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2014 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by The Great Butler, May 1, 2015.

  1. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Overall Fiction Awards

    Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=623571]A Leash of Foxes[/thread] by Cutlerine
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    4th-5th place (2 votes): [thread=614735]Survival Project (PG-13)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    4th-5th place (2 votes): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    6th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    6th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=457372]Roots // PG-13[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett

    Best New Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=635852]love and other nightmares[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=625612]Pokémon: Convergence[/thread] by PhalanxSigil
    4th place (2 votes): [thread=636830]Context Switch[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    5th place (1 vote): [thread=632517]Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Journey[/thread] by Hakajin

    Best Pokémon One-Shot
    1st place (9 votes): [post=17561635]ERROR 1393: Tales from the End of the World (One-shot ... ish, PG-13)[/post] by JX Valentine
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=578578]Chromatic[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    3rd place (2 votes): [thread=637367]Reflection (oneshot, PG)[/thread] by Matori
    4th place (0 votes): [thread=639122]Caging Destruction (Interpretations Spiritual Successor Oneshot)[/thread] by Umbramatic

    Best Non-Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=565450]A Dragon in Shining Armour [PG-15] (Digimon)[/thread] by Griff4815
    2nd place (2 votes): [thread=637842]Shinigami Arcade (Highschool of the Dead) [PG-15][/thread] by gorgonfish
    3rd place (1 vote): [thread=523317]Digimon: The Roots of Yggdrasil (PG-13)[/thread] by Kamotz

    Best Non-Pokémon One-Shot
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=635397]9:46 pm[/thread] by ~Demon Maxwell~
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=579379]Silly Slayers Vignettes[/thread] by Skiyomi

    Other Fic Awards

    Best Plot
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    3rd-4th place (3 votes): [thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner
    3rd-4th place (3 votes): [thread=624047]Drowning[/thread] by starliteevee
    5th-6th place (0 votes): [thread=623343]Wandering Storm[/thread] by Subzero Dragon
    5th-6th place (0 votes): [thread=632517]Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Journey[/thread] by Hakajin

    Most Original Overall
    1st place (10 votes): [thread=623571]A Leash of Foxes[/thread] by Cutlerine
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=618659]Flying in the Dark[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=638717]Humans of Hoenn [Images over 500 KB][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=636830]Context Switch[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    6th place (0 votes): [thread=630989][Interpretations] Built for Risk (unedited)[/thread] by solovino

    Best Writing Style
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=562980]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Overthrown[/thread] by Knightfall
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    4th place (2 votes): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    5th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=635708]The Master Ball Conspiracy (#FFFriday)[/thread] by Ash_Junior
    5th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=629949]Rally Interpretation 2[/thread] by The Teller
    5th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=615126]The Progression[/thread] by Praxiteles

    Best Description
    1st place (11 votes): [thread=621816]Operation: Saltus Valley[/thread] by Knightfall
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=635708]The Master Ball Conspiracy (#FFFriday)[/thread] by Ash_Junior
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=630568]Conflagration: The Tale of the Burned Tower[/thread] by CHeSHiRe-CaT

    Best Setting
    1st place (6 votes): [thread=623571]A Leash of Foxes[/thread] by Cutlerine
    2nd place (5 votes): [post=17561635]ERROR 1393: Tales from the End of the World (One-shot ... ish, PG-13)[/post] by JX Valentine
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [post=17204759]Fairy Tale[/post] by bobandbill
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    5th place (1 vote): [thread=10783]The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision![/thread] by Dragonfree

    Best Expansion of Canon
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=457372]Roots // PG-13[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=638717]Humans of Hoenn [Images over 500 KB][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    3rd-4th place (3 votes): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    3rd-4th place (3 votes): [post=17204759]Fairy Tale[/post] by bobandbill
    5th-6th place (1 vote): [thread=624047]Drowning[/thread] by starliteevee
    5th-6th place (1 vote): [thread=630989][Interpretations] Built for Risk (unedited)[/thread] by solovino
    7th place (0 votes): [thread=629949]Rally Interpretation 2[/thread] by The Teller

    Best Character Development
    1st place (6 votes): [thread=457372]Roots // PG-13[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    2nd place (5 votes): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=568749]Brothers' Bond (PG-13)[/thread] by Sid87
    4th place (1 vote): [thread=466028]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Journal[/thread] by pokenutter
    5th place (0 votes): [thread=568115]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance[/thread] by DarkerShining

    Best Characterization in a Short Story
    1st place (10 votes): [thread=578578]Chromatic[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=630989][Interpretations] Built for Risk (unedited)[/thread] by solovino

    Best Romantic Relationship
    1st place (12 votes): Lona and Ted, [thread=457372]Roots // PG-13[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett

    Best Non-Romantic Relationship/Interaction
    1st place (5 votes): Dorian and Shelton, [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Matt/Nekou, [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Adam/Bill, [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    4th-5th place (2 votes): Jake and Jade, [thread=623343]Wandering Storm[/thread] by Subzero Dragon
    4th-5th place (2 votes): Henry and Michael, [thread=457372]Roots // PG-13[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    6th-7th place (1 vote): Sammy and Tommy, [thread=568749]Brothers' Bond (PG-13)[/thread] by Sid87
    6th-7th place (1 vote): (the great) Nathaniel Morgan and the Child, [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek

    Most Suspenseful Fic
    1st place (8 votes): [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    2nd-3rd place (4 votes): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    2nd-3rd place (4 votes): [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    4th place (1 vote): [thread=563982]Earth, Air, Water, Fire[/thread] by Bulba the Great!

    Most Heartbreaking Fic
    1st-2nd place (4 votes): [thread=630047]Heart Like A Stone (Flare spoilers, minor gore, minor PerfectWorldshipping)[/thread] by Blackjack Gabbiani
    1st-2nd place (4 votes): [thread=568749]Brothers' Bond (PG-13)[/thread] by Sid87
    3rd place (2 votes): [thread=639837]Felix[/thread] by Brutaka

    Pokémon Genre Awards

    Best Trainer Fic
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=568749]Brothers' Bond (PG-13)[/thread] by Sid87
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=457372]Roots // PG-13[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=560701]Hero's Bond [PG 13][/thread] by Shadow Lucario
    4th-5th place (2 votes): [thread=618404]Indigo[/thread] by gorgonfish
    4th-5th place (2 votes): [thread=10783]The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision![/thread] by Dragonfree
    6th place (1 vote): [thread=628483]in (and around) old gyms[/thread] by Quackerdrill
    7th place (0 votes): [thread=615126]The Progression[/thread] by Praxiteles

    Best Comedy Fic
    1st place (10 votes): [post=17204759]Fairy Tale[/post] by bobandbill
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=632656]But Thou Must![/thread] by VoltTacklingPika
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=633706]Deep Space[/thread] by yugoslavia

    Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fic
    1st place (7 votes): [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    2nd place (5 votes): [thread=621816]Operation: Saltus Valley[/thread] by Knightfall
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=623926]Destiny's Forge[/thread] by Agent Tectonic

