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2013 Competitive Forum Suggestions Thread

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Ragnarok, Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok #BeastMode Staff Member Super Mod

    I was wondering the same thing lol.

    Alright, will get this sorted out. The forum will be titled Nintendo Formats so it covers the GBU and VGC metagames. Thanks for responding.
  2. KellsterCartier

    KellsterCartier New Member

    I would love to see a VGC forum! It's a splendid idea!
  3. Marbi Z

    Marbi Z Cin-Der-Race!

    This would be a great idea as Serebii.net had not reported on when Regional's were this Summer and alas I missed out on it. :( Speaking of which this would be a great way to announce when the next Regional Tournament is.
  4. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    You could always check Pokemon.com for these kinds of things. Don't blame serebii for missing something when the answer is just a click away on another sight. Don't mean to be rude, but don't say it's serebii's fault :/

    As for the VGC forums, my only problem with it is the risk of it turning into one of those things that is active for 1-2 weeks, maybe a month, but then just dies up. Do I think it would be a god addition when Gen 6 is released? Yes. Right now? Eh.
  5. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    You may be misunderstanding Marbi's intention of what he said. He wasn't necessarily blaming serebii. He was just saying it would have been nice to have serebii reporting and keeping up with the VGCs is all.

    The thing is, when the forum is new, there will be ALOT to discuss from the beginning, but the things to discuss pretty much becomes repetitive and hard to maintain with new things, which will explain the inactivity on other forums. The thing is, I can almost guarantee (just don't use this against me later lol) that during the World Championships and other ICs, the forum would be active. ;)

    And, VGCs has actually become an ongoing thing, so the earlier the forum is up, the better. It wouldn't really make much of a difference when it comes up~

    On another note, can't wait till the forum goes up!
  6. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    Yeah. I mean, VGC is actually picking up a lot of speed. We have a pretty good going in the Double Trouble Club, and by having a VGC Forum, we'll be able to do much more with it. RMTs are a really big thing, since having people that create Grade-A Quality RMTs will be able to finally show their VGC teams and help some of the less talented trainers see into our minds and help them get into the mindset. It also creates a more organized way for us VGC players to organize our thoughts, ask our questions, and get some good discussions going.

    What most players don't realize is that VGC is actually a really big thing, especially lately with TPCi putting a lot of work and effort into their Play! Pokemon tournaments and events. I'm a little surprised that it's taking so long for Serebii's competitive forums to pick up on this. But it's fine, because it's starting to pick up the traction it deserves. Hopefully, Serebii's website will start at least announcing these things, instead of having little notes every now and then. VGC is something that the Pokemon Company puts effort in, and should be advertised to a greater extent on Pokemon websites than it is at current. But that's neither here nor there. A VGC forum will thrive, although it probably won't be as lively as the normal Competitive Forum. But at the rate of things, the Competitive Forums are kind of slow anyways. With the advent of a new Generation, there will be a lot of new Pokemon to play with, leading to lots of discussions and stuff.

    Also, a lot of people are ignorant to VGC, including competitive players who never looked at VGC past the 2009 format, which was awfully organized. There's a lot more to this metagame than most people know, and having a VGC forum could help educate some of the less informed players on the metagame.
  7. TurboMechaElgyem

    TurboMechaElgyem Well-Known Member

    I wholeheartedly pledge my support. I've played vgc every since 2012 and I love the format (despite some balance problems). It would be great for serebii to create a place for VGC players to interact.
  8. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!


    1) I have seen maybe 1-2 high quality VGC RMT's in the last few months (Hell I've only seen 5-10 quality ones total if that much)
    2) I agree that the comp section is in a major decline, and one reason I feel this is that people repeatedly post like they know something (When they haven't even studied things to know something), are ignorant, or are (In the RMT section) are posting teams that have no synergy whatsoever and they just want to use against their friends or something (Hence the name Competitive RMT's).
    3) You said it yourself, Gen 6 will cause us to pick up steam, which is why it should wait until then.
    4) I've tried VGC, and its a relatively fun tier, but I'm not going to deny that there are some balancing issues.
    5) Being able to help less talented players develop is more than likely not going to happen. Name any players that became relatively skilled players by posting in Serebii's comp section (Competitive Discussion) and reading. Nearly every new decent to good players has become good by participating in guilds. If you can't name any, then you're right! Serebii's competitive section is extremely lack luster compared to those of Smogon and PO, and most discussions turn into "Well I really like this Pokemon and there's this gimmick that works about 5% of the time to I think it's a really Underrated Pokemon." Or there's people posting that have no knowledge whatsoever and think that Overrated is the same thing as Overpowered (Go check the thread if you don't believe me.) So basically, unless you VGC players really step up your game on in thread discussion (Because as Sena has said time and time again, no official tutoring programs) and new players stop being ignorant, it is very unlikely you will be successful in allowing newer players to learn to play in the VGC format on a competitive level (Even though in VGC all you really have to do is gain a knowledge of the tier and use a standard TR team, or at least that's how easy it was when I played it.)

