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2rsa's boutique of unique pokemon

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by 2rsa, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    Welcome to my trade shop^-^

    Shop Status:OPEN


    I do clone, so if you don't want a clone, don't go any farther.


    1. All Sppf rules apply.
    2. No Flaming, trolling, or Spamming.
    3. No means No.
    4. No hacks (This is expected)
    5. Please Read Trade Code before making your offers/requests.
    6. Keep all offers in the shop unless specified by me.
    7. If i trade you a hack or you trade me a hack, a trade back is required expected immediately.
    8. This is a Gen V Trade Shop all trades will be in gen V Games.
    9. Don't offer anything that isn't shiny unless it is an event.
    10.Be nice to others and enjoy your visit:3

    Trade Code:

    My Shiny for your shiny/event/flawless/ two DW Females
    My DW female for DW Female
    My Flawless shiny for 2 shinies/shiny flawless/ 2 flawlesses
    My Shiny Legendary for your shiny legendary/ 2 shinies/ 2 flawlesses
    My Shiny Flawless Legendary for your Shiny flawless Legendary/ 3 shinies/ 2 flawless shinies/ 2 shiny legendaries/ Flawless DW Shiny
    My DW Shiny for your flawless shiny/ shiny legendary/ 2 shinies
    My shiny flawless DW Pokemon for your Flawless DW shiny/ Shiny flawless legendary/ 3 shinies/ 2 DW Shinies/ 3 flawlesses/ 2 shiny legenaries
    Don't be shy and make an offer.everybody gets a fair chance:3

    Give aways:None at the moment.

    Black list:None at the moment.(Let's keep it that way)

    White list:

    Check out my friends shop here------------>http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=539385

    Let's start the good part^-^


    -*****Shiny Flawless pokemon.*****
    Right now i only accept shiny flawless pokemons and some events.
    Top want:Other natures of Home plus darkrai.
    Shiny flawless Zangoose!

    PLZ don't offer any dex fillers-egg move pokemons or normal dream world pokemon.(I might accept flawless DW pokemon)

    *All the pokemons are UT onless mentioned.
    *All pokemon are ENG onless mentioned.
    *Red pokemons are newly added.

    Flawless/Near flawless shinies:

    Male Jolly venusaur Eved in Attack/speed and a little in HP with earth quick-power whip-sleep powder-sword dance Item:life orb.
    Male Modest charmander.
    Male modest Blastoise EV ed in HP/S.AT/SPE with Aqua jet-ice beam-hydro pump-rapid spin Item:lum berry.
    Male Careful DW Eevee with the egg move wish.
    Female Timid DW eevee with wish-yawn-stored power-fake tears.(BT-Only pokerus)
    Male quiet Bebe eevee.
    Male adamant DW growlith.
    Female adamant growlith.
    Male adamant Aerodactyle with supersonic-bite-scary face-pursuit.(OT:Mat)has pokecheck Ribbon.
    Male jolly DW aerodactyle with wing attack-supersonic-bite-scary face.
    Female Timid DW ninetailes EV ed in Hp/S.DEF/SPE with wil-o-wisp-flame thrower-hypnosis-substitute.
    Female timid DW vulpix with hypnosis-hex-heatwave-extrasensory.
    Male Modest DW vulpix with the egg move hypnosis.
    Male timid seel with ice beam-surf-rain dance-rest.
    Male adamant DW dratini with wrap-leer-thunder wave-twister.
    Male modest horsea with bubble-brine-ice beam-rain dance.
    Female timid abra with encore (OT:Mat).
    Male adamant charmander with outrage-DD-crunch-flamethrower.
    Female adamant kangaskhan with comet punch.
    Male jolly Ponyta with morning sun-double-edge-hypnois.
    Male adamant DW lapras with DD.
    Female adamant machop with bullet punch.
    Male modest omanyte with toxic spikes-spikes-earthQ-constrict.
    Male calm MR.mime.
    Female adamant DW Scyther with vacuum wave.
    Male Calm DW lapras with sing (JAP).
    Rash Starmie Ev ed in SPE/S.AT and a little in HP with psychic-ice beam-thunderbolt and recover Item:Life orb (JAP).
    Female jolly dugtrio EV ed in AT/SPE and a little in HP with EQ-night slash-aerial ace-stone-edge Item:Life orb.
    Male jolly Growlith with morning sun-flare blitz-close combat-wild charge.
    Male timid DW Nidoran.
    Male Calm Eevee with heal bell and wish.
    Male naive shelder with rock blast and icicle sphere.
    Male jolly crabby.