    Best Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Fic
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=621816]Operation: Saltus Valley[/thread] by Knightfall
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=633058]re: A Vulpix Tail[/thread] by Brutaka
    3rd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=625612]Pokémon: Convergence[/thread] by PhalanxSigil
    3rd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=632630]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Broken Ideals[/thread] by SableVulpi
    3rd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=562980]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Overthrown[/thread] by Knightfall
    6th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=466028]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Journal[/thread] by pokenutter
    6th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=630138]I'm Cold and I Want to Go Home[/thread] by Keysmash
    8th place (0 votes): [thread=568115]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance[/thread] by DarkerShining

    Best Pokémon-Centric
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=620683]Monsters Among Us: A Pokemon AU (R)[/thread] by GingerDixie
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=614735]Survival Project (PG-13)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    4th-6th place (2 votes): [thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner
    4th-6th place (2 votes): [thread=566626]Carry On, Blissey (PG-13)[/thread] by ChloboShoka
    4th-6th place (2 votes): [thread=632894]Tales From The PokeDex[/thread] by Sid87
    7th place (0 votes): [thread=625346]Boundary[/thread] by Riarra

    Best Canon Character-Centric
    1st-2nd place (4 votes): [thread=637367]Reflection (oneshot, PG)[/thread] by Matori
    1st-2nd place (4 votes): [thread=618404]Indigo[/thread] by gorgonfish
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=630047]Heart Like A Stone (Flare spoilers, minor gore, minor PerfectWorldshipping)[/thread] by Blackjack Gabbiani

    Character Awards

    Best Human Main Character
    1st place (5 votes): Calem, [thread=632656]But Thou Must![/thread] by VoltTacklingPika
    2nd-3rd place (4 votes): Bill, [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    2nd-3rd place (4 votes): Dorian, [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    4th place (3 votes): Loretta, [thread=578578]Chromatic[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    5th place (2 votes): Nekou, [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    6th place (0 votes): Mark, [thread=10783]The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision![/thread] by Dragonfree
  2. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Best Non-Human Main Character
    1st-3rd place (5 votes): Child, [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    1st-3rd place (5 votes): Esaax Evergray, [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    1st-3rd place (5 votes): Matron Blissey, [thread=566626]Carry On, Blissey (PG-13)[/thread] by ChloboShoka
    4th place (2 votes): April, [thread=623611]re: Through the Thunder and the Lightning[/thread] by Brutaka

    Best Human Supporting Character
    1st place (7 votes): Lona, [thread=457372]Roots // PG-13[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    2nd place (5 votes): Eddie, [thread=578578]Chromatic[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Best Non-Human Supporting Character
    1st place (5 votes): Alakazam, [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Adam, [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Syr, [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    4th-5th place (2 votes): Sir, [thread=621816]Operation: Saltus Valley[/thread] by Knightfall
    4th-5th place (2 votes): Kephi, [thread=635852]love and other nightmares[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    6th place (1 vote): Ezrem, [thread=614735]Survival Project (PG-13)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    7th place (0 votes): Raichu, [thread=623611]re: Through the Thunder and the Lightning[/thread] by Brutaka

    Best Human Villain
    1st place (15 votes): Ethan, [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    Best Non-Human Villain
    1st place (7 votes): Ixodida, [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    2nd place (6 votes): The kings, [thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    Funniest Character
    1st place (7 votes): Whitney, [post=17204759]Fairy Tale[/post] by bobandbill
    2nd place (4 votes): Celio (dx_clear), [thread=618404]Indigo[/thread] by gorgonfish

    Fic Moments Awards

    Funniest Scene
    1st place (9 votes): [spoil]“Again, I don’t have a clue. We’ve been given a name for this typing by the League, but-” The nurse was interrupted by the door slamming open with a loud bang, accompanied by a pink-haired girl who charged in bawling her eyes out.

    “She’s been changed!” she yelled, waving a Clefairy at the nurse. Sam took a step away from her and looked at Brooke and Elliot with a raised eyebrow.

    “That’s Whitney. She’s the Gym Leader of Goldenrod,” Brooke said. “She gets... emotional.”

    “It’s different now! It’s a Fairy type, I know it!” Whitney was now jumping frantically. The Pokémon Centre door shook with each stomp she made, until a Chansey waddled up and stabbed her with a large tranquiliser. She slumped to the floor, while the Clefairy happily waved at the Chansey. The Chansey ignored it and looked at the nurse, as if to ask if she should inject the Clefairy as well.

    “Right, let’s take a look at you then,” the nurse said, scooping up the small Pokémon. Sam stared at the unconscious gym leader.

    “Oh, she’s very energetic sometimes.” She took the tranquiliser away from the Chansey and petted it on the head. “Too energetic. That’s why we have...” she trailed off as Whitney rose to her feet and stretched out her arms. Sam took a few more slow steps towards the door.

    “But that should have been enough to knock out a Donphan,” the nurse whispered.

    “I’m much too upset about this for that!” Whitney said, stomping a foot. “Something went and changed my Clefairy! It’s a Fairy type!” She began to sob again, but a bit less violently this time, an indication that the tranquiliser was having at least some effect.[/spoil][post=17204759]Fairy Tale[/post] by bobandbill

    2nd place (7 votes): [spoil]As Solonn made his way through the warren, he tried very hard to ignore the person following him. True, the last zubat he'd encountered had been rather hostile, but at least she had also been relatively quiet. This zubat, on the other hand…

    “Wow! This place is so weird!” the zubat chittered, rattling on and on and on. “But it’s still pretty cool, though! Super cool! …And super cold. Brrr! I don’t like the cold. No, I sure don’t like it. Of course, for that matter, I don’t really like the sun, either… But that’s okay, cause I still like you! And that’s cause you’re helping me get out of here! What a pal!” he squealed.

    Solonn cringed. He reminded himself that he was doing the right thing by aiding this creature… or tried to remind himself of that, but the zubat’s voice seemed to be trying its hardest to destroy his mind.

    The zubat got right in his face—again. “Name’s Zyrzir, by the way,” the zubat said.

    Solonn knew that already. Zyrzir had already introduced himself six times since leaving the snowgrounds.

    “So, what’s your name? Huh? Huh? Huh?” Zyrzir asked as he resumed following behind the snorunt.

    “Mr. Ice Beam,” Solonn said, utterly deadpan.

    “Hey… that’s not what you said last time!” Zyrzir said with a frown. “Last time, you said your name was Mr. Bitey! The time before that, you said your name was Mr. Snowball! And all the times before that, you didn’t say anything at all, as if you didn’t have a name, and that was your answer! Why won’t you just please cooperate and tell me what your real name is, huh?” Zyrzir whined.

    Because you are annoying me to death, and I am trying to ignore you so my brain doesn’t explode! Solonn thought.[/spoil][thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner
    3rd place (2 votes): [spoil]The doors pulled apart with a loud whine. Inside, the hall opened up into a massive warehouse, filled with rows and rows of perfect conical steel devices Ghetsis stared oddly at. One at the far end had several grunts in HAZMAT suits inspecting an open panel on the cone.

    "I'm unfamiliar with these devices. What are they?" asked Ghetsis.

    "The complete collection of live Galactic Bombs, assembled and armed."

