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#227 Skarmory

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Kawaii for life~ x
Offering a shiny RNGed Skarmory... Looking for Unova shinies c:


New Member
I can breed Skarmory with Stealth Rock, Sky Attack and Brave Bird.
Pm/vm for offers.


A Beautiful Enigma
Offering a million skarmory with brave bird, roost, whirlwind, and aerial ace. PM me with offers.
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Dragon Breeder
Offering Male Jolly Skarmory with Brave Bird, Whirlwind, and Steel Wing. PM Me :)
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Elesa's #1 Fan
I want a Shiny NearFlawless/Flawless Skarmory with Stealth Rock, Sky Attack and Brave Bird can offer you a WishBagon (uber rare pokemon) also aswell as the skarmory i exspect some other shiny flawless or near flawlesss to be included as wish bagon is quite rare :).. if this pokemon does not take your fancy VM myself for what your interested in i have all kind's of stuff.


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not sure if this really belongs in this thread but not sure where too put it i need someone with access to black and white 2 to teach my skarmory stealth rock as it cannot learn it any other way in gen 5 i do have some things to trade jsut ask


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Im looking for a skarmory with roost, Brave bird and whirlwind. Can someone please help? I have a lot to offer


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Hi I'm looking for any pineco/forretress, skarmory, torkoal, spinda, glameow/purugly, stunky/skuntank, chatot and/or croagunk/toxicroak to complete my pokedex, I can offer all starters (gen 6 included) and all other breedable pokemon (not including gen 6 just yet) so pm me!
Will trade flawless ferroseed or ferrothorn for near flawless skar. Pm me


I have a ton of Skarmory's I am giving away for random dex fillers from past games.


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I want any skarmory


Veteran Trainer
I am looking for a sturdy ability skarmory with impish or careful nature that knows brave bird, whirlwind, and roost. What I can offer is displayed below in my sig.

*trade completed*
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New Member
Looking for any skarmory, pm me for offers


I still have a ton of Skarmorys to trade if anyone needs any.


Team Synergist
Looking for Flawless(or Near) Impish Skarmory with Roost, Whirlwind, & Bravebird. PM for an offer~


Reputable Trader
I am looking for X shadow pokemon from Coloseum skarmory preferably UT and uncloned if it is both of these I can offer ANYTHING in my shop except for the NFT in my trophy case, I am also looking ANY shiny X-Coloseum pokemon for if you have one VM me or post in my shop and tell me what you want and if you have one

*Please note I only accept LEGIT pokemon and I only offer LEGIT pokemon also if you offer me a hack or trade me a hack then I will blacklist you if you are 100% sure its a hack and offer it!*


I'm also offering a Coloseum relaxed very good (subway guy said that)speed lv47 T skarmory swords dance, rock slide, s scissor, and aerial ace looking for offers for this skarmory


King of TM87
PM if you have a Skarmory up for trade! Need one urgent!! (don't care level/nature/eggmoves!)
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