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2017 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

The Great Butler

Hush, keep it down
Overall Fiction Awards

Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic
1st place (7 votes): Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Go Home by Cutlerine
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Electric Sheep by JX Valentine
4th-7th place (1 vote): Phantom Project by diamondpearl876
4th-7th place (1 vote): Salvage by Negrek
4th-7th place (1 vote): Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
4th-7th place (1 vote): The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
8th-11th place (0 votes): Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
8th-11th place (0 votes): Ionization by PhalanxSigil
8th-11th place (0 votes): The Worldslayers by Sike Saner
8th-11th place (0 votes): System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol

Best New Pokémon Chaptered Fic
1st-2nd place (3 votes): Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
1st-2nd place (3 votes): Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin

3rd-5th place (2 votes): Go Home by Cutlerine
3rd-5th place (2 votes): The Amazing Hawlucha Man by Firebrand
3rd-5th place (2 votes): Will Somebody Stop These Kids? by icomeanon6
6th-8th place (1 vote): Skybound [PMD] by TikTok13
6th-8th place (1 vote): System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol
6th-8th place (1 vote): Ionization by PhalanxSigil
9th-10th place (0 votes): Reverberations of Time by Kein
9th-10th place (0 votes): Foul Play by Bay

Best Pokémon One-Shot
1st place (3 votes): [Yuletide] Fourfold by Negrek
2nd-6th place (2 votes): [OS] Simpler than Magic by Venia Silente
2nd-6th place (2 votes): Chromatic - Orange by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
2nd-6th place (2 votes): Selfish Perceptions by Cutlerine
2nd-6th place (2 votes): Preparations (Yuletide 2017 one-shot, G) by diamondpearl876
2nd-6th place (2 votes): Mojo [Yuletide 2017] by Firebrand
7th place (1 vote): The Magician of Ilex Forest (One-shot) by icomeanon6
8th-12th place (0 votes): Unpacking [one-shot, FFQ 6 response] by Dramatic Melody
8th-12th place (0 votes): Deli's Delivery Service by NebulaDreams
8th-12th place (0 votes): Five Years Later [Platonic Contest] by TikTok13
8th-12th place (0 votes): All It Takes Is A Fall by Eskay64
8th-12th place (0 votes): The Evening Thief (Yuletide One-Shot) by JFought

Best Non-Pokémon Fic
1st place (4 votes): So Close (Ace Attorney, one-shot) by diamondpearl876
2nd place (2 votes): The Hunger Emporium by aeternum
3rd place (1 vote): Holy War [PG-16] (Digimon) by Griff4815

Other Fic Awards

Best Plot
1st-2nd place (3 votes): Electric Sheep by JX Valentine
1st-2nd place (3 votes): Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow

3rd-4th place (2 votes): Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
3rd-4th place (2 votes): Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
5th-6th place (1 vote): Salvage by Negrek
5th-6th place (1 vote): System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol
7th place (0 votes): The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika

Most Original Overall
1st place (4 votes): The Worldslayers by Sike Saner
2nd place (2 votes): The Pantheon by PhalanxSigil
3rd-5th place (1 vote): The Amazing Hawlucha Man by Firebrand
3rd-5th place (1 vote): System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol
3rd-5th place (1 vote): Salvage by Negrek

Best Writing Style
1st place (4 votes): Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Ionization by PhalanxSigil
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Phantom Project by diamondpearl876
4th-7th place (1 vote): [Yuletide] Fourfold by Negrek
4th-7th place (1 vote): Flying in the Dark (revised) by diamondpearl876
4th-7th place (1 vote): Salvage by Negrek
4th-7th place (1 vote): A Game of War [One-Shot] [PG] by JFought
8th place (0 votes): Foul Play by Bay

Best Description
1st place (4 votes): Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): The Worldslayers by Sike Saner
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Element by roule
4th-5th place (1 vote): Go Home by Cutlerine
4th-5th place (1 vote): Salvage by Negrek
6th place (0 votes): A Blond Ray of Sunshine by Antoshi

Best Setting
1st place (5 votes): Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
2nd place (3 votes): The Halvarsaga by Firebrand
3rd place (2 votes): Mojo [Yuletide 2017] by Firebrand
4th-5th place (1 vote): System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol
4th-5th place (1 vote): Across the Delta by roule
6th-7th place (0 votes): Go Home by Cutlerine
6th-7th place (0 votes): [Yuletide 2017] Wild Horses in Winter by icomeanon6

Best Expansion of Canon
1st place (4 votes): Electric Sheep by JX Valentine
2nd-4th place (2 votes): Foul Play by Bay
2nd-4th place (2 votes): Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R) by The Great Butler
2nd-4th place (2 votes): Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
5th-8th place (1 vote): Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
5th-8th place (1 vote): Skybound [PMD] by TikTok13
5th-8th place (1 vote): The Halvarsaga by Firebrand
5th-8th place (1 vote): Worth (PG-13) by PhalanxSigil
9th-10th place (0 votes): Preparations (Yuletide 2017 one-shot, G) by diamondpearl876
9th-10th place (0 votes): Salvage by Negrek

Best Character Development
1st place (6 votes): Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
2nd place (3 votes): Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
3rd place (2 votes): Go Home by Cutlerine
4th-5th place (1 vote): The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
4th-5th place (1 vote): Salvage by Negrek

Best Characterization in a Short Story
1st place (5 votes): Chromatic - Orange by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
2nd place (3 votes): Restarting (Platonic Contest, G) by Ambyssin
3rd place (2 votes): The Grunt Anthology by The Teller
4th place (1 vote): Friends by Blackjack Gabbiani

Best Character Dynamic
1st place (5 votes): Shane and Tessa, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
2nd place (3 votes): Greta and Zinnia, All It Takes Is A Fall by Eskay64
3rd place (2 votes): Door and Geist, Electric Sheep by JX Valentine
4th-6th place (1 vote): Markus and Haley, Flying in the Dark (revised) by diamondpearl876
4th-6th place (1 vote): Artemis and Cass, Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
4th-6th place (1 vote): Cyrus and Cynthia, Friends by Blackjack Gabbiani
7th-9th place (0 votes): The Child and The Great Nathaniel Morgan, Salvage by Negrek
7th-9th place (0 votes): Macro and DL, System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol
7th-9th place (0 votes): Artemis/Emilia, Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine

Most Suspenseful Fic
1st place (6 votes): The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
2nd place (3 votes): Element by roule
3rd place (1 vote): Will Somebody Stop These Kids? by icomeanon6

Most Heartbreaking Fic
1st place (4 votes): Go Home by Cutlerine
2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Chromatic - Orange by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Phantom Project by diamondpearl876
4th place (1 vote): Worth (PG-13) by PhalanxSigil

Most Heartwarming Fic
1st place (7 votes): Restarting (Platonic Contest, G) by Ambyssin
2nd place (2 votes): Five Years Later [Platonic Contest] by TikTok13
3rd place (1 vote): All It Takes Is A Fall by Eskay64
4th-5th place (0 votes): Homecoming [Yuletide 2017] by roule
4th-5th place (0 votes): The Evening Thief (Yuletide One-Shot) by JFought

