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#246 Larvitar / #247 Pupitar / #248 Tyranitar

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New Member
Looking for a male Tyranitar with Superpower (4G Tutor move). Preferably with perfect ATK/Speed IVs. Pm me!
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Looking for any of the 3 evolutions with dragon dance in there movepool. PM please :)


Pkmn Breeder
I have alot larvitars (lvl 1)
pm me for the natures
attacks are :


New Member
Looking for a UT flawless Larvitar with Sassy nature, and the moves Stealth Rock and Superpower. Shiny would be a big plus but not absolutely necessary. Have many shiny/event/flawless pokemon plus items to offer.


Kaiju trainer
Hey, I'm looking for a male Adamant or Jolly Larvitar with the egg moves Pursuit and Stealth Rock. Will trade for anything listed in my sig. PM me if intersted.


Active Member
All that need Larvitar, pm me with what you can offer me


That lady is mine
In looking for a sassy lvl 1 larvitar:

-Stealth Rock

Would appreciate it much and pm me your preferred Pokemon you wish to have


Eevee Trainer
Anyone got a Shiny Larvitar?


New Guy
I'm looking for a Sassy Lavitar with the Gen IV move tutor move Superpower.

Don't really have much to offer yet, but I could also offer any battle subway items if needed.

Pm me please :)


Event Collector
Looking for any french, german, italian and spanish vgc12 larvitars from people who got it themselves. check my shop or pm me for what you would like.


The Doctor
I'm looking for a male Larvitar with the moves stealth rock and superpower. I have a shiny Tyranitar that I'm willing to trade away. I also have many legendary, DWF, and shiny Pokemon I'm willing to trade


New Member
hello, im looking for dwf larvitar. i hav lapras, vulpix and growlithe all DWF.

Evil Elf

Sand Burial Trainer
Looking for a Tyranitar with Dragon Dance, Superpower and Firepunch flawless stats, untouched EV's

Ask about what I have, I might have something in my stock that you might want
I'm also using an Australian Cartridge, so I'm probably international for you if you're looking for a Ditto.

I do have a flawless Metang UT, nature unsure, but it'll probably help you're breeding chances if that's what you're after


Reputable Trader
Offering a brave male Tyranitar in an ultra ball has stone edge, protect, fire fang, and dragon tail caught at route 15 at lv50 as Tyranitar its characteristic is mischievous
Hp 184
Atk 174
Def 122
Sp.atk 122
Sp.def 120
Speed 72
Currently lv53


New Member
can breed larvitars with stealthrock, pm me if interested


New Member
looking for male superpower larvitar/pupitar/tyranitar. mail if interested.


New Member
Got a freshly caught dream world lv10 Larvitar seeking a male Growlithe, male Koffing and Beldum(all as low leveld as possible).
PM me if youre intrested.

Evil Elf

Sand Burial Trainer
Looking for a Tyranitar - Flawless UT Adamant, Male, Move set: Fire Punch, Dragon Dance

Managed to raise one myself... In black 2 I'm gathering my Red Shards, will have Fire Punch on it soon :D (Still only a 30 Pupitar as of this edit)
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