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#255 Torchic / #256 Combusken / #257 Blaziken

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I have torchics. Pm me!


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Looking for a Speed Boost member of this family. Any of the three works. If you have one, PM me and I'll provide offers.

Edit: Disregard this post, a transaction has been settled.
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Pokémon Master
Looking for a Jolly/Adamant Speed Boost Torchic, untrained.

If not Jolly/Adamant, then as long as its nature doesn't hurt Atk or Speed, good enough.
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Looking for one of these with Speed Boost. I can breed or tutor just about anything in return. PM me.
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Looking for hidden ability Torchic with adamant nature.
Please PM me before 20th May.
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I'm looking for a Hidden Ability female Torchic, before WiFi shuts down on the 20th

I can trade other Hidden Ability females (i.e. Dratini)

My White 2 FC is 3956 - 1738 - 2567


A Trickster and his Not-Cat
I am getting desprate. I want any Torchic before the shutdown and although I have a friend who's willing to trade with me, it's been failing so please, if you want a female HA Gligar, Poliwag, or a Mudkip or some starters or shinies. Please contact me! Before the shutdown!
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