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#280 Ralts / #281 Kirlia / #282 Gardevoir / #475 Gallade

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Hey!! Newbie on the site here just getting a footing..
I have newly hatched Leafeon/Glaceons and Togepi's which I'm looking to trade for anyone in the Ralts fam
My FC code for PokemonBlack is 4341 6023 0901
Cheers x


like pepsi cola
Looking for female DW Ralts.

Can offer female DW Vulpix, Poliwag, Natu, Bidoof, Wooper, Oddish or others - please PM to see full list or arrange a trade.


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need a ralts
can give any ting in my sig.


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I need a female Ralts traded into my copy of White, as I need a decent psychic line early on, I'm barely starting.

I can offer my starter, Oshawott, or I can also offer Eevees (I breed them), or ironically Ralts and pretty much any pokemon obtainable in Gen 3/4, *provided* you're willing to trade the Ralts into my White card and then I trade you whatever from my Diamond card. I just can't pass them into my copy of White as I don't have 2 Nintendo DS's, and I don't want to get a second one.

If someone is also willing to trade my Oshawott for something cool like Squirtle or Mudkip that would be grand.

Send me a PM! :)


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i have a bred ralts for trade

looking for shiny pokemon
or a poochyena
pm me if interested


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i need any of these please, prolly 2 of them, a female modest baby and another male adamant please my friend code 0734-0503-4107, game name BBandit


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I have two untrained shiny Ralts, ones female with an adamant nature and the others male with a neutral nature. Am looking for other untrained shinies, preferably with beneficial natures. Message me with offers.


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I have a shiny ut female kirlia. I'm looking for a shiny, lv. 1, female, timid vulpix, with the nickname "Phantom". If you don't have that, make an offer in a pm.


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Looking for DWF Ralts. PM me.


The Wanderer
Looking for UT modest female shiny ralts with trace. Though not manditory I would like if it had really good IVs.

I can offer...

-Lvl 71 Timid Jhoto Japanese Mewtwo
-UT Bold Event Mewtwo
-UT DW Arceus
-UT Japanese Movie Aceus

#113 Chansey (Shiny)
OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: ♀
Nature: Calm | Ability: Natural Cure | Type: Normal
Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Ice 67
Moves: Defense Curl|Pound|Growl
IVs: 31/31/9/31/31/30
*Cloned via AR DSi*

#633 Deino ;633; (Shiny)
OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: ♂
Nature: Jolly | Ability: Hustle | Type: Dark|Dragon
Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Steel 49
Moves: Tackle|Dragon Rage
IVs: 13/31/31/31/4/19
*Cloned via AR DSi*

#610 Axew ;610; (Shiny)
OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: ♂
Nature: Adamant | Ability: Mold Breaker | Type: Dragon
Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Dark 70
Moves: Scratch
IVs: 31/31/31/31/27/31
*Cloned via AR DSi*

#137 Porygon (Shiny)
OT: Lunar | ID No.: 07206 | Gender: Genderless
Nature: Rash | Ability: Trace | Type: Normal
Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge | Hidden Power: Ghost 70
Moves: Tackle|Conversion|Sharpen|Ice Beam
IVs: 31/14/31/3/22/31
*Cloned via AR DSi*

PM me for trade.


dragon tamer
i would like a shiny female ralts(please be legit) with modest nature or any nature that promotes special attack i can offer almost any legend that i've been collecting since i've started bw even victini(i've trained it a little but its the same victini from the liberty pass event)
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Pokemon Trainer
have Ralts for trade, see signature for details and PM me please :) also accept Firestones/Leafstones/Waterstones/Thunderstones/Moonstones/MetalCoat/Kingsrock


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Looking for a female ralts can trade any starter


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I have a male Ralts with the egg move Mean Look. If anyone is interested, this Ralts has the potential to learn Hypnosis, False Swipe, Mean Look, and Protect, making it a near perfect Pokemon catching tool. PM/VM with offers, and I'll tell you how to get the all catching Gallade.


OT in Tha Hood
I Need a Ralts...Doesnt matter the nature or moves..just need a simple ralts...PM if you have one for me


<- Pure Delight
Wanted: Shiny male DW ralts, Must be Nicknamed "Adrian" and preferably have an Adamant nature. Superior IVS are nice but not necessary.
Offer: All available DW females at this point, DW Starters, events, Shiny events, items and Egg move males.
Contact: PM or VMs please.

I have my trade done and my wittle ralts obtained! <3
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