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2013 International Challenge June (Official Play! Pokemon Wi-Fi Tournament)

Will you be participating?

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Belly drum snorlax????? Uummmm could work but how to run him with so many fighting types in doubles? Healing pulse partner maybe....

Not as bad an idea as someone I fought trying a Power Trick Shuckle combo in Doubles, with Rotom-F as a partner on a non-hail team.


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
I just almost beat a Sandstorm team... I didn't think a -3 Superpower from Landorus-T could kill my Scrafty though (it was damaged already)
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It's getting harder to find somebody to battle as of Saturday and Sunday . Is any body having the same problem as I am having ?


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Well that just shows the highs and lows of this tournament while playing the top players!!!

Just played 2 games against Japanese players both with ratings over 1700+.

1st game against player at 1777 - I properly outpredicted him and he graciously took the loss. Here is the video 60-47237-18480. So happy with myself after that was on a high.

2nd game against player at 1727 - Outpredicted and outplayed him, even more happy at the fact it was a rain team which I've been having trouble with this tournament. . . . and then the ****
RQ's as the results are going through :( Gutted too as I wanted that video as well!

It seems from reading here recently that the Japanese are turning into the No 1 RQer's this tournament. Where is the honour they're supposed to be known for lol

Quote Originally Posted by joej m View Post

Go on the NB showdown server and get spammed with people saying:
super sarcastically xP


from seeing your new team i think that breloom should stay, and lucario should go. it doesnt give any coverage to your team.
may i suggest choice scarf kingdra/bulky rotom-w with light screen and thunder wave

choice scarf kingdra dominates against rain, and you will even want them to keep the rain up
i would use draco meteor, hydro pump, muddy water, hidden power grass/hidden power fire/dragon pulse/ ice beam

bulky rotom-w is amazing. no one even knows it gets screens until you set up light screen, and at that point it is too late. thunder wave might be stopping from sporing, but chances are you won't be sporing things that much faster than you that can OHKO (like kingdra/ludicolo)
Rotom-w also covers problems for excadrill and tyranitar nicely.

If you like PM me and we can work out an EV spread if you dont know how to base it on (you will want it to live at least +1 giga drain from ludicolo, which is doable actually)

anyway I was at 1900 exactly and then i lost to a good japanese player around 1750 points, so i will be back around 1880 i assume. still planning on getting to 1925 by the end of the night.

Thanks for the input joej

Lucario has actually been a godsend for me this tournament, running a special set with a Focus Sash I've actually picked up a hell of a lot of OHKO's with him that have won me matches so I'm loathe to take him out unless I cover all his bases.
I took my Kingdra out a few tournaments back when Ludiculo was suggested, so could always put him back in (although will need to RNG a new one with an HP)
I also have a bulky Rotom-W in my box and could always add screen to him.
I'll be taking a break from Pokémon once this tournament is over to concentrate on other games till the new season starts, but I'll definitely PM you for some EV spread advice when I start RNGing again

Plus who know's what's going to happen when X & Y come out, new pokes, new meta etc
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Marbi Z

I saw another rating bomber. Around 650...but I barely got him.

6-0-0 at 1576.
Did he/she use a rouge team? Was the trainer name AC? If so those are the most ideal trainers because they would rather enter a tourney with Pokemon they love and win less as opposed to going in with a smogon team and winning more. Competitive players may beat us in a battle but they can never refute us in a debate.


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Looks like the RQer's are out in force now :(
Just had a guy called Rezek from Brazil with a 1600 rating RQ on me as I was about to deliver the final KO

Just trying to push my rating up to 1650 then I'll call it a day

Marbi Z

Looks like the RQer's are out in force now :(
Just had a guy called Rezek from Brazil with a 1600 rating RQ on me as I was about to deliver the final KO

Just trying to push my rating up to 1650 then I'll call it a day
Brazil sometimes France all the time!


