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#255 Torchic / #256 Combusken / #257 Blaziken

Discussion in 'Hoenn Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. holo255

    holo255 Member

    Looking for any Torchic, I have black exclusives, Unova starters and lots of zorua. PM me for more details so we can arrange a trade.
  2. icedragon624

    icedragon624 New Member

    i want a torchic i dont have alot to offer i dont care about nature or if it is shiny
  3. crazywiller1

    crazywiller1 Member

    Is anyone breeding DW Torchics yet? Offering everything in my sig for one, including DW Arceus
  4. Suicune1988

    Suicune1988 Maestro Entrenador

    Looking for a torchic, combusken, or blaziken of any gender/Level for trade. I Can offer Level 1 UT Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Treeko, Turtwig, Chichar, Piplup, Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott for trade. Please let me know if you´re interested: PM ME
  5. kmiller9994

    kmiller9994 New Member

    Looking for torchic, combusken, blaziken. Don't care about specifics(level, gender etc). Willing to trade a tepig, chimchar, mudkip or chikorita for it. If interested, pm me
  6. coachdance

    coachdance New Member

    Offering a torchic

    Looking for a power band
  7. Squirtlediddlyirtle

    Squirtlediddlyirtle It's full of women!

    Looking for speed boost torchic. Lowest level you can but im really fine with any, any nature :D

    Can offer shiny thundurus among other stoofs

    Friend code in sig.

    Send me a pm or post on my wall if interested.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2012
  8. greg2040

    greg2040 New Member

    I'm looking for any Trochic and Mudkip. I have plenty to offer. PM me if you'd like to help out.

  9. Glaive

    Glaive Mew/Mewtwo Lover

    I can offer this Pokemon for a Tournadus.
  10. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    I have this pokemon and am willing to trade it. I will accept offers. My pokemon are not hacked. I will not receive hacked pokemon. I tade normal fresh hatched, meaning i do not breed for ivs or natures. if you want a specific nature i will look or breed one for you, if you ask nicely enough. pm me with offer and specifics. i will not breed shinies. if i do i have one, and it is one i want to keep (ex:Charmander, totodile.) ones i like, i will keep. Any others i will trade. If you want certain egg moves, pm me and i will try my best to breed you one.
  11. teamfranchise

    teamfranchise Member

    PM me if you want to give me a break and throw me a Torchic, I have nothing special to offer outside of Oshawott and Charmander.

  12. metalsanta911

    metalsanta911 New Member

    I am looking for a dw adamant torchic. I have dw females and ev trained Pokemon. Message me with any desires if you are interested.
  13. obviouswhiteboy

    obviouswhiteboy New Member

    Looking for any torchics and other Hoenn starters.

    I've got Unova starters, bulbasaurs, chimchars, eevees, and zoruas.

    Also plenty of random DW pokemon.
  14. Redphienix

    Redphienix 41 Days of Black

    Offering near flawless (29 in speed) DW Torchic Adamant

    Considering any offers (just pm) along with-

    Shaymin Pokemon Centre event / Oblivia 03060 / TRU / Wi-fi gift

    Shiny Starters (Generally)
    Shiny Legends (Generally)
    Flawless Latios
    Flawless or good IV Latias
    DWF Shuckle, Onix, Geodude (any I don't have may be offered as well.)
    Regigigas NON-SHINY
    CHANNEL Jirachi UT
    Timid Raikou (Preferably good or flawless IVs)
    UT Heatran Shiny
    Shiny Flawless Deerling (Non-flawless also wanted for lesser trades)
    Lvl 60+ Lillipup x5 (Pick Up Ability)
    DW Starters, still a no-hack code on this (MALE ONLY)
    Shiny Dratini Extreme Speed DW Flawless
    Flawless Terrakion
    Flawless (near flawless) Koffing UT Bold/Modest (Dark Pulse from BW2 a huge plus)

    Pikachu with ID 03012 original moves (Extreme Speed / Thunderbolt / Grass Knot / Brick Break)

    Flawless (UT Timburr preferred)

    Near FLAWLESS with 0 in Speed UT

    Toxic Boost
    Night Slash

    Adamant / Impish / Careful

    Shiny UT
    Magic Guard

    Shiny Flawless Female UT

    -I collect-
    Shiny ;427;

    This is just a list of my wants, having one of these items does not guarantee the trade but will lead to negotiations ^.^
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2012
  15. I'm looking for a dream world torchic with the speed boost ability .I want it to be Jolly (only a legit and non fake-code torchic accepted ).
    I am offering legendary and dream world pokemon( send me a private message for negotiations ) .
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2013
  16. Hamichu

    Hamichu The Hammiest

    Offering level 1 torchic pm me what you will give in return
  17. empoleon mike

    empoleon mike Magma Leader Maxie

    Looking for a speed boost Blaziken or DW torchic/combusken. Willing to offer a shiny shinx, wurmple and lotad. Also a pokerus female murkrow with super luck
  18. ManOnTheMoon

    ManOnTheMoon New Member

    trade me a torchic. have oshawott zorua and others please. pm me please iam a new trainer
  19. Ezro

    Ezro New Member

    I'm interested in a Dreamworld female torchic/combusken/blaziken,
    I have a lot to offer
    This is what i have to offer:
    All the 646 different pokemon
    Charmander (named POP)
    Ninetales (named FEUNARD)
    Thundurus (Japanese)
    Ho-Oh (Japanese)
    Lugia (Japanese)

    I can also give all the pokemon Pokerus if you want.
    I can also offer:
    Vulpix with Drought Ability

    Please PM me
  20. Xbot720

    Xbot720 New Member

    Can Any one get me a speed boost torchic or blaziken? pretty please?
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