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2013 International Challenge June (Official Play! Pokemon Wi-Fi Tournament)

Will you be participating?

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Right? I understand that every point counts, but I'm doing just fine. As long as the rater gives me Relatively Superior or Outstanding, and I've got the 31s the 2-3 stats I needed, I am good to go. RNG'd teams have like, what, and extra three points? Four? I'm fine with that.

Oh, yeah. I mean, as long as its IV's aren't less something like <10 across the board, I can deal with it. I'll even take an "Above Average" if it has great IV's in the stats I need the most.

Anyway, looks like I'll be facing a lot less battles than I expected to, since I'll be getting Animal Crossing soon, and then I won't even be in town on Monday because of college stuff, so I'll miss a whole day of battling. A shame, since I was looking forward to taking this one more seriously.


Flaming Death
Ever considered RNGing, that way, the RNG won't hate you that much. Most people RNG abuse pokemon, to get perfect IVs all the time. Most of the time, it isn't that hard (if you don't mind non shineys). btw, Lovin' dragonite in that team. can't wait for a battle.

I have attempted RNG, but unfortunately I am a walking techbane (Search TVTropes. Or not. Because TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life). I could never find out why my RNG attempts fail. Even worse considering the only person I know personally who has RNG-ed successfully is too busy to show me how to do it.

I should consider switching my major from chemical engineering to theoretical physics.

On another note, the set that I use for my Dragonite will contain a completely different configuration from any sets Smogon provides. Whether this will work (I still EV train using Smogon recommendations) remains to be seen.


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I decided to replace my Metagross with a Magnezone instead, no nickname. My original post should be updated.

old man

On Guard!!!
What time does this start?? This is gonna be my only night to battle. Plus game 7 is tonight.... Yea may not get in to many. Shooting for at least 10


Ot eve
gender female
trainer breeder
friend code sig
location new york
message That was fun ! I hope we can battle again sometime
Team metagross,ludicolo,thundurus,rotom w,latios,volcarona
looking forward to this time as i have not had the time to play like i use to

joej m

Club Double Trouble
didn't come on here >.>

Ot Outrage
gender male
trainer guy with the farm hot... ranger??? :p
friend code: NA
location Maryland
message uhhhh... idk... same thing in the last ones...? >.>
Team Tyranitar (shiny), Zapdos, Excadrill, Latios, Cresselia, Hitmontop(shiny)

hoping on getting top 5... not gonna be easy cause going on vacation on saturday... welp ;~;

Oh yeah justin sweet may never responded to my PM about the club...


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So far I'm 2-2 with 3 disconnects, one of which was right after winning. Might do a few more later.

joej m

Club Double Trouble
1596 points
i'll be playing till 4 am cause i am going to south carolina for vacation this weekend ;~;


OT: Greg
Gender: Male
Trainer Sprite: Breeder
Age Division: Master
Friend Code: see sig
Location: California, U.S.A.
Message: It's all thanks to EVERYONE!
Team: Breloom, Kingdra, Jolteon, Scizor, Politoed, and Dragonite.


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Just did a few more battles. Now 6-4-3.


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Played a few matches as soon as it started, will update this post as I play
57 Wins
30 Losses
8 RQ
7 DC -3 on searching for opponent.
1 Japanese player DC'd when I was just about to die!!, I think his connection must have been bad because he was taking ages between moves as well and it seemed laggy annoyed though cos it gets my DC rate up when I'd rather have taken the loss lol.
DC'd against Manoj from Illinois at 1745 he beat me 2-0 and as it was going through connection lost, not sure if it was me or him
Japanese player with 1727 rating DC'd on me after I outpredicted and outplayed him, gutted cos I really wanted the video of it :(
Cathy - No location DC'd on found opponent screen she had 1280 rating and obviously didn't fancy playing me :(
Manatty - Finland DC'd on found opponent screen as well straight after Cathy, may be connection issues so giving up to stop DC rate going up.

Hall of Shame:
Sam - New Mexico USA
HANG - Japan
Chris - Nevada USA
Emma - Mexico
? - Japan (didn't get his name this time)
Rezek - Brazil
CHARLY - Mexico

Going to get a few more battles in now before I go to Chessington World of Adventure for the day.
Well so far I am really really happy with my revamped team, kicking plenty of butt. Just disappointed that I'm getting a RQer every couple of matches. As long as I keep my DC rate within the limits I should be on course for my best placed finish . . shame I didn't have this for the entire season lol
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joej m

Club Double Trouble
close to 1700 :3
hoping to break 1800 today because it is my only day that I will get a lot of playing in.
of course the guy with 1676 points RQ's on me... that would have helped so much ;~;
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Flaming Death
Well this sucks. First thing into the battleground and I am tossed around like a chew toy. Ah to heck with it: I only joined the competition for the berries anyway.

Current run

Win:Loss ratio - 1:7

Now I understand why evasiveness modifiers are considered low by Smogon standards. I got completely destroyed by a Minimize Blissey and Psych Up Metagross tag team (Guess how they won). Also, did you know that Crobat can outspeed and destroy a Gyarados with a full power Acrobatics? Furthermore, I should really use a Trick Room team instead of a rain team. They can really suck the momentum out of your opponent if you execute it well.


Strong Winds
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Super Mod
played 5, lost 4. **** everyone and their kindras, politoeds, and thundurus'

Funny enough, I've not fought one of any of those. That's because the first battle was some loser spamming Evasion moves and Sand Veil (I wish there was an Evasion Clause). Next, I lost because of two untimely crits (one of which was Arcanine OHKO'ing my Latios with Flare Blitz). Next guy RQ'ed. One more of those in a row and I was ready to quit the tournament altogether, but I got two wins after that. So I'm barely tolerating this, now at 2-2-1. I doubt I'll get much more due to Animal Crossing.
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