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#255 Torchic / #256 Combusken / #257 Blaziken

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Anyone want to trade a dw torchic or later evolutions for pretty much any shiny or non shiny Pokemon
Please give me your friend code


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Does anyone have a dream world torchic that they want to trade to me, I can give them a female dw eevee, murkrow, vulpix and event victini and darkrai
For DW torchic:

Anyone want to trade a dw torchic or later evolutions for pretty much any shiny or non shiny Pokemon
Please give me your friend code

I can give you a DWF vulpix for a DW torchic. PM me if you're interested.
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Looking for shiny adamant blaziken with thunder punch, fire punch/blaze kick, super power/sky uppercut, and night slash
Or shiny modest/timid blaziken with vacuum wave, heat wave, focus blast, and HP water/electric/ice/ghost/dark/dragon/ or HP steel or any HP just as long as its shiny I will even trade for jolly, hasty, naive, rash, mild, lonely, naughty any of these natures will do PM me I can offer Movie14 victini UT, legendaries, DW pokemon, egg move pokemon and some shinies I have a large variety to choose from I even have Coloseum and XD pokemon mostly T I can also do some move tutor moves on platinum lastly I am looking for a shiny eevee on a 4th gen game I am searching for a friend because I owe them


Dream World breeder
Looking for a Torchic or any of its evolutions! Not picky about gender or nature. I can offer all Kanto/Unova starters, Eevee, Zorua, Pichu and look for any DW Pokémon when it comes back up!

Trade done!
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Looking for a Torchic, any gender, any nature is fine with me. I can offer any unova starter, panpour,pansage,spiritomb,charmander,zorua all level 1 freshly hatched eggs! Send me a message, please and thank you :)


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I'd like a legit or cloned copy of a DW torchic if possible. Untouched. Preferably jolly or adamant (I heard jolly is the only legit nature atm so if that's the case I'd like a jolly one).
I can offer a shiny modest EV'd charizard, UT Jolly movie 14 victini,female DW gligarx2, or a timid charmander. Feel free to PM me if I don't somehow respond to you >.>
Thanks for any potential help :)


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Anyone have a perfect iv'd shiny speed boost torchic with max evs in attack and speed to trade pls?
Willing to offer competitive pokemon.


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Offering Kanto, Unova and Hoenn Starters!

Looking for
Scyther, Eevee, Any of the Pikachu family, Male Dragonspeed Dratini
items such as Evolutionary stones, leftovers, lucky eggs etc.

PM me!


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Looking for any female torchic. i can offer bulbasaur, charmander, chikorita, tododile, cyndaquil, chimchar, or eevee.

~pm me if interested :)


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I need a legimate dw torchic preferrably wirth jolly or adamant nature pm me if you're willing to trade. I can offer at least zoroa, arceus or victini

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Looking for a DW Torchic. Offering DW Eevee, DW Dratini, DW Mudkip, or other legends. PM me.


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Looking for (you never saw this one coming) a UT DW Torchic. Adamant would be splendiferous. I've got events, shinies, and one shiny flawless. PM if interested. If you are a splendiferous individual who is willing to trade an Adamant one, I'll give you three things for it. All of my Pokemon are cloned; if you don't like it, then don't offer. Thanks!

Cool Rafe

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Looking for UT DW Jolly Torchic . Trading any of my shinies on my siggy for it . PM me to know more about them and to work out a deal .


I'm offering a Flawless DW Adamant Torchic. PM me with offers :)


Dragon Trainer
LF a DW Torchic, here's a small sample of what i have to offer:


-Darkrai lv 50 UT (event)
-Suicune lv 40 UT
-Regigigas lv 100 UT (event)
-Deoxys lv 50 UT (event)
-Manaphy lv 50 UT (event)
-Reshiram lv 50 UT
-Zekrom lv 50 UT
-Palkia lv 100
-Dialga lv 47 UT
-Victini lv 15/50 (event movie14 and normal)
-Ho-oh lv 45 UT
-Mewtwo lv 70 UT
-Celebi lv 100 UT
-Mew lv 10 UT
-Jirachi lv 5 UT
-Thundurus lv 40 UT
-Tornadus lv 40 UT




-Gengar lv 100

Also have lots of DW and other pokemon so if interested or you need something more specific, let me know
LF: DW Torchic, Adamant, IV's dont really matter. prefererably UT but will take any.

Just ask, I got lots
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