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2015 Fanfiction Awards: RESULTS

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by The Great Butler, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Thank you for your patience with the slight delay in getting these up.

    We saw a fair uptick in activity near the end of the voting period. Things were still somewhat slow, though, so over the course of 2016 I think we will be trying to come up with new ideas and really work to revive this section further.

    With that out of the way, please, don't let my musing about the previous year take away from what really is the point here! As always, everyone who participated in the awards on every level put in a lot of effort. Congratulations to all the winners, and to the runners-up, may next year bring better fortune!

    [Results to be posted in reply]
  2. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Overall Fiction Awards

    Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=623571]A Leash of Foxes[/thread] by Cutlerine
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=642362]Flying in the Dark (revised)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=615126]The Progression[/thread] by Praxiteles
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner
    8th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    8th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=647462]The Curse of Forgotten Time (PG-13)[/thread] by Shattersoul

    Best New Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    3rd place (2 votes): [thread=647462]The Curse of Forgotten Time (PG-13)[/thread] by Shattersoul
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=646638]Vaira[/thread] by Rediamond
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=644526]Ultimatum (ORAS)[/thread] by ZoruaGirl27
    6th place (0 votes): [thread=643519]The End (PG13)[/thread] by DeliriousAbsol

    Best Pokémon One-Shot
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    2nd-6th place (2 votes): [thread=641308]Under Control[/thread] by Psychic
    2nd-6th place (2 votes): [thread=647801]Overlord ["Criminal Intent" Contest, 2015][/thread] by solovino
    2nd-6th place (2 votes): [thread=644105]24 Months [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    2nd-6th place (2 votes): [post=17761650]Chromatic - Blue[/post] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    2nd-6th place (2 votes): [thread=647890]Baton (Criminal Intent One-Shot)[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    7th place (1 vote): [thread=648032]And an Adieu to You [One Shot][/thread] by Bay
    8th-12th place (0 votes): [thread=647884]Exit Interview [Criminal Intent entry][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    8th-12th place (0 votes): [thread=643109]A Hundred Tries (One-Shot)[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    8th-12th place (0 votes): [thread=648015]Ironside[/thread] by Firebrand
    8th-12th place (0 votes): [thread=641936]The Master's Trick[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    8th-12th place (0 votes): [thread=645772]Stationary [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody

    Best Non-Pokémon Chaptered Fic
    1st place (3 votes): [thread=643964]Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon)[/thread] by Griff4815
    2nd place (2 votes): [thread=647296]The Multiversity (An Original Story for NaNoWriMo 2015; PG)[/thread] by American--Pi

    Best Non-Pokémon One-Shot
    1st-2nd place (2 votes): [thread=643100]The Yellow Sun (Short Story)[/thread] by Vernikova
    1st-2nd place (2 votes): [thread=647165]Keeping Friends [Yu-Gi-Oh! One-Shot][/thread] by Starlight Aurate

    Other Fic Awards

    Best Plot
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=623571]A Leash of Foxes[/thread] by Cutlerine
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=647462]The Curse of Forgotten Time (PG-13)[/thread] by Shattersoul
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    6th place (0 votes): [thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    Most Original Overall
    1st place (6 votes): [thread=638717]Humans of Hoenn [Images over 500 KB][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=623571]A Leash of Foxes[/thread] by Cutlerine
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=642362]Flying in the Dark (revised)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [thread=641936]The Master's Trick[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    6th place (0 votes): [thread=645388]Glittering Celestial V[/thread] by FlamingRuby

    Best Writing Style
    1st place (3 votes): [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=642362]Flying in the Dark (revised)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=647890]Baton (Criminal Intent One-Shot)[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    6th-8th place (1 vote): [thread=615126]The Progression[/thread] by Praxiteles
    6th-8th place (1 vote): [thread=648098]Delibird's Tales [Yuletide One-shot][/thread] by The Teller
    6th-8th place (1 vote): [thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    9th-10th place (0 votes): [post=17761650]Chromatic - Blue[/post] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    9th-10th place (0 votes): [thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    Best Description
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=648112]Dessert Course[/thread] by Poetry
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder
    5th place (0 votes): [thread=644743]Rattled in Teeth and Torn from Bone [R][/thread] by katiekitten

    Best Setting
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=623571]A Leash of Foxes[/thread] by Cutlerine
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=648107]Sharing Secrets[/thread] by Psychic
    3rd place (2 votes): [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=645388]Glittering Celestial V[/thread] by FlamingRuby
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    4th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=638717]Humans of Hoenn [Images over 500 KB][/thread] by Dramatic Melody

    Best Expansion of Canon
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=638717]Humans of Hoenn [Images over 500 KB][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=648027]Calls with an Ex-Champion[/thread] by PhalanxSigil
    5th place (1 vote): [thread=648107]Sharing Secrets[/thread] by Psychic
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=632517]Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Journey[/thread] by Hakajin
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=641936]The Master's Trick[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=644105]24 Months [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=647884]Exit Interview [Criminal Intent entry][/thread] by Dramatic Melody

    Best Character Development
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=642362]Flying in the Dark (revised)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    2nd-3rd place (2 votes): [thread=643519]The End (PG13)[/thread] by DeliriousAbsol
    2nd-3rd place (2 votes): [thread=624047]Drowning[/thread] by Starlight Aurate

    Best Characterization in a Short Story
    1st place (3 votes): [thread=638717]Humans of Hoenn [Images over 500 KB][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [post=17761650]Chromatic - Blue[/post] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=647180]Starlight (one-shot)[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=647801]Overlord ["Criminal Intent" Contest, 2015][/thread] by solovino
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=648107]Sharing Secrets[/thread] by Psychic
    6th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=647890]Baton (Criminal Intent One-Shot)[/thread] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    6th-7th place (1 vote): [thread=641308]Under Control[/thread] by Psychic
    8th-10th place (0 votes): [thread=648032]And an Adieu to You [One Shot][/thread] by Bay
    8th-10th place (0 votes): [thread=647880]Solar System (4th place Villainous Intent contest)[/thread] by Blackjack Gabbiani
    8th-10th place (0 votes): [thread=640066]Forgiveness[/thread] by Psychic

    Best Romantic Relationship
    1st place (4 votes): Siobhan/Avice's father, [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    2nd place (2 votes): N/Hilda, [thread=644743]Rattled in Teeth and Torn from Bone [R][/thread] by katiekitten

    Best Non-Romantic Relationship/Interaction
    1st place (4 votes): [spoil]One of diamondpearl876's strengths is the internal complexity of her narrators. Setting two of them in counterpoint like this was an excellent idea, and the revised version of Flying in the Dark makes the interaction of Haley and Markus that much stronger.[/spoil][thread=642362]Flying in the Dark (revised)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    2nd place (3 votes): The Great Nathaniel Morgan/Child, [thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    3rd-5th place (2 votes): Caitlin and Meowstic, [thread=641308]Under Control[/thread] by Psychic
    3rd-5th place (2 votes): Matt/Nekou, [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    3rd-5th place (2 votes): Persian and Giovanni, [thread=647801]Overlord ["Criminal Intent" Contest, 2015][/thread] by solovino
    6th place (1 vote): Hilbert and his mother, [thread=644105]24 Months [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    7th-9th place (0 votes): Archie and Maxie, [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    7th-9th place (0 votes): The Glittering Celestial V (Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Serena), [thread=645388]Glittering Celestial V[/thread] by FlamingRuby
    7th-9th place (0 votes): Nida and her mother, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow

    Most Suspenseful Fic
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=645772]Stationary [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    3rd place (3 votes): [thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    4th place (1 vote): [thread=648112]Dessert Course[/thread] by Poetry
    5th place (0 votes): [thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    Most Heartbreaking Fic
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=644105]24 Months [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=647884]Exit Interview [Criminal Intent entry][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    5th place (1 vote): [thread=640053]Writ In Water[/thread] by Firebrand

