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#251 Celebi

Discussion in 'Johto Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

    [td=100%]#251 Celebi[/td][/tr][tr]
    [td][​IMG] [​IMG][/td][/tr][/table]
  2. Jamthemaster

    Jamthemaster Pokemon Collector

    I have a 10 ANIV, Eigakin, WIN2011, and Shiny Ageto Celebi, I'm looking for 5th Gen Events for when I get the game, pm me.
  3. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    gstop celebi for trade looking for arceus
  4. Cemetry_Gates

    Cemetry_Gates Member

    looking for win2011 celebi. will trade for darkrai shaymin or deoxys.
  5. Offering Timid UT Mew from the recent event for a Celebi.
  6. zeldamon

    zeldamon New Member

    Hey, anyone can trade me event celebi for 30 minutes?
    If not i can offer any of the 5th gen starters thanks :)
  7. Tidus21

    Tidus21 New Member

    Trading Celebi for Arceus pm me
  8. burps

    burps New Member

    im looking for a lv 100 !legit! celebi
    im offering almost every legend lv 100 (including rotom and spiritomb)
    pm me if ure interested
  9. Madridista13

    Madridista13 New Member

    I need to get my celebi to black ( it's on ss) can someone help
  10. Minigoth

    Minigoth New Member

    i am looking for a legit WIN2011 celebi. pm if you have one, i have lots to offer :)
  11. siegleeagle

    siegleeagle New Member

    Hey guys, I need a win2011 celebi, the one that unlocks the zoruo event, if anyone has one. I have many previous generation pokemon I can trade. I have all starters from all generations all of the legendary dog/cats, lugia, the legendary trio from diamond and pearl, and dialga. If there is anything you want just pm me.
  12. CarefulPlatypus

    CarefulPlatypus New Member

    Anyone have a Win2011 Celebii that I could have to get my Zorua? didn't know you couldn't use the same one on both versions :( PM me please!
  13. Kaitamoa

    Kaitamoa Magic Type

    I'm looking to just borrow a WIN2011 Celebi in order to unlock Zorua. I will trade back right away. ((I am fully aware of what will happen if I do not.))
  14. kmkikofour8

    kmkikofour8 PokeMASTER

    Looking for celebi for zorua and I'm trading a shiny scizor and a shiny raikou
  15. Etrigan85

    Etrigan85 UU/NU Trainer

    Looking foe WIN2011 Celebi for trade or loan for zorua plz pm me
  16. Socrates

    Socrates New Member

    Like everyone else, I'm looking to borrow a Celebi in my B/W game to get a Zorua with, or I'd trade for it permanently but I doubt I have anything of particular interest. I have all the gen V starters, and really that's probably all I have to give away that anyone would want. Please PM me if I can borrow it some time. I will return it or you can do terrible things to me.
  17. Madridista13

    Madridista13 New Member

    I have two celebi's for trade
  18. octopiggy

    octopiggy New Member

    Looking for a legit WIN2011 Celebi

    Offering a WIN2011 Raikou, Entei and Suicune (all UT), a Giratina or an Azelf.

    PM me.
  19. Seno

    Seno Spirit Trainer

    Have 3 Win2011 Celebi Special Conditions for trade though. Pm Me for more info
  20. Hypocorpse

    Hypocorpse New Member

    Looking for an event Celebi to trade or borrow to get Zorua. PM me please
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