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
I probably had the last match I've partake in this tournament...just wasn't motivated enough to grind out wins or even play to win. 10-2-2 I think was my final outcome with my mixed team. I not one to stick with a team, but I think I've found keepers in my Metagross, Rotom-W, Scrafty, and Lileep. Might switch up my Metagross moveset and style just to stay a bit less predictable. Just gotta find the final two that can fit my particular style... which is why I'm contemplating to test Clefairy. Yeah, it would probably be more effective if I had Eviolite on it, but that's Lileep job...no I'm interesting in Friend Guard


Ban this Trainer
I think what had got me was that I was making all these strategies and completely forgot about sweepers...

joej m

Club Double Trouble
god dangit i say this every time but if you are having trouble finding someone go back to the home screen of the game then go back on, it works almost every time

anyway i am at 1916 points. that marathoning on friday really helped out
I will have a few battles in the mourning, but afternoon/evening tomorrow is a no go, everyone DC's trying to keep their score.

sand was the first tactic that got me above 1850 points, and it is the last tactic i will use in a VGC 2013 tourney :)

after the tourney is over i am going to make some really cool tactics for GBU just for fun.

If you do plan on perfecting the team by the end of the season (meaning when worlds is over) then go ahead :3
but good point that it might not be worth it if you dont plan on battling too much more.
i also forgot that you had thundurus-t, so bulky rotom-w would replace that as well, which would leave a spot for something else (which i think would be great as salamence)

only reason why i say no to lucario is the lack of bulk and coverage that it gives your team
breloom + exca give similar coverage, but breloom could be removed as well.
but i once ran a team (triples) where it was beat up whimsicott with lucario and sigaliph. tailwind + light screen + reflect + beat up on lucario = killed, and the coverage it gets is great, so i understand why you want to keep it.
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Well that's me done, got to 1649 with one more win to add on. Should've been 2 wins but my last match ended in an RQ against CHARLY from Mexico :(
They were at 1880's and I completely wiped the floor with them 4-0, the RQ came as soon as the last poke fainted, so annoying as it was definitely one I wanted the video for.

In summary they were running an all shiny Trick Room team - Amoonguss, Jellicent, Marowak, Politoed

They send out Jellicent & Amoonguss, I send out Thundurus & Uxie. - I use Protect & Imprison (Perfect start as his Trick Room is blocked and Rage Powder does nothing)
They swap Jellicent for Marowak - I protect Uxie and Electric Gem Discharge Thundurus (Advantage them Marowak immune and hardly any damage to Amoonguss who spores Thundurus)
I swap Thundurus for Breloom - Uxie Psychic's Amoonguss for 1/3 damage but gets spored in return, Marowak Rock Slides for minimal to both of mine.
Marowak Detect blocks Breloom Bullet Seed, Uxie stays asleep, Amoonguss spores Breloom . . ha ha Lum Berry b*tch
They swap Marowak for Politoed, Uxie stays asleep, Breloom then Spores amoonguss.
Breloom Bullet seeds Politoed to death, Uxie and Amoonguss still sleeping.
Marowak back out, swaps Amoonguus for Jellicent, Uxie wakes up and Psychics Jellicent for minimal, Breloom Bullet Seed's Marowak away.
Amoonguss back out and still asleep, Uxie psychics him away, Breloom finishes the match by Bullet Seeding Jellicent . .
And theres the RQ!!!


I didn't even put anything here yet, but I'm here with my Nationals Team. I just had 4 loses in a row, one of which seems to be a cheat. How the hell did Blastoise throw 2 attacks AND outrun my Krookodile? Same with Politoed. Anyways:

OT: Halkel
Gender: Male
Trainer Sprite: Ace Trainer
Age Division: Masters
Friend Code: See Sig
Location: UK Greater London
Message: Can't remember but same as last time.
Team: Poliwrath, Eelektross, Krookodile, Togekiss, Latias, Alakazam
Nicknames: Whirlipole, Reptilian, Red Wing, Kazam, can't remember Krookodile and Togekiss.

Edit: What the hell is wrong with my luck today? Getting alot of higher ranks and they keep getting crits in. Togekiss failed to Flinch Cresselia before it could Trick Room.
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Flaming Death
My tourney ends here. Overall, it was a huge disappointment. Though I must commend my opponents on being massive trolls. My last battle nearly made me rage quit, but I have honour: I won't do that, even though that flinch just had to occur at the point where I could have destroyed the Yanmega and frozen the Dragonite.

I seriously swear the Random Number God hates me.