    Male bold Chikorita with grass knot-aromathrapy-ancient power-leech seed.
    Male modest Typhlosion EV ed in S.AT/SPE and a little in HP with heat wave-focus blast-extrasensory-HP Dragon Item:Life orb.
    Male adamant Totodile with DD and ice punch.
    Male adamant Phanpy with ice shard and stealth rock.
    Female impish DW gligar Item:Toxic orb.
    Female bold mantyke.
    Male adamant Smeargle with sketch.
    Female adamant Heracross.
    Female calm Hoothoot With heat wave-night shade-twister-roost.
    Male modest Yanma(BT only pokerus).
    Female adamant Scizor with bullet punch-super power-roost-bug bite.
    Male adamant Teddiursa With yawn-super power-fake tears-crunch.
    Female impish Shuckle EV ed in HP/DEF/S.DEF With stealthrock-gyro ball-powe trick-toxic Item:Leftovers.
    Male modest murkrow(this one is not shiny but flawless!) with dark pulse and heat wave.
    Male modest Cyndaquil with Heat wave and extrasensory.
    Male adamant Larvitar with super power-iron head-EQ-stone edge.
    Female modest Remoraid.
    Female impish Skarmory EV ed in HP/DEF and a little in SPE with spikes-roost-drill peck and whirlwind Item:leftovers.(keen eyes).I also have a UT one with sturdy.
    Male adamant Tyranitar EV ed in AT/HP/S.DEF/DEF with DD-EQ-rock slide-substitute Item:leftovers.
    Male adamant houndour with counter-feint and dark pulse.

    Male timid Treecko with leech seed.
    Female jolly Torchick.
    Male relaxed Mudkip with curse-aqua tail-mud bomb-ice beam.
    Male adamant poochyena with sucker punch.
    Male adamant Bagon with DD and hydro pump.
    Female adamant Corphish with DD.
    Female adamant Aron with head smash and iron head OT:Mat.
    Adamant Beldum.
    Male jolly ralts OT:Mat.
    Male adamant Shroomish with stun spore and seed bomb.
    Male relaxed Lileep with astonish-constrict and recover.
    Female timid Snorunt with powder ice and spikes.
    Male timid Feebas with haze-hypnosis-rain dance and splash.
    Female adamant Absol with megahorn-super power.
    Male careful Swablu with heall bell-feather dance-tailwind and outrage.
    Female modest lotad with sweet scent-synthesis-giga drain and toxic.
    Femal jolly trapinch NN kimiko.
    Female jolly Berloom Ev ed in SPE/AT with sub-spore-focus punch-seed bomb holding toxic orb NN autumn.

    Male adamant Turtwig with super power-seed bomb-sword dance and double edge.
    Male adamant Chimchar with fire punch-thunder punch-encore-fake out.
    Male calm Piplup With yawn-flail-agility and hydro pump Item: power lens.
    Male jolly Gible.
    Male jolly gible with outrage.
    Female jolly Starly.
    Male adamant Cranidos with headbutt and EQ.
    Male impish Skorupi with night slash-agility and pursuit OT:Mat.
    Female adamant Shinx with Fire fang-ice fng and thunder fang OT:Mat.
    Male jolly buneary with sky uppercut-thunder punch-fake out and ice punch.
    Female adamant Spritomb with pain split and shadow sneak OT:Mat.
    Modest Porigon-Z EV ed in S.AT/SPE and a little in HP with tri attack-ice beam-thunder-dark pulse Item:Life orb.
    Male modest magmortar EV ed in S.AT/SPE/HP with flamethrower-thunderbolt-focus blast and psychic Item:Life orb.
    Female quiet glameow.

    *I now have all First staition gen 5 flawless/n.flawless shinies*
    It takes a while for me to add them to my list but you can ask the details on the ones you're looking for.