    Ghetsis gave Saturn a complicated look, rubbing his forehead. "This wasn't the energy proposal I was invited to hear. I don't associate 'bomb' with electrical power."[/spoil][thread=633706]Deep Space[/thread] by yugoslavia

    Most Frightening Scene
    1st place (9 votes): [spoil]The next day, Ian barely had the will to move. He was too busy staring at the four cacti. They stood just a few dozen yards from where he had awoken. There was still no sight of the plane wreckage, and since he had begun to rest for the night before the sun went down, he knew they weren’t there the previous day. He thought he noticed one of them move slightly, but immediately wrote it off; he had always imagined that desert mirages were just something from childhood cartoons—not unlike quicksand or falling anvils—but the omnipresent cacti had convinced him otherwise. He wanted to shout at them; to let them know that he knew they were just a figment of his imagination trying to defeat his will to live, but he found he didn’t have the strength even for that.

    The third day progressed much like the second, only more slowly. The pain in Ian’s right knee assaulted him with every unsteady step he made in the sand, and his dehydrated body had little strength left for another all-day push. Ian’s dry gasps scraped his battered throat. Each passing dune that showed only more outstretched desert beyond was met with less disappointment and despair and more realized expectations.

    With hours to go still before the sun was fully set, Ian knew he needed to stop. The travel was taking too much out of him. He fell forward to his knees and began slowly pushing away enough sand to rest in. He promised himself he would get enough sleep that night to be fully rested for the next day so he could journey on for longer. He vowed that after a good night’s sleep, he would refuse to stop until he found signs of life.

    Just a few feet behind Ian, the four cactus creatures watched him make his bed for the night. Their heads turned, and with hungry yellow eyes, communicated what they each already knew. This stranger in their home was far too weak by this point to mount any resistance. He would be theirs that night.

    Ian Barth’s body was not recovered with the wreckage of Rustboro Air flight eight-thirty-two. He was never heard from again.[/spoil][thread=632894]Tales From The PokeDex[/thread] by Sid87

    2nd place (6 votes): [spoil]Chapter 13:
    The child's memories are fragmented things, moments here and there connected by no more than confusion and a sense of creeping dread, but the pokémon's are just incoherent tatters. She hangs suspended in a haze of nightmare and delirium, and you can make out only a horrible sense of restraint, a heaviness of limbs and mind that leaves her too weak to concentrate and consider the swelling wrongness growing beneath it all. She spends scant waking hours in terror of hallucinations that turn the mirrors of others' minds dark and disjointed, so senses no longer line up and reality distorts along manifold planes.

    By the time she realizes she's pregnant, impossibly, grotesquely so, it's too late. She's aware of a new mind taking shape inside her, but it's growing wrong, taking on a form she doesn't recognize. She tries to guide its budding awareness the way a mother should, tries to mold it back into the right shape, but her confused reaching only makes things worse, when she even has the strength to try. As the alien mind stirs inside her, scared and horribly alone, she grows more anxious and her attempts at contact become more desperate. And as her agitation increases, the drugs get stronger, until all the rest is lost in a gray blanket of unawareness.[/spoil][thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek

    Most Heartbreaking Scene
    1st place (9 votes): [spoil]I knew something was wrong when he didn’t come home for my birthday. My mom said it was nothing: “Maybe he just forgot what day it is; you know how absent-minded your dad can be”– but I could tell she was only trying to make me feel better. She pretended that everything was fine, that there was nothing wrong with sitting at a table for two at my favorite restaurant, or with putting a third of my cake back in the fridge, or with actually being able to hear the funny parts of my favorite movie because no one was laughing too loud. Did she think I didn’t notice that her smile was too wide, her voice was too high-pitched and bubbly, or that she kept turning her face away so I wouldn’t see her worried expression? I kept glancing at her while we watched the movie– no, not watched– my mom’s eyes were glued to the TV screen, but she was staring straight through it.

    But I pretended, too. My mom was trying so hard to make me happy, and I didn’t want to make her worry about me. So I told her that she was right, maybe something came up; maybe he got so busy he lost track of time. I could almost believe it myself– he really was absent-minded, just like my mom said. He’d forgotten her birthday a few years before; boy, she’d really let him have it for that.[/spoil][thread=632517]Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Journey[/thread] by Hakajin

    2nd place (5 votes): [spoil]"You grit your teeth. Not helpful! No one could call this 'helping.' You walk faster, hurrying through growing shadows, walk until the warm circle of firelight takes you in. You manage a face-tightening smile at the enthusiasm that greets the arrival of food. The team digs in, all save one. You think you're the only one who notices that, for the first time in her life, Rats is late for dinner."[/spoil][thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    3rd place (3 votes): [spoil]"Ash, you got to stop this."

    Pikachu and he were at the Pokémon Center, staying in one of the rooms for the night. They had the room all to themselves — they had spare rooms for his companions.

    Ash raised his voice. "Pikachu, I don't want to talk about this."

    "And you think I do? We need to talk about this. I've let this go for too long, and I can't let it go on any longer."

    "Let what go on longer, Pikachu? This journey? Pikachu, you know—"

    "What journey, Ash? You keep trying to relive your first journey, but your first journey is over, no matter how much you don't want it to be."

    "Shut up, Pikachu, shut up!" The room turned deadly silent. "Pikachu, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you."

    Pikachu closed his eyes. "I know you didn't mean to, Ash. I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry I've let this go on for so long. You keep replacing our team. Every year you replace us… Squirtle for Totodile… Charizard for Infernape… Pigeot for Fletchling… how long is it going to be before this isn't 'our' team anymore? How much longer before you replace me?"

    "Pikachu, I'd never —!"

    "But you already have!" Pikachu glared at Ash. "You've replaced them, and soon enough, you're going to replace me, too. You're even replacing your companions!"

    Ash lowered his head. "No, I'm not —"

    "What ever happened to Misty? Or Brock? How can you stand being around such young kids?"

    "They're not—"

    "You're not ten anymore, Ash."

    "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Tears swarmed Ash's vision. "Tha-that's not true. I-I am ten… stop trying to tell me I'm not. Take it back."

    Pikachu walked over towards the door. "I wish I could, Ash, I wish I could — but I can't. I've been a horrible starter to let things get this far. "

    Pikachu started opening the door.

    "P-Pikachu? Where are you going?"

    "I'm going out for some fresh air. I need a quiet place to sit and think. I-I'm so sorry, Ash, but I care for you… I just don't know how much longer I can let you do this…"

    Pikachu walked out of the room, leaving Ash to fend a whirlwind of emotions by himself.[/spoil][thread=635426]The Broken One [One Shot][/thread] by Shurtugal

    Most Heartwarming Scene
    1st-2nd place (6 votes): [spoil]“Honey,” she said tiredly, knocking on the tin door. “Baby, I did somethin’ real bad.” She heard nothing, but that was no surprise, so she continued. “I thought comin’ here would be good for us, y’know? Like, I thought gettin’ away from the city would make us better people. But I just feel worse. And meaner. And madder.” She sunk to the ground, getting dirt on the green dress she hated. Dotty sat next to her.

    “I put the ladies to sleep, like I used to do at restaurants. Remember?” She smiled softly and absently rubbed Dotty’s slick leaves with her fingers. “But I didn’t even get nothin’ out of it. I gave all the money to charity,” she said, throwing her hands into the air. “And I don’t even feel good about it.”

    She sat quietly for a second, before finally climbing back to her feet. “I’m gonna go make dinner,” she said faintly, after a long sigh. “Sandwiches okay?” Right before she left, the door cracked open, and Eddie peeked out at her from the pitch-black room. She started to ask him if he had heard her, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her inside, shutting the door quickly behind her.

