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#258 Mudkip / #259 Marshtomp / #260 Swampert

Discussion in 'Hoenn Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. AvoKitty

    AvoKitty Banned

    I'm looking for mudkip,hav ledgends and starters for trade pm me
  2. norris7739

    norris7739 Dragon Master

    Looking for any Mudkip. Can offer any 5th Gen starter, Zorua, eevee, or any fourth Gen starter.
  3. tynerds37

    tynerds37 Veteran player

    Looking for a shiny Mudkip. Nature and sex are not important.
    I got some legendaries to trade for it.
    Im also looking for a shiny Bulbasaur and a shiny Oshawott
    PM me for offers. :p
  4. Mshadows

    Mshadows New Member

    Looking for any Mudkip. I can offer whats in my signature. PM me to make an offer :)
  5. フェージングのエコー

    フェージングのエコー The Boss of ur Boss

    any one have a mudkip?i can trade you a zorua or two,i also have every starter(except for mudkip)pm me
  6. chikorita185

    chikorita185 So iheard you liek?

    Looking for any mudkip PM me with offers (and FC)
    EDIT: Trade done so no longer need it
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2012
  7. fluffio88

    fluffio88 Top Trainer

    What I am offering:
    All generations starters, egg bred.
    Zorua, egg bred
    Wish Eevee, egg bred
    Phione, egg bred
    Dreamworld males: Houndour, Farfetch'd, Yanma and Aerodactyl'
    Egg bred Dreamworld females (for the special ability): Cacnea, Magnemite, Spinda, Phanpy, Meditite, Stunky, Bagon, Glameow, Pachirisu, Lapras, Barboach, Nidoqueen, Electrike and Torkoal
    Plus any other pokemon that can be bred as I have it, or I n catch it on pokemon white I with catch you a specific pokemon.
    Please the gender of the pokemon you would like

    I'm looking for:
    King's rock x2
    Water stone x2
    Fire stone
    Leaf stone x2
    Weedle or any of the evolved forms
    Ekans or Arbok
    Diglett or Dugtrio
    Grimer or Muk
    Shroomish or Breloom
    Nincada or any of the evolved forms
    Nosepass or Probopass
    Gulpin or Swalot
    Aipom or Ambipom
    Gible or any of the evolved forms
    Snover or Abomasnow
    Thanks in advance.
    PS I have already been offered some of the pokemon but nothing is definite.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2012

    ISMFOF Poké Punk

    I'm looking for a Mudkip of any kind....
    PM if you want to trade....
  9. DannyRomero

    DannyRomero The Boss!

    i can breed mudkips
  10. Blackstar4991

    Blackstar4991 New Member

    Looking for a mudkip with stealth rock.
  11. syuu

    syuu suggestive cupcake

    looking for any level 1 mudkip - check my sig for what I can offer :)
  12. xanatos1986

    xanatos1986 New Member

    Looking for a mudkip nothing.special please and thank you
  13. tiochico

    tiochico New Member

    I'm looking for any Mudkip. I can send all the others startes, except Treecko
  14. AmpharosAndy

    AmpharosAndy Double Battler

    offering level 100's or egg moves for any male egg move avalanche mudkip
  15. theguardianofthemoon

    theguardianofthemoon Pokemon Demigod

    I have a lvl. 1 mudkip with ice beam (egg move)
    pm me for offers.
    I can make more it you liek mudkipz
  16. UDI

    UDI Orange Hero

    i trade a charmander or mudkip for a turtwig

    my FC is 3911 8457 0353
  17. TheBob

    TheBob New Member

    Im looking for a mudkip that anyone would be kind enough to trade/give away, i recently started a new game so i dont have much to offer, but i do have DW female abra and DW female/male zubat w/taunt and nasty plot if those are of interest.

    Any help is very much appreciated :)

    EDIT: got my mudkip so i no longer need one.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2012
  18. Quibibble

    Quibibble Pokemon Breeder

    I can breed every starter from every generation and I have much more to offer. Please pm me if you are interested.
  19. RegiGuy

    RegiGuy Highly competitive

    Offering mudkips with perfect ivs in HP and some with perfect ivs in Def and SpDef. All have the egg moves Mirror Coat and Counter and most have Careful natures, but I also have Adamant and Sassy ones too.
  20. dd1zzle

    dd1zzle Well-Known Member

    Looking for a Mudkip for a dud pokémon. PM me if you can supply one please.
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