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#255 Torchic / #256 Combusken / #257 Blaziken

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New Member
Looking for a dream world torchic or any member of its family! WILL OFFER HEAVILY for it! Anything in my sig, multiple things for it, ect . Asap would be great thanks all . Its for RexNovus so dont think im screwing over the guy above me :).


Pokémon Master
Looking for a Jolly Speed Boost Torchic with good Speed and Attack IV's. Am willing to trade a Timid Thundurus, a Modest Kyurem, AND a shiny Woobat for this Poke, especially if it has flawless speed and attack IV's. Please PM me if interested.


Sceptile Hoarder
I am seeking a Dream World Torchic. In exchange for it, I have several shiny pokemon, namely my Staraptor, Salamence, and Gyarados(Hey, it's still a shiny). You can also pick through every starter pokemon that I own (all the main series starters) and every legendary that I own (All the non-event legendaries and Jirachi)(except for my latios). I can also acquire a few other shinies if you like.


Pokemon Breeder
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!free torchics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scizor's Trainer
I am looking for a DW Torchic/ or any other evolution of torchic family. I have to offer Ho-Oh, 10 annv Celebi lax, wishmaker jirachi lax, and chiny Charmeleon and magikarp


Event Collector
have it now and a shiny one as well.
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Need torchic and treecko. Please pm


PKMN Collector
Looking for Torchic, or any of the evolved forms for pokedex and breeding. Can offer any second or fifth gen starters, Eevee, Tirtouga, or Zorua. All freshly hatched.


New Member
I can breed torchic for any pokemon in my signature, or any other reasonable offer.


Rayquaza is my homie
Looking for a DW Torchic with Speed Boost (pretty obvious). Can offer tons of different poke's, also have Pokerus that I've been passing down since the days of ADV. PM me if your interested! :)


Breeding Torchic's seeking anything in my signature PM if intrested.

TopDecking Shinobi

Well-Known Member
Still looking for a Torchic. Also looking for the hoenn legendaries or their pokedex entries.

I can offer:

Unova Starters
Deinos (Female/Modest OR Timid/Dark Pulse)
Dream World PKMN (No Vulpix/Poliwag)

LMK if interested.
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Mostly Harmless
Looking for the following: Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Mudkip and Turtwig

Can trade the following: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chikorita, Treecko, Torchic, Piplup, Chimchar, snivy, tepig or oshawott. I also have a heatmor infected w/ pokerus if you just want some pokerus.

Please pm me if you're interested.


Steel Trainer
hello im new so forgive me if im not doing anything right, anyways im looking for a speed boost torchic with an adamant nature or jolly nature (untrained of course). My offers are tru arceus, draco meteor jirachi, movie darkrai, alamos darkrai, and a shiny (legit) raquaza. please pm me if your intrested.


New Member
would like any torchic for almost anything from gen 5 and gen 4 starters. oh yeah my fc is 2323 1110 8498


New Member
Looking for a Dream World Torchic or any of it's family with good IVs in attack and speed with an adamant nature. Offering a variety of events including Nobunaga's Rayquaza.


Scizor's Trainer
I have Torchics with High IVs most have 31 in more than 1 stat pm me
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