Current standing: 1-8, 1438 points

joej m

Club Double Trouble
I am finishing after one mourning battle :)

Tourney and Team Analysis:

Rating: 1929
DC rate of: 17.6%

-Many more trick room teams than I though
-Cresselia (86% of battles had cresselia)
-Surprisingly not breloom o_O

Most interesting Teams/Pokemon/Things:
-Toxicroak on a hail room team (opponent had 1924 points, and rage quit against me)
-Togekiss+Amoonguss (two directing attacks to make it unpredictable. this was iss btw)
-Landorus-T on sand teams (very common... but why???)
-Belly drum politoed + psyup metagross and cresselia (didn't battle, but watched a video of it)
-someone keeping thundurus-t in their TR... and it was scarfed o_O
-3 people running TR teams with base 70's and 80's
-Japanese players LOVE to DC
-My internet goes capowpow whenever there is someone i would like to battle -_- (drizzle boy and another person from NB named plusle who are both really good... my internet from my room is awful)
-in game team users RQing on me... o_O




Tyranitar @Dark Gem
-Rock Slide


Zapdos(junior) @choice specs
(If you plan on using this team/this spread make sure you use 180SAtk instead of 4SDef/176Satk)
Modest Nature
-Heat Wave
-Hidden power ice
-Volt switch


Excadrill @ Life orb
Adamant Nature
-Rock slide


Latios@Dragon Gem
-Draco Meteor
-Energy Ball


Cresselia @Sitrus Berry
-Ice Beam
-Trick Room
-Helping hand


Hitmontop @fighting gem
-Sucker punch
-Fighting Gem
-Wide Guard
-Fake Out

Sorry for the team being super standard, but I absolutely love sand teams, especially this one.
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I lost to someone I won before. I misjudged Gengar, and the fact he enjoys using Ice Fang on his Choice Scarf Luxray? He outwitted me and it was humiliating. This team gave me a Rank 77 in the Nationals which was better then my last runs, but luck hates me today ><;


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Well I decided to get a couple more battles in but not worth the effort, won 2 then had a DC mid battle against Juan from Mexico followed by Cathy - No location and Manatty - Finland DCing on Opponent Found screens. Must be having connection issues so I'm calling it to avoid my DC rate going up.

I believe my final record is Rating 1674

Won 59
Lost 30
RQ 8
DC 7

Which should give me a DC rate of 15% I believe.

Not a bad end to the season but I'm praying Gamefreak have got a solution to stop people RQing in X & Y or at least a way to see who did the DC so the points get awarded to the innocent party.

EDIT: Couldn't resist coming on for a few more battles as Global Link was back up, just got in 4 more battles against opponents at 1400- all reasonable wins but have to be careful not to lose to someone and nuke my rating, and just had 2 matches against the same player which I won both but was worried the 2nd time cos I decided to change strategy in case he countered me from the 1st but it paid off, have now managed to nudge it up to 1690 with 2 wins to add :)
Wondering if now all the top players have stopped to avoid any slips and the Japs are now out as past midnight there I could stay on for a few hours and boost my score by picking off the weak!!
No I mustn't cos knowing my luck it'll go horribly wrong lol
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Careful? Where's the fun in that?
Ouch, sorry to hear that Quantum. I hope you get your revenge against the RNG next time.

EDIT: Japanese guy surrenders like a man, then RQ's like a git as the rating was calculating... Wow -.-;
OMG, I had that happen to me as well...did he have a Rain team? Luckily for me the score got through, but I couldn't save the video. I'm counting it as both a DC and a win though because that's basically what it was.

As for me, I probably should have been less safe with my Volcarona this tourney...I don't run Quiver Dance because of the use of Rock Slide and for some reason I though the Rock resist berry was a better choice then Bug or Fire Gem (It was an old set...get off my case).
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Done for this tournament.

34 matches played. Finished at 1654 with 23-7 and 4 Ragequits/Disconnects
A little higher than last tournament...aiming to get to at least 1700 next tournament.

Was getting very annoyed at myself a couple of times when I won against a high 1600s player, only to lose the next match against someone sub-1500.
I'm now reconsidering putting Giga Drain on Volcarona instead of Protect. I didn't see nearly as many Gastrodons as I expected so a lot of the time it was a wasted moveslot that I found myself wishing was Protect instead.

Just as a general thing I also need to work on prediction. Many times I'd see a turn start to play out and think "Derp. Why oh why did I not see that coming?" Stupid plays and RNG BS lost me most of my matches :(
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