    They were in a tiny curtained area, and once the door was shut and darkness returned, Eddie parted the thick cloth. Loretta gasped.

    Bathed in dim red light, four shallow basins filled with different liquids sat on a table. Hanging everywhere on strings attached at various points on the walls were fully developed photographs. Loretta walked slowly, careful not to touch anything, and got closer to one of the photos. She saw that it – and all of the pictures – were from their photoshoot in the Viridian Forest. Her lip quivered, and she felt like her face projected more red than the light bulb.

    “Oh, Eddie,” she whispered, placing her hand on her chest. With her other hand, she gently took hold of the photograph, examining it closer. “These are… wait.” She furrowed her brow and plucked the picture out of the clothespin’s grasp. She then quickly shuffled through the curtain and out the door, Eddie close behind. In full daylight, she saw all the details.

    “I look awful!” she shouted, letting her arms fall limply at her side at she stared blankly forward. “I look freakin’ terrible,” she mumbled, biting her lip. She turned around and faced Eddie, her mouth still slightly open.

    Eddie was slowly approaching her. Before he could wrap her in his arms, however, he giggled.

    “You’re… laughing?” Loretta asked, eyes widening. “You think this is funny?” He was laughing even harder now, and his whole body was shaking. “You’re just as mean as those ladies!” she yelled, beginning to smile herself. “The whole reason we moved here,” she said, her nostrils widening as a full-blown grin took over face, “was because I thought green was my color! And look at this!” She waved the photo in his face and grabbed his arm for support as both of them panted for air. “I look like a Nidoking!”

    They screamed and collapsed into the grass, holding each other tightly. Loretta buried her face into Eddie’s chest to contain her shrieks of laughter. After several minutes, they both lay down, holding their stomachs.

    “I’m sorry, honey,” she mumbled, patting the ground until she found his hand. “I can’t believe I thought this would be a good idea. I just don’t know anymore, y’know? I don’t think havin’ kids is worth livin’ like this..” She scooted closer to him. “I’m startin’ to wonder if bein’ shot in the head in my thirties would be better than dyin’ from boredom when I’m eighty.” He laughed lazily in return, and she rolled over, pushing herself up so she could look him in the eyes.

    “Wha’d’ya say, babe? Let’s ditch this place and go back home. We can crash our car runnin’ from the cops. Get in a shootout with a gang. Or we can just keep just keep livin’ forever, you, me, and Dotty, robbin’ banks every day.” As if on cue, the Oddish scampered over. Loretta grinned at her and looked back at her husband with pleading eyes. “It’s your choice. We can even… we can even stay here if you want.”

    Eddie looked sternly back at her with a cocked eyebrow. He had spent their entire time in Viridian reading, making friends at work, and relaxing. For the first time in his life, he felt like he had stability. He didn’t have to worry about prison or gun wounds or dying. He was safer than he had ever been. Leaning up, he came face to face with Loretta, who was staring at him nervously. Never smiling, he took a deep breath.

    “Let’s get the hell outta here.”[/spoil][thread=578578]Chromatic[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    1st-2nd place (6 votes): [spoil]Perfect, I thought, as I wrapped my arms around hers.

    As I made a knot out of my arms, I could see her brown eyes staring at me, with a mix of wonder and confusion. I could see her hair being blown by the soft wind, with strands both enveloping her bow and resting on her forehead. I could see her mouth slightly quivering at the motions of my arms, perhaps out of feeling tickled.

    I had dozed off for a while before I realized that I had a firm grip on her. I turned my back towards her, and I could hear her soft gasp. Taking deep breaths, I readied myself to carry her.

    One, two, thr—

    Everything suddenly became a blur. The grass dissolved into streaks of green, and the sky became blotches of white and blue. The building was no more than a splash of gray, and the sun was nothing beyond a few dots of yellow.

    But what filled my vision was pink. Everything screamed pink, and it felt like pink was embracing every part of my body. I couldn’t see anything but a world of pink, and even when I closed my eyes, my vision was filled by pink.

    And then, a halt. And laughter.

    “Weeeee! That was fun!” I heard the little girl say in between breaths. “You’re so cute!”

    I looked at her, and her appearance had changed. Her hair was now very messy, with blades of grass and chunks of dirt in between her hair. Her forehead had beads of sweat that ran down her cheeks, which had lost some of its rosiness. Her pink clothes were now far from the neat ensemble she wore mere minutes ago.

    But her eyes still had the same twinkle, and her lips still donned the same smile.

    “I want to keep you! Can I keep you, Drifloon?”

    I stared at her blankly, for I didn’t know what to respond. Keep me, like a Pokemon owned by a trainer? I have certainly thought about that possibility more than once, and this wasn’t the first time that a trainer tried to catch me. But as I looked at her and her delicate form, her earnest smile, her pink self, I knew that this was the first time that the feeling was mutual.

    She wanted to keep me. I wanted to be kept.

    I gave her a smile, which translated to a bigger one in her own face. She immediately ran towards the building, screaming “Daddy! Daddy!” I stayed there, excited at the prospect of being owned by someone I knew I would enjoy spending time with, even if I had only met her that day.

    The next time I saw her, it was already sunset, and her smile was replaced by a frown.

    She approached me rather slowly, almost as if it was the first time she met me. Her back was slouched, as if she didn’t want to look at me. I could sense that something was bothering her, and that she was about to tell me what it was.

    “Daddy says I’m too young to own a Pokemon,” she said slowly.

    I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to take her with me, but I knew she wouldn’t be happy about that. And I wanted her to be happy.

    “But he did tell me that the wind pattern means that you’ll come again next week,” she said, a hint of positivity showing in her face. “Promise that we’ll play together again next Friday, okay?”

    I gave her a smile. She gave me a bigger smile in reply.

    “All right, I have to go back inside to help Daddy,” she said as she gave me a tight hug. I watched her pink self walk towards the building, occasionally looking at me to check if I was still there. When she reached her door, she looked at me and gave me a wave, and I waved back.

    Maybe next Friday, I thought.[/spoil][thread=629617]A Friday [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody

    3rd place (4 votes): [spoil]“I do know that you wouldn’t bring up stuff about life with anyone else,” the Tympole said.

    “Yeah, because I know you aren’t going to snap at me for thinking of such weird stuff,” she said. “I sort of like you for that.”

    “Only sort of?” he asked.

    “Hey, don’t push it!” She looked off into the swamp rather than at him, usually a sign that she’d embarrassed herself. “But anyhow, even if our life went on so that we ended up with this human and each other, things could have been different. He could have used us in battles with other humans and Pokemon; we could’ve been evolved to more powerful forms already.”

    “Well it would be nice if I did evolve,” he said. “Then I could know the swamp better and be a more accurate scout.”

    The Dragalge sighed. “If you were evolved, we wouldn’t have to be making this swamp trek nearly every day. We could be earning a lot of money and respect as a battle team.”