Funniest Fic
1st place (3 votes): Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Pokemon White Abridged by Nerdy McNerdface
4th place (1 vote): Salvage by Negrek

Pokémon Genre Awards

Best Trainer Fic
1st place (4 votes): Love and Other Nightmares (revised) by diamondpearl876
2nd-3rd place (3 votes): The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Electric Sheep by JX Valentine
4th-5th place (2 votes): Will Somebody Stop These Kids? by icomeanon6
4th-5th place (2 votes): Foul Play by Bay
6th place (1 vote): Ionization by PhalanxSigil

Best Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Fic
1st-2nd place (4 votes): Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
1st-2nd place (4 votes): Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow

3rd-6th place (1 vote): System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol
3rd-6th place (1 vote): Skybound [PMD] by TikTok13
3rd-6th place (1 vote): PMD: Odyssey to Dawn (re-written) by DreamSayer
3rd-6th place (1 vote): Casting Off by Virgil134
7th place (0 votes): Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance by DarkerShining

Best Pokémon-Centric
1st place (6 votes): Chromatic - Orange by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]
2nd place (3 votes): The Worldslayers by Sike Saner
3rd place (2 votes): Casting Off by Virgil134
4th-5th place (1 vote): The Pantheon by PhalanxSigil
4th-5th place (1 vote): Glitched by DeliriousAbsol

Best Canon Character-Centric
1st place (4 votes): Operation GEAR: The Angel of Reckoning (R) by The Great Butler
2nd place (3 votes): Foul Play by Bay
3rd place (2 votes): Restarting (Platonic Contest, G) by Ambyssin
4th-5th place (1 vote): Bond Of Aura by Mia Blaze
4th-5th place (1 vote): Out of the Blue by TikTok13
6th place (0 votes): Green And White [5th Anniversary Edition] by Umbramatic

Character Awards

Best Human Main Character
1st place (5 votes): Mattie, Ionization by PhalanxSigil
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Artemis, Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Annie, Love and Other Nightmares (revised) by diamondpearl876
4th-8th place (1 vote): Gwyneth, Go Home by Cutlerine
4th-8th place (1 vote): Derek, Will Somebody Stop These Kids? by icomeanon6
4th-8th place (1 vote): Jade, The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
4th-8th place (1 vote): Grimsley, Foul Play by Bay
4th-8th place (1 vote): Mark, The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision! by Dragonfree

Best Non-Human Main Character
1st-2nd place (3 votes): Syr, The Worldslayers by Sike Saner
1st-2nd place (3 votes): Macro, System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol

3rd-4th place (2 votes): Pleo, Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
3rd-4th place (2 votes): Cabot the Cranidos, Casting Off by Virgil134
5th-6th place (1 vote): Harvey, PMD: Odyssey to Dawn (re-written) by DreamSayer
5th-6th place (1 vote): Furik, The Evening Thief (Yuletide One-Shot) by JFought

Best Human Supporting Character
1st place (4 votes): Blair, Electric Sheep by JX Valentine
2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Starr, The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
2nd-3rd place (3 votes): Gregory, Love and Other Nightmares (revised) by diamondpearl876
4th-5th place (1 vote): Tabitha, Drowning by Starlight Aurate
4th-5th place (1 vote): May, The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision! by Dragonfree
6th place (0 votes): The Hammer, The Amazing Hawlucha Man by Firebrand

Best Non-Human Supporting Character
1st-2nd place (4 votes): Yossele, Ionization by PhalanxSigil
1st-2nd place (4 votes): Null, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin

3rd-4th place (2 votes): Zelda, Go Home by Cutlerine
3rd-4th place (2 votes): Karo, The Worldslayers by Sike Saner
5th-6th place (1 vote): Chibi, The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
5th-6th place (1 vote): Golduck, Drowning by Starlight Aurate
7th-10th place (0 votes): Raichu, The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
7th-10th place (0 votes): Hierro, The Amazing Hawlucha Man by Firebrand
7th-10th place (0 votes): Nadia, Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
7th-10th place (0 votes): Sasha, Element by roule

Best Human Antagonist
1st place (3 votes): Oppenheimer, Electric Sheep by JX Valentine
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Russo, Will Somebody Stop These Kids? by icomeanon6
2nd-3rd place (2 votes): Rick, The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision! by Dragonfree
4th place (1 vote): Tabitha, Drowning by Starlight Aurate

Best Non-Human Antagonist
1st place (5 votes): Nagant, Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
2nd place (4 votes): Socket, System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol

Best Minor Character
1st place (5 votes): Metagross, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
2nd place (2 votes): Dr. ze'Naarat, Go Home by Cutlerine
3rd-5th place (1 vote): Thalez, Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
3rd-5th place (1 vote): Blaire, A Blond Ray of Sunshine by Antoshi
3rd-5th place (1 vote): Cordyceps, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance by DarkerShining

Funniest Character
1st place (6 votes): Shane, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light by Ambyssin
2nd place (2 votes): BackDoor, System:Reboot (PMD) by DeliriousAbsol
3rd-4th place (1 vote): N00b, Glitched by DeliriousAbsol
3rd-4th place (1 vote): Hua, The Evening Thief (Yuletide One-Shot) by JFought

The Great Butler

Hush, keep it down
Fic Moments Awards

Funniest Scene
1st-2nd place (3 votes):

Silence. The enormity of Loki’s statement echoed through the halls. It took Odin a long time to process the words that had erupted from Loki’s mouth.

And then he began to laugh.

“You…you mated with the HORSE?!” he stammered incredulously. “You, in all your infinite wiles, thought the best solution to distract it was to HAVE SEX WITH IT??!! Oh, and I thought Thor was thick-skulled. Hehehahah!!”

“It worked, didn’t it?” Loki attempted to counter. “I exhausted it so it couldn’t run anymore, and then I-”

“By the Nine Hells, no more!” Odin interjected, still giggling uncontrollably. “Please, just leave. I cannot look at you anymore without laughing.” He began to walk away, shivering in his laughter. “Loki, Horse-Father! I think that fits you perfectly, trickster.”
The Pantheon by PhalanxSigil
1st-2nd place (3 votes):
"Oh, it appears that the Defense's witness is finally in court," the Slowking murmured. "Be noted that making an old Pokémon wait like this doesn't help your odds of getting a favorable verdict out of me."

Nico and Rita grimaced at the Slowking's disappointed grumbling. The Fletchinder of the pair ruffled his feathers at the judge's poor first impressions. Showing up late to court was not the way to start a life-or-death case like this...

"Erk… Yes, your Honor," the robin gulped. "I'm sure that they have a perfectly good explanation for this…"

"Gah hah hah! I see the Defense's inexperience is showing," the Serperior sneered. "Well no matter, all the more opportunity for Akin the Rookie Killer to cut your lucky streak back down to size!"

"We got held up at the stadium," Elty explained. "It was a bit confusing to get here in a hurry."

"Oh! The one that Thalez's announcing for?" Rita asked. "Did you manage to get an autograph?"

