
    Time Zone: GMT -5
  20. SoMaPoKiTo

    SoMaPoKiTo Back from the Grave!

    Serebii Username: SoMaPoKiTo
    PO Username: [TPL]Zombie Sunkern
    Time Zone: GMT -6
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