    Pokémon Genre Awards

    Best Trainer Fic
    1st place (7 votes): [thread=635852]love and other nightmares[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    2nd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=632517]Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Journey[/thread] by Hakajin
    2nd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=543597]The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11][/thread] by Chibi Pika
    2nd-4th place (2 votes): [thread=642362]Flying in the Dark (revised)[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    5th place (0 votes): [thread=644605]Under One[/thread] by coalthedragon

    Best Horror Fic
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=647180]Starlight (one-shot)[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    3rd place (1 vote): [thread=647165]Keeping Friends [Yu-Gi-Oh! One-Shot][/thread] by Starlight Aurate

    Best Comedy Fic
    1st place (10 votes): [thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    2nd place (3 votes): [thread=641409]Silly human, romance is for Nidoran![/thread] by solovino
    3rd place (0 votes): [thread=646778]The Radicals' Road[/thread] by Dust_monster

    Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fic
    1st place (5 votes): [thread=612788]Anima Ex Machina: REBOOT[/thread] by JX Valentine
    2nd place (4 votes): [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner

    Best Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Fic
    1st place (9 votes): [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    2nd place (2 votes): [thread=568115]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance[/thread] by DarkerShining
    3rd-5th place (0 votes): [thread=643519]The End (PG13)[/thread] by DeliriousAbsol
    3rd-5th place (0 votes): [thread=640787]PMD: Old Ashes[/thread] by Agent Tectonic
    3rd-5th place (0 votes): [thread=625612]Pokémon: Convergence[/thread] by PhalanxSigil

    Best Pokémon-Centric
    1st place (6 votes): [thread=648015]Ironside[/thread] by Firebrand
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [thread=641409]Silly human, romance is for Nidoran![/thread] by solovino
    4th place (2 votes): [thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    5th-7th place (0 votes): [thread=645138]Bad Idea (one-shot)[/thread] by Sike Saner
    5th-7th place (0 votes): [thread=643519]The End (PG13)[/thread] by DeliriousAbsol
    5th-7th place (0 votes): [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner

    Best Canon Character-Centric
    1st place (4 votes): [thread=648032]And an Adieu to You [One Shot][/thread] by Bay
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=641936]The Master's Trick[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=648112]Dessert Course[/thread] by Poetry
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=648027]Calls with an Ex-Champion[/thread] by PhalanxSigil
    2nd-5th place (2 votes): [thread=644105]24 Months [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=647880]Solar System (4th place Villainous Intent contest)[/thread] by Blackjack Gabbiani
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=641308]Under Control[/thread] by Psychic
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=648107]Sharing Secrets[/thread] by Psychic
    6th-9th place (0 votes): [thread=644526]Ultimatum (ORAS)[/thread] by ZoruaGirl27

    Character Awards

    Best Human Main Character
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): Annie, [thread=635852]love and other nightmares[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): Avice, [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): Brendan, [thread=638717]Humans of Hoenn [Images over 500 KB][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    4th place (1 vote): Maressa, [thread=624047]Drowning[/thread] by Starlight Aurate
    5th-6th place (0 votes): Chamila, [post=17761650]Chromatic - Blue[/post] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
    5th-6th place (0 votes): Mars, [post=17872498]Solar System (4th place Villainous Intent contest) - post 17872498[/post] by Blackjack Gabbiani

    Best Non-Human Main Character
    1st place (5 votes): Kephi, [thread=635852]love and other nightmares[/thread] by diamondpearl876
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Pleo, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Persian, [thread=647801]Overlord ["Criminal Intent" Contest, 2015][/thread] by solovino
    4th place (2 votes): Baluarkos, [thread=641409]Silly human, romance is for Nidoran![/thread] by solovino
    5th place (1 vote): Mia, [thread=642976]Dave and Mia Discuss Family [Morphic extra][/thread] by Dragonfree
    6th place (0 votes): Bjorn, [thread=648015]Ironside[/thread] by Firebrand

    Best Human Supporting Character
    1st place (4 votes): May, [thread=641936]The Master's Trick[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett
    2nd place (3 votes): Ulixa, [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine

    Best Non-Human Supporting Character
    1st place (4 votes): Edie, [thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Golduck, [thread=624047]Drowning[/thread] by Starlight Aurate
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Elty, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    4th place (2 votes): Pleo, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    5th place (1 vote): April, [thread=623611]re: Through the Thunder and the Lightning[/thread] by Brutaka

    Best Human Villain
    1st place (4 votes): Sylvester DeLeo, [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd place (3 votes): Ghetsis, [thread=571130]Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R)[/thread] by The Great Butler
    3rd place (2 votes): The Trick Master, [thread=641936]The Master's Trick[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett

    Best Non-Human Villain
    1st-2nd place (3 votes): Jal'tai, [thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner
    1st-2nd place (3 votes): Lyn, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    3rd place (2 votes): Nalna, [thread=647180]Starlight (one-shot)[/thread] by Sike Saner
    4th place (1 vote): The six kings, [thread=639007]Shatterpoint (R)[/thread] by Sidewinder

    Best Minor Character
    1st place (4 votes): Karo, [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Daraen the Deino, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Cordyceps, [thread=568115]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance[/thread] by DarkerShining

    Funniest Character
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): O, [thread=648112]Dessert Course[/thread] by Poetry
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): Elty, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    1st-3rd place (3 votes): Karo, [thread=636122]The Origin of Storms[/thread] by Sike Saner
    4th-5th place (2 votes): Ash, [thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    4th-5th place (2 votes): Pleo, [thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    6th place (0 votes): Cordyceps, [thread=568115]Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance[/thread] by DarkerShining
  3. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Fic Moments Awards

    Funniest Scene
    1st place (6 votes): [spoil]It hadn’t even a moment to take in his surroundings when he felt the energy behind him. He turned and saw his trainer grin, toss him a stone, and place a hand on his bracelet.

    The Swampert nodded back and allowed the stone’s light to consume his body. His arms and fins grew until the light burst away to unmask his transformation. He let loose a roar and looked for his opponent, only to face a lone boulder.

    “Yeah, could you please move that?” the trainer asked. Swampert slowly turned back and glared. “What? I thought the muscles would help!”[/spoil][thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill

    2nd place (4 votes): [spoil]“Hand in your homework,” the teacher announced. She involuntarily shuddered upon glimpsing Jason’s attempt.

    “What,” she said slowly, “is that?”

    “Bubbler made it!” He grinned at her and held out the splat of salt-smelling ink upon the unfortunate paper. The other children clutched their noses as Bubbler – the small Horsea Jason kept in the fishbowl on his desk – honked happily.

    “This... You were meant to make the art piece, not your Pokémon.”

    “We made it together,” Jason said firmly.

    “Alright,” she grumbled, defeated. Bubbler shot a playful spray of water at her, electing laughter from the class.

    She hated children.[/spoil][thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    3rd place (3 votes): [spoil]Come on, boy, he reminded himself, just like you practised. You got yourself this far.

    <…H-hello?> he growled faintly while stepping forwards.

    Not much of a response, the Nidorina simply shifted her ears a couple of times, probably checking for the same sounds he was, and then simply leaned on the weird tree, her chest moving slightly with her breathing. The male was not to give up though, he was young and confident in his top-percentageness.