    The Tympole curled his tail’s edges some. “I dunno. I like this. We get to talk to each other a lot and Trainer makes us good meals, then we go back to a nice home every night and sleep out of the weather. If we were a battle team, we’d be in a lot of battles and be resting to heal a lot. We couldn’t talk much then. And Trainer would have to be traveling around so we couldn’t always come back home. And he couldn’t always make us good meals because he wouldn’t have his kitchen. Maybe if it was another life, I wouldn’t mind that, but as this is this life, I would mind it. I’m happy with how things are, being here with you and Trainer every day. Wouldn’t trade this life or you for anything.”[/spoil][thread=337927]Pokedex One-Shots (PG)[/thread] by Ysavvryl
    4th place (2 votes): [spoil]Elliot then looked at Brooke. “Alright then, I know how much you want to, so... would you like to go travelling? Together, I mean, through Kanto. I mean, I like our spot in Route 35, but you are right, there is a lot to see out there that I’ll-” Before he could finish Brooke had jumped on him and embraced him in a gleeful hug.
    [/spoil][post=17204759]Fairy Tale[/post] by bobandbill

    Best Action Scene
    1st place (10 votes): [spoil]This was starting to happen with more and more regularity. In the beginning, the tentacles were stupid. They would literally just float right into Dorian’s shots without trying to get out of the way at all. It had been easy to pick them off, as they would usually spawn a few miles away in the sky and take their time getting to him. Over the last couple months however, they had wised up to Dorian’s weapons and gotten out of the way when he tried to take them out at a distance. Which didn’t make sense to him seeing as they had no visible way to see, but it was happening so he dealt with it.

    As the tentacles drew closer they formed themselves into a fifty foot tall heart. Dorian laughed aloud as he plugged in his headphones and began searching for a song. They had tried to communicate with him over the course of their last few attempts, at first forming rudimentary shapes like squares and triangles. The heart was something new however and Dorian sarcastically saluted their attempt to soften his resolve.

    “Nice try you ****s!” Dorian yelled, ending the words with a smile.

    In response the tentacles straightened themselves into rigid spears and doubled their speed towards him. Dorian found the song he was looking for and pressed play. He deposited the mp3 player into his pocket and reached down to touch his toes. As the tentacles closed to within a hundred yards away he drew his sword with his left hand and his sidearm with his right. Five Finger Death Punch screamed in his ears as he sprinted forward.


    Dorian dove to the ground and rolled as the first pair of tendrils swiped down at him. He came up with a horizontal slash that sank deep into the flesh of one that was too slow to swing away. It exploded into purple light just as another three shot towards him from the left, right and middle. Instead of trying to clip them with his sword, Dorian fell backwards, allowing them to collide with each other.


    Dorian raised his pistol and tagged another two before the third swung away. As they exploded into flares of energy he saw a single tentacle racing towards him from the corner of his eye. He rolled left as it dissolved the patch of ground he had just been occupying. As it streaked towards him he swung his sword in a wide arc and destroyed it with a glancing blow to its pointed tip. Only three remained and they shrank back to regroup and assess. They twitched and swung back and forth, as if trying rudimentary sign language.


    “Come on!” Dorian roared.

    The tentacles shot forward again to impale him, spaced only inches from each other. Dorian ran forward and jumped upwards to meet them. He raised his right hand and fired towards the center of them. As he expected he missed and they spread apart to hit him from three sides, which is exactly what he wanted. He twisted his body to the right and managed to slash all three of them as his left arm came around. Dorian landed on his knees next to his beer. He opened one and drank it warm as the violet light faded from the sky.

    Satisfied, Dorian shouldered his pack and his beer. He clicked his heels together as he resumed his trek back towards the house. [/spoil][thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    2nd place (7 votes): [spoil]She sent her other hand up to touch the kwazai’s face, caressing it with fingers that shook in spite of her efforts to prevent such. His skin was rubbery and quite smooth. She found it pleasant to the touch, and she tried to focus on how nice it felt rather than on the fear that was steadily overtaking her. It began to work, too. But then Esaax’s head suddenly moved with surprising speed, the jaws snapping harshly. His serrated teeth sank deeply into the meager flesh of her arm.

    Madeline screamed in pain. All the love that she’d had for Esaax was gone from her mind now, replaced by pure, primal terror. Knowing that she currently had access to no attacks that could do him any harm and aware that she would likely just get them thrown right back at her at twice the power if she did have any, she tried desperately to free herself from him, but to no avail. Her escape was foiled soundly, not only by Esaax’s sheer physical strength but also by the dark gray aura that flared into being around both pokémon at her attempt to escape, signaling that Esaax had retained his shadow tag ability.

    Esaax worried Madeline’s arm in his jaws with shredding teeth and sharp, jerking movements of his neck until the appendage was torn away at the elbow, gruesomely freeing one side of her, drawing more cries of agony. His left hand clutched her right hand even more tightly, and there were several sickening cracks as the bones in his grip yielded to the pressure. His other hand shot forward and slammed into her chest, pinning her to the wall.

    Now struggling to breathe, Madeline stared through eyes blurred with tears at the empty space where half of her arm had once been. Then, fearfully, she looked up at Esaax once more. His head was already raised for another strike. Her blood dripped slowly and thickly from his jaws, and she glimpsed a couple of her own fingers protruding from between his teeth before they, along with the rest of her severed limb, disappeared into his mouth and down his very long throat.

    It was in that moment that Esaax became aware of something new. He had discovered the presence of a power within him into which he had not yet tapped. He summoned it forth, and it rose up through his spine, radiated out through one arm, and gathered in his hand.

    Esaax went ahead and released Madeline, letting her slump to the floor in her wavering consciousness, knowing that she couldn’t escape anyway. He gazed at his hand with curiosity. Energy in a shade of black that he’d never seen before danced in a slow vortex around it with a glow that was intensifying by the second.

    He drew that arm back as if he were working an invisible bow. All of his senses focused fully on the bleeding, shaking mr. mime before him. His concentration became heightened to its maximum acuteness. At this range, it was virtually unnecessary to take aim, but he nonetheless sought out the most lethal trajectory for his new weapon.

    His arm thrust forward. With a loud, hollow sound, a glowing black beam of incredible intensity exploded from his hand, blasting Madeline point-blank.

    At the exact moment that the beam struck Madeline, a horrible, sudden pain hit Esaax like a wrecking ball, taking his breath away. Red light exploded in his vision. His nerves seared excruciatingly for what felt like innumerable seconds, and his head felt as though it were blowing itself apart.

    In his suffering, Esaax staggered and fell to the floor. When he rose once more, his mind surfaced from the altered state that it had been in for nearly the entire duration of the time since he’d evolved.

    His vision returned in the next moment. He saw blood before him, as well as something black and twisted—a corpse. Something—someone—who, mere moments ago, had been alive—until he had killed her.

    Esaax recoiled with a scream, suddenly frantic to be as far away from the scene as possible. His stomach violently expelled its contents. His renewed clarity wouldn’t let him delude himself into believing that this was a nightmare or a hallucination. The scene before his eyes unflinchingly spoke the truth: he had murdered this pokémon. He had tasted her blood. He had eaten her flesh…

    A howl of anguish and horror tore its way out through his throat. With fear, confusion, and disgust like none that he had ever known, all directed straight toward himself, Esaax brought his newfound technique to bear on the wall, letting it linger there until a large area of the wall had turned black and disintegrated, and then fled into the night.[/spoil][thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner

    Best Cliffhanger
    1st place (13 votes): [spoil]Dorian was already out of breath by the time they had ascended the first set of stairs. They had found that the floor of the room they needed to cross was hostile to their intent. He had taken a step forward into the room to have the floor crumble beneath them. So they had adopted a habit of Alakazam levitating them over every room they needed to cross on their way to the top.

