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25 days to make her mine (Contestshipping December fic)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by flygonrulz, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Eeeeeeeeee!!! I'm actually scared of posting this. I don't know if people are going to like this! Ahhhhh!!! :p PG 13.

    Chapter one

    “And that,” Drew said. “Is why I have to tell May I love her before Christmas.”

    “Could you repeat that? I wasn’t paying attention.” His raven haired friend Ash said. Drew and Pikachu, Ash’s childhood and most trusted friend, sweatdropped together.

    “I pour my heat out to you and you weren’t even listening?!?!” Drew exploded.

    “Yeah, that about sums it up.” Ash said. Drew sighed. Him and Ash has put their differences aside about a year ago and had begun to travel together along with Brock and Misty, other childhood friends for Ash, Max, who was now a psychic pokemon trainer with an exceptionally strong Gardevoir that he’d come back for when it was a Ralts, and May, Ash’s best friend and now a best friend of Drew-but apparently Drew wanted it to be more. Ash often caught him staring at her with his green eyes in an admiring and loving way. May never caught this gaze, but she was actually the only one who didn’t. Even Max knew.

    Drew still had fangirls, more rabid than ever, and they hated May with a passion for stealing Drew’s’ affections away from them…not that he actually had affections for them. In his eyes, May was the only one who he’d ever consider dating. She was sweet, kind to everyone that wasn’t Harley and had a radiance that shone from others.

    Drew could just picture her smiling face right now, gazing at him with her sapphire pools for eyes. He shook off the memory, and yes it was a memory because it had happened before, to pay attention to his highly annoying friend.

    “Okay. I like May.” He said.

    “Well no duh. Even Max knows that. Even your fangirls know that. May’s the only one who doesn’t know that!” Ash laughed.

    “Well thank you Doctor Obvious! That’s why I have to tell her! And before Christmas!” Drew said. Ash looked puzzled.

    “Why before Christmas?” He asked. Drew hammered his head onto the armchair that he was sat in, as they were in a pokemon center in Johto. Ash had decided to come back to take the gym challenge again as the Johto council had decided to make the Elite four battle amongst the trainers in the league too and he thought of it as more of a challenge that way, after battling (and losing badly to) Agatha shortly after leaving Hoenn.

    “Because, you knucklehead, I want to take her to La Rousse city to stay with my parents for new year. And they need to know by Christmas. And you can’t just ask a girl to your house without…you know, feeling something.” Drew said.

    “When it’s May you have to tell, it’ll probably be annoyance. You can barely catch up to her with all the training she’s been doing for the next contest. When she learnt Robert was going to be there, she had to. After all, he beat you in Hoenn.” Ash said, pointing it out.

    “Yeah, but she beat me in Kanto…even though it was probably a fluke.” Drew said, giving his trademark hair flip.

    “You really should stop doing that,” said May. She had secretly come through the doors and had listened to the battle orientated part of the two’s conversation. Drew’s heart quickened pace the way it always did. But this time he had a reason. May was wearing a low cut tank top and shorts as she had just been running with her pokemon. He could feel his cheeks flushing red more by the second but shook it off. He gave his hair another flick.

    “Hey,” He said. “It keeps my hair out of my eyes and it looks cool.”

    “Whatever,” May said. “I’m going to take a shower so I’m locking the girl’s room door.”

    “Okay, we’ll meet you for dinner, what’d you think we should have?” Ash asked his brunette friend. “Personally, I’m in the mood for a burger.”

    “Well, I’d like to go for noodles if that’s okay so I’ll meet you guys back at the room.” Drew said.

    “Sounds good to me. I’m in too,” May said. She began walking away but Drew leapt out of his chair and grabbed her by the shoulders, taking her by surprise. “Drew,” She said. “What are you doing?”

    “Sorry, I needed to stop you,” Drew said, letting go. “…So, you’re coming with me?” He asked.