    <I'm Baluarkos and I'm very healthy!> he growled, louder this time. He moved in a couple of steps and presented his flank, turned around a couple of times to show he was (just a bit!) confident with his surroundings. <I beat that blue… wall… thing!> [/spoil][thread=641409]Silly human, romance is for Nidoran![/thread] by solovino

    Most Frightening Scene
    1st place (5 votes): [spoil]On the outside, the house was starting to show signs of decay. There were holes in the roof and walls, and the garden was withering. But inside, the damage was even worse than before. Something had started to eat away at the wood, exposing plaster behind the wallpaper and turning bookshelves into sagging, melted mounds. I saw to my sickening shock that the doorway had swollen to twice its former size, revealing a dark, hazy void beyond it. The rubble on the floor lay in streaks that radiated away from the blast point.

    I steeled myself and crossed over to the doorway.

    “Hello? Is anybody there?”

    My voice sailed off into silence.

    “Trick Master?”


    I kept going, hearing the floorboards creak beneath my feet. The farther I went, the more they sagged under my weight, like a rubber diving board. I reach the point where the hallway should have ended, but instead of a room, what I saw was empty space. The Trick House simply ceased, and beyond it was a dark, boundless void, which was shrouded in purple clouds that swirled in slow loops.

    I covered my face and pressed on, till the edge of my foot dipped into empty air. I realized I had reached the end.

    I stood there for a moment, peering into the haze, not knowing what to do. Then, by some vague, final intuition, I gave a cry: “Trick Master is my life!”

    Suddenly, the clouds pulsed with lightning. Mist drifted from the nimbuses and coalesced into a large shape in front of me, which materialized moments later into an image of my friend. His colors had faded to gray and his eyes were glowing white.


    Images flashed before my eyes, like the changing channels of a television. Small brown houses. The lab of a Pokémon Professor.


    My gaze skimmed over a large city, where people and pokémon stood frozen on the streets.


    I saw a collection of islands in the middle of a stormy sea. The sky was churning with clouds, and flashes of lightning illuminated the water. Rain began to fall.


    I saw the inside of a cave, with a tall domed ceiling and dozens of tiny rocks scattered about the floor. There was a lake of pure blue water up ahead. Light was shining from a skylight above it, illuminating an empty spot in front of the bank.


    The scene ended, and the Trick Master’s apparition vanished as the snout of a huge green dragon broke through the smoke. Rayquaza opened its jaws and lunged forward to swallow me whole.

    I screamed and ran away as fast as I could, hearing the huge serpentine dragon thrash and rage as it chased me down. My hands fumbled in my backpack and locked on the ear of a PokéDoll, and when I reached the door, I turned and flung it as far as I could. The stuffed Clefairy sailed through the air and landed in the dragon’s gaping red throat. A second later, a cage of glittering teeth slammed over it, and Rayquaza pulled back into the darkness.

    As for me, I ran for my life.[/spoil][thread=641936]The Master's Trick[/thread] by Mrs. Lovett

    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [spoil]<Enter,> She said.

    Henry’s mind skipped a beat. Then he nodded, and without a word, he stepped into the sparkling void.

    As soon as he was past the threshold, the hall outside vanished. There was only star-studded blackness where the doors should have been. Whatever unseen floor lay beneath his feet disappeared next—the sky now surrounded him from all sides—but he didn’t fall. He hung in midair, cradled by Her power as She rose to meet his gaze.

    <So,> She said. <You’ve barely arrived, and already you’ve managed to disappoint me.>

    Henry’s mouth dropped open, but no sound came out. Distantly, he realized he wasn’t breathing, and apparently no longer needed to. But first and foremost in his thoughts were Her words, echoing in his mind. His heart seemed to turn to stone inside him. No…

    <I cast my sentries in the form of carrion birds to unnerve you,> She elaborated. <I conjured the foulest creature I could imagine to disgust you. I intended you to crawl up those stairs. To collapse before you ever reached me. And yet you refused to break down, refused to cry out, refused to give me anything I wanted.>

    He stared through wild, bulging eyes, desperate to assure Her that yes, yes he could suffer for Her, yes he could stop holding back and let any further misery show, if only She’d give him another chance. But he couldn’t speak. Couldn’t breathe. Didn’t need to.

    Until She lay Her hands upon him.

    Suddenly his lungs burned in their emptiness. Suddenly his tears dried away, and he flailed helplessly in the air-that-wasn’t, reaching out to Her with swollen hands. But She drifted back out of reach, Her form still crystal clear as the stars dimmed all around him.

    <I should have known,> he thought he heard, before it all went black and he knew no more. <I should have known you’d only bore me.>[/spoil][thread=647180]Starlight (one-shot)[/thread] by Sike Saner
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [spoil]If that miracle was somehow waiting in the wings, it was surely not in the same room as Pleo at that moment. When the young Protector woke up from his bump to his head on the docks, he was greeted with a forlorn and unassuring environment. It was a dark, featureless room, devoid of lighting from any source. The only reassurance that the place was even a room at all and not some abyss was the texture of wooden planks underfoot that bobbed and creaked up and down rhythmically.

    There was some sort of cloth over his snout, loose enough to allow him to speak, but still snug enough to even keep him from fully yawning, let alone to be able to form and spit up a glowing ball. His feet and wings were held in place by strange, smooth ropes of some sort. The bindings were made of interconnected loops that felt as cold and unyielding as stone no matter how hard he tugged or pecked at them, with no discernible knot to try and undo.

    It felt like nowhere on Tromba at all, not even like a place beyond the fog and in the Mystery Dungeon. From everything that Pleo could remember from before he woke up, he reasoned that wherever he was, it had to be the fault of that Samurott. So with nothing else at his disposal for breaking free, Pleo did what little he could think of at that time.

    "Let me go! Let me go!"

    Namely to shout repeatedly into the darkness and thrash against his bindings, over and over again, until his voice started to become hoarse, his body began to grow sore, and tears of exhaustion welled up. How did this even happen? Why? Why wasn't his power as a Protector, the one that was supposed to have helped the town, there for him now to blow away the darkness all around him?

    All of a sudden, a harsh voice called off from the distance, muffled by an unseen barrier.

    "Are you still going on about leaving that hamlet?"

    The darkness gave way with a creak as a door opened, letting in a little blotch of light from a candlelit jar outside. The light made the room a little more visible: the walls and ceiling were made from rough wood much like the floor, and the loops that connected and tied down Pleo had a dark, grayish-black color to them that reminded the young Protector of Hess' hide and metal armor.

    The young Lugia's observations of the room around him were quickly cut off as Lyn entered. Banette and a Toxicroak followed closely behind him, shooting a piercing, scowling glare at the young Lugia all the while.

    "Why are you doing this to me?!" Pleo squawked. "Tromba's my home!"

    "Because if I bring you to my father, it'll validate me in his eyes and he'll finally accept me for the first time since I was young," the Samurott answered absentmindedly as he fished out one of his blades and began to twirl it in his paws lazily.


    Pleo's startled cry was answered with a scoff as Lyn spun his blade a few more times about his knuckles. The seamitar's twirling suddenly came to an abrupt halt as Lyn grabbed its hilt and addressed the young Protector in a much more serious tone.

    "Nah, I'm doing this because you're my ticket to being promoted to an Administrator. Unlike some Pokémon, I don't let emotional sops get in the way of my tasks."

    "An 'Admi-what'?" Pleo asked, before he shook his head and hardened a leer at the Samurott. "And I'm a Protector, not a 'ticket'!"

    "You still can't figure it out?" Lyn scoffed. "Really now, that island's an awful lot like the clutter around your neck there."

    The Samurott then placed his seamitar at the side of Pleo's neck, holding it still as Pleo's eyes widened in frightened shock. Pleo flinched as he felt a swift motion forward and away from his neck.


    Pleo heard something small abruptly drop to the ground. Looking around, he saw that Lyn was still in front of him, but had moved his sword away. Lyn's lackeys were picking up a few objects bundled in cloth off the ground... when it suddenly hit him.