"Aherm!" the Slowking chided. "In the interests of moving this along in time for everyone to have an opportunity to get an autograph, we should really move onto the cross-examination now."

The three members of Team Traveller looked up from their berries, juices still staining their muzzles. There was an awkward silence as the trio grew increasingly aware that they were being stared at, evidently in expectation that they'd say something back...

"Cross… examination?" Nida murmured.

"I ask you to give testimony, I review your statements and point out if there's any inconsistencies with the case?" Nico answered. "You know? Basic legal proceedings?"

"Eh? That sounds so convoluted!" Guardia protested. "Just throw a bone at the three and get the trial over with!"

Guardia's exclamation was met by the sound of exasperated groaning, a quick look revealing that Nico had buried his face in a wing, shaking his head.

"That's… not how law works here…" the Fletchinder sighed, before murmuring under his breath. "What rock did Cardino turn over to get these guys?"
Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow

3rd place (2 votes):
“Girl, honey, sugar pie, sweetie,” blares Totodile, her commanding voice barreling over Cyndaquil’s and completely drowning him out, “if you can beat the most powerful trainers around just by yourself, then Johto’s really as weak as that Kalosian trainer said it is. And I’m gonna do the same without breaking a sweat or evolving!”

Chikorita extends two of his vines.

“What’d you say?! You mocking me, Totodile?! Pokémon battle, right now! You and me!”

“And risk bruising my beautiful face for my new trainer, baby? Never! Plus, wouldn’t it look bad for you if the trainers come in and you’re still hiding in the corner, licking the bruises I would hand you to?”

Cyndaquil tries to step in to mediate.

“Now now, let’s not fight…”

“I think SOMEONE’S itching for a bruising, and it ain’t me!” bellows Chikorita.

“Girl, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!” counters Totodile, wagging a claw in front of Chikorita.
The Devil Went Down to Johto (Platonic 2017) by The Teller
4th place (1 vote):
“An elgyem, huh?” I mutter. “Yep, straight out of Mistralton, that one.”

{He probably spends all his time brooding in the Celestial Tower,} Yossele continues. {Might be where he gets the crazy from.}

“If you call yourself a Trainer, Mattie Kasdan,” David pontificates, “then you have no choice but to battle me! Isn’t it common practice for two Trainers, locking eyes, to do battle?”

“Yeah, see, that’s how it works in the video games, buddy. And also, those games are garbage, you've played them? IRL, nobody does that. I don’t have to battle you if I don’t want to, and I don’t want to. So, once again, goodbye.”

As I turn to leave…again… David desperately searches for anything more to say. At last, he says, “Are you scared of facing me, you coward? Are you that scared of someone like me hurting your precious pokémon, or worse, your pride? Do you think that little of your golett?”

“No, I think that little of you. Now do as I say, and ****. O-”

I stop as I look over at Yossele. He’s weirdly still, save for his hands, which are trembling, balled into fists. He only gets like that when he’s mad, something’s up. {Hey, you alright?} I sign to him.

{Let me at him.}

My eyes widen in shock. “Wait, what was that?” I say aloud.

He turns his head to me. {He called me weak. But more than that, he insulted you. Worse, he used me to insult you. So, I’ll say it again. LET ME AT HIM!} He points viciously at the boy, almost ignoring the elgyem entirely. He was almost glowing with ghostly energy, he was so pissed off.

“Arceus dammit,” I sigh. I turn back to David. “Alright, you’ve ticked off Yossele, so, you win. We’re gonna battle. You happy?”

He sneers at me. “Very.”

“Cool. Let’s get our wagers ready, then.” David gives me a weird look. “The wager,” I continue. “You…do know that most Trainers put some money on a battle, right? Trainer etiquette? Common practice?” I pull my PokéGear out of my hoodie. “We can do it over VenMa, if it’s easier.” I return his smirk. “That is, if you’re not worried about your pride.”

The look of anger on his face is almost beautiful. I can sorta see some veins popping out of his forehead, and his cheeks are as scarlet as a Cheri berry. “1000 PB,” he growls.
Ionization by PhalanxSigil

Most Suspenseful Scene
1st place (4 votes):
An impish grin spread across Greg’s face. ‘They forgot to close one of the disposal units today.’

Danny stared at the vent blankly. What was so exciting about a hole in the ground?

Matt shrugged. ‘So?’

Greg dug into his pockets and pulled out a green piece of paper. ‘I bet you five bucks that you can’t keep your balance on the edge of that vent.’

Danny’s heart dropped into her churning stomach. She looked to her brother, who was staring wide-eyed at the five dollar bill that Greg was now waving in his face. Don’t do it, she thought. Just turn around and say that we’ve got to go home.

The corners of Matt’s mouth twitched – and so did Danny’s heartbeat. Then his mouth grew into a smirk. ‘You’re on,’ he said and ran over to the vent.

That’s it. Danny had had enough, it didn’t matter if they’d put her down, this was too far. ‘Matt,’ she said in a firm voice. ‘Don’t be stupid – you’re gonna get hurt!’

Her brother scoffed and rolled his eyes. ‘No I won’t,’ he said, swinging a leg up onto the edge of the vent. ‘I’ll be extra careful not to fall.’

Greg cupped his hands around his mouth. ‘You gotta stay put on that thing for thirty seconds if you want the money.’

Matt furrowed his brow as he swung his other leg up. ‘Piece of cake,’ he scoffed, feet pressing firmly against the metal rim. Soon he was standing completely perfectly on top of the vent. ‘Just keep an eye on the time.’ He flung Greg a glare. ‘And if you cheat, I’ll kick your ***.’

Greg waved, still grinning like a toddler. ‘Right back at you, Matt.’ He looked at the watch on his wrist and started counting. ‘One, two, three, four, five…’

Danny watched with baited breath. She could already see it happening in her mind’s eye: Matt would lean back, then he’d start to teeter, his arms flailing as he struggled to keep balance.

‘Six, seven eight, nine, ten…’

And then he’d fall, disappearing from view, with only his echoing screams telling her that he was still alive.

‘Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…’

Halfway there. Matt still stood as firm and as still as the statue of the man in the park. It did nothing to soothe her racing pulse or her trembling hands.

‘Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty…’

Matt’s hands stretched out and began to swerve.

‘Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three…’

And then he teetered back.
Balance (Rewritten) [PG-15] by Samayouru

2nd place (3 votes):
Slowly, as she's making her way down the darker residential areas of Shibuya, Mizuki begins to notice a low, clicking noise. It's metallic in tone and follows a strange rhythmic pattern that confounds her. However, what scares her the most is the fact that it's following her, not moving away as she walks down the street, towards the studio. After a little bit, she hears a woman's voice speaking in a low tone, inaudible to Mizuki but… familiar. However, she just ignores it, letting the thoughts of paranoia and "stalker?" roam her mind.

When she's three blocks down, close to the studio's steel building glinting in the moonlight, Mizuki loses her patience. The clicking is closer, louder now, and the voice is lower in tone, as if not to startle her. It's itching at her mind, scratching bright red, and if she keeps hearing it, she'll punch this person in the face and run all the way to the studio screaming.