    Male timid snivy.
    Male jolly tepig with yawn-curse and super power.
    Female adamant oshawatt with Blizzard.
    Male bold cottonee with encore-worry seed-memento and energy ball Item:life orb.
    Female modest petilil with HP fire Item:sun stone.
    Female jolly archen.
    Male jolly tirtouga.
    Female timid litwick with heat wave.
    Female modest litwick with shadow ball-psycic-energy ball and fire blast.
    Female adamant scraggy with DD-ice punch-low kick and drain punch.
    Female jolly sandile with fire fang-thunder fang-pursuit and counter.
    Male modest zorua with snarl and sucker punch.
    Male timid denio with dark pulse (JAP).
    Adamant golett with mega punch-dynamic punch and magnitute.
    Male timid emolga.
    Female adamant blitzle with double kick-wild charge-me first and double-edge.
    Female jolly venipede with spikes and toxic spikes.
    Female jolly sewaddle.
    Female brave timburr with drain punch and mach punch.
    Male impish audino with yawn-sweet kiss and wish.
    Male sassy ferroseed with leech seed.
    Female adamant Druddigon with fire fang and thunder fang.
    Male bold larvesta with morning sun.
    Male modest yamask with shadow ball-psycic-energy ball and nasty plot.
    Female bold solosis with psywave-trick-impersion and calm mind.
    Male modest vanilite with icicle spear and flash cannon Item: power lens.
    Male timid panpour with nasty plot-ice beam-surf and energy ball Item:water stone.
    Male hasty pansage with acrobatics and grass knot.
    Male calm frillish with pain split.
    Male jolly rufflet with rock slide.
    Male naughty Tynamo (Bt raised to level 2 but deleted EV's).
    Female jolly mienfoo.
    Male adamant patrat.
    Male jolly cunchoo with powder snow-aerial ace-ice punch and night slash.
    Female timid joltik with electro web-gastro acid and bug bite.
    Female adamant axew with iron tail and night slash ability:mold breaker Item:dragon gem.
    Female modest denio with dark pulse.
    Female hardy durant with metal claw-iron head-crunch and bug bite.
    Female adamant bouffalant with revenge.
    Male timid shelmet with encore-yawn and baton pass.
    Female careful stunfisk with yawn-cures-pain split and earth power.
    Male jolly trubbish with spikes-toxik spikes-explosion and sun Item:black sludge.
    Male adamant throh with brick break-stone edge and earth Q.
    Female calm sigilyth with miracle eyes-roost-psycho shift and stored power.
    Male adamant dwebble with furry cuter and spikes.
    Female adamant drilbur with EQ and earth power.
    Male adamant basculin Item:life orb.
    Male jolly deerling with synthesis and grass whistle.
    Female brave roggenrola with heavy slam-magnitute and curse.
    Female calm jeliicent EV ed in HP/S.DEF and a little in S.AT with toxic-recover-ice beam and scald Item:leftovers.
    Male jolly minccino Item: power bracer OT:Mat.
    Male adamant excadrill with sword dance-EQ-rock slisde and x-scissor Item:Focus sash.
    Male timid ruins volcarona.
    Male adamant bisharp NN blueranger EV ed in T/SPE/HP with rock slide-iron head-brick break-night slash Item:focus sash.
    Male adamant Lilipup with work up.



    Timid pokesmash mewtwo
    Mild/Sassy MICHINA Arceus
    Hardy/Brave TRU Arceus
    Jap Sassy Movie Arceus
    Jap Naughty/Adamant DW Arceus OT:Mat
    Lax Hayley Mew
    Rash MYSTRY Mew
    Lonely Fal2010 Mew
    Shiny Adamant far away island Mew(Near flawless)
    Brave WORLD11 Scraffty Item:Leftovers
    Korean Hardy/Rash NOK Rayquaza
    Shiny Rash Male Movie 11 Hydreigon
    Shiny Brave Movie 11 Golurk(Near flawless)
    Adamant Movie 11 Victini Item:Fire gem (flawless)
    Hasty Movie 11 Victini Item:fire gem
    Hasty TRU Regigigas
    Bold Male Smash Cubchoo Item:Max potion
    Gentle TRU Manaphy
    Gentle Ranger Egg event Manaphy (T) OT:Scott
    Impish SMR2010 Jirachi
    Shiny Docile wishmaker Jirachi
    10ANIV Tyranitar
    Brave ALAMOS Darkrai
    Impish ANA Darkrai Item:Enigma berry
    Timid WIN2011 Celebi (UT,Not even for Zorua event)
    Rash WIN2011 Celebi (T,Lv.56)
    Shiny Lax Ageto Celebi
    Ashes Pikachu Item:Light ball (Flawless)
    Sassy Female Singing Pikachu ot: わっしょい id: 07301 Item:Light ball
    Shiny Jolly SPR2010 Pichu
    Adamant PKTOPIA Electivire
    Modest PKTOPIA Magmortar
    Shiny WIN2011 Raikou
    Shiny GAMSTP Entei
    Shiny GAMSTP Suicune
    Quiet Movie11 Shaymin
    Mild TRU Shaymin
    Adamant Satoshi Scraggy(Near flawless) Item:Muscle band
    Adamant male flying Pikachu(Near flawless)
    Shiny Sassy male VGC10 Eevee
    Rah 10 Jahre Articuno(GER)
    Timid 10 Aniv Charizard (Good IV's)
    WORLD08 Adamant Lucario(Flawless)
    GAMSTP Deoxys (At.Form)
    Female Bashful NZone Pikachu
    Male Jolly SPR2010 Pichu (BT)
    Male Gentle DW Togekiss (NN) (JAP OT)
    Mild JBHF Manaphy
    Docile/Modest Satoshi Reshiram Item: Dragon gem
    Modest Jungle tour Celebi (JAP) good IV's
    Korean Mild DW Rayqyaza(Only really good offers)
    Korean Adamant DW Rayquaza(NFT)[/COLOR][/B]
    Korean Modest DW Rayquaza (NFT)
    Adamant female flying ANA Pikachu.
    JAP Bold DW Mamoswine OT:Snow.
    JAP Sassy DW B.D Togekiss OT:Sweet.
    Mild GAMSTP Deoxys (BT) Normal form.
    Quiet Male Oblivia Heatran.
    UT Jolly 아르세우스 (Arceus) lv.100 OT 영화관 ID 12249
    UT Mild 셰이미 (Shaymin) lv.50 OT 캐릭터페어 ID 07249 (Character Fair)