    And just so no one jumps on me and says I'm just a guy that hates VGC, or something stupid like that, I said I was fine with getting one, but I think it should wait until Gen 6.
  9. joej m

    joej m Club Double Trouble

    I have two things to say; one is a joke and one is not :3

    1. The metagame is going to stay the same through late october anyway because they won't make the first VGC regional on x and y because people would not have enough time to get ready. they did this for the last switch from bw to bw2 in the beginning of this season, even though the metagame shift was very puny.

    2. you probably are a VGC hater just because you like having sleep clause on x3
  10. Sparkbeat

    Sparkbeat FLASH! AAAHHHAAA!

    Don't diss the sexiness that is the sleep clause :p
  11. Silvershark

    Silvershark HAWLUCHA!!!


    I nominate that we make the first thread in the new sub-forum an informative sticky labelled: "How to VGC: A crash course to the Doubles format".
  12. jstinftw!

    jstinftw! hey trainer

    This we need to do. I do want to make clear that TR is not the answer-all in VGC. It is probably to fastest way to lose, since anyone who has any idea of what they're doing is going to see TR from a mile away.

    There is no un-counterable team in VGC, and when the forum comes out, we need to really elaborate on that misconception.

    We should also mention that Pokemon Showdown or Online is not the best place to play test; Random Matchup on the GBU actually is. xP
  13. joej m

    joej m Club Double Trouble

    I can surely contribute to this, and also...
    @justin, it really depends on what you are practicing for. showdown is actually a bit better for higher skilled tournaments because lets face it, 75% of the GBU is cruddy rain teams or weird gimmicks. showdown and PO are better for practice for top cut at an event, or if your record is high for those tough matches against someone who has gone 5-0 (+) along with you. GBU is good practice for global link tourneys, and maybe a bit for events cause there is always THAT GUY who brings something like iron ball latios for TR or gastro acid + regigigas and still gets close to top cut.

  14. Silvershark

    Silvershark HAWLUCHA!!!

    You mean the Nugget Bridge server is good for practice. The other servers on PS are pathetic when it comes to VGC. And while that's also true for about 75% of the GBU, it is also worth noting the other 25% is usually tough Japanese/Korean players that are generally ahead of the curve than most of the players you'll encounter on PS/PO. Ideally you should be playing both.

    You can make that a section in the sticky we're planning. In fact I think it would a good idea to get everyone at Club Double Trouble involved in making the thread, since it would promote an influx of ideas and opinions on the meta game and spread the workload so that it's not all pinned on one person.
  15. Shreyas

    Shreyas Well-Known Member

    I actually wrote a quick guide that outlines the VGCs format, but it feels a little outdated. But, if the information given there helps, it would be a good starting point for that sticky we're thinking of. However, we still need to keep in mind that just posting the sticky won't help new commers. A lot of them will definitely need some 1 on 1 advice. Reading off of a thread alone won't really make a newbie good. If you guys want to give a helping hand to incoming VGCs participants, a tutor program would be much more effective.
  16. joej m

    joej m Club Double Trouble

    Could I start working on general strategy guides and how to play with/against them... unless this isn't confirmed to happen (which it seems like it almost is).
  17. Nightbow

    Nightbow Cool Dude

    A VGC sub-forum is a very exciting concept. I enjoy it for it's rather different pitch to how the standard metagame is played, although haven't got into it as much as I would like to.
  18. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok #BeastMode Staff Member Super Mod

  19. Solerme

    Solerme New Member

    i think vgc is the best mode, you have my support too
  20. old man

    old man On Guard!!!

    VCG is a lot of fun and is my preferred game to play.
    It forces you to think outside the box in both singles and doubles. It's fast pace and hard hitting. Stall & entry hazards are rare but till happen.
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