    “Yeah…is that alright? I like noodles is all.” May replied. Ash, behind them watched the scene with much interest and a massive grin on his face.

    “O-okay…uh, I’ll meet you in the park at 7?” Drew asked her.

    “Cool,” May said, flashing a dazzling smile. “It’s a date. See ya, boys.” She then turned around leaving Drew absorbed into his own thoughts.

    “A date…” He thought. “She said it was a date…” When May left the lobby he pumped his arm. “I gotta get changed…” Drew said.

    “What’s wrong with your outfit?” Ash asked. “It’s cool!” Drew sweatdropped again.

    “Ash. Let me explain this to you slowly…” Drew said. “It’s dinner-”

    “Noodles.” Ash interrupted.

    “Whatever. It’s still dinner. With May. The girl I like. The girl I like like. And these clothes haven’t been washed in two days. Misty can even smell it and she’s got a cold.” Drew said.

    “It’s a guy trademark,” Ash said, leaning back. “The man-smell.”

    “You mean the revolting mix of pizza, aerosols and pure sweat?” Misty asked from the armchair she was sitting in.

    “Exactly!” Ash grinned. Misty and Drew sweatdropped.

    “Sometimes it surprises me that Ash is this dense…” Misty said. Drew nodded in agreement and then went to the guy’s room.”
    May Maple sighed and flopped down onto her bed after taking her shower. Her wet shoulders dampened the sheets but at the moment she really didn’t care. She gazed at the outfit she’d chosen for the evening: a long sleeved low cut shirt, a short black skirt and sandals, also with red chopsticks for her hair.

    She arose and began to get changed carefully into it, making sure it didn’t wrinkle. After all, dinner with Drew had to be perfect. Just perfect. Just like him and his attitude…May froze at what she just thought. Sure, she was looking forward to their dinner together but Drew was just a friend…wasn’t he?
    Around half an hour later, May was running out and to the park with her brown pack in hold. She rushed straight past Nurse joy, giving her a shock.
    “Careful!” She yelled. “There’s supposed to be an unruly Glailie on the loose!!!”

    “Don’t worry Nurse Joy!” May cried back. “I’m in safe hands!!!”
  2. MistyLover

    MistyLover Banned

    AMAZING! OH HOW I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Nice title, it makes sense! This is something that i really like, and i cant wait for the dinner. May is so dense not knowing that Drew likes her, but thats life. This story does have a good promise, but dont you think that you are writing way too many fics at once? But still loved this chapter to my hearts content, and you better have the next chapter by tomorrow!:D
  3. shoujoai-fangirl

    shoujoai-fangirl Our Lady of Sorrows

    :O I never read a contestshipping fic before and I'm glad I made this my first one, excellent work :3 can't wait to see what happens next ^^
  4. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    OMG, it's your 1st CS fic? whoa...and you picked mine as a first! Yay! :D I'm happy. Oh, and I've already got chappie 2 done for tomorrow, don't worry MistyLover! :p

    Oh, I probably should of mentioned that. For people who haven't been reading my major fic, sunrise to sunset, I'm posting a chapter a day!
  5. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    This fic is so great! Glad to hear Sunrise to Sunset is getting some chappies as well, here's my review!

    Chapter 1

    AHAHAHAHAH! The best opening I think I have ever read!

    I wouldn't say he lost badly to her, fine the quick attack to start with was pretty bad but if pikachu had closed his eyes to block the hypnosis attack, Ganger would have been TOAST!

    i knew it had a purpose! and it makes him cool!

    1st off, EWWWWW! and secondly, how do you know that?

    A glalie? LOL love that choice! an unruly floating head, something to be terrified of! it is!

