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#273 Seedot / #274 Nuzleaf / #275 Shiftry

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I need any seedot, I can breed any pokemon not in my signature.


New Member
I need a male seedot/nuzleaf/shiftry with Dark Pulse learned. I have plenti DWf pokemon to offer, several different pokemon and items. PM me if interested.

domino effect

New Member
Looking for a seedot with SEED BOMB, SUCKER PUNCH AND LOW KICK.
I Have lots of pokemon to trade and some DWF.
PM me to arrange a trade.
Thanks in advance


New Member
Looking fot any seedot. I have a lot of Pre Gen-V pokemon.
PM me.


Lv100 Training Hobby
Looking for any Shiftry, PM with offers please :p

Dancing Togekiss

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Looking for a seedot. Unlike last time I now have lots more to offer. I can offer any breedable pokemon not in my signature.
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I have Seedot. I'm looking for Spinda.
PM me.
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dragon trainer
have a many seedots available for trade all level 1
want:leaf stone, dw growlithe
white fc:0304-4788-8607

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Looking for any Shiftry or a Leaf Stone. Please PM/VM with offers and I'll see what I can do about them.

Also see the link in my signature for more information on what I'm still missing.


Crescendo Cuty
Looking for any seedots, I have most non-legendary pre-GEN V pokémon, PM if interested!
Hey, I'm looking for a seedot with seed bomb, I have a decent amount of dreamworld pokemon to offer, give me a heads up if you have one.


New Member
Looking for a female seedot. Willing to trade one female drought vulpix for it. Any other trade requests also possible!


Im making a ton of seedots pm me if u need one


Dedicated Writer
i want a male seedot, nusleaf or shiftry that knows dark pulse and giga drain; can offer dw timid vulpix(female), some starters, rotoms, gibles with outrage, solosis and others
please PM


New Member
looking for any old seedot, can breed any starter, can also offer, eevee, gible, bagon, zorua, scyther, magby, elekid, pichu
also have some leaf stones, sun stones


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Looking for Seedot.

PM me with requests :D


Girl with the 3DS
I'm looking for a Seedot and will trade you an Eevee for it. Pm me if you're interested.


I would like a seedot please, just any old seedot will do, can't offer much but pm me for offers


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Still looking for any Seedot, can offer any Kanto, Johto, or Unova Pokemon (non-legendary).
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