    Shelton had not let go of his hand since they had ascended the first set of stairs. For the first couple floors he had wanted to break away from her, and he didn’t know why. Some kind of space had opened up between them when she told him about Ethan’s involvement with their parents’ death. It was a space that had no shape or quantification. It was just there but he held on to her hand because it seemed to give her comfort.

    They rose through the levels of the towers to eventually arrive at an archway filled with sunlight. The cascaded through and into the open air. Alakazam screamed with his mind and his voice.

    A bewildering sight greeted Dorian. Six vaguely humanoid forms were holding Ethan’s head above his body. A small part of him exclaimed with happiness before the larger part cast it aside as he watched what happened next. The six shapes of glowing green dissolved into the air, swirling around Ethan’s levitating head. All at once, the pieces burrowed into Ethan’s exposed neck. A flash of green light issued from Ethan’s body as the last of the flakes disappeared from view.

    Alakazam bellowed again as Ethan’s head drifted down to attach itself to his body. Black smoke issued from his neck as the flesh melded itself back together. Ethan shot to his knees, arms held forward. He breathed in, then out, in then out. When he breathed out on the third breath, he exhaled his teeth. They tinkled to the ground, their whiteness a stark contrast to the black of the tower.

    “Dorian,” Shelton whispered.

    He was about to say something, anything, when Alakazam interrupted by launching a swirling ball of energy at Ethan. The attack connected with his chest and ricocheted into the sky and exploded. Again Alakazam launched an attack but it bounced off Ethan’s body. Ethan looked up at them, his pupils dilated to the edge of his eyes.

    Dorian shifted his stance as Ethan rose to his feet and floated into the air. His arms were stretched wide as he floated upwards. He looked down to them, a cruel grin etched across his face.

    “Ethan?” Alakazam broadcasted.

    “Our name is all,” Ethan responded, his voice a mix of overlapping voices.

    Ethan’s skin darkened to black. His torso elongated and his arms instantly tripled in length. His clothes fell away as his body expanded and lengthened, becoming more serpentine. His legs melded together as his head morphed into a more triangular shape. Four fleshy crests broke his skin from behind his neck; two smaller below and two longer above. Interlocking rings of gold traced the length of his snake-like torso as a forked tail took shape at the end of his body. Bigger and bigger he grew as three claws sprouted from each hand and two fangs became visible in his mouth.

    Dorian was never a model student. However, he had always been entranced by Pokemon mythology and had no trouble recognizing the creature in front of them. Rayquaza. Lord of the air and all below it. They all took an involuntarily step backwards, except for Alakazam. The legendary Pokemon snaked its reptilian head forward and grasped the plate in its mouth. Raising its head, the Rayquaza swallowed it whole.

    The air dragon spun in a quick circle, clawed hands grasping the empty air. Its gaze fell to them. It roared so loudly that Dorian felt like the entire world was breaking apart. The Rayquaza lifted its head; a ball of pulsing white light filling its mouth. Dorian saw Alakazam raise his arms.

    The sky dragon’s head jutted forward and released a discharge of energy that Dorian knew would kill them all. The blast of energy halted though, right before it reached them as Alakazam erected a gargantuan pane of energy to halt its movement. He saw the psychic’s body shake and glow as he struggled to hold the attack in place. The shield began to fracture. Wide cracks of white light expanded through its expanse as Alakazam’s hands waved from side to side.

    Alakazam turned his head and looked backwards. He glanced at all of them but his gaze focused on Dorian. He breathed in and stared back as Alakazam closed his eyes. The shield of energy shattered and Rayquaza’s attack struck the top of the tower. Dorian saw Alakazam’s body break apart in a scattering of light as the energy detonated.

    The shockwave blew all three of them off the tower. A pressure gripped Dorian’s chest as he fell. He focused his eyes down to see a spear of the tower embedded in his chest. Blood trickled into the air as he lightly gripped the shaft of stone. With each beat of his heart, the world around him became sprinkled with blackness. He turned his head to look for his sister but all he saw was the sky.

    Another explosion turned his body around to face the water. It greeted him with an azure smile, waves slow and hypnotic. Dorian blinked, more darkness clouding his vision. As shock ravaged his body he saw two shapes streaking towards him from the West. One was pink and one was purple, and they both glowed like heaven itself.

    Dorian’s heart thumped loudly one final time then stopped completely. The water below reached out to him, and up above, he heard the air dragon roar.[/spoil][thread=565021]Requiem (PG-13)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    2nd place (4 votes): [spoil]End of Chapter 15:
    Now you think you want to move. You try to open your eyes but can't get them to more than watery slits, a bit of graying light coming in through the cracks. You want to run away, but you can't move your legs at all. Your heart starts beating faster as panic floods your brain, but your limbs no more than twitch. Weight rolls in like a heavy fog and smothers your resolve. It really is getting hard to breathe. You try to swallow and choke instead, saliva dribbling from your mouth. Your eyes close again, and you can't get them open.

    It's poison. They poisoned you with whatever they put in those darts. They? Someone. You're poisoned. Your thoughts are starting to fall apart, but you try to hold on to one thing, one last thing. Escape. Run. You have to get away from here. You have to heal yourself, get all the poison out. Escape.

    It stops raining. The marowak is gone from under you, the bone-numbing ice traded for cold earth and a scattering of jabbing twigs. That's all you know, that's all you can tell, before you fall into a healing stupor and all the rest is lost.[/spoil][thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek

    Most Memorable Quote
    1st-2nd place (7 votes): [spoil]“That’s why I got you after all,” she said to the Pokégear. “The past is just parts of the future that already happened. I’ll make that future even better than what happened for me before, and I’ll keep every last bit of it. That’s what I’ll do.” - Olivia[/spoil][thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    1st-2nd place (7 votes): [spoil] “Maybe you shall walk the blessed fields again. There be promise in eternity; the world will again be green and bright. If your heart be as pure as your deeds, then you shall go before me. Drink up the new world. Be born anew in its splendor. Treasure everything you see. Be you rested and hale. Take in the golden hue. Maybe, if the legends will it so, I will walk there too...” - Ampharos[/spoil][thread=621816]Operation: Saltus Valley[/thread] by Knightfall
    3rd place (5 votes): [spoil]"Be careful when you think of me. Think rationally, and slowly, and you will come to your own solid conclusions." - Markus[/spoil][thread=618659]Flying in the Dark[/thread] by diamondpearl876

    Author Awards

    Best Established Writer
    1st place (9 votes): JX Valentine
    2nd place (6 votes): Cutlerine
    3rd place (3 votes): Sike Saner
    4th place (1 vote): Negrek
    5th place (0 votes): Dragonfree

    Best New Writer
    1st place (10 votes): PhalanxSigil
    2nd place (5 votes): Kukansis

    Most Dedicated Writer
    1st place (7 votes): Cutlerine
    2nd-3rd place (4 votes): Dragonfree
    2nd-3rd place (4 votes): The Great Butler
    4th place (2 votes): Griff4815
    5th place (1 vote): FlamingRuby

    Most Improved Writer
    1st place (11 votes): starliteevee
    2nd place (4 votes): Kukansis
    3rd place (3 votes): Bulba the Great!