    That bundle was his scarf, his badge, and the lucky charm Hatteras made for him!

    "Wait! What are you doing?! Those are mine!" Pleo cried.

    "Quiet! You won't need those anymore!" the Samurott bellowed, as the Banette suddenly came up beside Pleo and roughly slipped another cloth about his neck. After the Ghost-type finished her claw-work and made some sort of remark about "There, much better now," Pleo looked down, and saw that the creature had replaced his scarf with a lavender one with a violet square in the middle.

    "As I was saying," Lyn continued. "They're cute to look at and have around, but they're utterly useless to you and weigh you down. Why should a god, a creature meant to protect Pokémon and their livelihoods, be watching over some nowhere island when there're much bigger problems in our territories we can point you at?"

    The ship's captain then looked over his shoulder to the Toxicroak, and spoke nonchalantly.

    "Give the King's Rock to Mercury after your shift's done outside, she might find some use from it. As for the rest, it's garbage. Do whatever you want with it."

    The pair gave a summary "Aye" and promptly walked out of the door, much to Pleo's indignance.

    "No! Give them back!" he shouted, struggling against his strange bonds. "Give them-! A-Aah!"

    Pleo's angry cries abruptly gave way to terrified silence as Lyn swung his seamitar at his neck, touching the tip just under his lower beak.

    "Tell me, did you ever wonder why your flight feathers were untouched instead of clipped short like some captured pirate? It's because getting too forceful with you would risk trouble with bleeding-hearts like Osmund that might have slipped past screening when I put this crew together," the Samurott growled. "So I'll be nice and explain this to you once."

    "You're ours. The Company's asset on the Company's territory. So play along nicely and help me and your future superiors out as we need, and it'll all go well for you," Lyn said as he slipped his blade back into a sheath along his arm, while Pleo continued to tremble. "And if not… well, even a god can have the foolishness whipped out of it and have its priorities set straight."

    The Samurott then walked over to the door, and called out back to Pleo.

    "Your old life is gone. Dead. Buried at sea. You don't have a prince to come and rescue you and carry you over the horizon, so get over it and move on to your new life as the Protector of the Company's interests."

    He slammed the door, the barren room returning back to its inky blackness. The sounds from the room died and an eerie silence lingered for a few moments, punctuated only by the creaking and groaning of the ship as it bobbed on the sea's waves… only to then be joined by a whine and the quiet, despairing sounds of a young Pokémon sobbing.[/spoil][thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow

    Most Heartbreaking Scene
    1st place (3 votes): [spoil]When Hilbert came home, she cried.

    She cried when the police called her, telling her that they had found him in Geosenge with a broken Xtransciever. She waited in the Mistralton Airport for his flight, and when he arrived after twenty-four hours of waiting, she cried while giving him a welcome she had been bottling up for twenty-four months.

    She cried when Cheren hugged him tightly, fulfilling a promise he made twenty-one months ago. She cried when Bianca had released his Pokémon one by one, for he wasn't planning on going on any other journey soon. She cried when Serperior gave her a hug with his slippery body, and she tried her best to replicate the hugs his original trainer had given him.

    She cried when they took a walk to the Dreamyard, like what they used to do when he was still five years old. She cried when he watched him go through the piles of leaves in Route 1, just like what he did six autumns ago. She cried when she gave him a kiss at the end of the walk, something she hadn't given him in two years.

    And when everyone had left after his funeral ended, she cried some more.[/spoil][thread=644105]24 Months [one-shot][/thread] by Dramatic Melody

    2nd-3rd place (2 votes): [spoil]
    "But none of this would have happened if I wasn't so stupid!" he cried. "If I had stopped and thought about what we were all getting into-!"

    "Crom! Please! don't blame yourself!" the Swellow suddenly interrupted, beating out his wings. "Everything happens for a reason, and-"

    "What reason could there be for this?!" the Druddigon growled. "Pleo's gone! And so's the rest of the team! And-! A-And-!"

    The young dragon's voice broke and began to trail off as tears started to well up in his eyes again. As he began to sniffle and wipe at his nose with a claw, he was suddenly interrupted by a soft feeling enveloping his chest. He looked down, and saw that his team leader had wrapped him in his wings, or as much as a Swellow could for a creature that was a full foot taller than himself.

    "I don't know, Crom," the bird responded, his head drooping. "All I know is that since I was young, I've been told that was how things were. That no matter how bad things might get, the gods that were and are yet to come work in spite of it, to make the things that need to happen, happen."

    "H-How do you know that, though?" Crom asked. The dragon's tears stopped coming and his eyes gave way to a piercing, pleading gaze as he waited for some, for any reassurance from his team leader.

    "I don't, Crom… It's all a hope," the Swellow sighed as he rummaged through his bag. "And it's all that we've got right now."

    The Swellow poked his beak in, and grasped something with it. When he pulled it out, the article was revealed to be a silvery-white feather, its tip split at the end.

    "That's one of Pleo's feathers," Crom mumbled. "Why did you bring that here?"

    "Well, it's said that Lugia's feathers allow for the pleas of Pokémon to reach him. And that the spirits of the old gods still have power over our world, especially over things related to them, and..." Kiran began, as he held the feather out to Crom. "It's not much, I'll admit… But I knew that you would have wanted to help out with what's going on right now."

    The Druddigon paused, and after hesitating a bit, pinched the feather in between his claws and brought it up to his eyes.

    "I… I suppose it was easier than dragging the shrine all the way down here…"

    The Druddigon stared at the feather and was unsure how to start. Was there some sort of rite for calling to Pleo? Did they have to do some sort of weird dance? Did they have to also ask for help from the old gods' spirits in the Travellers above?

    "If you can somehow hear this, Pleo- I mean, Travellers Above-" the Druddigon fumbled for words one after the other, until Kiran interrupted with the pat of a wing on his shoulder.

    "Crom. Don't overdo it," the Swellow reassured. "Just say what's on your mind."

    The Dragon-Type looked down at the feather in between his claws again, and after a pause, he shook his head before beginning again, this time his words coming out as a desperate plea.

    "Please! Whoever I'm talking to! Let our friends come back to us!" he cried. The Druddigon and Swellow stared and stared at the feather, but nothing happened. It was still the same old night outside, the same simple room inside, with the same aching wounds on his body, leaving Crom to hang his head as his heart began to sink.

    "We- We just want to know that they're okay..." he murmured weakly.[/spoil][thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    2nd-3rd place (2 votes): [spoil]“Shelly!”

    The Aqua Commander turned around, her expression sour at being interrupted. Maressa felt a slight twinge of guilt; she had forgotten that she should be paying her superior respect, but she pushed the feeling aside and walked over to her commander.

    Shelly said nothing but raised her scarlet eyebrows in question, so Maressa asked, “Do you know where my Seaking is?”

    “Why would I know that? You’re one of several grunts I’m in charge of; I can’t keep track of everybody’s Pokemon.”

    “Yes, but I just got these three—” she held up her Pokeballs—“back, and Noah said that I should ask you where the other one might be.”

    “Where did you last see your Seaking?”

    “He was fighting with me when I was captured by Team Magma.”

    “And do you know what happened to him afterwards? Was he captured, or did another Team Aqua member take him?”

    Maressa traced her steps through her memory as she recounted, “He was caught in Breloom’s leech seed, and I kicked him when his horn punctured my leg, and then I was hit by the solar beam…” She looked back up at her commander. “That’s all I remember.”

    “What about his pokeball? Did you keep that with you?”

    “No, that… fell in the ocean,” she whispered as realization took hold of her.

