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#228 Houndour / #229 Houndoom

Discussion in 'Johto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

    [td]#228 Houndour[/td]
    [td]#229 Houndoom[/td][/tr][tr]
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  2. OneSickJDMBB6

    OneSickJDMBB6 New Member

    Looking for houndoom/houndour

    I have:
    Jolly/Adamant Bagon
    Jolly/Adamant Gible
    Jolly/Adamant Dratini with Dragon Dance
    Jolly/Adamant Larvitar with Dragon Dance & Outrage
    Jolly/Adamant/Timid/Modest Munna with Synchronize
    Jolly/Adamant/Timid/Modest Eevee
    Jolly/Adamant Charmander with Dragon Dance & Outrage
    Modest Feebas with Hypnosis
    Adamant Beldum

    and some others like Zorua, all the 5th gen starters, etc.
  3. lalasiny

    lalasiny Poke-the-X :)

    looking for hondour or houndoom pm me pls
  4. Kiya

    Kiya Teehee Slayer

    Breeding houndour with Dark pulse, flamethrower and Fire Blast. PM for trade!
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2011
  5. turboo

    turboo Training day

    I have a couple of Houndour. let me know about a trade looking for pokemon from different generations.
    names SIMS
    fc 1936 0091 2018
  6. ThePandaPunisher

    ThePandaPunisher Puppy Trainer

    I have houndours with eggmoves rage, incinerate & fire fang. PM me with offers.
  7. Recovery 8

    Recovery 8 Rocket Boss

    Looking for a Houndour with Bold Nature. Pm me for offers.
  8. Renchu

    Renchu New Member

    Hi. Looking for Houndour/Houndoom. Have baby Zorua to offer or White version exclusives.
  9. Mew&Celebi

    Mew&Celebi Member

    Looking for legit shiny houndour with OT CHRIS, preferred UT. Pm got offers
  10. Umbreon's Girl

    Umbreon's Girl Scolipede!!!

    Looking for foreign language Houndour or Houndoom (preferably Japanese) for shiny breeding. I have a lot of Pokemon to offer, just let me know what you are looking for. Thanks!
  11. King Lawliet

    King Lawliet Cero Miedo!

    While I'm waiting for approval on my trade shop I may as well be using this to conduct trades and all. I have an EV trained Houndoom for those who would like one, trained by yours truly and looking for any trainer that wants one

    EVs: 224 Speed, 184 SpAtk, 100 Atk
    IVs: 31/22/29/5/31/31
    Nature: Hasty
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Moves: Fire Blast, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot

    Interested in it? Of course you are, now all you have to do is PM me and we can discuss a trade.

    Thank you for reading ;229;
  12. Verloren

    Verloren New Member

    Looking for male nasty plot houdour, can trade zorua, leech seed tangela, or pansage
  13. hinhan

    hinhan Legendary lover

    Looking for a Houndoor/houndoom pref with good IVs but not really bothered pm me if you have one.
  14. Ju-da-su

    Ju-da-su Well-Known Member

    Offering RNG'd *SHINY* Hasty Flawless Houndour with Egg Move: Pursuit, Beat Up.

    PM/VM with your offer.
  15. Nero Umbra

    Nero Umbra Dark Type

    Looking for a male and female Houndour. I will offer 3 riolu eggs for them.
  16. LF: Houndour with eggmoves Thunderfang, suckerpunch, and pursuit.

    Willing to offer multiple shinies/events/anything in my UFT list.
  17. Kyogre35

    Kyogre35 First avy..no touchy

    I want any Houndoom/Houndour. Doesn't matter what nature, level, etc. Just want one.

    I have to trade:
    1. Rash Litwicks
    2. Adamant/31 IV Rufflets
    3. Mild 28 SpA IV/30 HP IV/ 31 Spe IV Elgyem.
    4. Mild Larvesta
    5. Pokerus
    6. Rash Zorua
  18. montagneian

    montagneian New Member

    looking for houndour or houndoom
    PM me what you want for it :)
  19. Skje

    Skje Member

    anybody have a female houndour/houndoom with dark pulse? PM me for trades
  20. Marcj400

    Marcj400 Marsh Badge

    looking for shiny houndour or houndoom
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