    Loving this (not suprising considering you're the author!) Please PM me when next chapter is up!
  6. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Ummm. To be truthful, I kinda made that part up. The whole "Man smell" thing. Thought it'd be something to put there to make Ash look MORE dense. Wow. Never thought that was possible. Nah, I love Ash. *Hugs Ash* He's cool! *Ash runs away from FR* :D Thanks so much for the review but keep that Glailie in your head!
  7. Haruka Kinomiya

    Haruka Kinomiya Well-Known Member

    AHHHHHH! You posted it! This is all I've been thinking about today, reading your new fic. WAH, it was so cute and good. I saw a few grammar mistakes, but nothing that a person with a brain would be confused about... though I don't have a brain...lol. I can't wait until the next chapter. Ya know I'm gonna ask this, please put me on your pm list, 'cuz I'll lose the link in a few days.
  8. Wind Waker

    Wind Waker Now that's Effulgent

    Wow. I really like the plot for this story. Drew is on a mission, heh i can tell that Drew has alot of passion to win may over. I can tell by reading your fic that you have alot of passion to make it a good fic as well. congratulations and keep up ht good work. Until later. Very good quotes and stuff aswell btw.
  9. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    wow flygonrulz, just when i thought i couldn't love you more :D

    this is fantastic. you have written it from drew's PoV exceptionally well. The way he shows his feelings and his thoughts and what he says are very emotional and loving, without being gushy or too out of character.

    brill! if u have a PM list, but ur ickle pally CuteDrew667 on there
  10. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Thankies, Haruka!

    Thankies! I do have a lot of deturmination for this fic. I want to make a fic that is a good as anyone elses.

    Aw! You guys make me feel all fuzzy inside with these reviews! Thanks, cutedrew! I hoped I was writing it IC!

    FR's festive PM list!

    Haruka Kinomiya

    And remember, 23 days 'til cristmas!!!

    EDIT: I'll post the new chappie now!

    Chapter two

    Drew looked at his watch: 7:45. May should be here by now. He sighed.

    “How am I supposed to tell the girl I like her if she’s not even here?” He said to himself, looking at his feet. He then heard an all too familiar giggle. May was racing down the park hill. On a scooter. The scooter then slipped on something and May flew into the air. “MAY!!!” Drew yelled, running towards her. She fell and created a large dust cloud. But May couldn’t feel pain or ground or anything apart from warmth and pressure as something clasped her towards it. She looked up and saw a head of green hair.

    “Drew?” She asked.

    “Nice of you to…drop in…” Drew said with a laugh. May hit him with her bag and looked up. Her scooter was impaled into a tree.

    “Oh no!” She yelled.

    “Okay,” Drew said. “I save you from pain and you hit me and yell at me?”

    “Yes to the hitting, no to the yelling. Look.” May pointed to the tree.

    “So, you can take it to a shop. And where did you get it?”

    “I got it from my…brother. He’s going to explode. He got it as a present from our mom and dad, remember. And I can’t take it to a shop because it has special parts and I don’t have enough money!” May’s head drooped.

    “I could chip in if you want me to.” Drew said with a shrug as if it was nothing.

    “You would?!” May exclaimed in delight. Drew shrugged again.

    “Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!” May exclaimed again, this time jumping up and kissing him on the cheek. She blushed but Drew took the prize for “Guy who looks most like a raspberry”.

    “O-kay. ” Drew said, still blushing.

    “Sorry, Drew,” May said, blushing as well. “I’m just really grateful. Max loves that scooter…that, and I value my life and Max having his scooter broken won’t help that factor…Now, TO THE NOODLES!!!” May yelled, pumping her arm. Drew sighed.

    “That’s May for ya…” He thought.
    Drew and May were sat at a small blue table in a new noodle restaurant in town. May had two empty bowls in front of her while Drew was still on his first.

    “I can’t believe you has two bowls of noodles, May.” Drew remarked, smirking his usual smirk. May scoffed.

    “That was nothing. You should see me when I’m really hungry!” She grinned.

    “I’ve lived that nightmare and it wasn’t pretty,” Drew replied. May whacked him over the head with her chopsticks. “Who knew that in the right hands chopsticks could be considered a lethal weapon?!” Drew laughed, trying, and failing, to dodge May’s revenge with the chopsticks.