She whips her head around to see the mask-wearing woman from before, looking over at the scizor, who clicks its pincers in an odd rhythm, left sometimes and right other times.

She wasn't losing her mind, she was being followed! By that creep from Don Quijote! The woman had seen Mizuki's picture in that magazine, and stalked her to Shibuya, and intended on doing dirty things to her!

Mizuki knows that Atsuko holds no chance against the mantis, the brionne being not very fond of combat, much like her owner. So she reaches for her can of mace, always in the front pocket of her purse.

Before she maces the woman, she shouts at her, waggling the can in front of her:

"You think you're really sneaky following me over here, don'tcha?"

The woman looks over, and freezes, hands in her pockets. The scizor doesn't react, just looks over at Mizuki, staring with an unreadable expression.

"Didn't think I'd notice, huh?" Mizuki growls, finger twitching. "Did you really think I wouldn't notice you following me?"
Element by roule
3rd place (1 vote):
“Draw Tyranitar,” May said quietly at the beginning of the next week, and Mark drew him as he successfully stood up to Mewtwo²’s power in the League finals, not weak, that one glorious moment when it had seemed like she would win. The next day, when May asked him to choose, he drew Letaligon, roaring in triumph after her evolution. Where was she now? The rest of the week’s drawings were more victories, successes, happy moments frozen in time with everything that came after them forgotten: bringing down Thunderyu, winning badges, Jolteon holding his own against May’s Flygon, Waraider when he agreed to be captured.

At the end of the week they sent Chaletwo out, in the thicket of the forest, and he was silent.

“How long do we have?” May asked.

“Stick to the forest,” Chaletwo said after a few seconds. “You said his home is here. He’ll come back. He must come back. Search it better.”

A cold, invisible hand clutched at Mark’s insides. He didn’t know what to say, but even if he had, his throat ached with weeks of built-up looming horror finally latching on and settling in, making him want to curl up and scream until it was over.

“How long?” May repeated.

“It’s… it’s fine. Just keep looking. By this point he’d be getting weak. He’ll be back to the forest.”

“Are you sure?” May asked. Her voice was level but firm, her fists clenched, knuckles white.

“Yes. Yes! I’m sure. It’s not yet. We’ll find him when he returns to the forest. It’s fine.”

“So…” Mark began, his tongue sticky and uncomfortable in his mouth, “what you’re saying is… I should put you on the PC and call my parents?”

“I’m…” Chaletwo hesitated. “No! No, it’s… it’s not yet. Not quite. It’s not less than a week. It can’t be. He’s coming; I know he’s coming here. Just keep looking!”

And he recalled himself back into his ball.

May looked at Mark, her fists still clenched tight.
The Quest for the Legends, now with its ILCOETH revision! by Dragonfree

Most Heartbreaking Scene
1st place (6 votes):
Jack did not move. He could not move; the archen was far too quick. Jack could only widen his eyes and hold his scalchops in front of him, crossed, in an effort to defend himself.

The archen struck him twice. Once in the front, slamming his scalchops into his chest. And then again after rising a short distance, banking around, and striking him from behind.

It was the strike from behind that did it. Jack’s back bent against the archen’s beak. His eyes opened as far as they could, and his mouth widened, fanged jaws stretching apart farther than Door had ever seen them go.

In hindsight, Door wouldn’t remember whether or not Jack screamed. He probably did. He had enough time. But that didn’t seem important to Door. Not compared to the sight of Jack, her dewott, her very first pokémon partner, exploding into a cloud of pink smoke.

For some reason, though, she could remember the way his scalchops sounded when they struck the rock floor—a pair of metallic pings as they bounced—shortly before they dissolved into pink smoke too. All that was left was the mystic water Hilda had given him seemingly ages ago, which bounced further than the scalchops and clattered to the ground at Door’s feet.

And then, Door remembered screaming. She remembered Geist dragging her back. She remembered Huntress leaping at the archen, and she remembered the crunch of the archen’s neck between Huntress’s jaws. The next clear memory she had was of Geist’s hand on her wrist and of his voice in her ear.
Electric Sheep by JX Valentine

2nd place (3 votes):
“Oh... oh God…” Syr felt his mouth and throat go dry. It made all too much sense. That was why the deranics had needed the koffing. Seterhath Zulo-Denvenda was powered by their elemental energy.

Ren drew a shaking breath, his hooded head bowed for a moment. “Okay,” he said quietly. “You can handle this. I promise you can.” He was trying to sound composed, but his voice was too brittle. “Stay with it. We need to know if it’s spreading.”

Still staring into the distance, “…Spreading?” Acheron responded. “No. No, it’s already over. The pulse, I mean. No more casualties… for now.”

“That might’ve been a test run,” Demi guessed aloud. “The next one could be bigger.”

Bigger. Morbid images immediately filled Syr’s mind, echoes of the past that suddenly felt like the future. Bodies dropping everywhere, seizing up and gasping for air just like his own prey. Pyres burning into the night. Entire cities wracked with grief and fear. Rustboro could be next.

Convergence could be next.

That was the thought that broke him. With a strangled cry, Syr doubled back and surged toward the tunnel, sparing no attention for the rocks that bit into his flesh. All that mattered now was his son. All that mattered was being there for him, if he couldn’t save him…

Voices shouted from behind. Long, loping steps swiftly approached, and soon there were arms around his chest, holding him back.

“Let me go!” he said between sobs. “Let me go, please; I have to get to him…”

“It’s too far,” Acheron said. “Too far to run. You’d kill yourself trying.”

“We’re gonna die anyway!” Though the kwazai was only holding him tightly enough to keep him in place, he could feel his breaths growing short. His heart was hammering too fast, too hard.

“Syr... you can’t see him anytime soon,” Demi said as she circled around Syr and Acheron. “It’ll be at least a few more days unless we find a teleporter.”

“And your son’s a poison-type,” Acheron reminded Syr. “It’s an elemental weapon. Depending on how it works... he might be immune. Or at least resistant.”

It took a moment for the words to sink in properly. Poison. His own element. He knew how it worked. And yes... yes, no matter how hard it was to believe, his son was a fellow poison-type now. He’s not a snorunt anymore.
The Worldslayers by Sike Saner
3rd place (2 votes):
I take a deep breath and shove Riolu off of me. He lets out a squeak as he hits the floor. His eyes start to water, but I turn away and start looking around the room. I can’t fall apart now. Even if my brain’s screaming at me to stop this. To grab Riolu, climb back into bed, and forget this crazy idea.

But then I see his Ultra Ball lying next to my toy chest. My chest tightens up. Oh, the irony. That his ball would end up next to a box filled with toys we’ve spent hundreds of hours playing with together. I imagine that, somewhere, Tapu Lele is laughing gleefully at my misfortune.

