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#252 Treecko / #253 Grovyle / #254 Sceptile

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Pokemon Trainer
Have Treecko for trade, see signature for details and PM me please :) also take Firestones/Leafstones/Waterstones/Thunderstones/Moonstones/MetalCoat/Kingsrock


Antimatter Trainer
Looking to adopt a Treecko, regardless of IVs, nature, gender etc.

Edit: Got one.
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Dream World breeder
Anyone have any old Treecko or one of its evolutions for trade? I have all Kanto/Unova starters, Pichu, Eevee, Zorua, and I'll be willing to look for any Dream World Pokémon when the Global Link is back up!

Trade done!
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I have some Crunch Treeckos left over from when I bred for a shiny.
PM me if you are interested, I have about 8 left. I will breed some more if you want.
Specific natures cost extra.


New Member
Looking for a Treecko - Any will do!
I can offer any Kanto/Unova starter, also Torchic+Mudkip. Can also offer Pokerus.
Pm me!


New Member
I'm looking for a newly hatched Treecko with a Modest nature.

I will offer fresh hatched Zorua, any starter newly hatched, or a level 36 shiny Umbreon

PM me if interested!


The Silent Helper
I'm looking for a Treecko. I don't want anything special.


New Member
does anybody still have the starters because i really need a turtwig, chicorita,bulbasaur and treeko

White Friend Code: DAMO 0819 9901 9346
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Magma Trainer
I have access to all starters. if anybody wants one PM.


Well-Known Member
Looking for shiny Treecko

I have a shiny Tympole and shiny Purrloin.


Active Member
Sorry posted in error was supposed to be a PM please delete
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Still looking for a Treeko, regardless of EVs, Nature, Gender,etc.
Offering Unova Starters, Unova Black Version Exclusives, and Charmander.
PM Me.
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