    “Drew!” She squealed, hitting him a little more fiercely but not enough to hurt him. They went on at this play fight, laughing their heads off until they could hear a cough coming from behind them. They stopped and looked around to see the waiter. May blushed and Drew flashed a little pink as well.
    “Sir, madam, please stop. You are disturbing the customers and me.” He said to them in a highly annoyed voice.

    “Sorry…” May said, still blushing. “We won’t fight anymore,” The waiter nodded and went back to his post. She sighed. “That was a close one. We could of gotten thrown out!” She remarked.

    “All thanks to you!” Drew said jokily. May glared at him but gave up in about a second.

    “You’re right. I’m sorry, Drew…I could of gotten us thrown out and you still haven’t eaten. I’m sorry…” She seemed depressed.

    “Me and my big mouth…” Drew thought.

    “May, I was kidding. It doesn’t matter that you almost got us thrown out. We’re here and eating good food together…” That seemed awkward. “…As friends and having a blast. Hey, even the chopstick fight was fun, even if I have now got the remains of your dinner in my hair.” May laughed.

    “Yeah, sorry about that, Drew…You know, you really know how to cheer me up. You’re a great friend!” Drew felt like his heart was slowly ripping apart at that last sentence…
    May was skipping along the gravel path with Drew behind her. He had his hands in his pockets and was currently in the world’s moodiest sulk. May, seeing this jumped to the side but Drew didn’t notice. When he came past she came up behind him and jumped on his back: Piggy back ride style.

    “Hi ho Silver! AWAY!!!” She yelled, laughing. Drew felt his heart pace up but he hid it. He suddenly got more cheery now that May was close to him and being her old, perky and slightly annoying self. (A/N I’m never like that. :p) He grabbed her ankles and pulled them closer to him and she put her arms round his neck. They both knew what happened next…
    Drew was hurdling down the hill towards the pokemon center, the same one from that evening, at a tremendous speed with May clinging to him and shouting her head off. Drew surprisingly didn’t mind the ear-splitting sound.

    Once they got to the massive doors of the pokemon center May heaved a huge sigh and leapt from Drew’s back. She laughed.

    “That was really fun, Drew! That’s just what I needed from all that hard training!” She said to him with a joyous smile on her face.

    “You call that hard training?” He smirked, flipping back a strand of his somewhat annoying green hair. May scowled.

    “Well if you know any better then you can be my training partner tomorrow!” She said to him, then turning around to go back to her room. She obviously thought she was going to be a painful annoyance but it was the exact other way round for Drew.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2006
  11. CuteDrew667

    CuteDrew667 Boo Darlin <3

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Aww Drew gave May a piggy-back ride, that is totally adorable *breaks keyboard in excitement* only 23 days to go!!!!!

    Oh May you vair dense gurlie, can't she see that drew is in lurrrrve. oooh I loved the kiss on the cheek thingy-bob! yay!
    hurry up my bestest pally flygonrulz otherwise I will be forced to...er...drench you in hot chocolate :D
  12. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Mmmmmmmm. Hot chocolate. :D I've got the next chappie all written up so don't worry!
  13. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    My review:

    but with the green hair, tis more like a strawberry!

    yep...spent too much time with Ash ;) I must have really loved this bit to quote it twice! Nice CS moment ;)

    Poor Drew man...

    Where was the Glalie?? I so thought that floating beastie would be there to freeze them til morning and Drew's blushing face to thaw them out.

