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#235 Smeargle

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I got smeargles!!


Ace Trainer
looking for a male smeargle with ice punch. Pokemon White. i offer Zekrom. kyurem, thundurus shiny: altaria, umbreon and mawile PM with offers


The Dragon Master
LF: DW Smeargle female
Offering: Any item, any pokemon, and maybe shinies

PM me if interested.


LF fem DW smeargle
I got fem DW Eevees and lots of others DW fems.
Also got all BS items. PM me


Novice Trainer
Looking to get a Smeargle. Dream World Female is preferable, any will suffice. Any of the Dream World pokemon in my signature are available to trade. I will be available sporadically throughout the next few days, but I'm happy to take any breeding requests into consideration. PM me if you're interested!


Got my smeargle. Thanks WhiteStone30!
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New Member
I would be interested in a DW female smeargle and can offer many things in return, these include DP modest max special attack deinos, modest morning sun max special attack larvestas (baby fire bug thing), max attack axews and some dreamworld females (eevee,poliwag,dratini), please PM me if interested thank you :)

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
Looking for someone willing to clone two copies of my female UT Entree Forest Eevee and Smeargle.

VM me.
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New Member
Need a Smeargle

I'm looking for a male Smeargle that knows:

Drain Punch
Ice Punch
Dragon Dance

I don't really care what the fourth move is, it can be anything, Sketch, or nothing. I have no preferences.
I would prefer an Adamant nature, but again, I don't particularly care. It is only important that it be male and have those three moves.
I'm willing to offer just about anything within reason for it. Let me know your offers.

My FC is: 3525-1958-3940



Well-Known Member
Seeking Modest UT Omanyte w/ Earth Power. Offering DW Smeargles.


ASAP Fancys
Need any smeargle. Send me a message!


Active Member
Looking for a male Smeargle, UT, for breeding purposes. I can offer Dark Pulse Zorua, Spikes/Leech Seed Ferroseed, starters, and more. Let me know if you've got a spare!


New Member
I would like to get a female Smeargle #235 (any lvl, any nature, any moves does not matter to me). I do not have much to trade sorry (I am working on the 4th badge). Send me a PM ty :)
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Master Breeder
I'm looking to acquire a female DW Smeargle, not particularly picky on the nature (because I can't figure out which I'd like). in exchange, I can offer any breedable pokemon, with the egg moves/nature/flawless IV of your choice.

Easter Egg

i haz gud grammer
I need a Male Smeragle that has Wish, or you could let me borrow it to let me breed Wish onto an Eevee. Thank you.
I got help.
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Latias&Latios Fan
I need a male smeargle with Dragon Dance, ice punch and drain punch. I'm offering anything in my sig
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Puppy Trainer
I am looking for a male smeargle that knows zen headbutt and megahorn. Willing to offer multiple pokes to get one. Thanks!


♥ Ace ♥
have 2 shiny UT lv 1 smeargles.

shell smash
baton pass

blue flare
bolt strike

look at my shop for wants


Seeking Smeargle with 31/31/31/31/31/31.

Offering DW Torchic, Dw Poliwag, DW Lickitung, DW Vulpix, DW Gligar, and more.
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