    Milotic 07210 Character Fair Timid 7-24-10 Strongly defiant Shiny
    Arcanine 06069 Battle Series Docile 6-7-2009 Loves to eat
    DW Daisuki Club Glaceon – UT, Brave (OT:SNOW)
    DW Daisuki Club Leafeon - UT, Sassy (OT:GREEN)
    DW Poll-Winner Arceus – UT, Timid (OT in Japanese)
    10ANIV Serious Dragonite.
    DW Mat Glaceon(Flawless).
    Mild Saikyou Dragonite.
    Impish TRU Regigigas.
    NOK Modest Darkrai.
    JAP shiny timid male WCS Milotic.
    JAP Bold female event Milotic with flame orb.
    JAP trade for evo Female calm Machomp.
    Timid male shiny VGC09 Milotic.
    Jap quirky male snarl Zoroark.
    Adamant CHANNEL Jirachi.
    10JAHRE Gentle female Pikachu.
    Calm E4ALL Manaphy.
    Jap rash female trade for evo Gengar.

    Shiny Legends:

    Shiny Bashful Near Flawless Kyurem OT:Tarro
    Shiny Gentle Near Flawless Virizion OT:Tarro
    Shiny Adamant Near flawless Terrakion OT:Tarro
    Shiny Adamant Near flawless Cobalion OT:Tarro
    Shiny Timid Flawless Thundurus OT:Kurt
    Shiny Modest Flawless Dialga OT:Mat Item:Adamant orb
    Shiny Timid Flawless Shaymin OT:Mat
    Shiny Timid Flawless Rayquaza OT:Mat (T) EV ed Lv.100 Item:Salac berry
    Shiny Relaxed Flawless Rayquaza OT:Zalphos
    Shiny Timid Flawless Latias OT:Mat
    Shiny Lax Ageto Celebi
    Shiny Docile Wishmaker Jirachi
    Shiny Adamant Near flawless Honen Mew OT:Eppie
    Shiny Brave Lugia (JAP)
    Shiny Sassy Articuno (T)(JAP)
    Shiny Mild Rayquaza OT:BRETT
    Shiny Careful Groudon (T)(JAP)
    shiny Calm Reggice OT:BRENDAN
    Shiny Hardy Giratina OT:STEVEN
    Shiny Jolly Giratina OT:TruDown Item:Griseous orb
    Shiny Timid Dialga OT: DFIRE
    Shiny Bold Latios OT:Ash (T) EV ed,Lv.100
    Shiny Timid Flawless Latios OT:Mat (T) EV ed,Lv.100 Item:Soul dew
    Shiny Naive Mewtwo with good IV's Lv.70 OT:ZORUA
    Shiny Timid Flawless Lugia OT:Xandi
    Shiny Naive Flawless Kyogre OT:Xandi
    Shiny Gentle Deoxys,Normal form (BT,raised to Lv.100 with no EV's)
    Shiny Rah near flawless Raikou Eved in SPE/S.AT with HP ice Item:life orb (JAP).
    Shiny Modest Male heatran.Flawless.(BT,EV's deleted).
    Shiny Calm Female Cresselia.Flawless.
    Shiny Timid Flawless far away island Mew Ev ed in S.A/SPE with Psychic-Aura sphere-Shadow ball-Nasty plot(JAP).
    Shiny Relaxed Flawless Suicune(JAP).
    Shiny Timid flawless Zapdos Ev ed in SP.AT/SPE with thunderbolt-heat wave-roost and sub Item:life orb.
    Shiny bold flawless cresselia Ev ed in DEF/HP with ice beam-refelect-t_wave and moonlight item:leftovers.
    Shiny timid flawless pakia Ev ed in SP.AT/SPE with surf-thunder-fire blast and spacial rend.