I approach the ball, my breath growing steadily more labored. My arms shake as I go to pick it up. I try to take some deep breaths and tell myself that this is okay. That I’ve returned him plenty of times, and this is no different. Once he’s in the ball, everything will be fine. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Riolu looks up at this point, and sees his ball in my hands. He stumbles to his feet and runs at me. This isn’t like other times when I’ve returned him. There’s worry all over his face. Tears stream down his cheeks. I bite my lip, look away, hold up the ball, and press the button. Red light appears in the corner of my eyes and quickly fades away.

I’m hyperventilating now. My arm’s shaking so much I feel like it’ll pop out of my shoulder. It’s done. All I need to do is drop the ball and I’m gone. I’m gone and I never have to look back. But I’m hesitating. My brain’s saying let go, but my fingers aren’t listening. There’s still a part of me that wants to take him along. I rub my eyes and look down at the ball. I think of Riolu. His big, red eyes, always brimming with excitement or curiosity. The smile he usually wears on his muzzle. If I drop this ball, I’ll never see that smile again.

But that thought is suddenly drowned out by memories of Father. And then I think of Mother and a chill runs down my spine.

I toss the Ultra Ball onto my bed and run out my bedroom without even looking back.
Restarting (Platonic Contest, G) by Ambyssin
4th-5th place (1 vote):
It’s been a long time since I’ve battled like this. You say it’s been a couple of years since I’ve vanished. It feels like longer. But battling still feels good. My pokémon are certainly happy to be getting some fighting in.

I notice a look in your eyes, though. It’s curious. You seem a little weary yourself. I find myself speaking for the first time in a very, very long time. My voice is rusty, though, and seems to have lowered slightly in pitch. About time puberty hit.

We talk about your Professor, Elm, and how, although a little absent-minded at times, he really seemed to care about your progress, even going as far as to give you his number and call you from time to time. I express how I would’ve loved it if Professor Oak had done that.

At mentioning his name, however, you grow silent. It’s hard to make out through the snow, but there’s a sense of sadness growing on your face.

“Did you know that there’s a requirement for Trainers to be allowed to climb Mt. Silver?” you ask.

I wasn’t aware at all.

“Apparently, it’s a new thing. You have to beat all 16 Gyms on the Tohjo continent.” He pauses. “So that means, uh…well…I met your rival, Blue.”

I’m a little confused.

“He’s a Gym Leader now. Doesn’t really specialize in a type, but he has a rhydon, so it’s not as if he’s not following in the previous Viridian Leader’s footsteps.” He looks down at his feet. “I mentioned you to him. After I beat him. Said I was inspired to start my journey in the first place because of everything you did.” You chuckle. “He asked me, ‘Did ‘ya know I beat him to the punch?’ I didn’t, and he seemed sad when I told him so.” You look up at me. “Professor Oak didn’t talk about you at all, though, not even when I mentioned your name. Why is that?”

I feel a sad smile creep onto my face. It’s funny, really. After all this time, and even after hearing someone actually praise me for the efforts of my journey, the same thought forms in my head that’s been there for so long. When you hear it, I can almost see your heart break a little. But I can’t help what I think. I know, in my heart, that it’s true.

“I’m not worth it.”
Worth (PG-13) by PhalanxSigil
4th-5th place (1 vote):
“There should be a little cave around here somewhere,” Ren said, on his own feet again as he searched the surrounding area. “I spent the night in there once while I was making my way through Hoenn. It ought to…”

He trailed off. Syr followed his gaze and moved in for a closer look. There was an unnaturally symmetrical hole at ground level in the eastern cliff, the cavern beyond too dark to see into. “Is this it?” he asked.

Ren didn’t answer. Didn’t say anything at all for a couple of moments. Then, “Demi? Light it up.”

The human got out of her way; Syr figured he’d better do likewise and coiled off to the side. Demi approached the hole in the wall and folded her legs again, then extended a hand into the darkened space. A psybeam lanced from her open palm with a faint hum, filling the cavern with colorful light, pouring harmlessly into the far wall.

“Oh…” Ren said weakly.

It wasn’t a cavern. The space was too perfectly-shaped to have occurred naturally. No, this was a room, and it was filled with human-style furniture. It was hard to make out all the details past the dust and plantlife covering everything, but it looked simplistic. Cheerful. Like something out of a human child’s room. A moldy-looking lapras plush sat in one corner, its neck limp and doubled over.

He looked back at Ren and found him trembling again. The human’s dark eyes were wide and shining with tears. The room was vacant, but he looked upon it as if a ghost were staring back at him.

“This isn’t it, is it?” Syr asked quietly. He rather hoped it wasn’t, for Ren’s sake.

“No,” Demi answered, and she cut off the psybeam. “No it’s not.” She put a couple of arms around her trainer and shepherded him away from the hole in the wall.
The Worldslayers by Sike Saner

Most Heartwarming Scene
1st-2nd place (4 votes):

I closed my eyes, exhaling slowly through my teeth. “What?” I asked, turning to face her.

She fidgeted a bit with her gloves, avoiding my gaze. “Things… can’t ever go back to the way they used to be.”

Well, that was a bit insulting. “I know that. I’m not that naïve. Even if they could… I’m not sure I’d want that anymore.”

“…Me neither,” she said, looking away.

A long pause followed. I wasn’t quite sure what she was getting at.

“But… if we could start everything over…” she began slowly, “I’d like that.”

I blinked. If I’d been expecting anything, it hadn’t been that.

She wasn’t able to look me in the eye. “I don’t have anyone else right now. I guess I didn’t really have anyone else on Team Rocket either. Sure, at my rank, I had countless admirers. Any time I needed someone to chat with, or fool around with, I didn’t have to look far. But… I didn’t have anyone I could trust.”

I didn’t know what to say.

Starr closed her eyes and clenched her fists. “I guess… after everything that’s happened… after everything I did… I don’t deserve to ask that from you.”


Her eyes snapped open to stare at me in shock. “…What?”

“I said alright. I want to start over too.”

“You… you do?”

I took a deep breath. “Everything that’s happened between us has been so messed up. But neither of us wanted that—it was only because we were on opposing teams. I think we both need the chance to move on.” I was so, so tired of being haunted by that night. And this was probably the only way to heal from it.

I offered a hand to help her stand up. She hesitated, staring at it for a few seconds before slowly reaching out to take it. I pulled her to her feet. And then out of nowhere she threw her arms around me, pulling me into the tightest hug I’d ever felt. Every instinct told me to pull away, and my body immediately tensed up. But then, after several seconds had passed, I found myself relaxing into the embrace. Slowly, I lifted my arms from where they’d been pressed to my sides, clasping my hands around her as she trembled all over, tears soaking my shoulder. Weakly at first, my hold gradually tightened until I felt some of the stress and hurt and anger finally starting to melt away.

I wasn’t sure how long we stood there like that. All I knew was that it was the first moment since this all started that I didn’t regret having found out who she was.
The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika
1st-2nd place (4 votes):
"Well?" Cheren asked quietly. "Where've you been all these years? I have my suspicions, but so many stories have been told, and the same ones have been embroidered in so many places that it's tasking to tell fact from fiction." The Gym Leader's voice was cold and crisp, like a short breath of icy wind was escaping his lungs as he spoke. There was something else mingled there too that Black couldn't pinpoint. Was it sadness?

