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#207 Gligar / #472 Gliscor

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Metapod OP
Looking for DWF gligar or gliscor. PM if you can make a deal.


King of TM87
Can breed DWF Gligars. Can do it for other DWFs or other nice offers.


New Member
Offering impish DWF gligars. Want other DWF. Also looking for togepi, bulbasaur, cacnea. Pm me with offers and I may accept others.


New Member
Hey guys I'm looking for a DW gligar. Not particular on the nature. Just need one. I've only got a DW female snover for offer so far. I can offer some other Pokemon though.


New Member
i need a gligar with ability dream world ( immunity) or gliscor with ability dream world
sex: famale exclusive the other tingh(level nick name ect not important)
i can offer tools , pokemon , pokèrus and other thing

pls comment or send me a message in inbox :) thanks

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New Member
I'm looking for a Impish Gligar, lvl1, with immunity. I don't have much in the way of trading but I'm sure we can figure something out. I've never dabbled in DW. Just pm me.

La Parka

Best In The World
Looking for-
Slowpoke Sp. Def Nature with DW ability (Regenerator) x2 (completley un-ev trained and minimum level)
Gligar Adamant with DW ability (poison heal) (completely un-EV trained minimum level)
Skarmory with Whirlwind and Def. Nature. (sturdy) non DWability (completely un-ev trained at level 1) (egg hatched)
Politoed Modest with DW ability (Drizze) (fully ev trained in HP and Sp. Atk) OR a Poliwhirl with King's Rock that will evolve into a Politoed with Drizzle. (still modestor rash) minimum level.

I have all shinies. ALL of them. PM me what you want for any of these. Or non shinies. I have all items too so I can attatch anything (even TMs) if reuested. I can also EV train the pkmn you want from me and give it max IVs. PM me if we could have a dea


Metal Fairy
Anyone have shiny, Impish immunity Gligar/Gliscor? I'm willing to negotiate.


Sexy Trainer
looking for a female gligar with immunity

La Parka

Best In The World
Need Gliscor with DW effect in less than 3 hours. don't offer me gligar, want gliscor. Have shinies. PM me.


New Member
Looking for a female Gligar/Gliscor with the DW Ability, Poison Heal. I have large amount of pokemon to trade with.
Inbox me with offers, and I'll get back to you whether I have what you want or not. I would list some, but I have too many. x3

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Just look at it!
looking for a female gligar or gliscor with poison heal. have some with 31 ivs and many others. pm me if you have something for me. i may have what youre looking for


Sick of Bigotry
Looking for a female dream world Gligar, can offer a squirtle, chikorita, snivy or the dream world females in my sig.
Notes: Trade complete
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Getting there...
Looking for DWF Gligar and am willing to trade DWF Magikarp. Don't care about Natures or IVs. PM if willing to trade.

EDIT: Trade Completed
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