    None shiny ev ed legends:
    [​IMG]Flawless Modest Reshiram Ev ed in Sp.A/Spe with blue flare-fusion flare-dragon pulse-draco meteor Item:choice band.
    [​IMG]Flawless Adamant Zekrom Ev ed in At/Spe with outrage-dragon claw-fusion bolt-bolt strike Item:Choice band.
    [​IMG]Flawless Adamant Groudon Ev ed in At/Hp/Spe with EQ-dragon claw-stone edge-rock polish Item:life orb


    -Earasing EV's
    -Checking IV's
    -Deleting Pokecheck Ribbons (This is only possible with AR or Pokegen so if you don't like it don't consider it)

    Thanks for visiting my shop ;3[​IMG]
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2011
  2. Hokoku

    Hokoku VM For Cloneing

    Congratulations On Shop

    Hayley Mew
    Anything In My Shop
    Dw Shiny Flawless Dratini Level 1

    Ill Give You 3 Pokemon As Donation Pick Any
  3. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    I'm interested in your shiny flawless Jolly Sewaddle. I'll trade you a shiny flawless Adamant Mold Breaker Axew for it.
  4. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    Thanks for your kindness:3
    I'll take the shiny DW dratini for Hayley mew

    Whats Axew's OT?
  5. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    The O.T is White.
  6. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    I had that one
    it didnt have any SID
    so i traded it back
  7. Hokoku

    Hokoku VM For Cloneing

    Do You Want 3 Free Other Pokemon From My Shop
    I Also Have These
    DW Event Areceus
    ANA Darkrai
  8. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    Since your being really nice
    i like these:D
    *Flawless Rufflet (Jolly, lv 1) - UT
    Mudkip (Careful, Lv 1) - UT
    *Staravia: (Naughty, Lv 16) - UT

    I have a semi legal ANA darkrai(from hacking wonder cards)
    what do you want for the Dw arceus?its not ot mat right?
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  9. Orion29

    Orion29 New Member

    i trade any of your mews for a skarmory and a shellos dw females.

    and the shaimin for a victini, already checked for it's legitimacy.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2011
  10. trainer7715

    trainer7715 Better than you

    im intrested in your shiny flawless cyndaquil mantyke and larvitar. check my shop for what i have to ofeer c: no premier ribbons or ot mat pls
  11. Squirel Princess

    Squirel Princess Goldenrod City

    can i get your shiny ut but pkrus snorunt for your choice of a pokemon from my shop? i have things that you do not like gamestop shiny dogs
  12. ChampBlack16

    ChampBlack16 Expert Trainer

    Would you accept a shiny adamant flawless dw ability dratini for japanese movie arceus?
  13. Celes

    Celes Coolest Haxer Around

    I am interested in your Shiny flawless timid Shaymin. I have a shiny flawless Milotic and a shiny flawless Gardevoir in exchange for it?
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2011
  14. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Check my shop for your Shiny flawless modest squirtle :)
  15. RedJemFlash90

    RedJemFlash90 Johto champ

    I have a flawless shiny dratini, i can give you it for your win2011 celebi.
  16. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    Hi every one
    I need to close the shop cause my R4 wont work anymore
    I need to buy a new one befor i can tarde
    the minute my game starts working ill answer your offers:)
  17. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    Sorry but im not looking for dw females right now:3
  18. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    Sure ill check your shop:p
    If a pokemon is ot mat or has pimier ribbon ill mention it:3
    Im looking for shiny raikou or entei
    pm me when you wanna trade

    sorry but someone else already promised me one

    Ill vm you

    sure ill check out your shop:3

    sorry but im getting one from someone else:)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2011
  19. 2rsa

    2rsa Shiny Hunter

    *Shop updated*
  20. Nevlo

    Nevlo Jack of all Trades

    Hi im intrested in you dw impish gligar flawless shiny,
    take a look in mine shop what u would like for it.
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