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2013 advent calander disscusion

What pokemon would you give santa?

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pokemon master
your right it is a b


pokemon master
with 108 left that means im halfway done so im going to take a break for a couple of hours until then heres what I have so far

mariekje jch

New Member
I didn't want to look, but I did, for the 4 letter one (thank you!). Then I looked up the four you don't have, but I don't have those either.

43 to go...


pokemon master
I just have 2 more to go... "Used to obtain a Pokémon": S-------I- and "Can only be traversed by going from left to right" 12 letters
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pokemon master
thanks to everyone's help I was able to finish off the mega crossword puzzle, the solution has now ben added to the orginal post with the rest of this year crossword puzzle solutions so if anyone is still stuck on any of the crosswords use that to help:) also merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays as well.


Well-Known Member
In the end I didn't contribute because dang there's so many words, I got dizzy. xDD

Also busy going on the GTS and WTing since Pokebank has already been released at Japan. Happy Holidays, everyone~


pokemon master
time to discuss ideas for next years poll on the advent calander, but remember it has to a Pokémon Christmas one as well as multiple choice feel free to post your ideas or pm me ideas ,rember this thread will be locked when the advent calander goes away on new years day so you have till then:) let me remind youof the previous polls
2011: Do you want an advent calander help thread next year: winning vote: "yes" 2nd place : "no"
2012: Whats your favorite pokemon holiday tradition? winning vote: doing serebiis advent calander 2nd place: other 3rd palce: watching the new pokemon movies
2013: What pokemon would you give santa: winning vote: "im not giving santa my pokemon" 2nd place: Pikachu&kalos starters 3rd place:my favorite poekmon