"I was in Sinnoh," Said Black, clearly and loudly, after a short pause. "Atop an icy mountain, away from people. I survived on berries, but I sometimes sent my Pokémon to find some food down from the town. It was enough for me to not get hungry, at least." Arms folded and frown on his face, Cheren seemed skeptical. "It's not like I wanted to go into hiding, is it? I was looking for N. I needed a purpose. The dragon had chose me, and I knew people would have mixed opinions about the captures of both Reshiram and Zekrom. So I left, looking desperately for the one person I knew would have answers."

"But why didn't you tell us?" Cheren asked accusingly. "Aren't we your friends? You left without warning. No note, no… anything. Just gone. We were always there for you…" Looking sadly at Black, Cheren's eyes were dark blue pits, laced with the beginnings of tears.

"There wasn't a day that went by where I didn't regret leaving. I think about all of you every single day and I'm happy to see how much you've all grown. I missed all of you. You're my friends, and you mean a lot to me. I didn't think, and I was young, and stupid, and I'm sorry," Replied Black, on the verge of tears himself. Cheren started to step towards Black, and for a moment, Bianca and White were afraid he would lash out. He stopped directly in front of the Champion and looked him in the eyes. Then, with one swift movement, he embraced Black like a brother.

"I forgive you. But we're not friends," Cheren added, thumping Black on the back. "We're family now."
Five Years Later [Platonic Contest] by TikTok13

3rd-4th place (2 votes):
“I do recall making you a promise,” Halvard said. “To unite the north and south. But something tells me that won’t be as simple as walking up to the gates of your Kalosian king and demanding a treaty. No, I think this will require time and careful planning.” He turned to Wulfric. “And I trust you will help me?”

“Of course. I made a promise too.”

Halvard looked out at the open ocean and smiled. “We’ll get to the south someday, Wulfric.” Uthald swam in front of them as they passed through the opening of the fjord, the ruins of Donatus’s towers on either side. Uthald swam in front of the ship, his cobalt scales gleaming. “But for now, the north is enough, don’t you think?”

Wulfric nodded, feeling a deep ache in his heart for the rolling pastures of Rovngalad. For home. “Yes. For now, the north is enough.”
The Halvarsaga by Firebrand
3rd-4th place (2 votes):
Ponyta stared at his hand, and didn’t move a muscle. Other than his shaking fingers, he didn’t move a muscle either, not at first. But slowly he did move—no more than an inch at a time.

Then he felt the heat. Ponyta’s mane was true fire, and he felt it. It hurt, and he pulled back the last inch he’d just taken. The heat didn’t reach there. ‘The Indians say that monsters control their fires better than we control ours. That makes me think they’ve never met that devil-dog of Cottonwood’s back east, but maybe they know something about the prairie monsters.’

Hal swallowed, and moved his hand closer by that one inch again. The heat was still there, and it still hurt. He held his hand in place for ten seconds before he had to wince and mutter, “…ow!” But Ponyta kept staring and didn’t move—not forward but not away either. Hal didn’t know if he would be punished for showing weakness or…

The heat subsided. It was still warm, but it was no longer unbearably hot around his fingers, even though nothing had moved. Before Hal was certain about what this meant, he moved in another inch and a sliver until it was hot again. There were few more seconds of pain, then as before the air cooled down until it was tolerable. So Hal moved in closer. He inched toward the mane in this way as slowly as the hands on a grandfather clock. Then at last there was a sharper pain as the tip of his index finger brushed against a strand of fire. But that pain and that heat faded as well. When it did, he stuck in his entire hand.

He was not burned.

It felt the way his hands did when they were under a blanket and close to a fireplace. The mane looked like all one fire, but now Hal thought he felt the single hairs. When he tried to close some between his fingers they escaped, but when he held still and open, they brushed against him in waves like tall prairie grass in the hot sun. He could put that exact sensation into words in his head even before he realized how wide his smile had grown.

Ponyta moved closer and sniffed his coat. Hal was more than glad now that Rachel had made that burnberry-smell sink into their clothes yesterday. Her nose tickled him and he laughed a little. He patted her head and she let him.
[Yuletide 2017] Wild Horses in Winter by icomeanon6
5th place (0 votes):
The gentle, flickering lantern light filled the ceremonial tatami room, its many sliding doors adorned with artwork of poison Pokémon mid-attack, their human partners depicted behind them. The room was full of gym trainers, staff, and Pokémon alike. Humans sat seiza on decorated cushions on the mats, and those who needed it sat on chairs. Small and medium-sized Pokémon sat by their trainers, while larger creatures lined the back of the room. All waited in respectful silence for the ceremony to begin.

At the front of the room, Koga’s Pokémon stood (and floated and flapped) beside him, and Janine was similarly flanked by her team. She resisted the urge to lay a hand on Ariados for comfort.

“I, Koga, stand before you as the current Leader of the Fuchsia City Pokémon Gym,” he said, addressing the crowd. “Today, I pass the torch and appoint a new Gym Leader to take my place. Come forward, Janine.”

Janine stood before the gym team, humans and Pokémon alike. Dozens of eyes were on them – or perhaps on her. They were all people and Pokémon she knew well, and had trained and worked beside for years. She knew their strengths and their weaknesses, and they in turn knew hers.

“Do you accept the responsibility of accepting challenges to defend the honour of Fuchsia City Gym, instructing trainers in the art of Pokémon battling, and upholding the ninja clan?”

Janine’s chest swelled. “I accept this responsibility with all of the challenge and hardship it entails. I will battle with my heart and soul, and I will never falter in my duties to this gym, this city, and this clan.” She knew the words by heart and could recite them in her sleep by now, especially the ones that had been added specifically for the Fuchsia City Gym.

“Then I, Koga, pass my legacy on to Janine, and declare her the new Fuchsia City Gym Leader.” Koga bowed, presenting the keys in his flat, open palms. Heart swelling with pride, she bowed in return, and accepted them in both her hands. She hung them on her belt, felt the weight of them on her hip, and smiled. She bowed to the crowd.

The room erupted in cheers and Pokémon cries as father and daughter shook hands, exchanging broad, proud smiles.

“You’re going to be great,” her feather said over the din, for her ears only. And basking in the glow of love and support from her gym, she couldn’t help but believe him.
A Gym Legacy by Psychic

Best Action Scene
1st-2nd place (3 votes):
All day, Alex had felt himself pushed to the sidelines by the other heroes, more of a distraction and a hindrance than an equal. But now the Hammer himself was giving Alex a chance to prove his worth. He gritted his teeth and lashed out at Polovich, determined to make every blow count. “Yes!” the Hammer boomed as he wrenched a lamp post from the sidewalk and swung out at the Metagross. “Give it everything you’ve got! Don’t hold anything back!”

The Boyar used his metal bracers to parry Alex and Hierro’s blows, fending off their assault with a speed that belied the weight of the gauntlets. “You don’t know what you’re dealing with, kid!” Polovich snapped. “Do you really think a whelp like you can best the Iron Boyar?”

