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#255 Torchic / #256 Combusken / #257 Blaziken

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Wanna trade
have a shiny torchic up for trade pm me for offers


Active Member
I have a legit flawless dw ev trained rash nature blaziken trained in atk spd 6 to hp pm me offers


New Member
Hey guys I am looking for a torchic with the ability speed boost(dream world ability) and I'm willing to trade my victini event Pokemon, Zekrom, three musketeers, my samurott, my zoroark, my kyurem, my feraligatr, my bisharp, my accelgor, or my escavalier.

I can trade all three of the three musketeers.

Note that all of the Pokemon listed above except feraligatr haven't reached/ nowhere near 100 and not EV trained so it brings my trade value down a bit.

PM me for offers


New Member
Hi. I'm looking for most Hoenn Pokemon to complete my Dex. I have plenty to offer. Please PM me and hopefully we can help each other out.



I'm offering UT Adamant Near-Flawless DW Torchic.

I'm looking for these Pokemon:

•Shin Se Gae Pokemon
•Strongest Event Pokemon
•DW Ditto
•Wish Event Pokemon
•Kyushu Train Pokemon
•Dream Radar Pokemon (Lugia, Ho-oh, etc)
•UT Shiny Jolly/Adamant Meditite/Medicham

PM me with offers :)


New Member
Im looking for a legit UT dw torchic. I'm offering everything in my sig. Willing to trade 2/3 shinies for it..

Please pm me!


Rogue Champion
Looking for DW Torchic. PM me with what you want in return.


Maestro Entrenador
Looking for any gender/level Torchic, Combusken, or Blaziken. I have level 1 untouched Squirtles, Snivy´s, Tepigs, and Oshawott´s for trade or PM me which Pokémon you desire. You can also E-mail me PaulMStein@hotmail.com or pm me on skype: paul.stein88 Thank you!


Looking for a Torchic. I can offer Blastoise,Arceus,Victini,or event Reshiram. PM me if you would like to trade.
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looking for a foreign (non-US) torchic w/ 31 ivs in 3 categories (none specific).

willing to trade a shiny roselia UT


New Member
i want any of those. I CAN GET YA ANY 1 ev pkmn except shinies, legendarys and torchic
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Soldier of God
FC:3310 4962 1702
UT DW Torchic (Any Gender) Any Nature +Atk/S.Atk -Speed
PM me and we can negotiate a Trade.

Ans thank you for your time


Maestro Entrenador
Looking for a Torchic, Combusken, or Blaziken of any level/gender to complete my pokédex. I Can trade Level 1 UT Squirtle, Piplup, Oshawott, Tepig, or Snivy. Please PM me if your interested. Thank you!
Looking for an UT DW Torchic, adamant, lonely, or naughty nature. Trading my DW Poll Arceus, or any combination of my breedable pokemon
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Looking for a Dw torchic legit. Offering legendaries from events and non events.I want a jolly or adamant nature. Preferably adamant nature. Or I'm looking for a jolly/adamant shiny torchic lvl 1-5 with no Evs. Im not looking for any normal torchic out there,so don't gimme any.I'm also offering a shiny Riolu once I get it. Pm me for offers!


New Member
Hey im looking for a torchic of any nature or gender. I can offer all gen starters except torchic and piplup, can also offer zorua bagon and most anything you want. PM with offers


I got a near-flawless UT DW Adamant Torchic, SP. is 29.
Looking for rare/foreign events.
Will only do 1 for 1 trade for a DW timid Squirtle or DW timid Bulbasaur, but that can change if your pokemon is that good.


Experienced Trainer
Im after a DW female Tochic legit any nature in return offering any of my Coloseeum pokemon in return my friend codes are:
Pokemon Black Friend Code 3182-2516-5903
Pokemon White Friend Code 0905-9189-8826
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