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#255 Torchic / #256 Combusken / #257 Blaziken

Discussion in 'Hoenn Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. luzzz

    luzzz New Member

    LF a legit DW Torchic. I'd like proof of legitimacy if possible, and no OT Mat Torchics.
  2. imperiumemperor

    imperiumemperor Emperor of Imperium

    I want a DW Torchic: legit no clones, hacks, RNG.......I want a real one. Willing to trade a Deino with Dark Pulse.
  3. mienshou123

    mienshou123 New Member

    offering a shiny blaziken.
  4. McLucky

    McLucky Active Member

    Looking for any DW-ability torchic. I can offer white-exclusives, some DW females, some earlier gen pokes and starters, Dark Pulse zorua and evolution stones. PM/VM me if you've got a spare!
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  5. Curvee

    Curvee |-PokemonMaster-|

    Im looking for a legit DW-ability Adamant natured torchic good IV's will earn yew even better offers~ I'd also like it very much If I could give it a nickname If it is possible of course. Please do not trade me any hacks I wont be accepting them~ PM me If yewr willing to trade me on~ <3 !!
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2011
  6. bsixoty

    bsixoty New Member

    Looking for a female speed boost torchic willing to trade gible with outrage or level 100 ev trained blaziken
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2011
  7. Ashriall

    Ashriall New Member

    Need a DW Torchik with an Adamant Nature

    Have Zorua Timid Nature, Female Timid Simisage/Simipour, Male Timid Simisear, Female Oshawatts, Adamant Krookodile

    Please let me know if you would be willing to help me!
  8. DWbulba

    DWbulba Member

    I need a legit DW torchic! I have some really good pokemon to trade. PM me if you have one so we can work out a deal.
  9. mick_1232001

    mick_1232001 New Member

    I can breed all starters and anything else not in my sig. PM me if you are interested.
  10. teddrick912

    teddrick912 New Member

    i need a DW adamant nature, male torchic, combuskin, or blaziken. here is what i got in exchange or you can ask for a specific pokemon.

    Ditto (japanese), Chimchar, Squirtle, Charmander, Oshawott, Snivy, Cyndaquil, Tepig, Bulbasaur, Zekrom, Deoxys, Shiny Tyrogue, or Shiny Spinda

  11. DWbulba

    DWbulba Member

    Pm me if you have an adamant DW torchic. show proof of legitimacy please.
    i can trade:
    DW event arceus
    shiny flawless timid rotom
    TRU regigigas
    TRU manaphy
    shiny eevee
    plus more just PM me!
  12. Iceberg

    Iceberg A human

    I am looking for a DW Torchic. I have plenty of shinies, flawless, and EV trained pokemon, including a bunch of shiny legendaries. Shoot me a PM and we can work something out. :)
  13. SweetTriniTrini

    SweetTriniTrini Dragon Tamer

    offering torchicks, looking for a chikorita, PM me :)
  14. teddrick912

    teddrick912 New Member

    is it a DW torchic?
  15. TheAwesome128

    TheAwesome128 < Party Rocker ;)

    I'm looking for an any lvl, nature Combuskin/Blazekin that knows Baton Pass and Agility. It has to be breedable. I am offering anything in my shop.
  16. Naturus

    Naturus Member

    Can offer a bunch of UT Jolly gible with 31IVs in Atk and Spe, some with 31IVs in HP,Def and SpA, and the rest stats are decent with at least 15. They are in HG, so it can learn Outrage. It is also nicknameable. In return, I want a UT Jolly/Adamant/Impish/Careful nature Beldum with 31IVs in Atk, Spe and at least 20IVs in HP,Def and SpD, best to be in 4th gen game and nicknameable. I also want a UT Brave/Sassy/Impish Bronzor with 31IVs in Atk and 0IVs in Spe, at least 20IVs in HP, Def and SpD, best in 4th gen game and nicknameableI would also accept Timid Thundurus with 31IVs in SpA and Spe, best to be nicknameable. DW Adamant/Modest/Jolly/Timid Torchic with decent IVs would be good too. Either will do, but if you have other offers which I may be interested in, PM me. All legit, no clones, thankyou.
  17. gomets

    gomets Human Snorlax

    I'm looking for any Torchic, any level. Ability or nature doesn't matter, since I only need it for my Pokedex. I can breed almost all Pokemon from Sinnoh and Unova, as well as a ton of random Kanto and Hoenn ones. Just send a PM.
  18. Dragon Tamer Jaidin

    Dragon Tamer Jaidin Dragon Legend

    Looking for ANY Torchic ^^
    I can get/breed you any available pokemon in pokemon black, gible, any of the fossils, zorua, or 5th gen starters. Also, Tyrogues. Please forgive the lack of selection, as I only bought my black last week ^^;;
    Oh, and items. And solosis
  19. Fang2127

    Fang2127 New Member

    Looking for a normal torchic, nothing special. I have most of the pokemon from black, as well as Squirtle, Charmander, and Mudkip. I also have Zorua, Archen and Tirtouga, larvesta, and eevee.
  20. Ghawk24

    Ghawk24 New Member

    hey im looking for a japanese torchic lvl1 and any other japanese starters i can offer anything pm me
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