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3 V.s 3


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Yes i decided to make another one. My other 3 vs 3 wasn't so well and had problems in it and i got new internet so that thread is sort of dead now. Here is the new team:


Gengar@Focus Sash
Hasty 4 atk / 252 sp.atk / 252 spd
-Shadow Ball

Ok changed my lead around. This thing should really take out all three of the opponents pokemon. Basically hypnosis somthing hope it hits. Shadow ball it to death. If a gengar leads it will just make my day better all i have to do is just shadow ball it. Then they switch to a physical type now i could counter some physical hits and it will survive with focus sash. Since if somthing like a DDmence or gyara or garchomp think there cool i will just counter them. On there last pokemon i will just explode. I was going to go with destiny bond but most people will expect destiny bond on it so i went with explosion to be a nice suprise.


Timid 96 sp.atk / 252 spd / 96 sp.def / 64 hp
-Calm Mind
-Hidden Power [Ice]

My lead. And yes this time i don't care if it takes me years to SR for Raikou on fire red just to get that hidden power ice. I will keep trying. I find this a nice lead. Substitute if i have no problem with there lead and then get a free calm mind. Hidden power ice for those commonly used things such as salamence / garchomp / dragonite etc. Also to lol at breloom leads. Thunderbolt is really there for stab and to take out things quicker while i CM'ed. I'm not to sure on EV's though there could be better Ev sets for this pokemon. This thing can sweep alot on 3 vs 3 teams since it's best counter is probaly blissey which isn't used that much on 3 vs 3 teams.


Breloom@Toxic Orb
Trait: Poisen Heal
Adamant 252 atk / 252 spd / 6 hp
-Focus Punch
-Seed Bomb

We all know what it does and dam can it get annoying in a 3 vs 3 team. Spore then sub will piss alot of people off. :D

Well thats my new 3 vs 3 team. How is it?
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Yes a post. Lol magnemiteZ you are like the only person who post in my threads which i like since you basically fix the whole team up.

Take some spd ev's and add in 44 hp ev's for maxium toxic orb recovery? I go 252 spd so i can outspeed some other pokemon who tend to fiddle with there ev's. Also extra told me about my gara weak so should i go salamence > Gengar. Salamence can switch into earthquakes which is what gengar can do also and i might make it a DD mence.

I also was having in mind to go ninjask / breloom / raikou. It works like 80% of the time.


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i never suggested mence

I know. I am suggesting mence. You just told me my gara weak then i wrote should i maybe go with mence to mag. Any way i edited my first post so look at it guys.

Edit: Ok my team looks ok at the moment but i see somthing that is missing. So i was thinking should i switch raikou for a CM Suicune with hidden power electric, surf, CM, ice beam. This pokemon basically fills in the gaps for my teams weakness. So what do you guys think?
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I repeat will a CM suicune work better then raikou here to take care of garchomp and gyara easier?