    Reviewer Awards

    Most Helpful Reviewer
    1st place (9 votes): Creepychu
    2nd place (5 votes): Negrek
    3rd place (4 votes): Dragonfree
    4th place (1 vote): Hakajin

    Most Dedicated Reviewer
    1st place (10 votes): diamondpearl876
    2nd place (5 votes): The Great Butler
    3rd place (3 votes): Hakajin
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    Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!

    Now that our first awards using the new site are over with, I'd also like to reiterate that I'd be thrilled to hear any feedback on how the awards site could be improved and made more user-friendly. Next time around I'd like to improve the site's handling of deadlines and cutoffs, for one - it'd be nice to have it start and end the nomination/voting automatically at the appropriate time rather than needing to be manually set, and I have some ideas on automatically enforcing the cutoff dates for nomination eligibility to the greatest degree possible. I'd also like to make it more mobile-friendly so that users can more conveniently nominate or vote from their phones. Finally, the temporary account system created for the voting phase will also be available in the nomination phase, for those users who don't want to register for one reason or another.

    If you have any further ideas for improvements, I'd love to hear them!
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    ...Common app essays don't count as fictional stories, guys.

    In all seriousness, though, I am beyond humbled. I didn't expect to get any nominations at all because I was gone for so long, let alone three. For writing three chapters in my first ever fiction, only one of which was actually good, in my opinion. And winning one of the categories? That sound you just heard was my mind exploding.

    Thank you to all of those people who voted for me. I'm completely flabbergasted, and even more motivated to bring better stuff to you guys in the future. Also, to everyone else who was even nominated for an award, let alone those who won, congratulations. You all deserved to be on that list, and you should be proud.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to mop up the brain juice from the floor.

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    By the way, I'm hearing that there's been some error accessing A Dragon in Shining Armour. Is that for everybody or just one person, because it works fine for me?

    Thanks again.
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    More importantly, congratulations to all the other nominees and winners! There's a lot of excellent writing behind all of that, and I'm glad to see it recognised.
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    And, of course, congratulations to everyone else, winners and runners-up, alike. There are so many terrific stories and works here, and it's always a joy when I find myself with a chance to read through some of them. I've greatly enjoyed the stories nominated here, and I am noty ashamed to admit that I feel they've helped out my own writing, as well.
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    Starlight Aurate Just a fallen star

    ... I can't really put what I'm feeling into words now, but getting Most Improved really just makes me so grateful and loving towards everyone here (personally, I voted for someone else in that category since I think they deserved it more, lol). But thank you guys so much! Getting this really makes me believe that I have been going in the right direction and that I ought to keep on going with my fic even with my doubts and stumbles along the way. And thanks to everyone who put this up! This would not be possible without everyone on this forum.

    To answer Dragonfree's request for as to how to better the system, I don't really have anything. I thought everything came along pretty nicely, and I'm happy with how it all turned out.

    Congratulations to everyone who won and was nominated! All of you write works which are a joy to read, and I'm thankful that I get to see and interact with people like you.

    I'll see all of you (and hopefully more) at the 2015 fanfiction awards!
  10. Knightfall

    Knightfall Blazing Wordsmith

    Whoah... I certainly didn't expect this; coming in first outright or in parallel with other talented authors when I've been doing pretty much nothing on my fics for the last year or so... No excuses now. I need to get my writing in gear again to keep up my presence here. I'm very grateful you all felt my works were worth the votes.

    O: SV was unexpectedly popular on all fronts, it seems, I'll definitely keep that in mind when I'm writing the next chapter. :)

    Thank you all for voting and congrats to all the others who participated and won awards— you all deserve them for your hard work and dedication. I'll be picking up my slack in a few days once life cools down for me.

    As for the system this year, I felt it was very streamlined. I thought it worked quite well for its intended purpose and would fit nicely for next year's award nominations.

    See you all for next year's awards!

    Knightfall signing off... ;005;
  11. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    [Imaginative]:[Clockwork] X-treme trainer

    This is so exciting! After embarrassingly only posting a single one-shot last year, I didn't expect to be nominated for anything, and seeing Chromatic on there five times was a thrill. I didn't win most of them, haha, but looking at the other names on the lists it's hard to object. As for the ones I did win (one of which was a tie with Dramatic Melody, an honor in itself), I couldn't be prouder! I'm not nearly as involved in the community as I should be, and being recognized makes me feel really guilty about it, heh. I'll try to review/post more, and maybe next year all my eggs won't be in one fic-basket. Nothing's better than knowing that someone likes what you wrote, and my username even being on here is awesome.

    Of course, congratulations to all the nominees and winners! It looks like there's a pretty big mix of fics on here, so if you were able to win it was probably against some pretty stiff competition.
  12. Venia Silente

    Venia Silente [](int x){return x;}

    Eh... I honestly thought I would have fared better in Best Expansion of Canon, considering it's the thing I try to work out the most on the stories I write and that's more or less my shtick. That coupled with once again being the sole "other" contestant in a category where there wasn't... really much of a competition, means I'm not sure what message to take from the scores I got. I'm slightly getting a "drop out of it while you can" vibe, or that perhaps I can only perform moderately well at specialized contests such as Interpretations rather than trying to write for the general audience.

    Other than that, congratulations to the winners I guess, and in particular congratulations to Cutlerine for A Leash of Foxes which I have so far enjoyed. I deciced against voting this year simply because I couldn't hope to catch up on enough stories that weren't part of the Interpretations contest to get enough samples that y voting would be fair. Or at least that's what I felt. It does leave me wondering though, as I feel, looking at the votes, that noticeably fewer people voted this year than in previous ones?

    My personal congratulations to fellow writers and collaborators Spiteful Murkrow, Umbramatic and DarkerShining, as well.
  13. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine Ever-Discordant

    Orrrrrr it could mean that you need more exposure.

    We tend to get a few comments about this kind of thing a year. Not that many, but there are a few, and that's relevant because I can see where y'all are coming from. When you come into the Fan Fic equivalent of the Oscars, you kinda expect your placement in the awards to reflect the quality of your fic, right? Because you're asking the forums who they thought the best fic of the best fics was, yeah? On paper, that's exactly what it'd do, but in practice, because you're asking a bunch of anonymous people for their opinions on which fic out of a whole list of them they liked the best, chances are they'll vote for the fics they've already read.

    See, that's the main difference between these awards and the contests. In the contests, you have a narrow pool of judges who are required to offer detailed reviews in addition to looking over and analyzing every single fic. As a result, your score will actually tell you a lot about how you're metaphorically driving because your judges are literally required to read your stuff and tell you how you did, and you know this because they're also required to reveal their judgment publicly.

    By contrast, the awards don't require voters to read every single fic, and voters don't have to give you a detailed, balanced reason why they voted the way they did. So if they, say, wanted to vote for only a handful of fics because those were the only ones they'd read that year, they could totally do it. I mean, like I said, in an ideal world, everyone would read every story and vote on the one they thought was the best, but that just doesn't happen, and there's really no way to make that happen because we can't control who votes or how they vote (as this would kinda miss the point of having an awards shindig that's open to the public).