    Great chappie, BUT WHERE WAS THE GLALIE??!!
    and Hazzah! for next chapter being written!
  14. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    Oh, it was there. Kinda. It says May slips. :D I'm a sly little person, ain't I? :p
  15. Haruka Kinomiya

    Haruka Kinomiya Well-Known Member

    Yes you are sly, FR! Lol, I am so in love with this ficcy! I"m gonna have to be a bad girl and sneak on here everyday until Christmas to read this. (I'm only allowed on 2 times between Mon.-Thurs., an hour on Fri. and four hours on the weekends...it's weird) Anyway, you keep going and I'll keep reading and we'll all be happy!
  16. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    <3 I love this fanfic!

    Haha, Drew's head over heels with May. <3 And May is the dense one now. XDDD And in the first chapter ; MAN-SMELL? Lmaoo @ that. xDDD

    Update soon and put me on the PM List! =D
  17. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    :D I know I'm sly. :p I'd bettr carry on with this and not angry the rabid reviewers...:rolleyes:

    Thankies, Cecilia!

    FR's festive PM list!

    Haruka Kinomiya

    Here's the next chappie for y'all!

    Chapter 3

    May stood outside the pokemon center with her arms folded and a pout painted across her face. Drew was late…by an hour. May had already gotten in some training with Beautifly and Blaziken just in case he ditched her and decided not to show up after all. But then, there he was. She could see his outline of muscle and green hair from a mile away. She shook herself.

    As he stepped out of the glass doors he flashed her a smile and she could see a whistle around his deep…muscular…neck. NECK. JUST NECK!!! She mentally kicked herself for thinking that.

    “What’s with the whistle, coach?” May asked playfully and grinning. Drew flicked his hair away from his eyes.

    “You just said it yourself, now are we going to train or are you going to stand here like a Slowpoke all day?!” Drew asked. He then felt a gushing wind go past him, blowing his hair, whistle and loose change away from him. The change rattled on the ground as he looked up to see a grinning May at the top of the hill he was about to make her run up for their first training exercise. It didn’t seem like much in her contrast.

    He sweatdropped and May dashed back down the hill.

    “Now who’s the Slowpoke?” She teased.

    “How…you…hill…running…ahhhh!” Drew stammered. It was a mystery how a girl who ate so much food could get up a twenty-foot hill in less than twenty seconds. Less than ten even!

    “I told you I’ve been training hard but noooooo. Mr. Knows-it-all says I’m wrong even when I’m not. If anything, I should be training you!” May taunted Drew. She then grabbed his hand and before he could say anything to make her release it (which he would actually rather she didn’t) she ran up the hill at the same speed with Drew trailing behind her at a slightly slower pace. But he was still going fast because of the insane brunette that was pulling him.

    When they got to the top, May stopped and stretched her arms.

    “Isn’t it a wonderful day to be training out in the sun fresh air? It may be cold but who cares, right Drew? …Drew?” May turned around to see that Drew was dead. She screamed and rushed over to him. He was collapsed over the grass and didn’t seem to be breathing. When she was about to take his pulse in a desperate bid to check if he was still alive, his eyes shot open and he grabbed her by the arms.

    “AHHHHHH! ZOMBE!!!!” May yelled. Drew fell about laughing his head off.

    “That’ll teach you not to drag me up a hill when your going at 50 mph!” He said between laughs. May growled and pounced on him like a tiger. A childish tiger, that is. She was hitting him with her fists in a soft and playful manner until Drew got the power of her and dragged her up by her wrists. Of cource, May was lifted off the ground by a few inches because of her size in contrast to Drew’s.

    “Now Miss Maple, is that any way to behave to your coach?” Drew said in a mock teacher’s voice. May groaned but played along.

    “Sir, you couldn’t coach a Hoppip!” May grinned. Drew pretended to be insulted and she laughed. He then put her down.

    “Now, seriously. Down to business…” Drew said as the two of them walked down the hill on the opposite side together,

    “You know, I wasn’t joking about the Hoppip, Drew.”

    “Shut up, May.”
    “Come on Beautifly, get up!!!” May yelled to her pokemon desperately. Drew stood on the other end of the battlefield with a concerned look on his face. Maybe he was a little bit too- Never mind. Beautifly was up again, spreading its wings and chirping playfully…wait, that was May. She was happy to see her trusted pokemon was alright after the fight with his Roselia.

