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#236 Tyrogue / #106 Hitmonlee / #107 Hitmonchan / #237 Hitmontop

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do u have the regis?
I can breed hitmonchan with egg move fake out pm with offers.. (oh when you get tryoge and you want a hitmonchan just use it to fight a bunch of roggenrolla or geodudes for def ivs and tryoge should evolve to hitmonchan) I recommend attaching a macho brace
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Want tyrogue. Can give anything in my signature that I say I will give.
Pm me if interested


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After a tyrogue male so I can breed vacuum wave onto a lucario so I can begin breeding for a decent nasty plot set. don't really have too much to offer, could breed a zorua for anyone needing one or perhaps an archen?
Looking for a tyrogue/lee/chan/top. any will do. Offering starters, breedable pokemon. PM me offers.
I can breed my hitmonchan it has vaccum wave looking for abra dw F....


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Hey, I'm looking for a Hitmonchan with Drain Punch and Mach Punch. Will trade for anything listed in my sig. PM me if interested.


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Looking for a Tyrogue. I don't have much to offer but natures doesn't matter to me. Would greatly be appreciated if I got help. PM please


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Looking for a hitmontop, any gender any nature. PM me offers we might be able to work out a deal.


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Offering: Tyrogue - I have about 500 Tyrogue in my PC after trying to hatch a shiny Tyrogue via Masuda Method.
They all have the same moves: Foresight, Mach Punch, Rapid Spin and High Jump Kick.
They also come with just about any nature.

Since I'm trying to trade them instead of releasing them into deletion, I'll gladly accept any trade for a Pokemon I don't have.

Last thing, even though I hatched thousands of eggs, shiny Tyrogue never showed up, so if anyone is willing to trade their shiny tyrogue, I'd glady try to work out a deal.


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Need a Tyrogue or evolution, see signature for details and PM me please :)


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I have tons of Adamant egg move Tyrogues for trade, just PM me with offers, I'm not picky :)

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Looking for shiny Adament Tyrogue(wanna evloved it into Hitmonchan) or Hitmonchan MUST HAVE Iron fist ability that know mach punch and drain punch must be legit.... (that means no hacks) in normal pokeball.
I will offer a rare pokemon that me and my friend hunt for weaks..... It is shiny and have dw and flawless....!!! -It has also have rare egg move.
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I have:
Shiny Tyrogue - Level 51 - Impish - Male

Mainly seeking shiny Axew with Mold Breaker ability, but will look at all offers :)
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