“I was asking myself the same question,” Alex growled. He jumped up and delivered two swift kicks to Polovich’s abdomen, making the man double over and stagger back three paces. “And I like my odds!”

Polovich gestured to his Metagross. “Crush them.”

The abandoned cars scattered up and down the street began to rise up into the air as the Metagross’s steel cross began to glow again. The cross flashed and the cars flew towards the heroes. Alex was about to retreat when the Hammer’s Conkledurr blew past him, twisting his entire upper body and swinging his heavy concrete blocks around. The fighting type deftly battered away the first three cars and shoved the block in his left hand through the hood of a fourth. The Hammer threw his lamp post away and caught a fifth in his mechanized hand. The Metagross tried to raise two more cars, only to have the Conkledurr hurl his cement pillars and pin the automobiles to the ground. Meanwhile, the Hammer’s Hariyama threw its considerable bulk behind a reckless blow and sent Polovich’s Bastiodon sprawling. “Well done!” the Hammer cried, the joints of his suit hissing as he flexed its arms.

“Damn them,” Polovich snarled, fumbling for something tucked into the back of his waistband. “Barrier, now!”

A translucent wall sprang up, stretching from one side of the street to the other. The Hammer and his pokemon immediately rushed forward and began pounding against the barricade, their fists making the psychic barrier ripple. Alex could see tiny hairline fractures begin to form with each impact, but he couldn’t be sure that they would break through before Polovich could pull off another trick. He watched where the ripples traveled, tracking the contour of the wall.
The Amazing Hawlucha Man by Firebrand
1st-2nd place (3 votes):
The Legendarian Chronicles [Revision 11] by Chibi Pika

3rd place (2 votes):
“Hyper Beam.”

Tyranitar reared back its head and unhinged its jaws. As the unmistakable glow and high-pitched wail built up, Derek saw something no photograph had ever captured: Mariano Russo looking shaken. The Executive scrambled for his belt. He had less than three seconds left, and for a moment Derek thought he might have miscalculated.

Russo threw a ball at his feet, and a Snorlax taller than a man standing up and wider than a man lying down appeared. Not a millisecond later, Tyranitar’s mouth erupted. The focused orange blast struck the Snorlax directly in the stomach. The giant Pokémon collapsed and was sent sliding on its back. Russo had to dive out of the way to avoid being crushed. When Tyranitar’s attack dissipated, there was a smoldering red mark on the Snorlax where several layers of skin and fat had been melted away. It groaned one time and didn’t get up.

One down, and since Russo had been fast enough, Derek still wasn’t a killer yet.
Will Somebody Stop These Kids? by icomeanon6
4th-5th place (1 vote):
Unbeknownst to Crom and his companions, Team Traveller had had a fitful day some hours ago when the sun still stood high in the sky. Back on Orleigh, the three stormed through a narrow alleyway, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake as they scrambled out of the path of various beam attacks directed their way from behind. The group rounded one corner after the other and pushed their legs to go as fast as they could carry themselves, the attacks finally seemed to dwindle in frequency, and fall further off their mark as they zipped by. Although they certainly couldn't afford to stop moving, this slight reprieve at least inspired a bit of hope despite their bleak circumstances.

"I think we're losing them!" Nida panted. "Quick, over-!"

The Nidoran's words were cut off with a yelp as a jet of water zipped overhead. The three youngsters looked back, where much to their horror, they saw a Floatzel in a golden scarf charging ahead, leading a large pack of peers from the Iron Fleet.

"There they are!" Rodion shouted.

The three Pokémon turned and bolted as beams, projectiles, and the occasional seed sailed past, a sharp gust of wind brushing Pleo with a yelp. Nida attempted to shift her bag forward to fish out an orb, only to fumble over and over again to retrieve anything from it as their pursuers closed in.

"Gah! They just keep coming!" Nida squeaked.

"We need to shake them for a bit!" Guardia cried. "Look for cover! Someplace like-"

A short way into the distance, Guardia spotted a storefront which currently sat vacant, save for some small, worthless-looking trinkets on display at the front of it. With its decently tall wooden walls, it would have to suffice for a hiding spot.

"Like right there!" the Cubone exclaimed, pointing at the stall. "That way!"

Although he was a little slow on his feet, Pleo had a head-start and so wound up being the first to reach the group's designated hiding spot. With a little difficulty, he pulled himself over the wooden wall of the stall, and leaned back over it to offer a helping wing to the others. Without a word, the three hunkered down with bated breath as the sounds of the jeering pirates came closer and closer.
Fledglings by Spiteful Murkrow
4th-5th place (1 vote):
Then the referee's signal comes, and Pikachu's gone, a yellow smear of motion rocketing across the arena. You lean over the railing, heart hammering already. He's fast. Even faster than you thought from watching him battle on TV. The great Nathaniel Morgan's shouting commands, but neither he nor Graveler can keep up with Pikachu, who races along like a furry thunderbolt, sparking and flashing nose-tip to metal-glinting tail.

Graveler makes the arena shake, hurls rocks in all directions, swings all four fists whenever Pikachu comes close. Her opponent bounces and zips around every attack, in the air as often as he's on the ground. You can't see Graveler inside the blur of dust and debris, but you can hear her roars. Your stomach clenches as chips of stone bounce and skip across the ground, carved out of her hide.

It can't be more than two minutes before the great Nathaniel Morgan raises Graveler's pokéball to call her back, which feels short even with adrenaline drawing out the seconds. The great Nathaniel Morgan unclips another ball from his belt, moving slowly with jaw clenched, and you look down at the arena. Pikachu's a little scuffed up, but aside from one thin cut on his flank you don't see any sign of damage. That's who you're going to fight, him and maybe two more.

It's okay. The great Nathaniel Morgan's right, if you turn on volt absorb or something it'll be no problem. You don't know why he's relying on you after calling you stupid for so long, but it's nice that he's finally starting to catch on. And he's right. You're going to show everyone how strong you are.

Mightyena takes shape on the field, and you shift around, trying to loosen your death-grip on the railing. Then the referee raises her flags and announces the next round.

You squint and reflexively hunker down as lightning blossoms in earnest for the first time. Unlike Graveler, Mightyena's at the mercy of Pikachu's element. You struggle to make sense of what's happening, eyes watering as you stare into strobing flashes of white electrical light, looking for the dark splash of Mightyena's fur. You wonder whether the great Nathaniel Morgan's having any more luck or if he's not even trying, standing next to you screaming, "Yawn! Yawn! Yawn!" at the crackling mess in front of him.
Salvage by Negrek

Most Memorable Quote
1st-3rd place (3 votes):
“A smart liar can take any disgusting thing and make it sound like logic. That’s why you have a conscience, so you know not to believe them.”
Will Somebody Stop These Kids? by icomeanon6
1st-3rd place (3 votes):
"I… lost someone. Really close to me. You might have heard about it on the news, it was… it was the girl who ran this building before."