    “Rose!” Roselia called to Drew as if saying: “Hurry up! I want to battle again!”

    “Don’t worry, Roselia. They’re back.” Drew replied to her. Rosalia grinned and turned back to face the battle with a determined grin on her face, as if it was a contest battle. Usually, when it’s May they’re battling, Drew wants to win to get a ribbon. Drew noticed this.

    “Little less power,” He said. Roselia’s expression went a microscopic inch of the way down. “Okay, lots less.” Drew said. Roselia went into a normal pose as if it was a normal battle which it kinda was.

    “You ready, Drew?” He heard a cheerful voice cry out to him. He looked up to see a smiling May with Beautifly flying around in a figure-8 overhead.

    “You bet I am!” Drew said determinedly. May’s Beautifly swooped back down after stretching its wings and this time it was the one who chirped.

    “Yay!” May jumped into the air. “Beautifly’s back on track-use silver wind, GO!” She commanded gracefully, pointing a gloved finger at Roselia. It was so surprising for her to attack so soon that Roselia was actually hit by the blast. Drew growled and lost control of himself. He suddenly forgot it was a harmless battle with May and went into survival mode. Survival means being “Protect Roselia!”. All he could see at this moment was the joyous face of the triumphant butterfly pokemon and his slightly injured pokemon.

    “Grrr, Roselia use Giga drain!” Drew yelled. Roselia, sensing Drew’s anguish swept in and used Giga drain on Beautifly to take damage and heal itself. “Now use your best tackle attack!” He finished, an evil grin on his face. Beautifly took both of the attacks full on and fell to the ground, fainted. May ran towards it but it wouldn’t wake up.

    “Beautifly! Beautifly, blink if you can hear me!” Drew failed to point out that it was unconscious and therefore couldn’t open nor blink its eyes due to May’s current position. Giga drain was a powerful move, and coming from a well trained powerful pokemon like his Roselia…well, he didn’t really want to think about it. He rushed over to May.

    “May, are you okay?” He asked her. She looked at him with utmost rage.

    “NO!” she yelled at him in an angry voice. The angriest he’d ever seen her. “Look what you did to Beautifly even though you knew it had been almost knocked out before! What kind of monster are you?” May started crying but she got up and ran away.

    “May…” Drew said guiltily to himself.
    Dun dun DUN. XD
  18. Raine-kou

    Raine-kou Hello Tree!

    Bwhahaha. I'm the first reviewer to this chapter. But first, the previous one. xP

    That's so me. Two bowls of Miso Ramen man! xD Chopsticks are lethal. I know from experience. *shifty eyes*

    This chapter:

    You forgot the 'I' in Zombie.

    Tigers. Are. Cool. xD I don't really like being off the ground, afriad of heights. Even a few inches. But when it comes to amusement park rides I'm all 'Lets go on that one, and that one, and oh! That one too!' I am strange.

    Overall, your chapter are very shippy FR! Well of course they are, you are in the ranks of the elite! xD

    So ya,

  19. flygonrulz

    flygonrulz Don't leave me!

    :D thanks but I'm not in the higher ranks! i was a total noob writer when i first came here! Mary Sue and everything! Thanks for the comment, though. Your fic's brilliant as well! I always scream "But I want mooooore!" at the end of each chappie and that makes my mum mad... -_-
  20. Esperon

    Esperon An old PS luva!

    Here we go for today:

    *snort* that's just funny to observe, always is :p

    Poor guy...must undermine his masculinity or something...

    Nice bit of interaction

    Awww but Roselia wanted to show off and be contesty and stuff!

    Well, I don't think she'd have reacted like that, they never do cos they don't mind if they lose cos it's a kiddies show, but that's ok for this ficco ;)

    Hazzah for chapter every day ;)

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