    Shelly’s eyebrows climbed higher on her forehead. “Your Seaking was caught in a leech seed attack, and you dropped his pokeball in the ocean, and you’re hoping to find him at a base?” She shook her head, her long red hair swaying from side-to-side. “I’m sorry, Maressa, but it sounds like your Seaking’s gone.”

    Maressa froze; it was as if the world had stopped for a moment. There was nothing to think about. Nothing to feel.


    Seaking couldn’t be gone. How could he be? Seaking, who was so timid and yet so cheerful, who was the only one willing to try and learn calculus, whom she had saved from people who saw him as only an object.

    And she could feel all those moments she had spent with him, holding him, singing lullabies to him at night when he was too nervous to sleep, withdrawing him in the middle of a battle when he was getting too scared to keep fighting, having him play with Golduck, Lanturn and Sharpedo, steadily building his trust and feeling him love her in return. And it felt as if all those moments were ripped away.

    Tears were coming hot and fast now. Maressa’s chest felt like it was being constricted. She knew people were staring at her, but it didn’t matter.

    Shelly put a hand on her shoulder, gazing at her subordinate with more pity than Maressa thought her commander could have. “I’m sorry.”

    Taking a few deep breaths, Maressa slowly asked, “But we can find him, right? We have plenty of aquatic Pokemon; they can search for him, can’t they?”

    Shelly grimaced and shrugged. “The ocean is a big place, Maressa. Yes, we have water Pokemon, but if we send them too far out into the sea, it’s possible that even they could lose their way and not return.”

    Each word Shelly spoke was like a hammer beating a nail deeper into Maressa’s heart. “But he won’t just be anywhere out in the ocean—he knows what our bases and submarines look like—he’ll come find one—“ she stopped as her voice cracked.

    “If that’s the case, then maybe he will come back. But I can’t promise anything. We’ll keep an eye out for him, though,” she added with a soft smile.[/spoil][thread=624047]Drowning[/thread] by Starlight Aurate
    4th-6th place (1 vote): [spoil]The sun was setting as the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman gazed toward his Pokémon. He murmured the words to his friend, the same he had told so many times before, to the visitors to his club, and his friends who had heard the description a myriad of times.

    The words washed together. His cherished Rapidash heard how it was...cute... lovely... smart... adorable... irresistible... plus... amazing... (Don’t you think so? he thought.) Oh, so... wild... beautiful... kind... (I love you.) Warm and cuddly... spectacular...captivating...simply divine... I treasure you... (I’ll always treasure you.)

    The man smiled, patted the tombstone and ambled away.[/spoil][thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    4th-6th place (1 vote): [spoil]In front of you, the growlithe sits back down. Its tongue hangs out of the corner of its mouth, and its eyes sparkle at you like you’re God. You look up, back towards the desolate city. The townsfolk are waiting for you. They need you to come back. They need something to hope for.

    If you say a pokémon isn’t infected, then it’s not infected as far as they know.

    But that’s not good enough for you. And it’s not good enough for you because it wasn’t good enough for her.

    So you put the muzzle of your rifle to the growlithe’s forehead and pull the trigger.[/spoil][thread=647167]This Is... (PG-13, one-shot)[/thread] by JX Valentine
    4th-6th place (1 vote): [spoil]“When bedtime came, the three of us rolled out our sleeping bags and said good-night. I was exhausted, and it felt wonderful to finally be able to lie down and close my eyes. I thought I'd fall asleep right away. But the ground beneath my back felt too hard, and I couldn't get comfortable no matter which way I turned. I didn't want to keep Fuuka and Kazeo awake, so finally I settled on a position and kept still. But I still couldn't sleep. I wondered where my dad was at that moment, what he was doing. I thought about my mom back home, whether she was having as much trouble sleeping as I was. Suddenly, I felt so homesick. What did I think I was doing? I'd barely gotten through the day, how was I ever going to keep this up long enough to find my dad? But I couldn't just give up, could I? The chirp of the insects and the rush of the river, the cold, far away stars, everything around me felt lonely. The harder I tried not to cry, more tears spilled over my eyelids. I didn't want to bother Fuuka and Kazeo, so I breathed in deep. Held my sob tight in my lungs. Exhaled in a slow, shuddering breath. Again. And again. But then my nose started getting stuffy and runny. Finally, I had to sniff. And then I couldn't stop sniffing.”[/spoil][thread=632517]Pokemon Generations: Satsumi's Journey[/thread] by Hakajin

    Most Heartwarming Scene
    1st-2nd place (4 votes): [spoil]Lysandre immediately pulled out from his bag four Pokéballs, a small box, and a ring with a colorful stone, setting them aside. Curious, Augustine went back to his desk and sunk into his chair to have a closer look at the items. He picked up the ring and gasped, realizing that—

    "Are you entrusting me with your Mega Ring? And your Pokémon?"

    "My Pokémon, including Pyroar who has been with me the longest, deserve someone better to watch over them. That Mega Stone is for Gyrados."

    Lysandre's finger pointed at the box and Augustine didn't hesitate in opening it. Inside was a large orange stone with blue and red swirls—indeed this was the Gyradosite. He couldn't help but make a sad chuckle.

    "You forgot that I'm not that good with Mega Evolution," he said as he closed the box.

    "It doesn't matter. I know for certain my Pokémon will be happy with you."

    As he pondered over the offer, his mouth twitched. Not only is he leaving me his Pokémon, but also his other belongings. That thought still stunned him. Lysandre did sound genuine and seem to put some serious thought into this. Augustine couldn't bring himself to forgive him, but it would be rude to leave the Pokémon behind. He was a professor, after all. Was it wrong of him to accept the favor? Perhaps. And yet, it was also the right thing to do. Augustine inhaled and looked straight back at Lysandre.

    "Okay, I'll watch over them, but only because it feels wrong if I decline. And I'll keep your Mega Ring and the Gyradosite safe."

    "I do truly appreciate you doing this for me." Lysandre smiled, and Augustine could tell it was a genuine one. Another silence between them followed, and lingered.

    "So, I guess this is goodbye," he said, knowing that would be the case. Augustine’s eyes dropped on the floor.

    "I'm sorry we’re not able to work this out in the end, but I do value our friendship very much."

    "Me too." In spite of himself, he smiled a little. After talking with him some more, he was much calmer than a moment ago.

    The two men got up at the same time and Augustine let out his hand to Lysandre. Instead of shaking it, though, his friend's soft lips pressed on his skin and that caused him to flush. This was the first time Lysandre was being affectionate towards him. His body grew warm from that gesture.

    "Adieu, Augustine," he said, putting his hat back on.

    As Augustine watched him leave the office, his finger rubbed at the spot where Lysandre had just kissed. In the end he was glad his friend had dropped by to say his last goodbye. Shortly after, Dr. Helms returned to his office and he snapped back to reality.

    “Is everything all right, Professor Sycamore?” The scientist had a concerned expression on his face.

    “Nothing to worry about, Dr. Helms!” he said, beaming. “My visitor just came by to drop a few things for me.”

    “Ah, I see. Well, I’ll be heading home now. You have a good night!”

    Augustine told him to have a safe trip back and Dr. Helms left him alone. He picked Lysandre’s Mega Ring up once more and twirled it around, admiring the helix sigil on the stone. The professor was reminded back when he and Diantha had discussed Mega Evolution with Serena. He may not be able to use the Gyradosite to its full potential, but he would continue to keep researching that concept. Lysandre would want him to do that.

