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2012 VGCS Winter Battle: The Wi-Fi Tournament Discusion Thread

Will you be participating?

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Hey, nice! I'm 371 this tournament! n_n First time I ranked in the top 20%, so that's pretty sweet for me! :) Though, I might actually be 372... apparently both myself and someone from Mexico share 371, and the next person is ranked at 373. Weird...

I think I had more battles than I've had for any other tournament so far. I did 16 this time (Yeah, go ahead. Laugh at me. x) I just can't keep battling for hours on end, so only a few battles per day is what I manage for these things), usually I'm around 10. So that's cool. Though I do wonder how I'd do if I ended with, say, 50 battles.

I'm a little surprised by the top 10 Pokemon though, I didn't think Rotom was still that popular. I haven't seen half as many as I used to. And I'm also surprised by how few people made it to the rankings, this seems to be the lowest ever.

At any rate, I'm quite pleased with my team of oddballs and I'm going to keep on working with them. Considering how few battles I did, they did an awesome job. ^^

joej m

Club Double Trouble
rank 15!! :D :D :D
imma supa dupa happy! xD


Because I'm Happy.


Makes me wish I could have joined in on this competition. With all your guys's talk about all the rain teams that were used, I probably would cleaned house, lol.


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Makes me wish I could have joined in on this competition. With all your guys's talk about all the rain teams that were used, I probably would cleaned house, lol.
At least for me, they weren't that common. All those swift swim Ludicolos were just annoying.


no i have not got the berry yet

Deleted member 298996

I participated in the tour but im not even in the rankings... anyone else with the same problem?

I dont remember but I think I had 1670 points or something like that

EDIT: winter.jpg

I was in Junior Cup but I checked both... Im not in the rankings
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check back on your ranking because for junior cup there was a error that stop some people viewing your ranking this happen for junior and senior cup but not master cup
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