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#285 Shroomish / #286 Breloom

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Looking for a shroomish (DW ability not necessary), egg move seed bomb if possible, but if not that's fine. Offering any of the breedables in my sig, including my DWF dratini's and eevee's. Can also breed wish Eevees if that's your cup of tea.
Looking for female DW UT Shroomish, I have a lot to trade so PM me with offers!


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Looking for a jolly/adamant shroomish w/ the ability poison heal
PM offers

O Fortuna

Velut luna.
I am looking for a female Dream World Shroomish/Breloom for breeding purposes.

I have access to all Gen 3/4/5 games if something is desired for trade.


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Looking for a female Shroomish within any levels, perferably a low low level like 1 (Freshly Hatched)

Will offer (All freshly hatched):
Cyndaquil/Male/Jolly Nature/Tackle, Leer, Double-Edge, Flamethrower
Zorua/Male/Serious Nature/Scratch, Leer
Mudkip/Male/Naive Nature/Mud Bomb, Double Team, Scald, Ice Beam
Charmander/Female/Quirky Nature/Scratch, Growl, Swords Dance, Flamethrower
EDIT: EDIT: Trade Complete!

PM if intrested, thank you!
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looking for a male Shroomish with the move called "drain punch"on him
PM Me if u want to Trade and see my offers


Looking for a flawless/ near flawless adamant/ jolly breloom with the move focus punch.
I can get almost any breedable pokemon including DWF Evee, Vulpix, Dratini and Poliwag. Also with some notice I can get any legendary except Meleoetta or Genesect.
PM me if you are interested.
Thank you. :)


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Still looking for a male Shroomish with Focus Punch. Nature and IVs don't matter. Willing to trade a shiny for it, since I urgently need it for an RNG.
If nobody has a male Shroomish with Focus Punch I'm looking for a male Snubbull with Focus Punch so I can breed my own Shroomish. Since Snubbull are only 25% male I'll happily trade a shiny for him as well.
If you don't want a shiny then I've got some egg moves I can offer, as well as DWF. Including DWF Riolu, already hatched and waiting to be traded.
VM me ASAP if you can help me out


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looking for a shroomish have all starters to trade
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Looking for a female Technician breloom or equivalent shroomish. Nature, IV's etc does not matter. I have various events including Pal City, various Darkrai, Celebi, Jirachi, Shaymin, etc. Also have many other dream world ability females, and some shiny flawless/near flawless pokes. PM me to set something up.


I am looking for a Technician Breloom or Shroomish. Gender does not matter. I can offer Tornadus, Thundurus and other legendary's if you are interested. PM me for more details.


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looking for a shroomish w/ poison heal ability, egg move drain punch


looking for female shroomish/breloom with DW ability(technician) hopefully UT with good IVs and adamant nature
willing to trade timid larvesta with 31IVs in Sp.A and Speed
PM me please if you are willing to trade
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