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3 v.s 3


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Since in Australian they are starting to have 3 vs 3 battle events i decided to make a team so i am nice and ready if a event ever does come up. And they will probaly be level 50's only so heres my 3 vs 3 team:


Trait: Natural Cure
Timid 120 sp.atk / 216 spd / 172 hp
-Ice Beam

This is is nice it's just like the rapid spin set exept without rapid spin. It makes a great lead. Takes care of gyara leads who think they can DD then sweep teams. Recover to heal myself and surf hits infernape hard. Even Infernape leads can be common. Ice beam for garchomp, Salamence, Flygon and the rest of the party. Also it has a nice trait :)


Dugtrio@Life Orb
Trait: Arena Trap
Adamant 252 spd / 252 atk / 6 sp.def
-Aerial Ace
-Stone Edge
-Sucker Punch

The revenge killer. This thing is nice since i switch on a predicted thunder bolt used on starmie or a thunderwave from blissey and switch in dugtrio. Choice Band since now specs jolteon is out. Earthquake gets stab and helps againts alot of things. Aerial ace is there for brelooms and heracross. And sucker punch so i can outspeed gengar.


Breloom@Toxic Orb
Adamant 252 atk / 252 spd / 6 hp
-Focus Punch
-Seed Bomb

This will lol at blissey i spore it then get a free sub then start sweeping. But it still might be risky on the team since somthing like starmie can sweep this team in a way.

Thats my 3vs3 team hope it's good. I tried to make it nice and speedy. :D
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In team with only three i wouldn't really go with suppass jolteon. And if you are thinking of it go with it first or else you won't see it using that combo very often.


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I gave it life orb since many people will think i run choice band i will just fool them by using the same move for about 2-3 turns then suprise them

the fact that your hp will be going down after every attack is a pretty big giveaway actually.

walled pretty badly by cresselia. might even be worth sticking choice specs on jolteon so shadow ball can actually dent cress.


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Lol i didn't realise that aipomkong how foolish of me.

aipomkong how much damage does my jolteon's shadow ball do on cress without choice specs and how much with choice specs. I really don't like choice items in a 3 vs 3 team since it's to risky with all the switching.

indianunit02 i didn't really understand your post.


judging by what i saw at the 3v3 tournament last year there isnt much switching to do it's just bam bam bam everythings dead.


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So choice specs jolty?

Edit: Yes it it. Ok choice specs is on jolteon but i still need suggestions if the team is good or bad.
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Thanks for pointing that out it's ment to be baton pass. But i need someone to explain why baton pass is on a specs jolteon for?

And how is the team now?


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Choice Band > Life orb, you want to ohko the walling pink blob before it freezes you.

Jolteon doesn't seem right on the team, consider a sleeper with dark/grass resist (breloom) to get anoying walls.
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Thanks for pointing that out it's ment to be baton pass. But i need someone to explain why baton pass is on a specs jolteon for?

And how is the team now?

Mostly due to its small movepool, but Baton Pass has its uses. If your opponent switches something in, you can Pass out to Dugtrio and Starmie, whichever one works best. In short, it's good scouting.


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I searched up in serebii and also didn't see any usful moves for jolteon.

Hunter_RuLe i think i'll go choice band for dugtrio and will replace jolteon for breloom. I was going to add in breloom some where since it can get annoying with spore + sub.

Editing first post tell me how the team is looking now.


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Jolteon looks quite dodgey IMHO. It doesn't seem to fit, as others have already mentioned. Duggy is fine with Life Orb. It's almost certainly the better choice. (pun not intended) You can see a whole bunch of reasons here.
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Ok i will go back with life orb i gave a feeling that Dugtrio isn't working so well i was thinking of garchomp but ice type moves will lol at me.

But will this work:

CounterSash gengar

^ I was thinkinf of switching it around like that. Sash can suprise most people. And on a 3 vs 3 team not many people use blissey so raikou could cause problems.

I need thoughts on that if it will work better then the team i have at the moment.