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#207 Gligar / #472 Gliscor

Discussion in 'Johto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. shatteredrose

    shatteredrose Well-Known Member

    Looking for a DW female gligar. Don't need original, you can breed me a female if you'd prefer that. I have a few other DW females. Contact via PM.
    I've been trying to find one in my DW, but have had no luck.
  2. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Just found a dream world female gligar. So if you need some ask me to breed. I'm looking for two pokemon in particular. Look in my stig for more detail or just PM me.
  3. broomstig

    broomstig Water/Dragon Leader

    Have DWF Gligars and other pokemon available for trade. Would like to trade for other DWFs I don't have - check my sig for details
  4. elyk800

    elyk800 Member

    I have many DWF gligars available, including one shiny flawless DWF Gligar. Looking for other shiny flawless pokemon, or events. PM me with offers.
  5. Seatrekninja

    Seatrekninja New Member

    I really need a poison heal gliscor/immunity gligar if someone could trade with me I will do trade almost anything.
    Just PM me Thanks =D
  6. Gritree

    Gritree Lieutenant

    Am looking for a DWF gligar (preferably just hatched and untouched) and am willing to trade any of my other DWF pokemon for it. PM me to get this trade started. :p
  7. Garchompers

    Garchompers New Member

    looking for dw gligar/gliscor with poison heal ability i have dw sandshrew, druddigon, and finneon, also have other non dw pokes available for trade pm if interested.
  8. Croze

    Croze Sick of Bigotry

    Have tons of Gligar with the egg moves baton pass, sword dance, agility, ariel ace, most of them have the dream world ability immunity, pm me offers.
  9. RexNovus

    RexNovus The Rex is King

    Looking for a female DW Gligar, nature and iv's are irrelevant. Offers:

    Cyndaquil, Oshawott, Piplup, Treecko, Bulbasaur, Tepig, Archen, Charmander, Larvitar, Chikorita, Torchic. All non dreamworld, level 1. PM me if you want to help out ^^,

    EDIT: Got one, thank you Quotemaster.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2013
  10. SilentReaper

    SilentReaper Irrelevant

    offering shiny flawlrss dwf gliscor pm with offers
  11. ae1013

    ae1013 New Member

    Looking for either a dwf gligar or a jolly male dw gligar.. Not much to offer but hoping someone can help me out. message me with wants and I can see what I can do.
  12. Benacus

    Benacus New Member

    I'm looking for a poison heal gligar either female or UT Impish please PM me if you can help
  13. BaronAlberto

    BaronAlberto New Member

    Looking for DW female gligar with immunity please PM me if you have any : )
  14. Croze

    Croze Sick of Bigotry

    Got DWF Gligars, pm me if you think you might have something I need
  15. Bunch

    Bunch N's Apprentice

    Need a Dream World Gligar female with Poison Heal. Offering a Shiny legit Porygon-Z Ev trained in speed and Sp.A. good move set pst if interested
  16. slinkyzard

    slinkyzard Member

    Looking for female Gligar with Immunity. I can offer DWF Eevee with 31 Speed IV. PM me if interested.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2013
  17. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    I have many Jolly Gligar that need new homes! Some of them have their DW ability. PM me if you would like one.
  18. snagon

    snagon Member

    If anybody has a DWF Kabuto or Corphish I have a DWF Gligar with a 31 Def IV
  19. E123Timay

    E123Timay Master of pokemanz

    looking for female gligar or gliscar with its dw ability. have dw lugia,dw giratina and dw landorus for trade as well as many pokes from the dream radar
    Trade done!
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2013
  20. Jivoo

    Jivoo New Member


    I can breed dwf gligar.. Pm me if interested
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