    "And an adieu to you, Lysandre," he whispered, still fixing his gaze at the ring.[/spoil][thread=648032]And an Adieu to You [One Shot][/thread] by Bay

    1st-2nd place (4 votes): [spoil]Cover your ears, came Meowstic’s soft reminder. Her words brought Caitlin back to the present, back to the scene of the girl and her Pokémon celebrating before her. She nodded and took a deep breath, recalling their training. Caitlin imagined two great, soft ears folding over the sides of her head, wrapping her in a warm embrace, soothing and quieting the wild energy inside. It took some time and concentration to quell the raw power burning inside her, but she could do it. As she focused, waves of calm slowly dimmed the whirlwind, and her heart stopped hammering in her chest. Her muscles started relaxing, and she managed to regain the rhythm of her breathing. The feeling of her powers attempting to break free did not go away - it never did - but now it was under control.[/spoil][thread=641308]Under Control[/thread] by Psychic
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [spoil]“All right,” Vega sighed after opening her eyes, her face now matching his in redness. “Let me have the Poké Ball.”

    “But Ms. Arista—“

    “Mr. Gomez, the last thing you want to do right now is disobey me. Hand me the Poké Ball now.”

    Rico felt uncomfortable about the uncertainty of the situation, but Vega’s stare made him unable to refuse. He reluctantly offered the Poké Ball to her, which she forcefully took out of his hands. Vega turned back to her computer and scanned his Poké Ball, once in a while glancing at the nervous expression of the concerned grunt. After some swift but sloppy clicking and typing, she gave it back to him, almost shoving it onto his welcoming palm.

    “Now you listen to me,” Vega started, exerting as much authority in her voice as possible. “If word of this gets to anyone, and I mean anyone aside from the two people in this room right now, I will personally ask Mable, Aliana, and the other scientists to go to your home, drag you back to this base, give you your uniform, and reinstate you into the lowest position a grunt could ever have in the team. Yes, you may have resigned from Team Flare, but that does not mean you have completely disconnected yourself from us. Any word you say against Team Flare and any act you do breaching this agreement will be met with the most severe punishment possible both for you and this Pokémon. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Gomez?”

    All Rico could give in reply was an affirmative nod.

    “I have changed this Mightyena’s last ownership activity from a loan into a trade, with what was given in return listed as ‘a year of outstanding service’. You are officially his current trainer, Mr. Gomez, and you may do with him as you see fit. Save your tears of joy for when you’ve completely left the base. If I find out any of the grunts outside got word of this transaction, I can revoke the change of ownership with the click of a button, and you will be asked by the guards at the entrance to surrender the Poké Ball. You may leave my office, Mr. Gomez. Your exit interview, and your time with Team Flare, has officially come to an end.”[/spoil][thread=647884]Exit Interview [Criminal Intent entry][/thread] by Dramatic Melody
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [spoil]“You’re leaving?” She picked up Claude and held him snugly. “Why? I thought you were coming with us.”

    He knocked on his knees and shrugged. “I don’t think this ol’ body’ll take me much further. Don’t you worry, though. You go have fun, and I’ll call your parents and get them to pick me up.”

    Tina bit her lip and looked at him for several seconds. She then turned to Arthur. “I’ll meet you at the pokémon center tonight, okay?” They said goodbye, and he took off slowly to the east.

    “Tina, I’ll be fine,” he insisted, hobbling toward a boulder and sitting down. “You’re wasting daylight.”

    “I know you’ll be fine, Grandpa.” She sat next to him. “You’re the one protecting me, remember?” She leaned against him. “I have all summer to be away from home, though. I’d rather wait here with you while you’re still close.”

    He put his arm around her. “I appreciate that, kiddo. You’re still gonna call, right?”

    She nodded. “I’ll need trainer tips, and Mom and Dad are clueless,” she said, eliciting a wheezy laugh from her grandfather. “You’re like the only one who gets it.”

    They waited together for over an hour, chatting casually. They talked about the kind of pokémon she would find in Mt. Moon, battle strategies she could use at the Cerulean Gym, and how excited she was to finally be leaving the grey of Pewter City. It wouldn’t be forever, she promised. It just had to be long enough to have stories of her own to tell.[/spoil][post=17718796]Chromatic - post 17718796[/post] by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
  4. The Great Butler

    The Great Butler Hush, keep it down

    Best Action Scene
    1st place (6 votes): [spoil]And as the battle raged all around him, the startled pirates wondering whether or not they'd have been better off taking their chances with the barbaracle, my father ducked behind the issue desk to dodge a bullet and found himself face to sword with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

    Since my mother did not immediately run him through, I can only imagine she felt something similar.

    My father leapt to his feet and aimed his sword at her breast. She parried with hers, and shot his hood off. He feinted to her left and struck the pistol from her hand with a well-aimed throw of a nearby date stamp.

    “You're very good,” my mother said, with a grin that made my father's blood roar in his veins louder than the ventilation.

    “I'm very angry,” my father replied, although he too was smiling now.

    He thrust and slashed and drove her out from behind the counter and into the Military History section; she collapsed a bookshelf and forced him down the aisle into the Biographies. He tripped her on a loose floor panel he knew of, and pushed her into Literary Fiction. She, regaining the advantage with a clever feint, sent him back through Biographies and into Handicrafts.

    “If you wanted to be shown around the library, you should have asked,” said my father, who was twenty-four and cocksure with love and suppressed energy. “I work here.”

    “Why would I do that?” asked my mother. “All the shelves are empty.”

    That reminded him of the banality of his daily existence, and my father renewed his offensive with such ferocity that my mother was driven into Philosophy.

    “Not bad,” she said, giving him that grin again.

    From there, the fight moved into Epic Verse, and then to Love Lyric; my mother raised an eyebrow, and asked if my father was trying to tell her something. In answer, he drove her towards Thrillers & Adventure, and she replied with a ringing blow of her sword that temporarily disarmed him and saw him dive headlong into Erotic Fiction for his weapon. She waited for him to get back to his feet, and once he had the two of them sword-fought their way into the Head Librarian's office, and locked the door.

    It was not what you might call a conventional courtship.[/spoil][thread=640860]Time and Tide[/thread] by Cutlerine

    2nd place (2 votes): [spoil]“On behalf of the captain, I am relaying the order to abandon ship!” a woman close to my group shouted. Her uniform bore nearly as many stripes as the captain’s and I figured she had to be one of his higher-ranking officers. “The lifeboats are gone so the only way off is to jump overboard! If you have Pokémon large enough to ride that can either fly or swim, release them now! And even small water Pokémon should be able to assist both you and others while in the sea!”

    At these words, countless Pokémon trainers pulled out Pokéballs, and flashes of white light filled the air around the outermost edge of the deck. The crowd started to thin as the trainers with the flying-types didn’t hesitate to jump onto their rides’ backs and take off, flying in low circles around the ship. That just left the rest of us. Sure we were already soaked to the bone and being in the sea wasn’t gonna be much different, but the waters below us were only growing more violent by the minute. And I didn’t have any water Pokémon.

    Finally, a scattering of trainers throughout the crowd worked up the courage to climb up onto the railing and jump off. I heard a couple others gasp at first, but the effect was obvious—after the first few went ahead with it, everyone else was given the confidence to make the plunge as well. The group had to stagger the rounds of jumping so no one landed on each other, but it wasn’t long before it was my turn.

    I couldn’t hesitate. Taking too long would only hold up the rest of the evacuation. I grasped the edge of the railing and used my arms to swing the lower half of my body over. Then there was nothing left to do but close my eyes, grit my teeth, and push myself over the edge.

    Falling! Even after all that I still wasn’t ready for the falling. It was only a few seconds, but it seemed to drag on forever and what was hitting the water going to be like, was it going to—

    The sudden impact stopped all my thoughts cold, as every inch of exposed skin was tingling like fire from smacking against the water. I thrashed my arms instinctively, trying to get my bearings. I was still underwater—this wasn’t good, I had to surface! I opened my eyes and realized that the surface was right above me before paddling as hard as I could to reach it.