    The point is, I'd kinda hate to admit it, but the authors you see around the most and the authors who post the most stuff tend to get the most exposure. The more exposure you get, the more likely you're going to net votes because the more likely your story is going to be read by the vast amount of voters. But most importantly, your rank in the awards doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of your fic. There have always been really well-written fics in this forum that have struggled to net votes or even nominations from year to year. It's just kinda a thing that happens. The best you can do is keep trying. Maybe even push yourself to review more fics and talk to more people. Try to get some exposure in addition to maintaining a certain level of quality in your fics.

    Or in other words, don't get discouraged by these results. I mean, you were picked out of hundreds of fics to have a shot at the awards, and people did vote for you, so that's a step in the right direction! :D It's just that a lot of people probably didn't vote for you because, well, exposure.

    (Although you are right that there were fewer voters and nominees this year. The forum in general has sort of slowed down, and we are certainly taking suggestions for what you'd like to see that might ramp up activity a little. Or at least I'm taking suggestions. I kinda wrote this entire paragraph without consulting my fellow mods, sooooo...)

    On that note, despite the above, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who voted for AEM and Error 1393, and congrats to the other winners and nominees! All I can say is it's an honor, but really, I'm happy for everyone else because you all worked really hella hard. :D To the chaptered fics, good luck on keeping it up! We need next year to be even more exciting than this one. And to the one-shot authors, keep your ideas poppin', okay? ;D

    As for Dragonfree's question, I'm in love with this system. It was so much easier from a voter's perspective than it had been previously. Can we keep this?

    I mean, really, the only hiccup was all of those ineligible nominations needing to be taken out, but you're already working on that, looks like.
    Last edited: May 2, 2015
  14. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Yeah, this is always a popularity contest to some extent, and skewed by how much you show up on the forums. Heck, I bet I get more people looking at my fic just because of my mod status, regardless of if I am actually good or not. That just happens. Being nominated is a good start at any rate, and with the best expansion of canon category, there's a good strong bunch of people that were deservedly nominated for that category... which maybe isn't surprising given fanfic is generally our takes on canon! (Not saying that because I was also in that category, in part because I'd agree a bunch of other fics expanded canon more than that fic anyways). (Also: what Jax said).

    Can't deny being pleased about winning three of the comedy/funniest ___ categories, especially the best comedy fic category. And it wasn't the Colosseum fic either, so it is actually reassuring that apparently I can write comedy that's liked in more than one story.

    Congrats to the other winners, and here's to another year. As for the system, Dragonfree - it was excellent. I don't have any complaints in how voting, registering, etc worked with this and definitively want this to return next year and onwards.
  15. The Teller

    The Teller King of Half-Truths

    Thank you all, you kind 2 or 3 that people that voted on my anthology! And congrats with everybody else's victories. The current fanfic page should have my entry there on the first page, so you should go check it out. It's soon going to be ready to ascend into the realm of the completed story.

    Again, thanks for even the nomination! I had no idea!
  16. DarkerShining

    DarkerShining Well-Known Member

    I see my fanfic didn't do as well this year, but I'm just glad it's here. :) Thanks to those who nominated it!

    And congratulations to everyone else who got nominated and to the winners!
  17. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me

    20 different members voted this year, down from 26 last year. In 2009-2012, the number hovered stably between 36-39, but that in turn was a bit down from 46 in 2008. (2008 was when I started hosting the voting on a specialized website, so I don't have any statistics for the years before that.) So yeah, it's been going down, though the bigger loss was last year. As JX Valentine said, the forum's gotten less active in general in recent years, which probably explains most of this change.

    Also echoing her comments about how the awards are not the be-all end-all of the quality of your fic. We'd like everyone to read every nominated story, but inevitably they often don't, and moreover even if they do read them, people are still naturally inclined to vote for the stories they already love and are familiar with rather than something good they just read. And of course, maybe you just had some stiff competition in the relevant categories - people only have one vote, so even if they loved your fic, if they just happen to love some other fic even more you unfortunately won't get their vote. That's just how the awards work - they're a nice way to find the forum's favorite fics for the year, but you should by no means take it as total rejection if you don't get a lot of votes. Excellent fics have always gotten overlooked at the awards.
    Last edited: May 2, 2015
  18. Venia Silente

    Venia Silente [](int x){return x;}

    Good points, JX and the others and thanks for the reminder on the big picture. I guess I should have obviously seen it, considering I myself decided not to vote because I couldn't get exposed to other people's works enough. It would be a problem for many other people too.

    You're not alone, from what I've seen this year it's like the entirely of the internet has... somehow... all of it, slowed down. Like, even the social media and the ads. Somehow. Yeah, perhaps that Internet thing has just about run its course.

    Oh well if I can come up with any suggestions (that are not ridiculous) I'll be over there where the suggestions are expected to be.

    From what I saw of the voting system it seems to be pretty good. The only issue I ever noticed was that the text size in the popup thingies explaining the fic quotes and other related things was too small, or made it look like the letters were all pushed and crunched together, which made reading information from more than one at a time a PITA - but one key combo later that was fixed, so... Yeah, it's nice to see an automated semiindependent system to assist voting in as much as it can.

    Bobandbill, from what I've read you can't not win something about being funny. :p
  19. Beyond honored to share Most Heartwarming Scene with [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]. I was really surprised "A Friday" got nominated, so seeing it win is even more of a shock! Grateful too for the votes for Humans of Hoenn; the winners of the categories it was nominated in are both great writers.

    Congrats to everyone who won and got nominated! :D
  20. Creepychu

    Creepychu The horror

    With all the reviewing work the other nominee's had put in, I have to admit I did not expect to come out ahead in Most Helpful Reviewer, never mind with such a healthy margin, beneficiary of split votes or no. Big thanks to everyone who voted and especially the people behind those sweet nomination comments. I'll do my best to get more reviews done rather than left drafted in the future. Also, big congratulations to everyone who placed this year; there's a lot of quality stories in the nominees list that haven't gotten half the attention they deserve, so I hope people aren't shying away from clicking those links and seeing what they're all about.

    Once I got around to figuring it out and stopped overlooking glaringly obvious buttons in plain view, I found the voting system quite intuitive and very user-friendly, so no complaints on that score. However, I do think next year's process could be made a lot smoother by setting a clear, unambiguous cut-off date for what stories can be nominated as well as a clear definition for what qualifies as a new story (or a who counts as a new author for that matter) and including those definitions prominently in the first post. There was quite a bit of debate about what does and does not qualify for one thing or the other throughout, which created a lot of extra work and headache for the staff and a bit of delay and frustration for voters. Mutually agreeing on a policy beforehand and putting it out in public for easy reference should hopefully nip that problem right in the bud.

    As a quick addendum to the voting thing, I'd also like to point out that it pays to take a long, honest look at your competition before getting down about coming last in a category. Looked at on its own, your writing might already be great, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to stand out when you put it next to a bunch of other stories that would also be great when looked at on their own, which is the situation it's in when the votes are cast. Rather than treating it as a sign of being out of your league, consider that the people who nominated you and voted for you see it in exactly the opposite way; they thought that your work is good enough to win, and that's why you were in the standings in the first place. That is the main takeaway here in my opinion, and I'd take it as encouragement to keep doing what you do. Trends come and go, but if you're consistently putting out high quality work, it is bound to get acknowledged sooner or later.
    Last edited: May 3, 2015

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