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#246 Larvitar / #247 Pupitar / #248 Tyranitar

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Offereing Male Larvitar W/ Stealth Rock...


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I have a couple of larvitar, shoot me a pm


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Looking for a Shiny Lavaitar I dont Be atleast Level 1-20 Dont Care For moves or Abilities Nature Or Stats. Just Looking to Add to My Collection of my Rock Dragons. To go Beside my Shiny Haxorus.


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Hey, I am looking for a male, shiny larvitar (pupitar and tyranitar are fine as well) with a decent nature (adamant, hardy, impish, etc.). Moves are immaterial. I can offer some shinys, such as my shiny crobat, legendaries, or pretty much any pokemon. PM me if you are interested and I would be happy to trade with you!


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Hey guys, I'm looking for any Larvitar with Stealth Rock. I've got quite a bit of breedables to offer, including starters, DW, 1st-4th gen pokes, Dark Pulse Zorua, or even a Regi if the offer's good. I'd really like one for the Battle Subway, so if you've got a spare let me know! Thanks!
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I have 7 Larvitars. To be honest I don't have their exact moves, moods, or personalities memorized, but if you PM me, I can take a look for a specific one. I also have about 5 eggs with Larvitar's in them :)


Have a boxful of Adamant 31 Attack IV Larvitars, all with relatively superior or outstanding IV totals, and all bred with Pursuit. Also have some with 31 in Special Defense and Speed along with Attack. PM me if interested!


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Looking for a male Larvitar with Stealth Rock. Name your price and I'll do my best to meet it.


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i have larvitars bred with Outrage, PM if interested


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LF: Male Larvitar with Stealth Rock

PM me and hopefully we can work something out!
I am breeding larvitars that know the move Outrage. check my sig for what im looking for
looking for a great IV'd Larvitar Legit UT, with stealth rock. Shiny would be great, Offering Shiny's and Legendaries, PM with offers. thanks!
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