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#245 Suicune

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Lord Zoroark

Master Tactician
Looking for UT Modest Suicune with Japanese or Korean OT [I don't like being able to read an OT that's not mine =) ] Offering V-Create Victinis of any nature, Modest Reshiram, TRU Areus, and other Pokemon.


Well-Known Member
i have a shiny suicune from the event. im looking for other events.


I'm looking for a Suicune.... doesn't have to be shiny. PM offers.


Well-Known Member
I have a spare suicune. im looking for other legends.


New Member
I'm looking for a shiny suicune to unlock the zoroark event, can be a loan if you want, I'll give you one of my legendaries as a guarantee . . or pm wishes


Pokemon Master
I'm looking for the shiny Suicine to unlock the Zoroark event. I just got my game and only have 3 badges so not much to offer really. PM and maybe we can work something out.

Smoke Monster

Well-Known Member
I have 2 event Suicunes that can unlock Zorua and i'm looking for legends. Darkrai or Rayquaza prefered. Please, legit only.


I'm down to 1 Suicune. But I already used it to meet Zorua and i'm unsure if you can still use to meet Zorua. So if that's why you want it, please be aware.
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Treasure Hunter
I'm looking for a Suicune, preferably the Zoroark event shiny Suicune, and I'm willing to trade something reasonable for one. If interested please pm/vm me. Thanks.
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Grass PKM Trainer
Hey everyone. I'm looking to borrow a suicune for the pokedex entry. If you are willing to do a trade/trade-back to help me out please message me.


Pokemon Demigod
I'm looking the win2011 shiny suicune.
I have the other two, but I missed suicune.
I can offer almost any pokemon, all legit.
pm for offers.


Flame Trainer
I have an event suicune from winter2011 in platinum that needs to transfer over to white, can anybody help me out with this?


New Member
I have an english adamant ditto or I can breed any starter pokemon for a suicune.


Flame Trainer
I have an event suicune from winter2011 in platinum that needs to transfer over to white, can anybody help me out with this?

Go to the scientist in Castelia City. He is on 11F of the only building on the west side of the road connecting Castelia's fountain area with the gate to Route 4. The password for the relocator is EVERYONE HAPPY SIMPLE CONNECTION. Then you go to the main menu and select "relocator" and you can transfer Suicune without having to beat the game first. With the beast, you can also capture Zoroark at the Lostlorn Forest.


Electricity Trainer
Shiny Entei, Suicune, Raiku

Looking for Shiny Entei, Raiku, Suicune. They have to be legit and perferably from gamestop, WIN2011. Can try to trade any pokemon for them.

I now have shiny suicune and Raiku.

Edit: I now have shiny Entei. Thank you!!!
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New Member
All dogs available

I have lv 40 Entei, Suicune, and Raikou for trade, all UT. Looking to trade for regis. PM if interested!
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