    My head burst out of the water and I immediately found myself gasping and sputtering for air. The water wasn’t freezing, but was still cold enough that the tingling in my limbs didn’t want to go away. I flailed about, trying to get my bearings and figure out what was going on with everyone else. I only vaguely noticed that my legs were no longer able to move—it was just my arms doing all the work now.

    Most of the passengers had grouped together around the trainers who had water Pokémon. From what I could tell, no more figures were making the plunge from the S.S. Anne’s upper deck, which had to mean that everyone who was able to had made it off by now. Now we just had to make it through the storm. But the rain kept pouring down in violent sheets and the rush of seawater refused to quit tossing us around. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep the salty water from finding its way into my mouth, and it was staring to seem like I was spending more time choking and spitting out water than making progress.

    A sudden flash of light not too far from me caught my attention. One of the last trainers to jump overboard had just released a massive blue serpent from its ball. The Gyarados let out a roar before leaning its head down, allowing her to climb aboard. Already many of the nearby passengers were following her lead and climbing up the serpent’s thick, armor-like scales.

    I wasn’t that far away. If I could just make it to her, I wouldn’t have to brave the storm by myself. I had to make it over there.

    Before I could do anything my head was forced under the surface and the air knocked out of my lungs. I blinked frantically in the darkness, still reeling from the shock and trying to figure out what had just happened. Which way was up? Why couldn’t I tell anymore?!

    I burst free of the water just in time to make me wish it hadn’t. An enormous wave had swept in out of nowhere, now looming over me. I stared blankly, feeling my limbs turn to ice and refuse to move. Even if I’d had time, I couldn’t react—what on earth was I supposed to do? There wasn’t any way to avoid something like that!

    A rush of water and the spray of salt and tumbling and disorientation and a burning pain now tearing its way through my lungs were the only things I knew. I couldn’t even tell how far under it had pushed me—direction wasn’t even a thing anymore. I’d been flipped and tossed and my entire body felt like a ragdoll now. Where was I? My surroundings were an endless expanse of water and darkness. Even if there was anything to see, my eyes burned too much from the salt.

    I suddenly remembered that my lungs were on fire—it was a weird contrast to how detached the rest of my body felt. My legs wouldn’t even move—it was almost like they weren’t even there. Were they there? I couldn’t see them. I couldn’t see anything.

    Somewhere in the back of my head a voice screamed to get a grip but there wasn’t anything to get a grip on? Nothing was around me. Nothing except…

    A humongous dark mass swept under me. Everything was dark, but this thing was dark enough to stand out…how? It slowly turned in my direction, and I caught sight of a pair of glowing blue eyes before it turned and dove further below me.

    Wait…below me! It had to be below me, right? I had no idea if that made sense, but I knew that it was below me, I just knew. Without even thinking, my arms were pushing me in the opposite direction—upward.

    Finally I broke free! My face hit the air and it had never felt as amazing as right at that moment. It didn’t last long—I was immediately overwhelmed by a round of coughing and sputtered as my worn-out lungs tried to expel all of the saltwater I’d breathed in. Each breath sent another wave of fire running through my chest, but it wasn’t a pain I minded.

    And then I realized that it was too easy. I was just floating here breathing, and my head wasn’t being forced under the water every five seconds. The sheer relief of being on the surface had been so overwhelming that it took me several seconds for the full effect of my surroundings to sink in.

    It was gone. The waves, the wind, the rain…everything was gone. The cloud cover churned lazily above us, giving no indication of the raging storm that had just vanished. Calm skies and waters now made it easy to notice that the S.S. Anne was tilted backward at a harsh angle and beginning to slip down into the sea’s murky depths.

    I was very near to the Gyarados now, so my main priority became drifting vaguely in that direction using as little effort as possible. Six or seven passengers were crowded onto the front half of its body, but there was room for me to grab hold of one of the fins on its lower half.

    Just as my brain was trying to process if I should ask anyone what had happened, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I turned to the right and stared blankly at the sight, now even more confused. A squad of rescue boats was speeding toward us as though nothing had ever happened.[/spoil][thread=543597]The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11][/thread] by Chibi Pika
    3rd place (0 votes): The battle against Bowser and his castle at the end of Chapter 1, [thread=645388]Glittering Celestial V[/thread] by FlamingRuby

    Best Cliffhanger
    1st-2nd place (6 votes): [spoil]The glowing latios extended his arms. Solonn felt Jal’tai’s embrace despite having nothing of himself with which to actually, physically feel anything, just as he’d seen and heard Jal’tai without eyes and ears.

    <Your suffering ends here,> Jal’tai tried to assure him. <I will now ensure that you will struggle no more.>

    What are you going to do to me? Solonn asked fearfully. He had no voice in this place, but he also had no doubt at this point that Jal’tai could hear his thoughts.

    <I could tell you,> Jal’tai replied, <but you wouldn’t remember.>

    With that, the black holes that were the latios’s eyes gave a single, massive flash of light that was even brighter than the rest of him, and Solonn knew no more.[/spoil][thread=636137]Communication[/thread] by Sike Saner

    1st-2nd place (6 votes): [spoil]“Well, I can assure you that doesn’t usually happen,” Patton quipped, earning a laugh from all of us. Deandre yelled at him to be more careful with all the decorations he had supposedly spent an age setting up.

    “You can forget about worrying about that for now,” Jimmy said, and gingerly picked himself off the ground.

    “Yes, we know your usual spiel,” Deandre said with an eye roll. “We should worry about this challenger’s team, they will wipe the ice with our faces, and so on and so forth.” He turned around and cursed quietly as he adjusted a misaligned string of lights.

    I frowned slightly when Jimmy just shook his head. It was then that I realised that he wasn’t wearing much warm clothing. That was just plain silly for this part of the Gym; we even loaned out jackets for free to challengers. Heck, it was silly for the whole region in winter. “What is it then?” I ventured. Jimmy was sweating – stranger yet.

    “Well... you see, Pryce is dead.” A clatter followed as Deandre dropped the set of lights.

    “What?” Gerardo managed as the rest of us stood frozen in shock. After a moment passed with no response forthcoming, Jimmy continued, fiddling with his fingers and looking at the ground when he spoke.

    “He... He was found in Ice Path. They think he... fell or something. Bumped his head on a rock, and probably died on the spot or soon after. He was found by a travelling trainer, and they got the Pokémon Centre staff to the scene, but...” He shook his head.

    “Well, ****,” Diana said.[/spoil][thread=647171]A Change of the Season[/thread] by bobandbill

    Most Memorable Quote
    1st place (5 votes): [spoil]The words washed together. His cherished Rapidash heard how it was...cute... lovely... smart... adorable... irresistible... plus... amazing... (Don’t you think so? he thought.) Oh, so... wild... beautiful... kind... (I love you.) Warm and cuddly... spectacular...captivating...simply divine... I treasure you... (I’ll always treasure you.)

    The man smiled, patted the tombstone and ambled away.[/spoil][thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill

    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): [spoil]"Bad things sometimes happen in life, and you just have to make the most of them when they come," he explained. "It's not healthy to instantly assume that everything that goes wrong is your fault because you were there for it!" - Kiran[/spoil][thread=641829]Fledglings[/thread] by Spiteful Murkrow
    2nd-3rd place (3 votes): "O." "O?" "O." "Oh." "O.", [thread=648112]Dessert Course[/thread] by Poetry
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [spoil]"We can't just leave him here like this," Raticate says, but he sounds distraught, not defiant.

    "Yes, you can. There is nothing you can do here. If you want to see your friend Steelix again we need to prepare for the tournament."

    "I..." Raticate glances at his teammate. "Mightyena?"

    She doesn't answer. She doesn't look over when you take the pokéballs off your belt, either. She stands with her chin resting on the bedspread, her eyes distant.