"Mmmmm… can't say I really keep up with the news." Zinnia shrugs again. "But still, sucks that someone died. It'd suck even more if someone else did, y'know?"
All It Takes Is A Fall by Eskay64
1st-3rd place (3 votes):
“We're always looking for something else, a pokémon that will best complement the strengths and weaknesses of our existing team. And yet some of the best trainers in the world have made a career out of limiting themselves.”
Selfish Perceptions by Cutlerine

4th place (2 votes):
Cass blinks. Artemis can see the revelation dawning, the way it did on her, way back in that one therapy session. That what happens to you really matters, no matter how small it seems in the grand scheme of things. Because guess what, you aren't the grand scheme of things, you're just one person, and your life might be small but it's all you've got, and if it's not working out for you then you can't afford not to do something about it.
Arbitrary Execution by Cutlerine
5th place (1 vote):
Especially since the only other company I seem to have is the professional drummer that is my heart.
Skybound [PMD] by TikTok13

Author Awards

Best Established Writer
1st place (10 votes): Cutlerine
2nd-3rd place (1 vote): Spiteful Murkrow
2nd-3rd place (1 vote): Negrek

Best New Writer
1st place (8 votes): Ambyssin
2nd place (4 votes): TikTok13
3rd place (2 votes): DreamSayer
4th place (1 vote): icomeanon6

Most Dedicated Writer
1st place (5 votes): Cutlerine
2nd place (4 votes): Chibi Pika
3rd-4th place (3 votes): Spiteful Murkrow
3rd-4th place (3 votes): Sike Saner

Most Improved Writer
1st-2nd place (5 votes): DreamSayer
1st-2nd place (5 votes): PhalanxSigil

3rd place (2 votes): Bay
4th place (1 vote): Antoshi

Reviewer Awards

Most Helpful Reviewer
1st-3rd place (4 votes): Cutlerine
1st-3rd place (4 votes): Negrek
1st-3rd place (4 votes): Ambyssin

4th place (1 vote): Chibi Pika
5th place (0 votes): DeliriousAbsol

Most Dedicated Reviewer
1st place (12 votes): Ambyssin
2nd-3rd place (1 vote): diamondpearl876
2nd-3rd place (1 vote): Cutlerine
4th-6th place (0 votes): Negrek
4th-6th place (0 votes): Sike Saner
4th-6th place (0 votes): Chibi Pika


Lost but Seeking
Nice! I totally wasn't expecting my Yuletide entry to get as much attention as it did. Congratulations to the winners and to all the nominees, and many thanks to everyone who took the time out to vote, nominate, or generally make the awards happen. It was great to see things so lively this year. I hope we'll have even more buzz for the 2018 edition!


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Whoa, that's ... kind of amazing for Arbitrary Execution, huh. I'm glad you liked it so much, and honoured that you were willing to vote for it when the competition was so good! And I'm glad to see Go Home get some recognition for the one thing it's good at, too: making people upset at ungodly hours of the night.

Speaking of the competition -- we had an excellent crop of fics this year, with some very well-deserved nominations and what look like some very tight contests for places, too. Congratulations to all of you! And thanks, of course, to everyone who took the time to get involved, read some fics they might not otherwise have looked at, nominate and vote and all the rest. Particular thanks are, as ever, due to Dragonfree and the Great Butler for hosting the event and making it run smoothly -- it's always much appreciated. Here's hoping 2018 is an even better year for fic than the last!


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To be honest I never really thought I'd get nominated for anything - let alone win 1st place with Balance! It's a real honour to think that people liked the junkyard scene enough to give it first place and I thank you all for voting for it! Congrats to the other nominees and winners too - there's been some wonderful stuff popping up here on the forums over 2017 and it's nice to see authors get rewarded for their hard work!

I'd like to thank Chibi Pika in particular and apologise for making a scene which resulted in her, as she described it, losing a couple of years from her life. Thank you for thinking it was worthy of a nomination! And of course respect is due for Dragonfree and The Great Butler for hosting the event! Here's to 2018, everyone!


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So, uh, wow. Like, I'm positively astounded and humbled. To the point where I'm trying to think of something to type up but words are kind of failing me at this point. I really didn't have any expectations, considering I'm just writing this for fun. I know my stuff is far from perfect, so I hope I can continue to use everyone's feedback to improve (and surprise) going forward. Thank you to the folks who gave Guiding Light and Restarting consideration. Especially with all the amazing stories that cropped up in the awards this year. Seriously, so many categories were close. And I think the fact that this has more ties than I keep in my closet speaks volumes to just how much awesome stuff was pooled up in the awards. And there's already been quite a lot of new submissions this year, so I don't have any reason not to think the next set of awards can't be even better!

Congrats to all the winners and nominees. And, of course, thanks to Dragonfree and the Great Butler for hosting. Dragonfree, I'll try not to break the site in some ridiculously obscure way again. Though I make no promises. ^^;

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Hot damn, I don't know what to say. Except that I had to check the awards archive to confirm that this is legit the first time, in 14 years of posting on Serebii, that LC has won something. Holy crap. And not just won something, but tied in a whole host of other categories. (The sheer number of close races is a testament to just how much awesome stuff was posted last year.) Wow. 14 years, but it finally paid off. I'm thrilled that anyone still cares about this stupid story after all this time. And the fact that it wound up being "Most Suspenseful" is the best part!

And of course, it's awesome to see all the wins from fics that haven't been here since the dawn of time (translation: all the awards won by new fics!) Look at how many there were! And the sheer diversity of authors both nominated and voted for is also incredible. You're all amazing--don't forget that.

Mad props to Dragonfree and The Great Butler for hosting as usual, and to everyone who voted or nominated to make this one of the most successful awards we've had in a long while. And with all the fics we've already had posted this year, here's to the 2018 awards being even better!


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Whoa. Didn't expect my only submission to the community this year (yeah.... sorry about that ^_^) to be nominated and fight for 2nd place. Says a couple of things about it I guess.

I'll be darned it was pretty close a fight this year. Lots of good stories and lots of good people. Congratulations to icomeanon6, Cutlerine and [Imaginative]:[Clockwork] specially, and to fellow worldbuilders Spiteful Murkrow, Virgil134, Umbramatic and DarkerShining as well. And to Ambyssin and DeliriousAbsol for providing some quality fun. At this point I could just cut the character count and say congrats to everyone. Of course credits where it's due for the Crew that set the awards up and keep this running as well!
Well done to everyone who won this year! I’m glad I got a joint second spot for my one nomination, that makes me proud of myself. Good luck for everyone next year, and thanks to Dragonfree and The Great Butler for running it!
This is amazing! My activity has been so inconsistent lately that I'm honored just to get nominations, let alone two wins! I was really unsure about Orange when I was writing and posting it, so the positive reaction it's gotten has been such a relief, and so heartwarming. Hopefully I can be just a little more active going forward and spread some reviews around! Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to Dragonfree and The Great Butler. I can't wait for next year's awards!

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As one of the operators of the awards, I want to thank everyone who participated. Things worked out pretty smoothly this year, which is something I hope we can keep going for next time and further in the future.

Now speaking as one of the contestants, I have to say I'm rather surprised I won one and tied for second in another. The competition was stiff, so doing that well is a real honor!