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#207 Gligar / #472 Gliscor

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New Member
Looking for female gligar with dream world ability, willing to trade any non-legendary pokemon (no dream world abilities).

PM to set up a trade or for more details
FC: 2279 9735 1653


New Member
Got an extra DW gligar. LF other DW pokes that aren't in my shop. PM me or VM me or post in my shop. thanks :D


New Member
DW Gliscor

Looking for a female poison heal gliscor. Nature and IV's don't matter--only the gender and the ability.

I am no longer looking. Thank you, kindly~
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Well-Known Member
Looking for any male gligar. Needs to be transferred over to 4th gen so please keep that in mind. PM me if interested.


New Member
Looking for a female Dream World gligar. Have a dream world shuppet or other negotiable trades. Pm me!


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Kind regards, MN
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I'm just looking for a DW ability gligar with a female gender. I can offer a female vulpix, poliwag, or dratini all with their DW abilities. Thanks in advance, just PM me with which pokemon you want.


<-- Want a DWF
Looking for female DW Gligar! Offering DW Poliwag.


<-- Want a DWF
Okay, now offering female DW Gligar!

What I want:
Items: Either Toxic Orb, Life Orb, Choice Items (save scarf) and Focus Band
Pokemon: DW female Dratini.


New Member
Looking for DW female gliscor, offers on my siggy. Pls PM if interested.


New Member
Got my Gligar. My DS doesn't let me edit posts on the forums so I had to make a new post.


Show me the Munna!
Hey all,

I'm looking for someone that will do this trade with me. I'm looking to get this done in one shot, but will do single trades if required.

Female Poison Heal Gligar/Gliscor
Female Technician Shroomish/Breloom
Air Balloon
Toxic Orb


Lv 70 Docile Lugia
Lv 50 Lonely Zapdos
Lv 70 Serious Mewtwo

Can offer Pokerus too...

Message me if interested... Thanks in advance.


Hi, I'm looking for a female gligar with immunity or gliscor with poison heal. Would appreciate any help :]


Lost in Translation
Looking for any female Gligar with it's dream world ability.

I have a lot I'm willing to part with, items/pokemon, so PM me with things that you want;

EX: rare candy/lucky egg, alert to sounds, timid zorua f/m


Amemoth Fan :D
I can breed DW Female Gligar! Pm me if to negotiate.


i herd u liek me :P
Looking for a DW Immunity Impish Flawless Gligar :D It can be any gender, but it can would be preferable if it had baton pass. I am offering legendaries, shinies, flawless shinies, flawless, shiny (and/or flawless) legendary, and more! :D PM/VM me if you have it. If you have a shiny one, ill offer better for it, but ill take non shiny as well :D


Looking for a DW Gligar a Male, I could offer a few Legends such as Mewtwo, Shaymin, Regis's, Diagla, Palika, Rayquaza, Groundon, and a few more.


Lookngi for a Gligar/Gliscor female with poison heal. I have a variety to offer in return from my breeding including:
gastly, Starly, Elekid, Shelmet, Skorupi, Elekid/Electabuzz (depending ln lvl) Feebas Chimchar (some with Iron fist DW ability) Bagon and a few Abra and one lvl 56 Alakazam (unknown IVs), a lvl 69 Ryperior (unknown IVs), a lvl 72 Lucario (unknown IVs) a lvl 54 Lucario with IVs all over 20 except one which is 18/19 and it's Hp is 31.
and a boatload of Eevees
many of what I have to offer have 3 or more IVs that are 31 so are excellent for breeding.
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