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2013 International Challenge Discussion Thread

Are you participating?

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I know I'll never go back to 1500 with my team, but I did well considering, alot of the fair battles went well, and I lost 3 via connection failures. I chose to end it as soon as I hit 1400 again. I only battled for the berry at most and to test the win-lose ratio really since the team was moving slower then anticipated, even after several late nights.
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Dude...no, just no.

Anywho i've convinced myself to do some more matches, so hopefully i can make it into the 1700s before closing.

Apologies if I offended, was only meant in jest due to heat of the moment losing those points.
I've made it to 1704 so I'm calling it a day, too many RQ's on there now picking off the 1300-1500's for extra points while cutting off anyone who could damage their ratings.
Take your losses like men, I went up against Ben7000 in the 1800's and he beat me fair and square so even though I knew I'd lose about 15-20 points I took the loss and then battled more to gain it back tonight.

There must be some for the system to record who is winning in a match (number of pokemon left, HP, etc) and award points to that person in event of RQ or even legitimate internet connection loss.
Still penalise those who deliberately turn off with the hour ban though.

Marbi Z

Alright! I got rating of 1519 so I'm calling it quits. I may not believe in status but I want to end at least one tourney with a rating above 1500. Still! I had alot of fun and My White 2 team was very effective! :D

Trainer Frankie

Lets see, tried more battles just for fun. I think I met the requirement to get the berry and stopped much earlier today after someone dced on me or my wifi acted up (but think it was the first one and not sure why because pretty sure they'd win). So about an hour ago I played more for fun. Four battles I believe, 3 loses with one win. They weren't complete washouts for me (the ones where I lost) but nothing really great. Was glad to take out a wash rotom which I've had trouble with in the past and a new approach to who leads against rain teams. Both times I believe I started with my bulky psychics and that seemed to do pretty well. So hopefully I'll keep that in mind. I'll also try to remember the ludicolo and absorb bulb combo I've seen a few times already.

Last battle is the one I won. I saved the battle. It was definitely interesting and could have lost because of an interesting soaked shedinja combo. Interesting because they brought in their N's zoroark, however never had it use it's ability because it came into the battle as the last pokémon. And not sure how I feel about soaking shedinja. It's true that a water type has less super effective weaknesses than regular shedinja, but there is a lot of electric and grass type moves to go around, but at the same time flying, rock, ghost, fire, and dark types aren't all to unpopular either. HOWEVER, soak brings the element of surprise because if you see the possibility of shedinja entering the fray, you would try to bring in the regular types it's weak to unless this soak shedinja combo is seen enough. Thank goodness for Geyser's grass knot though. Had to make sure I took out their soaker golduck before I could bring him back into the battle. Oh, and Yunowun did a pretty good taking things out, so proud of him.

Battle vid is 23 05956 92981


Doubles Contender
31-11-4 and finishing with a 1701 ranking. Why is it that im doing WORSE and WORSE in each tournament i enter? My best was 1822 in the recent autumn friendly with 71 wins and 22 losses. The team i used is the very same team i used in my winter battle. I think what I'll do from now on is concentrate on my previous team and then try to perfect it, because, if anything, that team was doing a really good job of blending standards with original strategies and pokémon on my part. Besides all this, I really liked how my luck was superb today with the hax being on my side, AND as an added bonus, muddy water ALWAYS hit my opponents, ALMOST ALWAYS lowered their accuracy, and only missed ONCE today (and I still won that battle). As a result, I won ALL 7 BATTLES i had today. Next tourney, im torn between trying out a rain team, or working upon my old Autumn Friendly team. Overall, this was a decent tourney, and although I comevto these wifi tourneys just for fun since no regionals, worlds or nationals are near me (and even so, i wouldnt be allowed to go to one) my aim in all tourneys is 1700 (which i've reached). So overall, good day, and good game.

BTW guy above me, very good job of using a dewott. However do you do it?
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Bad Zach, bad!

Just kidding, it's alright. It's understandable, that's a pretty BS loss. Arceus knows I've come close to DCing on my own; I only don't because I feel bad for my opponent. It sucks to work hard for a battle, then lose the win cos of a DC. But it's totally understandable; losing due to your own hax sucks. xD
You're just kidding? I posted just so people would yell at me.

I really don't want to do it again.


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Sometimes, Zach, disconnecting can be a bit more humiliating than losing to a Shedinja. But, I can't say that I've never gotten to a point where I reallly wanted to disconnect. I mean, I lost to some guy in the 1400s because of paralysis while I just made it to 1700. But, the reason I didn't is because I didn't want my opponent to feel bad that he wasted time doing a whole battle and then increasing his d/c rate. Plus, my opponents already d/c'd against me a bunch of times while I was at around 1400, so I wouldn't want that done to me.

Trainer Frankie

Oh wait, what other pokémon did the shedinja user have? WOnder if it was the same, though I think the one I beat wasn't a really high ranking or anything.


hey trainer
You're just kidding? I posted just so people would yell at me.

I really don't want to do it again.

Hahah, well, I didn't want to hurt your feelings or anything. I was many a time in the same predicament as you, where I should have one the battle, but stupid little things like Paraflinches, or misses prevented what should have been an easy win. I lost to an in-game team, for Arceus' sake, largely because I didn't protect my resources as well as I should have. That moment when you're decided "DC or not to DC" is a very stressful moment; I didn't want to bust your chops for it.

But since you ask, don't do that. Such a douchebag move. That's not very nice. You should feel very bad. Don't DC ever again. Bad Zach, bad!


Veteran Pokegamer
I completely forgot about this over the weekend. Crud, well, guess I now have to enter the Walk of Shame. XD jk, but yeah, I literally forgot completely about it. I really need to hold a better memory for things and to not forget them that quickly, but I at least don't have much memory loss in a short time.


This one was nothing like winter cup too many rage quitters and battle some body at high level and you win that rage quit on you like this battle this guy three times same guy yet win twice and quits on me twice then later on battle him again and wins this first time said you not get this win because of you be a cheater so turn off ds took the one hour ban


Wifi cheaters

This something found out that if somebody dose not turn off you ds but moves away from your wifi signal then they can still battle but that battle won't be counted as win or lose this makes hard to win more people pick choice their battles that can win

Sceptile Master

Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression
I participated, but I didn't even know this thread was here, so, I don't see a point in filling out my info unless you wanted me to. Plus, since I have only one DS *that I can use* now and it was Black 2 only, I had to use my ingame team, although I might've anyway.

I lost nearly all of my matches, but I got very close in some, and at least won a couple. Hey, I got a lot of BP at least and eventually should get the berry.


my team

Player Eve
Gender Female
Trainer Breeder
Masters division
Friend code 2666 9991 5159
From New York
Greeting That was fun ! I hope we can battle again sometime
Team Reuniclus, Gyarados,Krookodile,Dragonite,Metagross,Ludicolo
this is my trick room team worked great but to many people rage quit on so i hope still get the berry have rating to see .
i notice i battle mostly players from japan but not many usa players were around
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