    "But what if he wakes up?" Raticate asks, turning a pleading look between you and Mightyena. "If we leave and he wakes up, he'll be all alone."

    Really? Oh, poor baby. You bite back a cutting remark, clamping down on the surge of anger that rises in your chest. Something of it must show on your face, though, because Raticate flinches, cowering away from you. "Return," you say, and a couple seconds later you're alone again.

    You take a last look at the great Nathaniel Morgan. His pokémon act like this is some kind of tragedy, like it isn't the human's own fault he's in this condition. He'd better not ruin this for you, not after all the work you've done.

    You glance around to make sure no one's watching, then lean forward and whisper in his ear, "You had better not die. If you do, then I guess I will just have to keep your pokémon forever. You would not like that very much, would you?"

    It's completely irrational. Of course the human can't hear you, passed out like he is. Still, it helps. You force yourself to walk out of the room, walk out of the hospital completely. You don't hurry. You're completely calm. You don't even start to run until the hospital's well out of sight.
    [/spoil][thread=587729]Salvage[/thread] by Negrek
    4th-5th place (1 vote): [spoil]It instructed the people to block off the final entrance. When they finished filling the tomb, it summoned up strength to seal it. Mere rocks would not be enough to conceal them.

    It wondered what had gone wrong. Why had it tried to make the winter everlasting? Why had it tried to take back the homes it built? Why had it turned against its friends, against its own creator?
    It slowly lumbered toward the mountains. For the good of its friends, it would retreat into a deep slumber. Hopefully it could dream of the happier times.

    They watched every step.[/spoil][thread=644406]Drabble Dex[/thread] by bobandbill
    6th place (0 votes): [spoil]"I understand. I miss the old world. The world where I didn't have to hide. The world before I was considered a monster." - Nil[/spoil][thread=647462]The Curse of Forgotten Time (PG-13)[/thread] by Shattersoul

    Author Awards

    Best Established Writer
    1st place (6 votes): Cutlerine
    2nd place (5 votes): JX Valentine
    3rd place (2 votes): diamondpearl876
    4th-5th place (1 vote): bobandbill
    4th-5th place (1 vote): Spiteful Murkrow
    6th-8th place (0 votes): The Great Butler
    6th-8th place (0 votes): Sike Saner
    6th-8th place (0 votes): Firebrand

    Best New Writer
    1st place (6 votes): DeliriousAbsol
    2nd place (4 votes): Shattersoul
    3rd place (0 votes): Dust_monster

    Most Dedicated Writer
    1st place (5 votes): Cutlerine
    2nd place (4 votes): Spiteful Murkrow
    3rd place (3 votes): Chibi Pika
    4th place (1 vote): Shattersoul
    5th place (0 votes): DeliriousAbsol

    Most Improved Writer
    1st place (7 votes): Spiteful Murkrow
    2nd place (2 votes): ZoruaGirl27

    Reviewer Awards

    Most Helpful Reviewer
    1st place (8 votes): Negrek
    2nd place (3 votes): Psychic
    3rd place (2 votes): Dramatic Melody
    4th place (1 vote): Praxiteles

    Most Dedicated Reviewer
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): Sike Saner
    1st-2nd place (5 votes): American--Pi
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): Negrek
    3rd-4th place (2 votes): [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
  5. Sike Saner

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    !!! Eight! Eight is great! :D

    HUGE thanks to everyone who has it coming, big ol' congrats to everyone who has that coming, and yeah. :>
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    Thread stickied and the voting one taken down!

    Woo, got some wins as well. =) First time I place in Best Cliffhanger (don't think I was ever nominated for that actually), so that's neat. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

    I found it interesting that there was some spread within some categories with the votes. A few ties; maybe more than usual?

    Cheers for running it yet again TGB and Dragonfree, and congrats to other winners and nominees (that is an achievement too!)
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  7. Negrek

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    A nice diverse batch of winners this year--congratulations to everyone who took home an award! Special thanks to everyone who voted for me, and indeed everyone who voted, nominated, or participated at all. You're the ones who make the awards fun every year, and this batch was no exception. Here's to more good stories in 2016!
  8. Poetry

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    Wow, well I honestly wasn't expecting that. 2nd-3rd for Most Memorable Quote, 1st-3rd for Funniest Character, and 1st for Best Description? Coming from someone who didn't even expect to be nominated for anything, I'll take that! Thanks to everyone who nominated/voted and well done to all the other winners as well.
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    Congrats to everyone, and thanks to the people who voted for me!
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    It's always been my secret dream to get first place in a scene award. xP I don't know why. But this was one I really wasn't expecting, which makes me all the more ecstatic! I'm pleasantly surprised that people liked May as well; she was definitely a lot of fun to write, as was the one-shot in general. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for it, and of course, congrats to everyone else who won and was nominated!

    I'll admit that this past academic year was a rough and busy one for me, and I'm sure a lot of other people here have been busy as well, but being able to keep writing things and hold these awards every year is a really good thing. Here's to a great 2016!
  11. AmericanPi

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    Most Dedicated Reviewer, sweet! Guess my Weekly Reviews were nice, even if I only started them in September 2015. XD

    Congrats to all the winners!
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    Huh. Well, I still did better than I expected. Guess I still need to try harder, though.

    Congrats to all the winners!
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    Well, this was exciting! Didn't win anything, but I didn't expect to because the competition was intense as hell, and hey, I got SOME votes, so I'm not complaining. Congrats to all of the winners, you deserve every bit of praise you've been getting. I'm really looking forward to next year, some of the new stuff this year is freaking fantastic .
  14. Venia Silente

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    It is incredible to see that Overlord, despite all its shortcomings, has been this well received. So I have you people to thank for that. Second place in three categories - including best non-romantic relationship, because the relationship between a person and a cat can truly be described as a sort of one-sided adoration :p . I guess we all truly love "our" cats. °3°

    What surprised me, not much with this but with the nominations proper, was to see Silly human, romance is for Nidoran~, a simple story that also did pretty well in Best Comedy... despite it never having been my intention at all. I just wanted a movie about rabbits to try and write some romance. :p But I guess it came out as a funny and natural enough story that it worked, and for that I'm glad.

    Congratulations to everyone who took part of all of this. My somewhat more biased but still no less truly hearted congratulations to SpitefulMurkrow for the nominations and positions earned for Fledglings, a story I am both proud and amused to be contributing to, and some other congratulations to Firebrand for the story Ironside, which I have to say of all the ones nominated that I managed to read more carefully, was the one that inspired me the most.

    Be seeing you, people!
  15. It's insane seeing "Humans of Hoenn" and "24 Months" in italics up there! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for them, and for the nominations and votes for the rest of my one-shots as well! These fics all mean so much to me, and to see them get recognition is such a treat. Very grateful in particular for the "Best Expansion of Canon" award for HoH; that really is what the project aims to do, and to see it be highlighted here really reaffirms why I love the project. And I guess both a "thank you" and an "I'm sorry" to everyone who thought "24 Months" was heartbreaking. :p

    A big congratulations to everyone else who won and got nominated, and a big thank you to the people who organized, nominated and voted in these awards! Here's hoping 2016 shapes up to be an even more awesome year. :D
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    A hearty congratulations to all the winners and nominees and thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for making the awards successful yet again! We hope everyone's satisfied with the results and will be participating again next year.
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    Er... wow. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting to have a serious shot outside of maybe one category, so this is a pleasant surprise.

    Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to nominate, vote, and write the actual stories behind this year's awards.
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    Ah well, ya win some ya lose some.
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    Wow thanks so much for the first in 'Best New Writer'! Congratulations to all the winners! =D
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    Thanks to everyone who voted for my fics, and congrats to all the nominees/winners! Time for me to get writing now. :)

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